Friday, February 27, 2009

A Very Sick Kit

I'll jump right into the good news. I quit smoking.

I credit the worse case of the flu I've had since my 20s. It hit me last Sunday and made for a very sick Kit, and I still ain't fully recovered.

Have a missed cigarettes?

No. I think that a borderline asthma attack killed the craving for those. The week long fever, chills, coughing, a brief but unforgettable stomach flu as part of the overall flu, crushing aches where pain killer would have been welcome... you get the idea.

Nothing like intense pain to get rid of bad habit. My reaction so far has been Pavlovian.

I didn't even notice until late yesterday afternoon that I hadn't touched coffee all week - or cookies. I've eaten so light that I've lost ten pounds. Must've sweat it off. Well, that shoulda knocked the ole blood pressure back into the near normal range.

Yesterday the Michael Moore movie Sicko came on; I'd never seen it and since I was vegetating in the comfy chair in front of the tv, I watched all 2+ hours of it. It was especially interesting to me since I have no health insurance. I'm still achy and there's a small part of me that worries what if it's something bad that won't go away, and it not a flu? Y'all say a little get well soon prayer for me, okay?

Doubt that I'll write a post or article before next week. I'm too tired to write, but how I miss reading other folks blogs. This week has been a total blackout on my calendar. I'll catch up the next few days and let y'all entertain me with your funny stories or great insights.

Back to my vegetation spot for a few hours. Probably will get up around 2AM and read a bit. Hugs to y'all and thanks for dropping by.

~ Kit


  1. Awwww Kit...sending cheer and some kick-ass chicken soup/what ever you want, gal. Watch some high tone TV like.. uh Green Acres (hopefully Arnold the Pig will cameo), Re-runs of In Living Color, or perhaps some crazy-ass Monster Chiller Horror Theatre thing you can laugh at. Feel better now. Now.

  2. Congrats on quitting. Its funny I read this this morning as I have been thinking its time to quit again. I will blog about it at some point.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Give the forum some time, like you I want folks to start getting ready and get their heads out their behinds. I will try to get over to the forum more often. Right now time is tight but I want to see it succeed. We need this epescially for folks of color.

    There are a few of us out there sounding the alarm but by and large the disconnect I see in the Black blogosphere (and Black community) about the economic turmoil is downright scary.

    This is larger than just will you have a job....what happens if the food supply dries up or becomes insanely expensive and one needs to cook from scratch. How many of us are ready?

    Let me stop, I could go on and on.

  3. Kit,
    I used to congratulate myself on what a great drug counselor I was: how I was able to work with people to get them off crack. But later I would run into them and they'd be smoking like crazy! They exchanged one bad habit for another. So much for my great counseling.

    I'm glad you've quit. I'm pulling for you.

  4. CH Uke, hey! Thanks for the symbolic chicken soup!

    Lady Lee, Thanks!

    Black Girl In Maine, Your strong desire to see the forum succeed is very encouraging and helps me stay focused on why I began it in the first place. The Spambots have been trying to get the best of me, but this morning I found a mod that I hope will keep them out.

    MacDaddy, So far no craving for nicotine or caffeine, or much for snacks either. I don't understand all the biology of pain and aversion, but pain of this particular flu somehow connected with my cigarette addiction, and I just don't want to smoke anymore. What a gift!

  5. It super sucks being sick! I hope the boys aren't making it any rougher! Get well soon!

  6. Get better soon KIT!!!

    I love the idea of the forum . . . I pray it gets popular.

  7. Aww, Kit!!! Congrats on quitting smoking. I also hope you get well soon!!! I had the flu last year and it was NO JOKE!!!

  8. Hope you feel better soon.
    Glad you are off the cigarettes. I quit them over 5 yrs ago.
    Be advised, there will come a point in time when you will want a cigarette so fucking bad that it'll feel like every bone and muscle in your body is screaming at you to smoke.
    You will have to be prepared for that moment otherwise, you will smoke and once you smoke one, it's all over.
    e-mail me if you want. I can tell you all about the pitfalls and oains of quiting smoking. It took me 45 yrs of smoking and 20 yrs of trying to quit before I finally did and still I sometimes wonder how I do it.

  9. Hope you feel better soon, Kit. I've missed reading.

    Be assured that you are my inspiratio for quitting. I so need to.

  10. I was thinking of starting a topic in the forum with just links to blogs or websites with instructions on how to get stuff/make stuff. Whaychoo think?

  11. Get well soon. I often tell sick people to squeeze their nose and shake their heads back and forth just to see if they'll do it. It's amazing how gullible people get when they're sick.

    As far as the forum goes, I think this one is a little too broad. I checked it out, and we can talk about anything from politics to gardening. But why wouldn't I just visit a politics or gardening forum? I kinda like the idea of having a bloggers forum.

  12. Thank you everyone. I'm at the point where I can say I'm 95% over the flu - except I don't have much in the way of the kind of concentration needed for writing.

    On the good end, I'm still nicotine and caffeine free and have zero craving. Just don't want cigarettes, at all.

    On the down side, this forum ain't doing well and my expectation that it ever will has dropped to about zero.

    Again, I'd like to thank and hug the handful of enthusiastic members who participated in the beginning. If people want to use it and start topics there, it's open for now, but I think I've psychologically given up on it.

  13. Way to quit, Kit! You're gonna feel so daggone good when you're back to 100 percent.

  14. my heart is bursting with pride. feel better darling. everyone i know, myself included have caught that nasty flu bug. i didn't weight myself but i'm sure i lost weight. i'm so sorry i haven't joined the forum yet. i will soon. prmise.

    get better!

  15. Feel better, Kit! Congratulations on quitting smoking. As for your new forum, give it time. Keep promoting it, and the users will come bit by bit.

  16. Buy a bag of weed Kit, you'll feel better in a jiffy.

    Get well soon

  17. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
    Rippa, that was a good laugh!

  18. Kit....I love your site.
    I quit smoking 5 years ago. The main reason was that my doctor said that for every cigaret I smoked, my immune system was depressed (i.e., inactive) for at least an hour. So if I smoked ten cigarets a day my immune system was basically at 50%. Since I already have a compromised immune system (chronic leukemia) that just didn't make good sense, so I quit. For whatever reason, I'm glad that you joined the non-smoking community. It's not easy to quit and some drugs or patches may help. Whatever, stick with it.



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