Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Line

This is Part 2 of my Mid-Life Crisis series.

The line of those I had served was long, and stretched back decades.

In it were Spirits.

They came in all sizes, sometimes in teams and other times alone. Many were anticipated; others were not.

Some of their names were Expectations, Wild Hope, Love, Betrayal, Abortion, Regrets, Study Hard, College Success, Workaholism, Lethal Client Secrets, Lost Youth, Sexism, Racism, Compromise, Mo' Success, Great Dick, Endless Dating, Tired O'Dating, Adoption, Wee Bits O'Fun, Middle Age, Parenting A'Loony Teen, Burnout, Grim Reaper, Irrational Guilt, Mo Burnout, and Loneliness.

Every now and then, Dumb Luck would show up, but she hadn't been around in awhile. Now at the head of the line was Stagnation.

Like some of the others, this mofo was a Customer Service Rep's nightmare, and like the larger Spirits served before him, I could not see behind him. I'd come to hate this friggin' job. Problem was, it was the only one around.

"What can I do for you, biatch," I hissed.

"Nothing," Stagnation hissed back. "Absolutely nothing. Do that, and I'll be satisfied."

I glanced at my supervisor, Life.

She nodded.

I complied.


This was Part 2 in my series, Mid-Life Crisis.
To be continued...


  1. Nice writing. I'm feelin' you. Me too.

  2. Wildflower, Nice hearing from you, and you know what I mean so I'm feelin' you too. Thanks for the compliment about my writing; it's my favorite piece this year.

  3. That hamster wheel don't stop for shit, does it?

  4. You right about that, Rippa.

    Does anyone else like this piece? I used metaphors and spoke in the abstract so that anyone could identify with it. Was it not concrete enough, or are y'all just waiting for Part 3?

  5. Nah Kit, you did just fine. Concise, and to the point. I really felt this post. I'm kinda going thru a "thing" myself right now.

  6. I like it too. Felt you're words, like as if you were here, reading them to me.

    Great job.

    You know we want to know how things turned out with check ups and the move/asshole landlordlady ...

    u are loved,

  7. Gee, thanks again, Rippa and Vero. I'm especially pleased that you could feel it.

    Been so busy; sorry. I just finished my draft on Part 3 and plan to review and post it soon.


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