Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kit, Unwired

My life is in transition, and my daughter Casie and I are in the process of moving. We've looked at a few places, from rooms to rent to apartments and may end up moving in with relatives.

My son, Xavier, has been having a fit over the move, and it hasn't been easy for either of us. He's gone from rage at the lunatic landlord in the basement for telling us we have to move because he's moving, to depression. He'll probably stay with his half sister or bunk with friends.

On a lighter note, the funniest story is when Casie and I had dinner at a New Age, 'go green', vegan group house. I went out of curiosity and because the rent was cheap.

It was hot as mofo up in there. They've 'gone green' to save on air conditioning.

As we finished our dinner, I noticed they have only one refrigerator.

"How do you all keep your foods separated?", I asked.

The head of this cult answered.

"We each pay $100 for the grocery bill each month," he said, "That's to pay for non-food items. Otherwise we grow our vegetables and we liberate food several times a week."

"Liberate food?", I asked, puzzled.


He described what this was. Casie and I stared at our now empty plates. It was all I could do to keep a straight face.

I said, "You mean you go dumpster diving?"

"You could put it that way. It's one of the chores you can sign up for."

When pigs fly.


Ya know, our country has taken a helluva beating economically. These were white folks, half who had decent jobs in the recent past but sank to this to survive. They're holding tight onto their middle class image buy dressing up their new poverty with Orwellian-like phrases such as going green and liberating food, and becoming vegetarians because they can't afford meat.

"What if I buy and cook a steak?", I asked.

"Some people might get offended," he replied.

More like hungry, I thought.

The cult leader, which is how I think of him, is raking in the money. Toilet paper, soap and detergent for ten boarders don't cost no got damned $1,000 a month, and lemme tell you, that top floor room they had for rent wasn't nearly as big as advertised and was hot as an oven.

Scams are everywhere to sucker people looking for cheap housing. My own landlord, who ain't shit, will probably skip out of town with my deposit next week. The news always talks about the housing market, yet barely says a word about the high cost of apartments; those rents haven't budged, and from what I see, continue to go up.

Man, I wish the hell I had done some things differently, but I didn't. I did the best I could, so I have to let it go. This transition is presenting some hard choices. I may have to give up my beloved little dog who brings so much comfort to me. Well, with perseverance and a little luck, I think I can rebuild my savings and my life.

I really have no other choice.

My Internet will be cut sometime this week, and I'm not in a hurry to get it turned on again. I've been taking a break from the news and it's felt nice being unwired. Heck, most of the news stories have been horrible this year anyway.

So, I'm in blogging lite mode for the rest of summer. Once I turn in my cable box, I'll turn comment moderation on.

By the way! I was awake when the 3.6 earthquake hit the the DC area. Man, what a shocker. I heard the rumble, the house shook, and my windows rattled. It lasted a long time too, maybe six or eight seconds. I ran to check on Casie (Xavier wasn't home) and it woke her up.

The earthquake made me wonder, along with all of these other converging problems, if the hands of fate aren't pushing me toward a new destiny.

I wish God would tell me what to do. I keep listening...


  1. Hey Kit! I hate to sound like a broken record but hang in there, everything will work out. I'm convinced times like this season are never in vain and result in life steps that end up being valuable. I know it's in no way easy or something words can help, but know these days are not in vain. You, Cassie and Xavier are in our prayers, sis. Much love!

    Side note..."food liberation" sounds like a set up for a fight and add this stifling heat and that would incite a quite interesting brawl :-\.

  2. Hang in there Kit,there is strength in where you are now,just have to tap it.
    You say what the hell are you talking about Bigmac,I'm in need of housing!
    There is a guardian angel watching over you and your daughter,just you watch and see.

  3. I'm gonna be calling you soon. My Pops is caught up in this unemployment extension boondoggle and long story short its been 3 wks since he has gotten a check and the rooming house he is living at is about to put him out. So Pops may be coming out to live with me since while he hates the idea the alternative is the homeless shelter.

    I don't know, all I can say is keep on keeping on. This shit is screwed, excuse my french but reading your post is pretty much what I have been dealing with in trying to help my Pops.

    "Liberate food" that is an interesting term, I love when the formerly middle class create new language to describe their new existence.

  4. Dayum girl, hope it all works out for you.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  5. Im praying for you Kit! I'll miss your voice, but I'll be satisfied with whatever you bring!

    We have to admire how some white folks redefine their newly ragged existences in positive ways. We should do the same, IMO

    Take care and visit me at my new house at Wordpress.

  6. Kit, you're going to make it...I pray for you the same prayer that I pray for myself....I think the Heavenly Father, for doing a new thing in our lives....And to help you and I both to lovingly embrace those changes without fear or hesitation....Hang in there sister.

  7. Sounds like you're doing the best you can. That's all any of us can do. Keep the faith and keep doing the next right thing and it will all work out.

  8. Your landlord is an ass. But I can certainly relate. Once when I was living in New Jersey and renting half a house; my landlord sold the house and told me when I had 30 days to figure it out.

    That don't sound like no cult to me KIT. It sounds like you got into a time machine and stepped back into the 1950s.

    I don't know where you live; but if you don't have air conditioning in South Carolina, you'll die......plain and simple.

  9. These people also call themselves Freegans. I think it's hilarious that they spend so much mental energy trying to separate themselves from you know, regular poor people.

    Be safe and hang in there, Kit.

  10. It sounds like there is a lot going on in your story right now Kit. I hope and pray that when you discover your new home that the peace of mind that you need comes tenfold to you.

  11. Kit,
    I was forced to move years ago and had similar mixed reaction from my kids, the youngest sad but accepting and the oldest resentful and scared.

    I hope your dreams are good ones.If they aren't don't read too much into them, could be the stress just letting itself out.

    You remain in my prayers.

  12. Oso, Sorry to hear you went through it too. My daughter so far is handling it far better than me or her brother. You got through one of these bad events so that's inspirational. Thanks, and thanks for sharing.

    Val, Freegans? Hilarious! That's the perfect word. I'll remember that. And thanks.

    Anna, I like Val's word better. On one hand, using fancy words to mask problems can help people hang onto their pride, but on the other, it maintains the class divide and keeps both the under and falling middle class from joining together in a proactive way. But thanks for your prayers.

    Reggie, You too, huh? As much as I hate cutting grass and pulling weeds, my this landlord and the last one were haters and robbers. If I'm ever in a position again to buy a house instead of a rental, I will.

    Black Girl In Maine, Sorry to hear about your Dad's circumstances. I hope his staying with you all will end up being fun for his grand daughter and pleasant for you and "the spousal unit." :)

    Curvy Girl, *chuckling* Yep, I can picture a brawl too over who stole da steak. That's funny. Thanks too.

    Sagacious, JJ Brock, Tiffany, Big Mac and Deborah, Thank you for the words of hope and encouragement. It helps and I appreciate it.

  13. I wish more people with stories similar to yours could really be heard in the news. Folks act like they can't understand that the struggle is real. People really ARE losing their homes and becoming homeless thanks to this bullsh*t ass economy.

    You don't sound as down as I think we'd all understand you to be in this situation. That's a good thing for sure. I'm excited to see what's on the other side of this for you.

  14. Kit,

    I hope the steady tone of your post really reflects your state of mind and heart. Take care, and I hope you find a new and better place (and thanks for the insight into yet another thing some white people do, dressing up their poverty so it looks like something else; choosing poverty is probably another one).

  15. Ashley, you said, "You don't sound as down as I think we'd all understand you to be, and
    Macon, you said, "I hope the steady tone of your post really reflects your state of mind and heart."

    I've been trained to lead in a crisis. In my mind's eye, I see a lit candle on a wooden stool, and it's surrounded by complete darkness, so black that I can't even see the floor or the walls or even if it's in a room. There's not hint of an exit or which way to go. All I know is I can't sit down, and I have to find a way out before wick runs out.

    And this is how I feel.

  16. Hey Kit, i believe you are gonna get exactly what you are looking for...and some peace too!

    Don't be discouraged, your payday is coming.

  17. Maybe God has already told you what to do but like Jonah you don't want to listen.
    IMOHO - Xavier seems to be drowning you and Cassie with him. Maybe it's time to let him sink or swim.

    If the rent is that cheap - take the apt..
    You can always go out once in a while for some pork chops or a steak.

  18. John, Hi. Please re-read the 2nd paragraph in the post.

    Miz Represent, Thanks for the encouragement.

  19. Kit,

    Please believe me when I say that I've been there, and as precarious as these times are, there's no guarantee that I won't be there again. All I can say is, don't tell God how big the storm is. TELL the storm how BIG GOD IS!

    Keep your head up, my Sista!

    Snatch JOY!



  20. Hi, Kit, this is Marianne. So sorry to hear you won't be blogging during the summer, but I hope you come back with less worries and many good news. All the best to you and your family!

  21. Okay...
    But be strong, otherwise he will learn another way of playing you.
    Just remember that you can't save him if you're drowning too.

    As far as rent goes;
    Rent is what people can afford to pay,
    house notes are what people can afford to borrow.
    Rent is a better indicator of the economy.

  22. Hope you're in a good place right now, Kit.

  23. Hi Kit!
    So sorry to hear you have to go through all this! Know that I will keep you in my prayers so that your problems will have a happy resolution! Times are so hard everywhere Kit, but God is good and I know will provide what you need for yourself and your family. As you know the chemo keeps me from actively participating too much on the blogs as I feel rather weak and my vision blurs a little, but I do read and I do pray for you and yours.

    I was once without lodging for my family also, and God answered my prayers by putting in my path a wonderful woman, who took compassion on my plight, and rented me her unused home and for a very low and affordable price. I lived there for 5 happy years as if it were my own, until I moved last year and I regret the move. I'm praying the same will happen for you, it can and must!

  24. Hey Kit,

    I feel you. Life's journey can sometimes feel like a never ending struggle. It's at those times that we must always do the cognitive reframing necessary to see our journey as a gift, a gift of opportunity to realize all of our goals and dreams. It is you know. We must also always remain cognizant, thankful, appreciative, and grateful for our many, numerous and countless blessings. Having an attitude of gratitude will bring the well-being, happiness, and success we seek. Staying young at heart and remaining an eternal optimist is the ticket.
    As far cutting back in times of lack in an effort to weather the storm, I most definitely see the value in that. It works for some, maybe even many or most. This strategy can be seen as solid and sound.
    I, however, prefer to continue to live the lifestyle I currently live (e.g., cable and direct tv etc.) and aspire to live an even grander one. I commit to "going and get it!" But maybe that's why I'm in debt now and have been for sometime. Thus I'm not recommending my approach to these economic challenges faced by many of us. To each her/his own.

    Good luck Kit and many BLESSINGS to both you and your readers.

    Thanks for the opportunity and vehicle to express my views.


  25. Hi Kit... sure do miss your posts! Hope all is well!

  26. Just stopped by to see how you're doing, hope all is well. I will keep you in my prayers.

  27. What's up Kit. I hope things will get better for you. At least you're not in Cleveland.(I can say that, I live here)

  28. Missing your posts and your common sense, your humor and insights... mostly miss your presence here. I'm sending Love & Light your way / to the family that things settle and your heartfelt, intelligent good humor makes it's comeback soon. Very soon!

  29. Readers, Thank you for your concern and kind words. July was hellish for many reasons beyond needing to move.

    Casie and I landed in a good spot at a relative's home, but his Internet & laptop are slow as molasses, and my computer is still in storage. I'll post later this week or next.

    Until then,


  30. Glad to hear from you, hope things are looking up for the month of August.

  31. Great to hear from you, Kit! I hope the worst has passed for you and that the future is looking better. Can't wait to read your posts again!

  32. Dearest Sister,

    I know something about a life in transition:)

    God is always speaking. Be still, catch your breath and listen. Listen as you walk. Listen as you look for new housing. It is hard to see all the blessings in our lives when the ground beneath us is shifting. Whatever your situation right now, it is only temporary. Do what you must do to ensure your safety and peace of mind. You are not defeated. You are smart. Stay encouraged and in prayer. You have many prayers being lifted up on your behalf. I will hold you in my prayers. All shall be well.

  33. Hello Kit,

    We've had our battles... that's for sure, but I am here with the rest hoping the best for you.

    Like most of the rest, I've been there too. Oh lord, I can't count the ways. While I was "going through", a man told me that a grateful person will never go back "there". At first I didn't understand what he meant. When the clouds slightly parted (and they will) I realized he was telling me to look back at my steps and see which ones I should never travel again. For me, that meant I had to practically change my whole mindset.

    Damn, that has been a ruff and ongoing process. But through this journey I've had to concentrate on my gratefuls. In particular, what's really important, and what had just become a habit.

    I hope the best for you and maybe one day we'll rekindle our friendship.

    Btw, I too have eaten at the Salvation Army (and bread lines). And, once a person gave me groceries that I later found out he had "retrieved" from dumpsters.

    Not until it got real dark did I see my stars. I remember a time when one person told me I wasn't "done" because I still had a nice watch on my wrist. He said I hadn't really changed anything, except where I was living, and that I was only talking a good game. That pissed me off. However, in the end, he was right. I wasn't done enough. My PC, my watch, my car and my mind all went out the window. Damn, whatever I was doing was not working.

  34. Hey Kit! Wassup? Haven't heard from you in a while!
    Hope you are well.

  35. Kit,
    You're in my prayers as well.Don't worry about us, just look out for yourself.

  36. Yeah, I'm right there with you just about... Hope you KeepITrill....

  37. Wow, I have never heard of these commune type places. That dumpster diving stuff is just beyond...I'm noting tryin to hate, but maybe they should let you know before you put fork to mouth. Hope you're in a better place now Kit.

  38. this is the writer formerly known as goldiilocs LOL....we need your input about the midterm elections! and life in general! i hope all is well!

  39. Happy New Year, Kit, if you're still checking your blog. I hope you're doing better and so is Cassie. May 2011 be a very generous year to you! Come back to the blogosphere soon!

  40. Happy New Year Kit! Best wishes always!

  41. Hi Kit, don't know what's going on in your life but I wish nothing but the best for you and your family. Even if you don't return to blogging, please know that you shared some great words of wisdom! - Brownbelle

  42. Hey Kit!

    Just reading this blog for the first time. I know it's been nearly a year but I hope and pray that things are better for you. Take care

  43. You been going through it! Praying for you. And they sounded like Freegans. There are a lot in SF. some of the stuff does seem a bit absurd don't it? heheheh

  44. KIT...
    You're STILL not back?

  45. KIT? TWO years and you're STILL not back?


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