Saturday, May 2, 2009

Call It What It Is:
The Swine-Avian Flu

It's been so long since I last posted or checked my Google account that I had to think a few minutes to remember my password. This may be a clue to why I never married - when I walk away, I often run - leaving that person or thing in the dust.

I ran from fear, and straight into the blues so blue they're blue-black.

Am I back or just visiting?

Don't know.

All I know is that last post I wrote blew my mind, a mind that was already on empathy-overdrive for the sorrows of the world. This was a layer of pain on top of my own triggered by an intense self-reflection from being sick as a damn dog ready to be to put down. That was back in late February.

I pulled the Internet plug - email included - and avoided it all like poison, and barely watched the news. Running from the fear and pain was the only way to keep those two bitches from swallowing me up.

I still ain't right, but had to write for now.

So, lemme get to the point. The broadcast media needs to call this shit what it is: the Swine-Avian Flu, or if they really wanna be 'laymen' precise, the Swine-Avian-Human Flu.

Yeah, Google News that shit: swine, avian, and flu. Far as I'm concerned, the disease on the global block is a madman's creation. A dash of pig flu, a dash of bird flu, mix it with human flu, and unleash simultaneously in several countries.

Yeah, like that lab did in February, when they shipped out flu vaccinations to 18 different countries. It was contaminated with bird flu, i.e. Avian Flu (deliberately, is my opinion, since safeguards would make this impossible). But the Hand of God, or Fate for the non-spiritual, caught "the error". By that time several news organizations had reported it - but then the story mysteriously began disappearing in early March, right around the time I posted on it.


Far as I'm concerned, the genocidal, depopulationist powers-that-be quashed that story - the same way they have their media servants fail to mention now that this new flu has components of bird flu mixed in it.

Now all of a sudden not one but two strains of swine flu plus avian flu, all now suddenly capable of human transmission and mixed with a human flu, found it's way into one cocktail.

Sloppy work, New World Order. Who the fuck is gonna believe that shit happened naturally?

And ya wanna know why the media keeps the word 'avian' out of their conversations and description of it? My best guess is doing so would trigger questions about that US lab in Eastern Europe that shipped off contaminated vaccinations ten weeks ago. They've done a swell job of keeping a lid on that story, and intend to continue doing so less the unwashed masses catch on that the filthy rich Genocidal Class decided the planet's resources are too thin to support six billion human beings.

I also think these globalists have been having a covert war with Mexico. Out of the blue this year, that's all we began hearing on tv. Mexico Drug Wars this and that... don't go there, you might be shot dead!

Well, that plan of killing a chunk of their economy via tourism didn't work fast enough, so my best guess is they sprinkled that concocted flu from hell in Mexico. Ain't hardly nobody going there now.

This same small group of banksta-gangtas killed our economy and the world economy. The long term plan of the New World Order, as I've written before, is to consolidate the US, Canada and Mexico into one country with one currency and Constitution, called the North American Union.

The world has entered a phase of no-more-profits at a time of diminishing resources. In the racist, sociopathic, entitled minds of greedy, this equates to being broke and poor and losing their grip on controlling the world. Their solution is reduce the population and keep non-Western countries in grinding poverty to ensure that Manifest Destiny, i.e., white privilege, will continue throughout this century.

But God had a plan.

This new man-made (my opinion) virus doesn't quite pack the punch they hoped it would. I'm sorry for those who have and will die, but it's mild in most people - and should provide immunity against the more virulent avian/bird flu once they recover. This is how flu viruses operate - what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

I'm not giving advice, but I'm not taking any precautions against catching it. My daughter has flu symptoms and I ain't worried at all. A small number of her friends have caught 'something' but it's mild. Mild, not even as harsh as regular kick-azz flu. At least one school in our county was closed Friday. Shit, they shoulda kept it open and enforced hand-holding and hugging, heh-heh, so if and when more malevolent strains hit the US, they'll have some immunity.

Should I fall ill and even die from this shit, what will be, will be. I've been to the bowels of hell with depression in March and April, the result of being sick as shit in late February and early March, and having way more time than usual to reflect on my life. That ain't necessarily a good thing, thinking about all the sad
things that happened that I have never written about, or all the regrets, all the woulda-coulda-shoulda shit that can make you insane if you obsess on it too much.

I'd like to apologize to those few who may have been concerned and wrote me. I haven't read or written anyone in over six weeks. Instead I've wallowed in my sorrows during the time when I wasn't absorbed in watching movies or listening to music while playing video games as a distraction from getting lost in the Devil's looking glass, where all you see is regrets and loss.

I doubt that I'll blog again for a week or two or more. I'm not sure if I've lost my mojo for it; I'm still recovering from the 'shocks' of all the bad news, hate and cruelty.

Soon I'll try to weed through my emails and comments of the past six or eight weeks and thank those of you personally, but for now, as far as the electronic and print news media goes, I'm still in 'tune-out' mode.

Illusion or reality, this feels like an emotionally safe strategy and place, and for now, that's good enough.


  1. Kit my prayers are with you and remember faith and fear cannot operate at the same time so you must chose which one will operate I hope you have chosen faith.

  2. i too believe it's been concocted. i worked in a research lab and the pains they take to separate everything they worked with leads me to believe this was mixed manually.

    i'll keep calling and checking in on you love. don't disappear on me.

  3. Glad to hear you are safe (but sorry to hear that you are down).

    I wish I could impart some hope to you. There is surely something fishy going on in the world. But just know that there is no such thing as despair. The world , the powers that be, or the banksta -gangsta as you call them don't want you to know this, but KNOW there is no such thing as despair. There is always a way out.

    At some point in our lives those wanting good will simply have to unite and not be meek.

    The problem is that greed, bad traits can jump onto anybody at anytime so its hard to know who is on the side of good.

    At some point though, the convicted ones have to do something.

  4. Welcome back, and I hope you get through whatever is getting you down.

  5. Now you know that some Mexican done fucked a pig just like them damn Africans who slept with monkeys and started AIDS/HIV!!!

    Don't act like you don't know with all this conspiracy shit KIT!


    YO! Its good to see you peek in. I been worried about you. Take all the time you need away from this mugg. Even tho I miss you, I know when you need the time, you need the time.

  6. Hey! You've been on my mind, I'm glad you're feeling better physically. Depression is a mutha for sure, stepping back from all the nonsense going on is often necessary. Be well, my friend!

  7. I was worried, but not much because I knew you'd be back! You've just got too much life-force for much of anything to hold you back. I hope you take care of yourself, and that the break was refreshing.

  8. I am glad to see this post. You were on my mind, for a moment after that last post you wrote I started wondering if the powers to be had carted you away for spitting truth.

    As someone who lives with low level depression, I understand where you are and will keep you in my thoughts.

    I will be back later with more specific thoughts on this post.

  9. I've been worried too, and am so glad to see that post! Not the content but just to know that there is nothing physically wrong with you. I know the funk of which you speak...I've had it myself. Continued prayers for you, me and everyone.

  10. this is bullshit

    the cure to the swine flu is 16 cloves of garlic or 4 cloves a day

    this info comes from the school of natural healing

    that is the premier school in this country for the study of herbal remedies for incurable diseases

  11. Hope you continue posting! I've checked the blog daily hoping you'd come back to post. Hope you get to feeling better. God bless. EJ

  12. Ok, come on back now. . . I miss those true life stories that always give me good food for thought.

  13. Welcome back!!!...Keep Your Head Up & Keep Movin Forward..Your Analysis About This So Called "Flu" Is So Correct!!!...But At The End Of The Day There God's Will Is Done!!!..There Will Be Divine Intervention!!

  14. Hey there!

    Welcome back to your blog!!

    Keep on coming back!!

  15. Hey KIT don't let none of this news get to your heart. This also happened to me when I started looking for news on my own. I guess that's why ignorance is bliss for some people. You just gotta live and learn and share and forget whether people believe you or listen. Think of it like this, there has always been a ruling class trying to dominate the rest of the people and its just the way humans are. So be happy for what you got and keep ya head up! You still got ur kids!

    Love ya

  16. Hey Long Time no write!
    Glad to see you back!

  17. Really happy to see you back! Been worried, also thought they just shut you down. Lighting candles and keeping you in my prayers. Remember the past is back there for a reason, try to let it be.

    keep on keepin on, you are loved and needed!


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