Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The DC Sniper Dies Today - I Ain't Forgot How You Terrorized My Family

One of the DC snipers, John Allen Muhammad, is scheduled to die today. In late 2001, his actions terrorized me and my family on a personal level. My feelings about his date with death is good riddance, bitch.

Below is an excerpt from one of my September 2008 posts, Cognitive Dissonance.


On one October morning, I left home with my daughter to drive her school and then continue to work. The Sniper hit my area. Yeah, I'm talking about John Muhammed and the teen, Lee Malvo who accompanied him.

I recall the first day well. At the time, I lived off Georgia Ave in Maryland and would drive 14 miles south on it toward DC to my job. I was one of those idiots who would stop at Star Bucks each morning and pay $3.50 for a large Mocha Frappuccino. I liked the ones they made at Leisure World the best and the lines were shorter.

That morning, however, I had to return a movie video in another location near my home, so rather than be late for work, I went to their Starbucks. This saved me and my daughter from the trauma of seeing, or maybe being victims, to the murder at Leisure World.

As I drove in that direction, I heard a zillion police cars and they were heading to my favorite coffee shop where I would have been had it not been for the movie return.

Those mofos hit nearly every place I go to on that day and week, including the Post Office located on the side street of the K-Mart. They killed a bus driver there. They also murdered someone at the then-new Shoppers Food Warehouse in the evening as I drove home. This was really brazen - it's right across from the police station. People left flowers in the grocery parking lot. Once in awhile I think about this when I shop there, and in fact, bought groceries there yesterday evening.

They also killed someone at a gas station off Georgia Ave where I don't refuel, but it was scary as hell pumping gas anywhere in my area. I'd make my young daughter lay down in the car so she wouldn't be a target. She seemed to think it was a bit of game but would also peep up while I pumped, with me fussing, "put your head down!" I was hardly the only parent doing this.

I later found out they'd shot a bullet in the old Michael's Craft & Art Store the day before their first murder, also where I was a frequent customer.

Xavier was shocked to learn about the carnage in our community when he was released from the hospital. Even he wondered if whatever evil that tried to get him couldn't since he'd been locked up and medicated, and instead moved on Lee Malvo, the luckless and just as confused teenager. It was a sobering thought. Xavier finished the rest of his 8th grade without significant problems until he hooked up with run of the mill bad boys the following summer.

Long before then, the police finally caught these creeps, but the military planes and jets continued to fly all over the area as Bush got ready for war.


I wonder if they'll ever bring those other criminals from that time period to justice. Y'all know who know I'm talking about.


  1. Good one. I happened to be in town during that time for some training...it was pretty scary because someone had got shot not far from where i was training...and we were hearing it on the news. Makes no sense at at.

  2. Kit I wanted to write something funny about this dude today, but I'm conflicted because I'm against the death penalty. But I ain't gonna lie, I've been laughin my ass off all day at the responses people have been leaving on my Facebook page and twitter in response to my question as to what would be their last words to his ass. You "good ridance, bitch," line is right up there with the other comments.


  3. Rippa, How about he meets God, who says the same thing to him?

    Mizrepresent, Yeah, and I'd add that if I gave out Misanthrope Awards, he'd be the perfect candidate for one.

  4. I do wonder why we are executing him. I mean why him? because it was D.C. and therefore it holds more clout? People sit on death row for 20+ years. I am sure if I do some googling I can find you someone who has been on death row for a dozen years or more.

    And why does it take so long? Why in the world do we have to keep forking out tax dollars to feed prisoners who have been handed the death sentence? As soon as that gavel gets slammed, you should be halled off and face your judgement.

    I am neither for nor opposed to the death penalty. I reserve my opinion until it happens to me. God forbid.

    But I think it is bull that we have a judicial system that allows it but then drags their feet about carrying out such "ugly business."

  5. TriState, His random shooting spree killed 10 people in DC, MD and VA over a three week period.

    DC does not have the death penalty; MD and VA do. Research shows that blacks are more likely than whites to receive it. Per the Supreme Court, juveniles are exempt.

    Appeals slow down the process. Some states are quicker than others to do it.

    Innocent people have been found guilty and gotten it in some 1st degree murder cases. Good forensics and DNA testing can prevent this and should be required in all.

    Justice delayed is justice denied. I may be a social liberal democrat in most areas, but I do have conservative streaks in others. As I see it, this evening justice was served for the simple reason that in addition to people who lost their lives and the suffering of their families and friends, communities of innocent people should not be terrorized.

    I don't care what race, religion, gender or class a serial or mass murderer is. Never have and never will, and I don't allow the media the power to distract me by their spin.

  6. I'm against the death but must confess: I'm glad he's no longer with us on this earth.


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