Monday, May 26, 2008

Hillary, Thanks For The Warning
Of A Hit On Obama

Dear Hillary,

Thanks for warning the American people. I wrote in my blog on May 6th that a person is only as sick as their secrets, and my guess then was that you were remaining in the race against mathematical odds with the expectation that an assassination attempt was being hatched somewhere by the men who run the globe. The last thing these guys want is change
à la Obama; it would cut into their plans and profits.

You casually voiced the possibility of a June assassination and stirred up the fears that every single black person I know has whispered about for months. We've lost quite a few of our best civil rights leaders, black and white, to the murder of their bodies or destruction of their careers via set ups or media lynchings. While many white folks are alarmed that you used the word 'assassination', I'm glad you put it on the table as an option that haters consider reasonable.

Do I think you want Barack shot dead or blown up? I hope not. Instead, I like to think you were stressed out of your mind when you blurted it out for the third friggin' time, and fortunately people paid attention when your words were caught on video.

As a therapist, it crossed my mind that you looked like a trauma victim who was mentally dissociating when you dropped this bombshell of a hint. I took a snapshot of you (below) as you uttered the out-of-place words, "We remember Bobby being assassinated..." This was a very strange thing to say since it was not part of the conversation or topic. You just blurted it out of the blue.

I've studied this video. One of the things police and good mental health professionals look for are signs of lying. Early on you state repeatedly that "I don't know why people people are trying to push me out..." The interviewer is sitting across from you to your right. When people are using the imaginative part of their brain - which is also the side that lies, they look to their left. You do a lot of this. You know exactly why so many people want you out of the race. Mathematically you can't win, so why the hell are you still in it?

Although you've run a dirty campaign, I've chalked most of what you've said and done as "just politics". It has been fairly easy to forgive you for much of this because of your good deeds in the past. I even wondered if you made this 'gaffe', as the apologetic media is calling it, to alert the public that
(unconsciously) you were trying to protect him. If so, I sincerely thank you for that.

On the other hand, Hillary, I also thank the honorable and sincere Keith Olberman too, because I may be completely wrong, and he may be correct in his Special Comment and assessment (see this YouTube video if you haven't) that you "might really be sticking around in part just in case the other guy gets shot."

This is a mind-boggling and horrific possibility that I haven't completely ruled out, because even though I am a therapist and have seen your good works, one never truly knows what evil lurks in the heart and mind of another.

Until more becomes revealed through your words and actions, I give you the benefit of the doubt by contemplating that you could have been trying warn the American people of a bullet with Barack's name on it.

One only needs to view your video interview,

and the other two (linked below to YouTube) to get an idea of the homicidal tendencies of those in responsible positions who feel very, very threatened about a brilliant, liberal black man becoming President.

They outrageously joke about Obama being murdered, from Mike Huckabee who joked about someone aiming a gun at Obama to Liz Trotta, a Fox News commentator who was asked on Sunday 5/25/2008 what she thought of the Hillary 'gaffe'.

Trotta even mixed up the names Osama [bin Laden] with Obama, then laughed at her own gaffe and said "We'd knock off both, if we could." No outrage was expressed by the other Fox News redneck talking to her, and he didn't miss a beat in chuckling with her and continuing the interview.

Murderous thoughts are rampant among the GOP and power movers on the globe, and Hillary, I know for sure what my heart knew early this month in my May 6th post: you've heard the rumors, and I think you have an inside scoop that someone, somewhere is going to try to take out Obama and it won't be one of your West Virginia or Kentucky "white, hard working, white, blue collar" men that you cozied up with there and fanned the flames of racial division. Unless of course, one of your billionaire racist endorsers and supporters sets him up.

Lastly Hillary, I think you're outta your friggin' mind for saying all of your problems stemming from your assassination comment is Obama's fault. What a lie.

In summary, while it's crystal clear that you want to be the Democratic nominee, without him dying to make this a reality, your Southern-style campaign laced with a subliminal suggestion to the loonies to off him has left me cold.

And to Barack: Bro, please have a food taster available if Hillary invites you to lunch.


  1. I like your blog! Good perspective on things. It's great that you didn't presume to know exactly what Hill was thinking with such comments. It is hard to imagine that she really HOPES a bullet will find Obama. But then, she does seem to have it in mind as a possibility that she could take advantage of, should it happen. Which is a sick thing to have in mind all that often and strongly, strongly enough that it would pop out like that in public.

    By the way, you might like my blog. It's about common white folks' tendencies. A lot of the growing readership consists of people of color--maybe more so than white folks, if the comments are a clue. My most recent entry is about a book written from a very Freudian point of view.

    Thanks for the work you're doing here, I'll be back!

  2. Thank you, Macon. I checked out your blog too and it's both fantastic and unique. And yeah, one does wonder why she seems preoccupied with RFK being assassinated in the month of June, and then tying this in with Obama - several times. Thank God for the video interview because no one paid attention or knew about her same comments that made it in print in March and earlier this month.

  3. Good post.

    I appreciate your perspective. I've checked a number of white bloggers just to get an idea of what some were thinking. The consensus I got was that she was just trying to provide historical rationale for staying in the race. To me, that's even debatable but hardly the point, which is that assassinations is a very sad part of our history and should be talked about in measured terms. A second point is that these folks obviously know little of how fear has been used to control blacks politically and dispossess them economically.

    Love your sense of humor too, especially about Obama needing a food taster. I got you linked at my place:

    Check me out. Blessings.


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