Thursday, May 29, 2008

Murdoch Compares Obama To A Rock Star: It Ain't Enough.

"[Obama] is a rock star. It's fantastic. I love what he is saying about education. I want to meet [him]. I want to know if he's going to walk the walk."

Lemme get this straight, Mr. Murdoch. You publicly stated that Obama is the better candidate compared to McCain? Are we to conclude you had a change of heart and no longer will be promoting racism?

It ain't enough. Put your money where your mouth is and fire the haters on your empire, FoxNews. They are the equivalent of pre-1970s Southern redneck police, dogs, and water hoses.

Then give us specials produced by blacks that other blacks respect and white liberals. Have them make honest followups of the injustices done to blacks during and after Hurricane Katrina. I recall well how Fox News perpetuated racist stereotypes and fueled prejudice and fears against my people, who where victims of not only of the weather, but the media storm against them after the hurricane.

I still mourn for the over 1,000 who died and thousands of blacks vilified in the constant replaying of a handful of dirt poor teens and young men stealing diapers, food, tennis shoes, clothes - all needed due to the contaminated water, and would have been written off as a loss by the store owners' insurance companies - not that this was pointed out by Hannity, O'Reilly, or the other bigots who work for you. Of course, there were a few young, black dumb-asses who looted TV sets, but hey, every race has it's morons. Fox made it look like we were all criminals and stupid as well. Your station fueled the lock n' load mentality in New Orleans which harmed more than helped innocent, traumatized people, and I haven't gotten over this and never will.

Mr. Murdoch, also please do specials that spotlight the heinous beliefs and comments by racist lawmakers who made it possible to turn the War On Drugs into a War On Blacks, Latinos, & Poor Whites and resulted in America having the largest incarcerated in world. Have them mention how our current President "can't recall" whether or not he's ever used cocaine, then contrast this with young, non-violent felons who can no longer even vote much less run for office.

Give the FoxNews audience film footage of war crimes by our soldiers who have admit they'd have never killed innocent civilians if their commanders hadn't encouraged it, or if their Iraqi victims had looked like them... and how this was a deliberate military strategy that heavily recruited in the South.

Then call Dunkin' Donuts and tell them you thought that Muslim-style scarf was cute on their model in the ad they yanked, and they were wrong to buckle under pressure by bigoted loony right-wingers who are so ignorant that they confuse belonging to a religion with being a terrorist.

That's just the short list. I'll be watching.


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