Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You're Only As Sick As Your Secrets - McCain, Clinton, & Obama

John McCain. I'm sorta sad for the man. He reminds me of someone in a group that drew straws on who would take the lead in escaping not out of - but into - a very strange P.O.W. camp. He lost by pulling the short one. His mission: convince the other prisoners that they're better off where they are, and with him leading them through four or eight years of more of the same and worse torture. He's not the same war-hero and man I saw make a 2000 bid for the Presidency in the quiet-before-the-storm, pre-9/11 days. The man often looks as tired as a soldier ordered back to Iraq for the 4th time and would rather be on beach, golf course, or any friggin' where except campaigning for this new job.

Hillary Clinton. Clearly a strong woman and fighting, but fighting like a prisoner of war, perhaps a mother who is telling whatever lies necessary to save a young daughter or son from rape, torture or death. She plays her captors with charm and pretends she's on their side. The loony right wing fringe at Fox News and elsewhere, who did everything they could to destroy her husband during his presidency and shred her to pieces in the past are now treated like friends from her days in the sandbox - or blackmailers who will do her azz in if she doesn't comply.

Barack Obama. Another P.O.W. of the men who run the world, including the ones who own many of the newspapers and networks. While McCain looks worn out, depressed, and like he's running for the Presidency because he's been ordered to, and while Clinton reminds me of a wife who's lying through her teeth to Social Services and the police that her husband is a good man who doesn't beat her or rape their daughter, as of last night Obama looks like he's aged five years in the past two weeks of media lynching, and one can almost see invisible rope burns on his neck.

The mental gymnastics he puts himself through by necessity is taking a toll on him. He's been backed into the P.O.W. corner of throwing out the baby with the bath water.

In this case, he's discrediting Wright (the baby) and denying that every single truth his former friend and pastor ever said about racism (the bath water) is a lie and total nonsense. In addition, he's had to suck up to too many modern day klansmen who wear ties rather than white robes - media rednecks who are working 24/7 to kill him politically. Surely he knows that if they fail, there are men who run this globe who won't blink twice at hiring an assassin to take him out literally.

Maybe Hillary senses this on an unconscious level, and it's one reason she's staying in race since mathematically she can't win. She'll win the Democratic nomination by default if she's still in the race and he's six feet under, pushing up daisies - and but surely she knows her vicious captors will turn on her and ensure she loses. Like Obama, who had to legitimize and endorse the fringe lunatic view of the world, she's already publicly done that in too many ways to count.

McCain would then win the honor of being our new powder puff President in this neo-POW camp we thought was America, but is secretly run and owned lock, stock and barrel by a tiny group of extremely politically powerful, rich and bigoted men who don't give a rat's ass about us, any of us.

In therapy circles, there's a saying, you're only as sick as your secrets. I see all three candidates having a sickness in their hearts from the secrets they've learned but dare not speak. I think they're all victims of blackmail and prisoners of a secret war on America and democracy.

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