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In World War III Even The Birds Won't Win

I created a blog back in late 2005 and wrote only one article for it:
Will Bird Flu Preempt Bush's Option On The Table?

I didn't continue with that blog for a variety of reasons. I had synthesized available information into a plausible scenario - which I hadn't seen written anywhere else - and my family and a handful of friends who heard or read my views frankly thought I was insane. This was depressing.

After all, who was I? Just some ordinary person and a black woman to boot. No high social status = no credibility.

So what?
, I would also think. From my personal experiences, a reader of history, and my work as a therapist and social worker, I know the dark side human nature, and it's a beast.

The U.S. and Israel are joined together so thoroughly that it's impossible to separate them politically. Thus, I'm re-posting my article with minor edits and have added pics as food for thought since we may be nearing a new war as evidenced by Israel's war preparation with Iran as the target. Should they carry out an attack, the world will be at grave risk for WWIII for reasons outlined in the article.

And a word about avian flu.
We don't read much about it anymore, but it hasn't gone anywhere, anywhere at all.


Will Bird Flu Preempt Bush's Option On The Table?

Friday, October 7, 2005

President Bush reportedly took time this past August to read the book, "The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History" by John Barry. It’s about the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic that killed slightly more than twenty percent of humanity. In one week alone in Philadelphia, for example, nearly 5,000 people died. Given the President's busy schedule which include fine-tuning contingency plans for a new war with Iran, this was remarkable.

The invasion, also known in Bush-speak as an "option on the table", will put the world at risk for a nuclear war. It will be complicated by an unexpected bird flu pandemic on the war planners menu for world domination. The convergence of these two catastrophes threatens to annihilate most of humanity, and this is also sitting on Bush's table, right next to his "option".

The original 1918 Spanish Flu is now thought to have been a bird flu, and this new strain is called H5N1. It appears to be a Frankenstein mutation eerily similar to the original, but more than twice as lethal. As with the 1918 flu pandemic, the U.S. is at war, this time in Iraq. Preemptive tactical nuclear and bunker-busting bombs are available to be dropped on Iran’s new nuclear facility and all other strategic military locations. During WWI, the Spanish flu was spread faster by the military movement and we can expect the same this time.

Iran has two strategic partners, China and Russia, and they’re likely to protect and defend Iran—and their multibillion dollar oil and gas interests that are critical to their own national security—like two pit bull guard dogs.

Both countries sent a strong message to the U.S. this year when they teamed up together to perform joint military exercises for the first time. They have a lot to lose if Iran is lost to the U.S., because China signed $100 billion dollar energy contracts with Iran this past December in what was called "the deal of the century", and Russia has been deeply involved for over a decade in building a multi-billion dollar nuclear reactor in Bushehr, Iran, which is expected to finally become operational in 2006.

Iran's stated plans, if sincere, is to become a nuclear-powered society. This will help them save a bundle on oil and have more of it to sell to others - and they plan to do so in currencies other than American petrodollars when their Iran Oil Bourse (oil stock market exchange) kicks off in March 2006.

No longer will every country in the world need to cut special deals with the U.S. in their trades of tangible goods, such as clothes, electronics, and steel, to buy America's paper money - which they would then use to purchase Iranian oil or gas.

Other nations will be able to use euro dollars, or perhaps in the future another currency, such as the Chinese yuan to purchase oil from Iran. The White House and Wall Street are acutely aware of this problem and knows that this loss of global dollar power will be a lethal knock-out punch to the American economy.

Waging war, like most other endeavors, begins with a mental decision. It helps to try to put oneself in their position. To attack Iran, the war planners in the White House and Pentagon would first have to conclude that regime change is their only viable solution to maintaining dollar hegemony, world superpower status, and keeping Iran militarily neutered. Alternative solutions would be unacceptably inferior in their minds, and ideas, diplomacy and negotiations by others rejected.

Secondly, they’d have to hedge their bets that China and Russia would not militarily defend Iran once they 'shock and awe' the Iranians with small tactical nuclear weapons.

If Bush and Co. really plan to do this, it is crucial that the U.S., China and Russia make a behind-the-scenes agreement that the latter two countries sit out the invasion as spectators. In absence of this, hedging bets would be a bad gamble based on wishful thinking, the kind of gambling that could get us all killed in a nuclear world war.

Thus, if the war planners go through with this, we can assume that they do not expect China and Russia to jump on stage and turn an ordinary invasion into Armageddon.

Somehow, the White House and Pentagon might judge that a military intervention in Iran would be more successful than Iraq,

and as usual, they'd have confidence that this war would be geographically contained to the country(s) they bombed.

If they are wrong and China and Russia attacks the U.S. in defense of Iran, the Last World War will have begun.

Allies and enemies of the three countries will become sucked into this vortex of massive nuclear destruction, and that's a pretty long list of nations.

It's a given that dyads such as India and Pakistan, North and South Korea, and other countries that hate each other will jump into the mix like lemmings leaping off a cliff.

If the delicate ozone layer hasn't ripped apart and left Mother Earth burned to a crisp, the aftermath of a nuclear world war will leave behind Nuclear Winter, starvation, disease, the usual natural disasters, along with the Avian Flu pandemic finishing off many remaining survivors.

In 1983, the late great astronomer Carl Sagan stated that “it is generally accepted, even among most military planners, that a "small" nuclear war would be almost impossible to contain before it escalated to include much of the world arsenals.”

Sagan wrote and co-authored several well-known books and articles, including Nuclear Winter, which details the brutal aftermath of nuclear war.

Summary Excerpt:
"Cloud cover from smoke and nuclear debris would leave our skies as dark as night for days. There would be brutally cold weather lasting from several months to a year or two. Most food crops would die. For example, a one degree temperature drop would mean wheat would stop growing in Canada. Many survivors will have weakened immunity from radiation exposure and hunger. Growing or finding fresh foods, and fighting off illness will be the newest of the new normals.
People would become familiar with the horrific sights and stench of the unburied dead people and animals. Feeding yourself and your children would be a challenge. Insects will multiply greatly from feasting on the dead."

For those who want to leave chaotic cities that escaped being nuked, like the exodus from Houston just before Hurricane Katrina or Rita, they will only get as far as traffic and available gas will let them.

And like one town in Louisiana, some areas will be closed off to outsiders and aggressively guarded by its inhabitants with vigilante mentalities. Guns will be locked, loaded and trained on brown and black skins, but ultimately no one will care what race strangers are as resources dry up.

Everywhere, everyone will be fighting off the multitude of dope fiends and cold-blooded criminals, corrupt security forces, and even close friends and relatives who try to steal your stash of food, water, medicine, weapons, or house.

Even an arrogant, super-rich depopulationist survivalist will be deluding himself if he thinks his well-stocked bomb shelter built in the side of a Colorado mountain will allow him to pretend he's living in retirement rather than a nuclear nightmare without health or dental care.

In cities across the land, shortages of just about everything and inadequate rescue plans will turn honest survivors into potential victims.

Martial law is meant to save lives, but is it so far fetched to wonder if shoot-to-kill orders would include the sick and contagious? Could a sneeze cost you your life?

War planners like manageable, winnable wars. This may explain why North Korea wasn’t attacked and Iraq was. Even though the script for Iraq hasn't gone exactly as they planned, at least the battles and bloodshed are contained in the country they shocked and awed.

We can assume that if the U.S. orders attacks on Iran, that they don't envision a nuclear world war script where containment is impossible and victory serves no one.

Instead, they’d have the complete confidence that they could destroy Iran’s nuclear facility and military arsenal, topple their government and install a transitional one until new elections could be held…you know, pretty much like they planned the Iraq War.

Without cooperation from China and Russia, an attack on Iran would be the ultimate all or nothing gamble.

Does the U.S. and its allies really need more soldiers in another land, fighting a war that can wait, or perhaps, be postponed? Wouldn’t those soldiers need to be in their home countries, quarantining the sick, rationing food and medicines fairly, escorting orphans to safe havens, collecting and safely burying the tens or hundreds of millions of dead?

There are no vaccines, and if this disease is all that it's cracked up to be, this pandemic will make survival harsh, dangerous and unbearably sad. In combination with a nuclear war, it would be an unthinkable human catastrophe.

The spread of Avian Flu is thought to have progressed too far for there to be an option to stop it. Scientists say it is only a matter of time, and President Bush asserts that he's made planning for it his top priority. It is on the wings of flocks traveling to a destination near us, all of us, and the timing for a new war couldn’t be worse.


This is what my worse case scenario imagination conjured up in October 2005.

The only significant things that have changed is:

1) last week, a new vaccine appears to work - but it's not available to the public yet. Betcha the most rich and politically powerful will get it before a major war hits home.

2) The U.S. seems unwilling (so far) to take the lead attacking Iran and has left any decisions to Israel, but if Iran retaliates, chances are we'll be in it thick... along with the Russians and Chinese.

I personally hope the Iranians surrender their entire nuclear programme or at least put it on hold for a long friggin' time since the Israelis said this month that an attack is 'inevitable'.

I mean hell, it's not like Iran doesn't have plenty of oil and natural gas, but they're as stubborn as their genetic cousins. A simple delay for a decade could be chance for the paranoia, warranted or not, to clear the air, and give the rest of us on the planet a chance to live.

Perhaps new leaders
who are better at diplomacy in all three countries will replace the do as we say or die politicians running shit now, who in conclusion, aren't so different from the hardest, most dangerous criminals and gang bangers across the world's ghettos who don't lose a minute's sleep at night if their spray of bullets kill the innocent.

I hate to simply describe a problem without offering concrete solutions for the ordinary person who is utterly powerless to stop what the folks in charge decide. Life After The Oil Crash Forum offers survival strategies for massive societal meltdown. Even if you don't take it seriously - and I understand, it's overwhelming - the huge variety of information is interesting. Ignore the fanatics; they read it too.

Also check out this early 2006 article, Collapse of the US Economy Imminent
to understand what's coming.

Lastly, many of my readers are black, and I'll tell you all, we are extraordinarily vulnerable. Only the elderly, ill, and the handicapped would be more vulnerable than us in the event of nuclear attacks on our cities.

Forget not the lesson we learned from governmental neglect and the way we were treated in Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.

That was just a dress rehearsal and no one can convince me that the neglect wasn't intentional so we could be studied like lab rats. Seriously, if you're managing a society, you need to consider how people will respond in emergencies. Katrina gave those in charge an opportunity to do this on a population with no political or economic power.

The coming Great Depression II and possibly a nuclear world war would make what went down in New Orleans look like a spring shower. Plan for it.



  1. Thank you, Kit. Your ability to think bravely and deeply about possible futures is bracing. We try to hide from these possibilities, but for me at least, you do a great service by pulling up that which my mind wants to let sink into its depths. That's especially important because at least one among these possible futures does seem more and more likely to emerge as a probability.

    You might read Cormac McCarthy's The Road for a look at a possible future too, if you haven't. Bleak as, well, Hell, but if we're going to keep our eyes open . . .

  2. Thanks, Macon. As a child, I was a Girl Scout for a hot second, and long enough to learn one of the mottos: Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Or maybe I got it from either of my parents who both suffered through the first Great Depression.

    Thanks for the tip about The Road. I see McCarthy also wrote No Country For Old Men, which was great. I'll pick it up at the library.

  3. It is my opinion that Israel and the West's problem with Iran has nothing to do with nuclear weapons. The nuclear issue is only a make-believe theatrical production playing in the media to vilify Iran and to mis-direct dumbed-down onlookers. The real problem is that Iran will not bow down and pay homage to Israel and America's increasing ambition to direct and control the entire world. In other words, Iran is one of the few remaining sovereign (independent) nations that won't take orders from the Beast and its allies. Iran has oil, and they have no use for the world's dying reserve currency. This is what the US really finds contemptuous. Nevertheless, I could be incorrect.

    On another note, I don't know if the birds will win or not, but the Word of God states in Rev 19:17-18 this: And I saw an angel standing in the sun, who cried in a loud voice to all the birds flying in midair, "Come, gather together for the great supper of God, so that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals, and mighty men, of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, small and great."

  4. Thanks Just Me for sharing your thoughts and I concur with many of your points.

    Our paper money sadly isn't worth what it used to be; the world is looking at it more as only paper and the US as a paper tiger.

    From a military standpoint, this a grave error on Iran's part. Tehran, a city of 7,000,000, may become the new Hiroshima.

    As we collapse economically, we will go down neither easily nor graciously. We will 'obliterate' rather than share power and pay more for diminishing resources.

    Much of this is the fault of short-sighted, excessively profit-oriented corporations. Instead of investing trillions in war, we should have put that cash into rebuilding our manufacturing sectors and rail system. We produce little beyond fast food and paperwork, having been hollowed out from decades of outsourcing.

    Also, all of you should ponder this line from Walter's analysis of the situation: The first stages of WWIII are economic warfare designed to cripple the U.S. and halt its war-making capacity..

    God help us in the next stage.

    Walter's analysis has fascinating and important information in his post, Preparing For Dark Days, and speaks as a nuclear scientist with a sobering, clear view of the political situation.

  5. I'm afraid the bottom line is that urban people will not survive well. Resources in any urban environment saved from complete destruction will soon dissapear.
    Rural groups will form in remote locations that will protect their resources.
    There are cultures within our own nation that believe in being ready for such a world. Both the Mormons and the Amish stockpile food. The Amish will be able to produce food without any need for fuels or modern resources.

    What do you think? I haven't read any of the books you recommend. What do they say?

  6. Hey Sagacious. Thinking about becoming Amish or Mormon? Heh-heh! Go for the Amish; they make great rocking chairs and their homemade food is to die for.

    Otherwise, Kunstler thinks both urbanites and suburbanites will fare poorly. He also thinks the the Southwest is toast.

    According to this peak oil guru of sorts, "We're going to see an enormous effort to sustain [suburbia] even in the face of incredible obstacles," he says, "and that in itself will be a big problem, because we'll squander a lot of our remaining and dwindling resources in that attempt to keep it going."

    He says that big cities will become more population dense at their centers and along waterfronts, but they'll essentially contract as people will move to smaller cities and to towns. "Places that will be successful are places that will have meaningful relationships with food production because we're going to have to grow a lot more of our food locally," he says. Some cities, like New York and Chicago, will have special problems because skyscrapers will become especially unsustainable. But they still might be better off than suburbs in the Southwest, which he says will be "toast."

    The essays in his archives on his site,, along with his book, The Long Emergency, are instructive and good reading, and a perfect starting point for the newbie.

  7. "I didn't continue with that blog for a variety of reasons. I had synthesized available information into a plausible scenario - which I hadn't seen written anywhere else - and my family and a handful of friends who heard or read my views frankly thought I was insane. This was depressing."

    As I read this I'm reminded of several biblical characters - all of whom probably appeared to be INSANE to those around them.

    Elijah most likely looked like a pedophile when he did what he did in 1 Kings 17:21. Then a little later this same prophet was responsible for the death of 450 souls. (see 1 Kings 18:22 and 18:40) If a religious or spiritual man killed that many people today and said that God told him to do it, how many folks do you suppose would believe him?
    God instructed another one of His prophets to marry a whore. (Hosea 1:2-3) Surely that seemed insane to all watching because it went against The Law.
    The people in Jesus' day thought He was demon possessed and/or insane - Mark 3:21. And they couldn't fathom any true Son of God ever allowing himself to be nailed up on a cross and suffering such an ignoble death. Even His followers fled and hid. Perhaps you're catching my drift? Following God (or His instructions to your soul) will to the world almost always look like insanity.

    From Heaven's point of view this entire Earth is insane. And conversely, from the Earth's point of view Heaven and God seems insane...unreal, illogical and a bunch of baloney.

    We're now in the time of the Great Harvest (see Revelation 14:14-19).
    Our safety is in simply following the instructions He places on our hearts.

  8. kit, I believe that. How would people survive in a harsh climate like the southwest with no ability to import essential provisions. . . like water.

    Back in the 60s there were a lot of dooms day predictions. Ehrlich's The Population Bomb and many others I can't brong to mind right now have raised important ideas and stated important facts, but their predictions have never come true.
    I've always tried to maintain a positive outlook and then done whatever I could to enhance life in my immediate surroundings. I've found that that is about the best I can do.
    We can't ignore our problems and we have to work for a better Earth, but we also ought to enjoy the life we have today as much as possible.
    Yes, we are headed for a melt down of some sort and we need to be vigilant and look for the signs.

  9. I usually don't respond to a comment right away because I have to think about it. A long pause generally means I'm taking my time thinking. This is sometimes my downfall, as I tend to overthink things.

    Thus was my reaction when I read your 2nd comment, JustMe, re: the duality of the blessing and curse of past prophets, and "Perhaps you're catching my drift? Following God (or His instructions to your soul) will to the world almost always look like insanity."

    I've studied people at least since the age of four when I encountered insanity and cruelty in a daycare setting, followed by my mother's disbelief that my descriptions of what went on could possibly be true. For a brief period I became cruel to a kitten and a butterfly, but didn't like that role; it didn't feel good or right. The vulnerability of animals and caring about their feelings led me out of darkness and enabled me to get in touch with their world and needs.

    Victims of oppressive people also tend to be hypervigilant and know their oppressor's ways better than others. Being a minority and a female (and when young, very attractive and constantly hit on) also led me to develop that extra radar. In addition I had a natural attraction to the study of psychology, and during my adult life, have had an off and on interest in politics.

    All of this is to say that I learned how to pull a lot of information together (synthesize), to spot trends and become fairly adept at connecting the dots and seeing a bigger picture.

    Does this make my assessments prophetic? Or just a good sociologist who understands human nature and the odds that someone or some group will act in predictable ways?

    I still am unclear what God's plan is for me or if I've done all the things He would have expected me to do. In this regard, I am so ordinary. I call it like I see it and leave it at that. I listen for guidance, but sometimes I simply can't hear it, see it, or sense it, and am left clueless.

    What to do? Where to go? How do you keep safe? What should be said, or left unsaid, about reality and possibilities as you see it? As much as I'd like to 'keep it trill', there are some topics I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

    However, my 2005 article, Will Bird Flu Preempt Bush's Option On The Table?, followed by my re-posting it last week, was something I felt compelled to write because it's sooo clear to me that we are are no longer near the crossroads... we're there.

    I'm not convinced that my computer getting hit with a malicious virus both in 200g and again this past weekend was coincidental. But then again, maybe that's just my ego talking.

    Aside from that, will the article help anyone? Or me and my family? Because if/when shit hits the global fan, I have no idea where to run or hide or if that will even be possible. But maybe someone else will be a little better prepared and squeak by.

    Perhaps this is God's plan - for me and others like me to have our wisdom or knowledge be used like shoulders for others to stand on. I honestly don't know.

    This ties me into the words of Sagacious: "We can't ignore our problems and we have to work for a better Earth, but we also ought to enjoy the life we have today as much as possible."


  10. To Anonymous, who left me a recent comment:
    I googled your suggestion but could find nothing re: criminal allegations of the person mentioned. I deleted your comment last night to protect their privacy and to not start rumors, particularly if untrue or even partly true since they're not a public figure. Thanks anyway for the tip - I appreciate it and it's interesting... not that I'd do or say anything about it since I only read this person's opinions from a far.

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