Sunday, June 1, 2008

"I'm Voting White"

I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that Barack Obama may not win the Presidency. John McCain has a very good chance of defeating him. The reason: although a huge number of whites like Obama, there may be a larger number who will 'vote white'.

Vote white. That's a phrase I never heard of until the other night when I got steamed listening to a butt-ugly woman whom I'd never watched before, Greta on FoxNews. She twisted the news story of Father Pflegar's colorful, hilarious sermon against white entitlement into it's opposite, feigning offense and accusing him making a racist rant.

Greta the Hun and others at Fox and elsewhere have been using it daily as another opportunity to portray Obama of being guilty by association, to bash blacks and any black church for complaining about racism. Weeks ago, I thought Rev. Wright was being dishonest in stating that the black church was under attack. Maybe at the time he was, or perhaps he could see what was to come, and come it has.

Greta's question of the night was: Will Father Pflegar's comments hurt Obama?

I went to the comment area on the Greta blog and was astounded by the number of viewers who actually said, "I'm voting white." Not Hillary, not McCain, but white. At the end of the show, 93% of her 11,000 viewers said yes. I view their assessment as a combination of wishful thinking and an accurate judgment of their knowledge of how Fox will beat this story to death like the proverbial dead horse.

Then I thought about the comments some more. "I'm voting white." Damn. That's a lot of rednecks, and this is some serious shit and an untold news story in itself. I got curious and waded into the murky, hate-polluted waters of right-wing blogs. The malevolence for Obama is beyond disturbing. A lot of these white folks are murderous in their rage about his success and popularity, and really would rather see him dead than in the White House.

If Obama does win, the racist elements in the media, Fox in particular, will be a greater enemy to him than Iran could ever be to him or us, and they'll work day and night to find or create dirt on him, and criticize his every word and action. Unless, of course, Murdoch fires them since he now likes Obama. So far his announcement of this has only pissed off his employees and they're giving him the Fox News treatment.

The problem with the powerful and popular racist media is that a lot of white people simply don't understand how racism permeates the lives of blacks and Latinos. Many never see it because of where they live, and they don't personally experience it. Many are Christians, too, yet don't understand that Jesus preached against wronging the disenfranchised. God's only Son got crucified for this. Were Jesus alive today, Fox would be nailing him to the media cross for spreading his message and criticizing the realities that the oppressed live with daily. He ain't, so they do media crucifixions on messengers who preach against racism, entitlement, corruption, and pure hate.

I think a lot of white folks aren't racist, but they grew up listening to right-wing medias who hide behind the flag, preach democracy and patriotism as they simultaneously demonize minorities. They are confused and have been taught in this election that anyone who complains about racism is racist.

May 2008 was the month where jokes about the death or assassination of a black presidential candidate was reduced to 24 hour stories complete with a lame apology for the 'misunderstanding'.

Poor Obama. Not only has the media shoved the responsibility of what his former pastor and a priest preached, and working on committee's with Professor Ayers, but Hillary came up with the bullshit that criticism of her tasteless, loony assassination comment was his friggin' fault. And only in America could a white man (Father Pflegar) criticize a white woman and this be a black man's fault. Damn.

Media is powerful and sets the agenda of how we view issues. I have a foreboding sense that more white Americans are becoming uncertain about Obama as a viable candidate because their minds are being polluted by a bigoted media.

It ain't just the white folks either. The younger blacks I've spoken with are a bit uncertain about him. Will he really try to change social justice issues for the better of us all, or did he really mean what he said about disavowing every sad truth about the history of racism, and how it has endured, as Rev. Wright and Father Pflegar preached?

No wonder Hillary invited journalists to follow her around after next Tuesday and until November 4th. Her entitled ass helped create this racist atmosphere back in PA, Kentucky and West Virginia with her repeated statements that a black man can't win, so hey, hard-working white people, vote for me!

Bitch makes John McCain look like a gentleman.

I am beginning to believe that many white Americans will vote against their interests: economics, which neither McCain nor Hillary are strong on, and no more wars. This large group may soon become a critical mass, and they're hell-bent on preserving a white White House and will undo what remains of American society as we know it.

Enjoy it now.

- Hug and love your children, for they will be drafted and many will die or become permanently disabled in a far away place.

- Enjoy what's left of your wealth, for the cost of everything will be so high than many of us, black and white, will be living in card board boxes by polluted rivers in less than eight years. Study how Haitians survive. We, meaning all races in the US, may have to live like them in the next decade. Hint: a food patty made of mud, sugar, salt and cooking oil will make your stomach quiet down. Here's the nightmare meal you never want to have to eat or feed your kids:

Did you notice the tone of voice used by the reporter in this video? She sounded professional, didn't she? But did she sound concerned, distressed, or even mildly upset? Nuh-uh. Would she have if these were white kids in an east European country? I'm guessing yeah. We are a generous nation, but the way a story is presented affects how we feel about it.

I showed the video to my son Xavier. He laughed. Thought a meal of mud pies was hilarious. I'm laughing now at his ignorance, but at the same time, shaking my head. The problem is too distant for most of us, even black Americans like my kid who was furious over the treatment of Hurricane Katrina victims, but is totally disconnected to the plight of those of African ancestry outside of the US.

There's something uncool about severe poverty. We don't wonder much how starving blacks survive. We should. This will be many of us one day, and the colors of the faces eating mud pies will be many. I told him this. He can't fathom it nor wants to spend five seconds thinking about it.

- Several American cities will no longer exist because China and Russia will have nuked them in response to McCain's nuking Iran in an attempt to steal their oil. The US and Israel ain't scared of Iran wanting a nuclear facility for power. They've twisted the story that Iranians want to use it to make nukes.

Even if Iran had a nuke, so friggin' what? Israel has over 400 of them and could send Iran into the Stone Age in seconds. Bush & Company is pissed that Iran doesn't want the US dollar anymore and stopped accepting it in December 2007. Saddam Hussein switched to the euro the year before being invaded, and his new economic policy was the WMD and the real reason we attacked, and have been fighting to colonize this country. If our government repeats this scenario with Iran, we're in trouble - both the Chinese and Russians have invested billions in building the nuclear facility designed for energy, not war, and they have an enormous stake in getting their energy, oil and gas needs from this country.

- Exercise but don't diet - you'll need all that extra body fat because hunger in middle class America is coming, with a vengeance when they descend into poverty. You'll get plenty of opportunities to walk next year anyway since you won't be able to afford gas no matter who is elected.

- Hang on to your guns and rifles because crime will be rampant. People will be hungry and desperate. I expect home invasions and robberies to increase. Try not be a fool with your weapons. God don't like ugly, and your azz will fry in hell for murder.

- Pray for Obama's safety even if you don't like him. Racial mistrust will be a huge problem from the seeds of hatred planted this year and next year, particularly if he's assassinated.

I have no question that many hardcore haters will attempt to take his life, and mentally I try to prepare myself for the possibility one will succeed. I believe that if one does, he won't be an ordinary redneck. It'll be an inside job, and I'm guessing an Iranian or an Arab will be set up to be the fall guy - just like the Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan was in the murder of Robert Kennedy. Even John Kennedy's killer had an Arab 'friend'. I've always found this peculiar. If I'm right about the loony right choosing an Arab hitman, won't Fox News love that shit? Expect them to do what haters do - hate more as they revel in his death, which Liz Trotta already expressed 'as a joke'. I shudder to think how they talk off camera.

And Mike Huckabee is the guy who was on McCain's short list for VP. I rarely dislike people the first time I lay my eyes on them, but did with him. This was before he made my mouth drop open with his Obama assassination joke in May. This white supremest and religious fanatic is also a favorite of the Christian Right. He has the solution white settlers had for the Native Americans (the ones not murdered) and thinks it's a peachy-keen idea to relocate Palestinians to Egypt... their homes, heritage, property and feelings about the matter be dammed. They are as unconcerned about the feelings of non-whites anywhere on the globe as they are about whether the chicken cares if it'll be on the dinner table, or if people of color have to eat mud pies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Thank God that Huckabee blew it with his joke, 'cause if McCain croaks from old age during his term, Huckabee's crazy ass, I fear, would bend over backwards to deliver us to Armageddon as quickly as possible. What freaks me out is that McCain isn't an idiot - he knew Huckabee's positions on humanity (or for the racist, sub-humanity) before the 'gaffe'.

- Lastly, hang on to your belief in God - you'll need him, and in the end, he may be all that most of us have left.

And for the dummies, no, I'm not "voting white". If Obama is the Democratic nominee, and mathematically he should be, I'm voting for the man, not his color. He's the most humane of the three and I wouldn't care if he were blue. His brilliance and temperament are icing on the cake. I hope he survives to win the Presidency and see out his terms in good health. He may be our last chance for a long, long, long time.


  1. - Hug and love your children, for they will be drafted and many will die or become permanently disabled in a far away place.

    No one can be made to do anything against their own conscience. In other words, the State can draft me, but they can't make me put on a uniform, submit to their training and kill another human being - unless I personally agree to do these things.

    People don't have to do "self-interest." They can choose to do "God Interest," if they are so inclined.

    I might be incorrect, but I get a slight sense that you're beginning to awaken to some of the more harsh realities overtaking the world.

    Keep your eyes and thoughts on the Rock of Ages!

    Blessings & Peace

  2. Thank you, Just Me. Nice point that's easy to forget. And yes, right wing blogs talk has been an eye-opener. I've seen the rants of white supremacy sites and avoided them because they stir up too much fear within me, but seeing how Fox News - a major media corporation and not some hater's private little site - allows these comments left my mouth hanging open.

  3. Thanks for keeping it one hundred. This was a great post! I will be linking it in the future if you don't mind. Father Plegers sermon was humorous and provided some levity to a situation that for months has created a divide courtesy of none other than FoxFakeNews. White people need to realize that the majority of black people do not hold them accountable for salvery but we want them to realize that they do benefit from white privilege. I am not just talking to people who are descendents of slave owners but those that are white regardless. Simply because America was founded and kept running because of hatred and fear-mongering, all beginning with wild red savages, the big black brute, and crazed negro stereotypes. Because of this white people in America regardless of when they immigrated to America have enjoyed the privilege of being white and the majority.

  4. Excellent points, Jazzy. Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments. I agree with every word you said.

    Macon D, I know you read my blog a lot and thank you too. I'd love it if you wrote an article at your site.


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