Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Power Behind The Throne - The Bilderberg Boyz

"It matters not who the king is,
but who controls the throne."

Mayer Rothschild said something very similar to this long ago.
That's the theme of today's post.

Hillary finally gave the speech she should have last Tuesday. She threw a convincing endorsement of Barack Obama. This means she won't defect and run as an Independent, or far worse, drag her "I'm Voting White Only" constituents with her to the GOP and becomes McCain's running mate, but then again, the summer ain't over.

I think she would have if she could have, but on Thursday, the powers-that-be put her check and told her to back away from her ambitions.

The day before that she 'suspended', not ended, her campaign, and that afternoon gave a speech with AIPAC, the pro-Zionist Israeli lobby. One would think that she was the Democratic Presidential Nominee the way she talked in her speech following Barack's.

Then the big boyz flew or rode into town the next day. They rented out the entire Marriott hotel in Chantilly, VA for June 5th through 8th.

Bilderberg Group held their highly secretive annual convention there, so secretive that Marriot was shut down to the public. This posse of elites meet in the US or Canada every four years - right around our election time. Hmmm.

Strange things happened that Thursday, June 5th. Hillary and Barack were to meet privately and have an informal chat. At one point a media entourage boarded on a plane at Dulles Airport to fly with Obama - to Chicago. Dulles is in Virginia in case you don't know - and real close to Chantilly. Obama snuck off and the reporters didn't find out until the wheels of the plane had lifted.

That evening the press was parked outside Hillary's crib in DC. "We don't know if they're in there or not," is what they said. They stupidly showed shots of her house. I don't dig that because I think every public figure is entitled to absolute privacy when it comes to their address or even what their home looks like. Anyway, both Hillary and Barack were mum about their meeting afterwards, and what, if any, decisions had been made. Their pal Diane Feinstein later fronted like they met at her crib. I ain't buying it.

It doesn't take a genius to connect the dots. The Bilderberg Boyz were in town. Here's their official 2008 participant list. I doubt that all were present, but I'm guessing that the heaviest of the heavy hitters were. This includes James A. Johnson. He's considered not a member but a friend of Bilderberg. Fine with me. Friends in high places ain't a bad thing, ya know? He's also the man vetted with the responsibility of choosing the Vice President for the DNC.

He looks like a nice, smart man, eh? I'm not going to dig around to find dirt on him. I just hope he's both, plus wise.

The reason I'm not touching my shovel is that I've read ominous stuff about the Bilderberg Group for years. Be careful when you wade through articles about them. There are tens of thousands of 'em, and many connect Bilderberg with the Illuminati, devil-worshiping, aliens (the outer space kind) disguised as humans, and shit that falls under the category of sci-fi conspiracy theories that will entertain you for hours, because they sound, well, frankly loony.

There's even a theory they, along with others in the global ruling class, have an agenda of depopulating the world by 80%. Starvation will kill people and it's already doing that in some countries. After most of us are dead and forgotten, the globalist rulers will party hard that they no longer have to share the planet's limited resources.

There's a lot more to that the mainstream media would have us believe, and I suggest you Google the word 'depopulation' with names like Henry Kissinger, Rothschild, and/or Rockefeller. For a really wild article that has many facts mixed in with unprovable assertions that may or may not be true, you can also start here.

I personally can envision a scenario of WW3 breaking out. Folks would want to escape major cities when they see the first one or two go up in a flaming mushroom clouds on their favorite TV station. They couldn't, though, because the depopulationists running shit would jack up gas to $100 a gallon when everyone tried to leave at once, and folks couldn't use their otherwise handy-dandy credit cards because the evil-doers will have pulled the plug. No cash, no gas, you fry, you die.

Bilderbergs are the men who collectively rule the thrones in the world. They do rule the global economy. Our extraordinarily critical and negative mainstream media is clearly intimidated by them, because they keep their mouths shut and negative opinions to themselves.

The Bilderberg Group consist of nearly all white men who run the creme of the creme of mega-corporations, defense industries, politics, and mainstream media.

Some (many?) of their members had a major hand in designing the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.
It only takes one look at the list of 2008 participants, and you know these men are the ultimate people managers of Western Civilization.

Well, so friggin' what?

They're human, and surely many of them are alarmed at how our society is like a top that's losing it's spin. They are smart, but they haven't been particularly wise by biting off more than they could chew in the past few decades.

Their desire for a continuation of profits is a given, but this cannot be achieved if the Western World becomes unstable like the poorest countries have become due to their decisions. They made America and the UK rich at the expense of making other nations so poor that citizens there are literally starving, or as I mentioned in my last post, eating mud pies to keep the hunger pains away. Now the shoes are getting dangerously close to being on the feet of most Americans.

I maintain that the Bilderberg members are no different than us except they have a helluva lot more money. Most have kids and grandkids. They like the freedom to travel safely and go shopping and dining. They just do it in pricey Manhattan and Paris 'hoods and any other cool and beautiful spots on the globe.

Neither they nor their kids can continue to do this if society is in utter chaos. Can't move around freely if there are only two classes, a teeny-tiny rich one and the other huge and miserably poor. The resentment and rage of the deeply impoverished, homeless and hungry masses would prevent it.

Many of the most wealthy and successful men of our times are honorable and charitable, but they've been over-shadowed by the ones who've run this nation to the ground. These cutthroats have a history of making decisions strictly based on sheer greed. They've been doing it before and since the hot 1980s Reagan era of mega-profits when they were much younger.

By now they should all have a clue that a new kind of greed is coming to every town in America, the kind where the destitute might literally
become insane enough to capture and eat the rich, belch, and then say hmmm, taste like chicken.

By now they should have figured out that they and their children and grandchildren can't spend any more money as mega-millionaires than they can as billionaires.

By now the Bilderberg Boyz should have grown up, wised up, and be ready for change, a la Obama.

Or are they?

My man Barack has already been backed into too many corners of compromise by these power brokers. His plan for peace in the Middle East is sounding more and more like the same old tired plan that hasn't worked for the Israelis and Palestinians. The elected Palestinian party of Hamas, who Bush and Israel gave permission to run for office and then jailed most of them and outlawed them as terrorists back in 2006 after they won - got so pissed after hearing Barack's ideas about Jerusalem at the June 5th AIPAC meeting that they withdrew their endorsement. Bet he p.o.'d Iran too.

Now that some funny shit... in a sad sort of way. Sad because the Arab world had hope too, just like many of us, that maybe this Got Hope black guy would be the one to build an enduring bridge to peace. Thus, any future meetings Obama has with the Arab world is bound to start off on a baaaad foot.

I learned that Barack also backs the Africom, short for United States Africa Command. The Department of Defense created it because, as the site says:

From the U.S. perspective, it makes strategic sense to help build the capability for African partners, and organizations such as the Africa Standby Force, to take the lead in establishing a secure environment. This security will, in turn, set the groundwork for increased political stability and economic growth."

Bush imperialists, I swear, dey so nice sometimez! Dey care about Africa having security problems and want to help dem poor black folks.

Well, the Chinese are thinking that we want to help ourselves to African oil and other resources - and elbow them out of the lucrative business deals they've put together with a number of the weaker countries on that continent.

I don't know a lot more about this yet, except that there are plenty of current news articles where African nations say the don't want it.

This is understandable. We wouldn't like China or Russia setting up shop on our soil, and Africans don't want our bases and bombs on theirs.
It's a NIMBY thang - ya know, Not In My Backyard.

Seriously though, Africans sound worried. They have enough problems with poverty, hunger and HIV and don't want to being caught in the middle of crossfire if WW3 breaks out between us and China.
Even without this scenario, they fear Americans will behave as though they aren't civilized. You know, start coups, wars, steal their resources and colonize their citizens.

Wonder what gave the Africans this idea? Well, it ain't like we haven't done this sort of thing before.

So which mega-corporations want this to be implemented? I don't know exactly where that buck stops, but the idea came from somewhere,
and those folks wouldn't want it if they couldn't profit off it.

Barack is going along with Africom. If one of my favorite peak oil experts, the prophetic and pragmatic author James Kunster (The Long Emergency, 2005) - is correct (and so far he's been batting 95%), America's energy problems are almost beyond comprehension. And now we learn our government is taking on this new and endless 'project'.

Isn't our military already overstretched and our economy maxed out? I think Africom is about profit, but it's also about crisis and desperation to maintain our way of life. We're told we can only do this with endlessly cheap oil. Citizens in other oil-rich countries, no different than us if you believe we're all God's children, are our sacrificial lambs.

I wonder how Barack really feels about all this. I'm guessing some of his compromises are as hard for him to accept as listening to General Petraeus give the lowdown on how bad bad is in Iraq. This was back in April and that's a pic of him there. Looks like he was having an oh shit moment listening to that.

I'm wondering now if the power behind the throne will truly allow him to run the White House, or turn it into an Uncle Tom's cabin.

Yeah, I said it. Before you get angry, McCain doesn't plan to do anything significantly different than Bush, so in my way of thinking, he's already a servant and a POW to the men who run the mega-corporate world and manage us - all of humanity - directly or indirectly.

Barack will join the Bilderberg Boyz by default if and when he becomes our 44th President. He'll be either be their puppet or be an equal to this group of rich white men who have the economic power to kill us all. They can do this easily, for example, at the gas pump if they allow prices to escalate to $12 or even $20 per gallon. Then the cost of food would quadruple or even tenfold due to the enormous cost of transporting it. I'm already saying ouch at the grocery store. If it gets any worse, I'll have my own oh shit moments there.

These methods of controlling prices is how the corporate world controls presidents, nations, and well hot damn, all of us.

Our airlines are in trouble and doubling and tripling the price to fly. My family can't afford a vacation. Hell, I balk at even having a day visit with my brother because it takes a full tank of gas (my engine holds 18 gallons) to drive to his place and back.

Stores at my nearest mall are closing and I'm wondering how soon it'll be before the fairly new Macy's there, which I've never set foot in after seeing their ridiculously high prices, bites the dust and closes it's doors.

A family member bought a condo last year. It's a beautiful place in the inner city, so it wasn't as costly as the suburbs. I heard the drumbeats two years ago, warning about a housing crash, but he didn't listen. He can't even afford to sell it now because it's not worth as much. He's a professional, but got laid off this early year and hasn't been able to find work. He's been reduced to living on credit and eating peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.

Our family used to eat out a lot. Now I've had to learn how to cook well and stretch meals to keep my kids from revolting. Some nights there's just enough for three of us. No second helpings. I'm ultra tight with my money because I just know the friggin' rent will increase later this year like it always does, but this time it'll be a whopper.

The men who make up or qualify for the Bilderberg Group and 'clubs' like it are seeing middle America waste away. The white poor and many blacks and browns were the canaries in the coal mine and not enough people with power to change things cared or cared enough.

Now the effects of greed, like toxic gas in the coal mines has wafted upwards from the underclass and is suffocating the middle class, which is the group that makes America great... or at least look great.

I wonder if the Bilderberg crew has figured out that their over-controlling society has led to this unintended price. If they haven't and don't get a clue soon, this is the stuff that gives birth to revolutions. We've already seen a peek of it. Obama, a brilliant star and so eloquent as to take one's breath away, has inspired the desire for change on a grass roots level.

Yep, if change doesn't come soon, we'll see an unstoppable revolution by the masses of white Americans who have had a taste of suffering and gotten a whiff of what's to come: they're at grave risk for descending into poverty and will become the new niggas, and they ain't having it.

Are the Bilderberg Boyz listening?

Or will they continue to do exactly what Thomas Jefferson in 1816 warned against:

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”


  1. found you through siddity. just wanted to let you know that i am subscribing. i usually skim long blogs but i read every word of yours.

  2. oh and everything you said is truth. i thought i was the only one that knew about this group.

  3. he was there at the meeting..that's all i have to say about that.....

    not to many people know about b.b. and those who do know what they're capable of and the power they hold...great blog!

  4. Emeritus, Many thanks for the comment and compliment. I'm a new blogger and feel honored.

    Fungke black chik: Thank you too. Considering that Barack "has taken off the weekend to spend with his family", my best guess is he's been at the convention since Friday (it doesn't end until today), and the Bilderberg Boyz have extensively interviewed both he and his wife, and even met and observed his children.

    I read they do this to all the candidates to tease out potential problems or scandals. If true, from a people manager point of view (as in, We The People), this makes sense - even though most of us would find this level of power and control very unsettling if it were widely known.

    It'll be interesting to see who they'll choose for his VP. As much as I like it, it ain't gonna be Dennis Kucinich. Heh-heh. Hmmm. I wonder how much time Hillary spent there this weekend...

  5. Bilderberg Boyz have extensively interviewed both he and his wife, and even met and observed his children.

    OMG! this is why i keep out of politics. i'm not going to lie, i love me some conspiracy theories and if was the wife of a potential pres candidate, i would feel like i was selling my soul to the devil.

  6. Interesting post that covers a lot of ground. I've long thought that string pullers operate behind the stages we get to sit in front of. Maybe it is BB. Your generally pessimistic view of the future is tough to dispute. All sorts of declines seem to be converging into one big one.

  7. Thanks Macon, and they don't call the Bilderberg Group the Shadow Government for nothing which I forgot to mention in my article.

    Speaking of converging declines, you would love the fascinating book, The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler. I can't recommend it enough and it's free at the library :}


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