Monday, July 21, 2008

The Coolest Guy Who Ever Ran For Office

Here's something light and check out the funny pic I made at the end of the post - but don't jump ahead yet.

Barack is just so damn cool. He does it effortlessly. Just look at him with General Petraus in Iraq.

They could be talking about what's for lunch for all I know, but I'll bet they're not. He's already being treated like the next commander in chief by a lot of folks with power.

I ain't saying Obama's perfect 'cause I'm still mad about FISA, but he is undeniably cool. I'm defining 'cool' as a summary of his composure, steady temperament, and sheer genius.

If he's elected, at long last, the child occupying the White House named GWB will be leaving on January 20th - if he doesn't do some more wilding out in the Middle East and declares Martial Law here.

Bush is so beside himself over Barack's cool that he rarely speaks Obama's name in public. There's a certain name vampires won't utter either, but let's not go there...

Hopefully the majority of voters won't pull the lever for the Alzheimers' version of Bush, who this week, couldn't remember that Iraq and Pakistan don't share a border. This could present a problem if McCain plans to be in charge of the upcoming war on that front.

Forgetting geography was only one of McCain's many media-described 'gaffes', which is their polite and appalling way of avoiding the possibility that he needs to be checked out for memory problems.

His critics are either correct that McCain is no longer a maverick who bucks the GOP, or he really is getting senile. Since running, he became way too tight with the ultra-right winger and Armageddonist pusher Mike Huckabee, who was rumored to be on his VP short list. Huckabee was also the asshole who made that bad joke at the National Rifle Association meeting when he heard a background noise and said something like, "that's Obama ducking from gun shots."

McCain also has been too
cozy with "Forclosure Phil" aka Phil Gramm who helped create the current subprime mortgage meltdown, and *cringe* was his top financial adviser until last week. Grandpa McCain didn't fire him for that; it's because of bad press after Gramm called us a nation of whiners and said the economy crisis was a mental recession, sorta like mental depression and all in our heads.

Tell that shit to masses of the newly unemployed, Bear Sterns, the customers of the failed IndyBank, the
90+ other banks that are deep do-do, and the airlines that have or are going under.

At any rate, this genuine war survivor seemed different back in the '90s - or at least different enough - from the most of the morons in his party, like this South Carolina Senator who was stupid enough to run this pic on his friggin' government senatorial website:

Yep, that's how he's using our tax dollars. I hate to judge a person by their appearance, but he even looks like a dick. Even if Senator Ha-ha-ha really thinks Barack won't win, how the fuck will he ever be able to keep himself together in the presence of President Obama?

If the Dixie Senator's hostility is this out of control, maybe he'd completely lose it
and become dangerous if the coolest guy ever moved into the White House .

If I were Obama and became president, that idiot would be required to have an anal probe for weapons before ever being allowed near me.

Now that would be fun to watch. Maybe Barack could even put those pics on his new White House website.


  1. The disparity of intellect between McBush and Obama is becoming very apparent. It also seems as though the media is begining to report it.
    If the corpo-fascists win this time around, let em have the country. It will only prove that this country is being dominated by fear mongering royalists and their racist proles.

  2. Sagacious, I don't why you use such inflammatory language in describing our fine mega-corporations or those nice, culturally impoverished white folks who just don't understand.


    *deep sigh* I really love people. I understand the short comings of most, even the do-do head Senator from SC who appears to have been spoonfed corn, apple pie, and bigotry all of his life. He's a product of his environment, but his children or grandchildren may end up with open minds as has been the case with many whites who are anti-racists.

    I'm old enough to be a grandma and have seen some wonderful changes in the way the population thinks, thanks to civil rights, women's rights, and Vietnam War protests. I was young but old enough to understand what and why it was happening.

    I think we're headed for massive changes again, which has the enormous possibility for massive social unrest. I may not live to see it, but if it's televised or the Internet hasn't been shut down, people will respond because most people are inherently good.

    If Obama doesn't win, he can run again in 2012. This may actually be to his advantage, because whoever takes the White House will be running around with their fingers in the dam and trying to stop the unstoppable. Barack will be superior at damage control compared to McCain, and if re-elected he may bring the nation back to some form of sanity.

    Que sera sera, what will be, will be.

  3. Wow. He is cool though. Cool enough to give these people the eyebrow once he gets the job, and have them wondering what he's thinking.

    Lol cartman.

  4. I usually skip over anything about Obama & the old dude but you make it so interesting! And I like the other posts on your blog especially the ones highlighted on the sidebar.

  5. Obama is cool. Coolness factor notwithstanding, I worry about how far center or right will Obama move to win the White House?

    I am very worried that he's made some very dangerous decisions lately to pander to the more conservative Americans, to the detrimnet of our most vulnerable citizens.

  6. The Joy, Hey again! Glad my pic made you smile. When you gonna make me laugh again at your blog?

    Jay Midnyte, welcome and thanks!

    Her Mother, Que sera, sera.

  7. They keep waiting for Obama to trip up. But, unlike McCain, this is a smart guy...and he has a good memory.

  8. 1)You're right, Obama looks like the Marlboro man in that pic. He makes me wanna start smoking again.

    2)That dude who posted that Tshirt does look like a fuckin DICK! Hopefully he catches the vapors after November and has to bow down. But then again, a good homosexual scandal centered around him might be quite convenient.

    3)You really should stop talking trash about John McLean. That dude saved this country from terrorists, and survived like 3 "Die hard" movies. He is an American hero...

    ...oops, my bad, wrong dude. I thought you were talking about a real hero, and not the dude who crashed 5 planes. You know, the guy who graduated in the lowest 1 percentile of his Navy class.

  9. BTW: What you did to Eric Kartman was really wrong.

    CTFU@that pic

  10. I'm CTUF'ing too re: Cartman. And Rippa, yo, I said Grandpa was a genuine war survivor, not hero. Heh-heh-heh. I'm evil at times.

    Mac, yeah, given his long and eloquent speechs, Barack's memory should be in World Guinness Book of Records. I don't why his political haters are too blind to see this.


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