Friday, July 4, 2008

Manifest Destiny, Resolution 362 & the North American Union

The 'people managers' of our world - the ruling top percent who hold the world's wealth - have historically had a pattern to their political and military decisions: Veni, vidi, vici -
I saw, I came, I conquered.

Ruling and wealthy Europeans, and later, Americans, got in on the ground floor by gaining the majority control of resources and thus, power, through colonization, genocide, slavery and/or oppression.

This is a white men's club. The perks are fantastic. The members are unified around the central theme of gettin' paid, and not given to sharing the wealth, particularly with others who don't look like them or with women.

There's an old Native American saying that you can't understand another until you walk a mile in his moccasins. I'll expand it: you can't understand or second guess someone else unless you crawl into their heads and try to think like they do.

Assuming that they want to preserve their legacy - and why wouldn't they - what would you do in their situation?

Thus, I've been asking myself if the New World Order Tribe deliberately paved a path to the White House just for a black man (Obama) or, earlier, a white woman (HRC) to win.

It's not humanely possible for the next President to stop the economic meltdown train and other messes we're in. The media will be instructed to blame Obama. This will stir the public into a frenzy.

They'll reject him and all future black presidential candidates, and this will ensure the continuation of White Male Supremacy once he leaves office.

Ponder on this Manifest Destiny thought for a moment. That's a very old concept many whites believed: that the white man was destined to conquer and take control of the entire land now known as America, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. They succeeded.

The belief is buried in the collective consciousness of their progeny. It's global and seen in our every foreign policy decision and war since the birth of this nation, and frankly, before then, when you study history.

Given who controls our country and much of the world's resources, and their difficulty in sharing the power, it's more than plausible that parts of this election and the news coverage which influenced the public was a set up, and here's my reasoning.

Bush & Co. knows they will literally leave office and our country in utter darkness, so dark that we may re-experience the Dark Ages. As the Great Depression, Act II descends upon America, many of us won't even be able to pay our light bill or afford gas for a lawn mower, much less our cars.

This is only one elephant in the living room. That's a metaphor for a huge problem that everyone sees but pretends it's not there. It's a commonly used phrase in substance abuse and therapy circles to describe the problem of a family member's addiction or dysfunction, and everyone tippy-toes around it.

Another elephant is in a faraway land to people whose names we know not nor can barely pronounce. The American who rarely consumes more than mainstream news would be shocked to learn that nearly one and one-quarter million Iraqis have had their lives snuffed out in five short years and their infrastructure and cities are in ruins, a la Stone Age style.

I can't help but think that if Iraqis had a choice between Saddam running things or Bush running things, their now hung leader would have won hands down back in early 2003 before we invaded.

Meanwhile and here at home, blocking someone's driveway with your car is illegal. This is because residents can't come and go about their business, i.e, working and grocery shopping.

It's also illegal to form a blockade around a country, according to the laws by the United Nations, of which we are a part of. This is the third elephant in the living room, and it's name is Resolution 362.

Congress will return from recess after they've enjoyed their holiday cookouts and vacations, and they will vote on it. The worst part of Res. 362 (and there are some doozies) is that we form a military naval blockade around Iran.

Since Resolution 362 hasn't had the intense media coverage it deserves, like our economy being in it's death throes or the sheer number of people we have wiped out and victimized in Iraq and Afghanistan, one can only conclude that this is also intentional.

We've been through this before when the media perpetuated the lie that Iraq was connected with 9/11 and had WMDs, even though none of the alleged perps were Iraqis, and Hans Blix, the United Nations Chief Weapons inspector, stated unequivocally that Iraq did not posses WMDs.

Now it's here we go again with Iran. There's a near-media blackout on the story, and I suppose this is so Americans won't question the 'reasons' or the veracity of the intelligence 'facts' in Res. 362, since alleged 'faulty' intelligence got us in this current bloodbath.

Censoring the story of this upcoming vote might also make citizens pissed enough to protest, call, write or email their Congressman to vote against it.

Iran is pissed. They said a blockade will be viewed as an act of war.

Also under-reported in media conversations is Israel's threat to attack Iran. They even rehearsed an airstrike two weeks ago, flying as many as 100 F15 and F16 warplanes near Iran's borders.

That's the fourth elephant not being discussed much here in the US. It's weird because the Israelis speak freely of this in their newspapers, and last week, their desire for us to do a blockade.

About ten days ago, the United Nations Chief of the Atomic Commission and 2005 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mohamed ElBaradei, responded with, "A military strike (against Iran) would in my opinion be worse than anything else ... It would transform the Middle East region into a
ball of fire."

This quote didn't make a single front page in the US news and most broadcast media didn't even report it. One can only speculate why. Maybe they think he's too elitist. They ignored him too back in 2002 and before we shocked and awed Baghdad with our deadly fireworks.

When our country blocks their country with our big azz military naval ships, they will not be able to import gas or other necessities. Imagine what would happen if we could not import gas. We couldn't drive to work or heat our homes. Our economy, which is already on life support, would be dead in the water.

Now you understand why the Iranians consider this an act of war and it's a looming crisis of huge proportions. Again, why isn't on the news 24/7?

You might say, well, the Iranians have oil and they won't feel a thing, and it's a non-violent strategy to persuade them to give up their nuclear program. From my understanding, neither is true. They know that the law of the United Nations are on their side and that they have the legal right to have a nuclear facility for energy. They deny plans to make nukes.

Are they lying? I don't know. The Israelis say they are and that someone in the Iranian government said they want them wiped off the map. Israel and the US have made similar threats to them and used words like 'obliterating'. The problem is these two countries have hated each other since the days of Abraham, who fathered both nations. This technically makes them genetic cousins.

The Israeli government feeds much of the intelligence to the U.S. spook agencies. Since the first casualty of war is truth, only God knows the real story about their latest family feud. It's the longest in recorded history.

The Iranians don't need us and they have friends.

The Russian and the Chinese have spent billions of dollars helping the Iranians build their nuclear facility since the early '90s. Just as we have our favorite ally, Iran has theirs. These other two super powers, the Russian and Chinese, have sophisticated nuclear weapons that can reach us.

If Israel attacks Iran, Iran says they will attack Israel.

The US will attack Iran in response.

The Russians and/or Chinese will be very tempted to come to the aid of Iran because they rely on Iran's oil and natural gas. They know that if we "win" Iran the same way we've taken over Iraq, they're fucked.

This would be the ultimate global playground brawl.

George and Dick and the neoconservatives and New World Order crowd want to try it anyway. They're itching for a fight. Iran is becoming too economically independent in the Middle East. They stopped accepting our anemic dollars in December 2007 in exchange for oil.

My opinion - This is Iran's WMD - not their nuclear facility for energy.

Let me briefly explain the importance trading cash for oil as simply as I can. The U.S. set up a fantastic scheme decades ago with the Saudis and all of the Middle East.

We give them paper, they give us oil.
We print images of money on the paper and call it petrodollars. Fancy talk, it's cash but still only paper. We traded it for cheaply priced oil in return.

Oil is a finite product. There is no endless supply of it. We are in the Peak Oil Stage of civilization. This means we've hit the max, and what's left in the ground will be harder and more costly to pump out, and at a time when more countries want more of it.

Paper isn't looking so good anymore as a trade for oil, particularly since we've printed so damn much of it to pay our national debts.

China has been helping us by giving us loans. Their economy is doing fine, because they haven't outsourced everything. They have tons of factories and make tangible goods like clothes and furniture while we make cheeseburgers and shuffle paperwork in offices.

The corporate greed of the 80s, the Enron and less well-known scandals, the near collapse of our airlines, the mortgage meltdown, gas prices that have doubled and will double again by next year this time, fucked up and crop-destroying weather, and a barbaric foreign policy of endless wars has undone us.

All of these are our barely reported elephants in the living room. Whoever steps into this elephant shit is bound to slip and fall.

We might also anticipate martial law and a delay in the election if all this starts prior to November 4th. This will give the money addicts any extra time they need to tie up loose strings, cut secret deals, and screw us all a little longer.

Some of my non-white readers might not like the next part of this essay and even dismiss it as black paranoia. I apologize if it hurts your feelings or makes you angry, but this is what I think.

It's been a deliberate set up for the next President to not be a white man, and I'll tell you why.

Congress, the media, and the American people have literally allowed the Bush gang to get away with murder and plunder. They tolerated crap from him that Bill Clinton could have never gotten away with, because his soul hadn't been bought and sold by the worst of the worst. They ran him into a ground over what he did with is dick, yet gave a pass to Bush for (you fill in the many blanks).

A black man (or woman if HRC had won) will get far more media scrutiny than any white man in office. It will be extraordinarily intense and hostile.

People will be living in and fighting over cardboard boxes on the streets, where babies are born and the ill and the too-cold die. This will completely freak out the mainstream American public.

Bush & Co. know things will never be the same again for America after they bomb Iran and our economy gets that final flush down the toilet. War plus Depression will lead our country will be in total chaos.

Then some white guy will come along in 2012 and have a solution. It's the one they've been cooking up for years:

...blend the US, Canada and Mexico into one nation - the
North American Union (similar to the EU) - have one currency, and a re-write the Constitution. Ignore the denials it ain't gonna happen. They'll try to slip it in anyway.

You can bet the bank our new Constitution won't be superior to the one we have now, and Big Brother will author it.

Americans will be so brainwashed, beaten down and dirt poor and angry that they'll hate the black man in office (or if Hillary had won, the 'ineffectual' woman). It will take two generations to believe that a black or female is capable of being Commander In Chief. The media will blame Barack in a 24/7 mantra, and minimize the role of his former predecessors.

Along with food riots, expect race riots triggered by random killings of blacks by furious whites that Obama's Yes We Can amounted to: No I Couldn't & You Got Fucked.

This is why the mega-corporations have paved a golden path for Obama's unnatural and speedy ascent to the White House of Horrors.

It's a brilliant plan.

Think about Obama's speedy ascent into national politics. It was too fast. Until November 2004 when was elected Senator of Illinois, he was a Chicago civil rights attorney.

That's less than four years ago! So who set him up to be King? Talent? Luck? God? The Bilderberg Group? The New World Order?

Let's hope it's the first three and not the last two. They'll not only rob us naked and steal our freedoms, but keep the races hating each other and women 'in their place', all by using their media to confuse and point the blame at the black guy in office.

Since whites are the majority, many will be so pissed and suckered by the media that they will turn on blacks and Latinos and grind minorities down with new fervor, and what's left of feminism will be a joke in this new, militaristic Big Brother society.

A new President will be elected in 2012. He will be white, and he will be the President not for us, but for the United Corporations of America, also known as the new North American Union.

Think about this when you think about the 4th of July and what Independence Day means to you.

Maybe we have a prayer left of becoming all that we can be in a good sense, before the ideals of Manifest Destiny, racism, sexism, classism and our genetic predisposition to tribalism chokes us all to death.

We can't stop the Great Depression II that's on our doorstep. Maybe we can prevent the next invasion so that in the next four years, peace will have a chance to work, and beyond that, continue to celebrate our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights on the 4th of July.

We have enough problems without a new invasion and new Hiroshima's. Maybe our collective complaints will count.

Email and call your Congressman asap. Click the link for his/her number and email address. Say five words: Vote No On Resolution 362. Then email the news stations and ask why they've buried this story.


Be one of the first to read Seymour Hersh's already published July 7, 2008 article in the New Yorker magazine, "Preparing For Battle - The Bush Administration Steps Up Secret Moves Against Iran".

Addendum, July 22, 2008:

Since I wrote this, the Senate passed a new law, FISA. It's undermines the Constitution by allowing the government to secretly spy in unlimited ways on any of it's citizens. It's complementary to the Patriot Act which allows our government to arrest and detain us indefinitely and without legal representation. The most vulnerable citizens will not be alleged terrorists; they will be the ordinary and peaceful person who is protesting the wars and other massive changes planned for us.

Secondly, one of the pieces of the puzzle that never quite fit as well as I'd like to my theory has to do with Mexico. Why include them in the NAU? I have two ideas on this:

1) They are our 2nd largest importer of oil. We can skip having a war with them because we will have effectively co-opted them.

2) A number of our mega-corporations are anticipating that global warming will become so bad that it will trigger a mini-Ice Age. They're doing things like creating and patenting seeds, for example, that are cold resistant. If this occurs, Canada and many of our northern states will be unlivable. How convenient to the US to own Mexico when their climate becomes more like ours - temperate - and our corporations can farm there and our more financially fit citizens can move there.

And yes, I know that mine is a deeply cynical theory, but anyone who reads the more truthful books on history (I'd start with Howard Zinn's collection) and has kept their eyes wide open to all the treachery done in the past eight years should by now, be very wary and cynical.

With that in mind, plan for the worst and hope for the best, and use the peaceful tools we have - great laws that made this nation great - to fight to keep our freedoms. The ACLU is our friend. did an interesting interview with them about their filing a lawsuit to protest FISA. I can't think of many finer groups to donate to. Visit their site and find out more about their work.


  1. Wow!! Speak the truth. I just wrote a little about the Amero and the North American Union idea last month.

    I think that the idea of a conspiracy to get a minority (racial or sexual) into office is very feasible.

    And the consistent tendency of the media/government to ignore/diminish the importance of the issues you bring up is ridiculous. But it is successful. Think of all the people in this nation who have no idea what is going on. Think of all the people who are shocked to read things that you are writing -- and then go on to say that YOU are out of your mind for thinking those things.

    Keep up the good writing.


  2. congress did all that fussing and could just pass one piece of leg. pitiful

    just b safe and have fun folk

    even though we werent free then

  3. I've been paying attention to things in the middle east especially where Israel is concerned. For some reason, it sure doesn't hit the media news cycle. That being said, I can see your theory being, well, fuckin possible.

    I never thought of Obama being Richard Pryor in that old movie "Moving". Remember that? Yeah "Arlo Piere" moved his family across country for a top cooperate position only to be the fall guy for the companies fuck ups. I'm guessing the same thing could come of Obama. He just might become the face of hate here in America.

    The funny thing about this, is that Obama has seem to "center" himself here lately. He sounds a lil bit more and more like a neo-con in my opinion. To me, that ties in to the New World Order theory you presented.

    Pretty deep stuff to contemplate.

  4. Stuck In My Head - Thanks, dear. I'll check your article on the NAU asap.

    I'm not sure if people are shocked at my theory, of if their guts tell them these back room deals have taken place and it's true, or if it's dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Probably all three.

    It's a threatening topic because we want to think Obama got where he has from popularity (partly true), but it doesn't account for his meteor-like ascent to power. Three and eight months ago, he was only a charismatic Chicago attorney. Period. Now he's been a Senator for less than four years and on his way to White House. Somebody paved his way, 'cause shit like this defies the odds.

    Torrance, I like you, but WTF are you talking about?

    Rippa - Thanks. I can't recall the movie, but yeah, he and Richard Pryor's character may have much in common: they've been set up. Maybe. On the other hand, as you pointed out, Obama is sounding more and more like a neoconservative with each passing week.

    He's smart enough to figure out what I did - that he's being played, but he's also playing to win. I hope he's a better player in this ultimate chess game, otherwise we're all gonna be fucked if not gang-raped by the NWO.

  5. I agree that people who want war with Iran are completely insane.

    On the other topic... I don't like the idea of the Constitution being written, but in the right circumstances, I'd be perfectly happy with a North American Union and an Amero currency. I just don't see what's so scary about that! The European Union seems to be working OK for the Europeans. Anything that raises the standard of living and civil rights of Mexican workers would help to increase U.S. wages as well. And maybe we could get hooked up into that Canadian healthcare system.

    I don't believe in the New World Order stuff because I just don't believe the top 2% are anywhere near that competent. They're where they are because of luck, circumstance, instinct and inertia as much as Machiavellian plotting. They don't know what direction they're headed anymore than we do, they just grab what they can and keep hoping the gravy train will last. Individuals are not in charge of our destinations anymore, corporations are, and corporations are neither good nor evil not smart nor stupid... they're just a collective mindset very good at short-term profit maximization but very bad at long-term thinking.

  6. ATL Asien - Thank you for sharing your take on the issues, even though you don't agree with mine on most of them. Since we agree that another war is insane, I hope you read a little more elsewhere on Res. 362 and if you see it as a path to new war, call your Congressman and ask them to vote no on it.

    I'm aware that the top 2% is, as you said, not viewed as "anywhere near that competent" by a lot of people. LOL. Yeah, they got us fooled.

    Seriously, though, I think one has to ask, competent on whose behalf?

    I often look at big pictures through small microcosms of human or even animal behavior.

    Let's study young adolescent behavior for moment. Now there's a group that wants what it wants NOW. They're only rivaled by the toddler crowd.

    Tell a lot of boys to wash dishes, and watch him make an utter mess of the job.

    When he repeats his 'incompetence' consistently, his mother (and later, his wife) often give up. It's not worth her dishes being stacked in the washer incorrectly and left dirty, and then put away roughly so they end up chipped. She'll view him as 'incompetent' and give up.

    Years later, when he suddenly cleans up because he's having a party or a special girl over, the mother discovers he's just as 'competent' as anyone else in doing the job well.

    He always was, but he, being a member of this age old Men's Club, defined competence differently to get what he wanted - to live comfortably with a housemaid (mom and sisters)> His behavior was selfish and destructive to family harmony. Sharing certain chores wasn't his concern or even a consideration.

    As adults, a lot of men still don't and won't do kitchen or laundry duty. They belong to the timeless, generic Men's Club which exists in every culture. Historically they said they farmed or hunted, and the tending the nest was up to the women.

    In contemporary society, they keep their wives from complaining too much by cutting the grass or washing the car or whatever other excuse they can use to escape the kitchen grind.

    I kid you not - I've seen marriages break up over this when a wife insists on equality in housework. There are a bunch articles on the web about this too.

    The NWO Men's Club running individual countries or multi-billion dollar international corporations considers the wishes of the human family only when it's in their self-interest to do so.

    They throw out catch words like democracy, but citizens are really the housemaids and left to do the dirty work for unlivable wages and fight their wars, then fight over any leftovers in the way of social, educational and medical programs among ourselves, while they laugh all the way to bank. Our nation may be in economic pain, but the fat cats are fatter than ever, and in the past 8 years, did a great job of hiding behind the illusion of incompetence.

    You mentioned universal health care system. If it's in their interest to shut us up, I think we'll get a cheap version of it, and it will be deliberately 'incompetent' to save them money.

    I don't foresee a re-write of our Constitution being a good thing, although it will be if it's done with the public interest in mind and not undermined with totalitarian intrusions on our privacy, which many folks more versed on this issue worry about. I didn't even go there in this article. You might want to read the links, however.

    I too have wondered if the Mexican population will benefit from the NAU or a means to keep them as cheap, disposable workers. Maybe someone else can throw in their ideas on this.

    I like debate and don't mind people disagreeing with me. Keeps me on my toes.

    You offered a positive view. I hope you're right. I tend to look at historical patterns, including recent ones of this past 8 yeas. The modus operandi of the ruling class appears the same to me, however. Thanks again for sharing your opinion.

  7. @ kit

    The adolescent analogy is right on! Best explanation I've heard of what I believe these grown men and women are doing in/with our government and our society as it continues to not improve in the masses favor.

    I'm not sure either whether Mexico will come out completely better with the NAU, but I would bet money that it is a sure thing that the US portion of the NAU would be better in many ways -- other wise they would not be so interested in the "merger".

  8. Thanks, I'll keep it coming then, at least for one more response.

    I'd be happy to see a North American Union. It's just not going to happen anytime soon. There's no powerful constituency that wants it.

    Right now, the ones that have an opinion on the matter are as follows: nativists, populists and big business. Nativists are motivated by a pathological dread of anyone who's non-white and has an accent. Populists are more neutral... their primary motivation is American wages, and they might or might not add racism and xenophobia to the mix. Neither are powerful or wealthy, but they're very numerous. Then big business... they prefer to work with Republicans but can also be happy working with Democrats, as long as their increased regulations are balanced by subsidies and tax incentives. Their motive is simple: profit.

    Big business interests are fine with the border the way it is now. It's a border that's porous for capital but closed for people. People die every day trying to cross the border, but if a corporation wants to open a branch in Mexico, they're actually ENCOURAGED to do so.

    This imbalance creates a pool of lower labor cost in Mexico. If my business outsources my job to Mexico, they can pay someone else a quarter of my cost. Or, even better, they could use Mexican indentured labor in the form of H visas. The indentured labor visas, both agricultural and high-tech (the high-tech ones are used to import Indian and Chinese indentured labor as software programmers), mean that corporations can get someone to do the same job as a U.S. worker but at much less cost in benefits and maintaining civil rights.

    Lastly, corporations get to take advantage of the labor pool of undocumented immigrants. These have even less rights than indentured labor and are even cheaper.

    Corporations don't want to change the border situation. However, they realize they're getting a lot of push-back from nativists and populists. So a change of some sort is bound to come.

    If the Democrats win, they'll make small steps to restrict the flow of capital across borders (eliminating incentives to outsource labor, which enrages populists, though nativists don't really care), small steps to tighten the border against humans (although not too much, because that would enrage their immigrant constituency), increase indentured labor visas (to keep big business happy, especially high-tech business) and
    make small steps to increase civil rights for immigrant workers (to pacify the progressive leftist constituency).

    If the Republicans win, there'll be an increase in outsourcing and the flow of capital across borders, a greater tightening of the human border (pacifying the nativists, and also encouraging the enshrinement of English as the holy language), a massive increase in indentured labor visas and a decrease of civil rights for all workers, both of which will depress the cost of labor, lower our wages and keep big business very happy.

    As someone who believes in a mild flavor of socialism, I would love to see the day when humans are as free to move across the border as capital. It's hard to envision such a situation, but it would drastically improve the situation for workers and their labor power. Transnational unions are one step in that direction. I don't foresee it happening anytime soon, though.

    I'm hugely skeptical of NAU/Amero talk. I just don't see who it would benefit, or who really wants it. It seems most useful as a scare tactic.

    I'm also skeptical about the Obama theory. Applying Occam's Razor, it seems like there's much simpler ways to get the job accomplished. And I still don't see the competence level. Looking at a famous example of corporate greed -- Enron -- those people could not think even a year into the future, much less four years. They were too focused on quarterly results. Ultimately, their thievery benefited no one except the lawyers.

  9. Hi ATLAsien,

    We'll have to agree to disagree on this one, but thanks for sharing your thoughts in more detail. The next few years will prove one of us right or wrong.

    ~ Kit

  10. My pal I talked about this last month - I think I have it somewhere on my own blog - basically, this election could be the "okie doke", where the black guy comes in just as ALL the shit is hitting the fan, and four years later, the Repubs have a new guy.

    I'm an Independent, which really means I'm for whatever party I want to be - my folks are Repubs, so I am not so easily given over to blanket condemnations of the GOP, and there is no way in hell I will wax rhapsodic over the machinations of the Dems - I love my O-Man to death, but he had better be getting his ass ready for some major league ball.

  11. Is that Torrance Stephens from Memphis TN on this site?

    If it is, hit me on the email - I went to college with your homeboy Marvin D.

  12. This is a brilliant think piece. It's pure genius the way you connected the dots of racism, sexism, and the history of Manifest Destiny that continues to be played out today.

    I for one love my country for all the good things about all most of us of any color. I don't want to see the Untited States DISSOLVED for the benefit of greedy corporate warhawks. They could care less about our Constitution and rights. I can tell you now that we won't get to vote on this.

    The only thing I can add to the discussion of Mexico and Canada is they have a lot of natural resources. It will be so much easier for us to steal them under the pretense of allowing them to believe they are part of us, and they will be, but as servants.

  13. Agreed, Brown Man; this is the election where the black guy comes in just as ALL the shit is hitting the fan, and four years later, the Repubs have a new guy. From my view, Obama's easy ascent has been an intentional set up. He's sharp enough to know this. It will be fascinating to see how he and the NWO play chess with the world.

    When Doves Cry - Thank you very much. I too would hate to see our nation, Canada and Mexico dissolved. Gives you an idea of the sick-with-greed mentality of those who plan to treat us all like a business merger, and I'll betcha you're right - no one will get to vote on it.

  14. You have some interesting ideas. I'm not going to right them off because I've had some of the thoughts myself.

    I'lll wait and see what happens.

    And housework is lame.

  15. heh-heh... whatchu talkin' 'bout? We'll all look cute in our uniforms, brought to us courtesy of Big Brother. Naw, just joking. They wouldn't be so kind. Seriously, though, this is one time I hope I'm wrong about a theory. I will be if Obama turns out to be a true part of the NWO rather than a mere tool of it.

  16. I've often wondered if Obama and a black presidency are too good to be true. Now I wonder even more. And at other times, I agree with Atlasien--that top 2% just hasn't demonstrated the competency to maneuver things as well as they do in your conjectured conspiracy. But then, your answer back with the brilliant adolescent-dishwasher analogy is compelling too, and they HAVE done a great job lately (for themselves) of vacuuming more wealth upward than ever before. So as usual, I go back and forth on this one, hoping against (or for?) the audacity of hope.

    Also, I like the connection to "Manifest Destiny" in your post, and I would add that it was widely and openly declared at the time as a form of "destiny" in part because America "was white" (or that time's version of the best whiteness, "Anglo-Saxon"), and whites were "obviously" a superior race. Reaching the western end of the continent (and stealing land from Indians and Mexicans) was declared inevitable because it would manifest that racial (and Christian) superiority. Our school teachers and books almost always leave out that embarrassing (to today's white folks) fact, as well as the ongoing effects of such overt white supremacy. Anyway, my point on this was just to recommend Reginald Horsman's book Race and Manifest Destiny, which is good, brief, and accessible on this issue.

    There's something else in your piece that I would've written somewhat differently:

    That's the fourth elephant not being discussed much here in the US. It's weird because the Israelis speak freely of this in their newspapers, and last week, their desire for us to do a blockade.

    "The Israelis" are not a monolithic block. There's much more dissent there than there is in the U.S., and while there is open discussion in their papers of attacking Iran, there's also open discussion of the insanity of such a desire.

    Overall, though, I appreciate this post a lot. Once again, you demonstrate that you are definitely a different bird--definitely NOT an ostrich, like most of the rest of us. (Not sure what kind of bird you are, though; I'm not nearly as good as you are with apt metaphors.)

  17. Canary in a coal mine? Community snow goose? Eagle soaring above opinions? CocoPuffs koo-koo bird to some?

    (Sigh) I'm just a free thinker about a lot of stuff, and have been for as long as I can remember, back when I was 4 years old and started that stampede in nursery school (re: my Please Don't Cut Off My Arm article).

    Macon, re: the quote of mine you mentioned. I know they're very diverse in opinion.

    To clarify, see the word I added in brackets. This is what I meant and assumed was clear. Sorry to anyone if it wasn't, you know how it goes when you read your own stuff without an editor:

    That's the fourth elephant not being discussed much here in the US. It's weird because the Israelis speak freely of this in their newspapers, and last week, their [government's] desire for us to do a blockade.

  18. Okay Kit, I see what you meant now, it should've been clear to me, my bad.

    Canary in a coal mine seems most apt to me. Thanks for the chirps/warnings! Or wait, those things work by DYING first . . . I'll go with the soaring eagle.

  19. Just a quick note on the "children of Abraham" thing -- the Iranians aren't Arabs.

  20. Thanks MiGrant, however, I 'sort of' disagree, because whites drew up the border between Iraq and Iran. This muddied the genealogy.

    Given their geographic proximity, Iran is more distant from Africa, but given their closeness to Arab countries, it's a given that there were centuries of intermarriage along those borders between 'Persians' and 'Arabs', so technically they are related to Arabs and why they look similar.

    The same applies to the population of Iranians near the north and northeastern borders where populations get lighter the higher the latitude.

    Iranians call themselves "Persians" and they are categorized as white. I had one tell me that they were the 'original' white people.

    She was very light; her sister was an Iraqi brown. She married a white American so her children would look white.

    I see this as a way they can distance themselves from their African roots seen easily among 'true' Arabs. I almost can't blame them. Racism is a bitch especially if you're not white in the past centuries of white conquest around the globe.

  21. For the record i read it. i never skim but it didnt tell me anything that was not my common knowlege - for details read tragedy and hope by carrol quigly. like what i write it was nothing new

  22. I'm glad you wrote on this topic today, Torrance. These mofos are ready to take us beyond the brink to achieve their sociopathic goals, and the mainstream media has been co-opted. That leaves the alternative media and bloggers like us to get out the word so we can vote these barbarians and spineless suck ups out of office.

  23. I read your post yesterday on the Wall Street Bailout and Brigade Combat Team with the link to this post. This one is so thorough and incredible that it should be a small book. Like the other commenters, I cosign and say Wow!

    I wish all these grey haired racist old white men would retire and leave the rest of the world in peace. Their minds are poisoned by our history of slavery and they can't let it go of their faulty beliefs that non-whites are inferior and undeserving of life.

  24. Thanks Kitchen Angel, and sorry it took so long for me to leave a comment here.

    Everyone, This month a mainstream media commentator got a clue. Watch his distress in this short YouTube video.

    CNN's Glen Beck Alarmed NWO Is The End Game

  25. Hi Kit, thanks for linking back to this recently. I wanted to quote some of your writing here but I've been having problems cutting-and-pasting on blogspot lately.

    Anyway, on the idea that the old boy's network set it up for a black person or woman to win the office of the POTUS just as all hell was about to break loose ... I've heard this called "the glass cliff", as opposed to the glass ceiling, of course. Our classic example in Canada is Kim Campbell, a woman who was Prime Minister for only the briefest of periods before the governing Conservative Party took a nose dive in popularity right before an election. There's never been another female Prime Minister, of course.

  26. As they say, timing is everything, and the timing of certain events almost appear to be orchestrated from afar rather than purely coincidental.

    Racism is very much alive at a time when diminishing resources have many people in power (as well as the powerless) in a panic. This combination does not bode well for our nation nor the world.


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