Saturday, July 12, 2008

Re-Thinking Hero Worshiping & Love

I died laughin' when I saw this and had to share.

I love me some Obama, but truth be told, we're on a head on collision with the future and he can't stop it. Before you have a knee-jerk reaction and hate me, reach for your poison: a pint of Ben & Jerry's, a tranquilizer, a drink or a jay if you're so inclined, and I'll explain why.

Let's begin with money, and no, this article ain't a re-hash of the news.

Our banking system is on the brink of collapse. The second giant hath fallen:

From the Wall Street Journal:

IndyMac has failed, and the failure of this one bank will wipe out 10% of the FDIC's insurance fund.

From the LA Times:

Citing a massive run on deposits, regulators shut its main branch three hours early, leaving customers stunned and upset. One woman leaned on the locked doors, pleading with an employee inside: "Please, please, I want to take out a portion." All she could do was read a two page notice at the door.

A run on a bank hasn't happened since the Great Depression.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are already coughing up blood. If a few more banks go down - and they will, soon - the government knows people will panic and there will be a run on the banks. For you young'uns, that's when folks run and withdraw their money before their bank goes down.

As an aside, I'm thinking about running to mine on Monday and hiding it under the mattress, but my oldest kid would love it if he found it.

I can picture him now, driving home in a new used car, filled with gas of course, and decked out in new clothes, gold chain, with an IPOD, cell phone, a bunch of diapers and toys for his future stepson, and a bag of leftovers from Ruby Tuesdays where he and his girl ate up any remaining savings.

Back to IndyMac. The feds took over and will re-open it next week, but what happens when a few more fail and FDIC (federal insurance) can't cover it? Those bank doors will be locked up tight. How will folks be able to get their belongings out of their safety deposit boxes?

My man Obama is a genius, but unless he's a magician, he's not bloody likely going to solve this problem or the oil crisis, unless he starts sleeping with OPEC and makes them scream Jee-zus. I'm sorry, ain't nobody that potent or can change our descent into damn near Third World status.

Crickets, here's your cue: Yes He Can!

Hmmm. Maybe he could, if chose David Blaine to be his VP. If Blaine can pull a Queen of Hearts out my ass, he can do anything, right?

Obama also has a secret paper shredder for part of our Constitution. He supported the Senate vote this week for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, aka FISA.

This is contrary to his early promo speech I fell in love with, where he says (at 50+ seconds), "and we don't like federal agents poking around in our libraries..."

FISA is kryptonite to our freedom; the head pirate, Bush, has already signed it into law. Shit that was illegal is now legal. Our government can snoop on us any time they feel like it and not say jack to us about it, not they haven't already been doing this. Now they won't go to jail for it because it's retroactive.
They can even sell your personal information to other governments. Ain't that a bitch?

Uncle Sam won't need a court order to find out everything about you, from your phone calls, emails, all Internet sites you visit, where you bank, how much you got, or what you told your doctor in how you really got that embarrassing rash and what it is. Big Brother will know more about you than your mama, spouse, priest, therapist or drinking buddy.

I think of FISA as the other half of the Patriot Act. The two compliment one another and are symbiotic.

Thanks to FISA and the Patriot Act, we are officially a Police State.

If one of those Secret Police jackals misunderstands a joke in your phone conversation, they've got the Patriot Act - a complementary law that says they can make you disappear without a trace to some hell hole like Guantanamo Bay. They can keep you as long as they want and without a trial until they feel like it.

Considering that there are nearly a half million Americans to one million (depending on which reports you read) on a secret list of suspected terrorists - many who are simply anti-war - this has grave ramifications in the event our nation ever has another terrorist attack. There are already hundreds of empty prisons that will be filled in the event this country is ever shut down by Martial Law.

Reporters also will be crippled, under FISA, in getting information from dissidents and people in other countries who would be jailed or killed if their identity were known. If you think the news is watered down now, we ain't seen nothing yet.

So why did Obama support this massive invasion of our privacy that goes hand in hand with the Patriot Act? This is what one sheep wrote, saying it made her 'feel better'.

- It requires the Inspectors General to investigate past misconduct, so maybe someone(s) -- other than the now-immune telecoms, of course, will be exposed for their role(s) in the illegal wiretapping and perhaps even held accountable.

- It brings the FISA court back into the picture and demands compliance with the court.

Yeah, right. I ain't buying it.

I think Barack blew with the wind on that vote. He didn't protest the pussy-whipped Congress and Senate majority who approved it. Instead, he endorsed the inevitable, but by doing so, he sold us out on that one - and it's a biggie if you take your Constitution seriously.

I don't believe FISA is about fighting terrorism because the government has never had a problem getting a quick court order to snoop on a suspected criminal or terrorist.

It's about fighting us, We The People, in case any of us plan to revolt against the total, vampiric corporate takeover of America and their way of business that sucks us dry.

FISA makes Jesse Jackson's wanting to cut Obama's nuts off over supporting and expanding Bush's faith-based initiatives look small in comparison.

And let's give Jesse a break, please. He and Sharpton and all the other Civil Rights fighters paved the way for Obama to be where he is. Faux News abused Jesse like they do every black person, this time by violating his private conversation - just like ours will be under FISA.

Barack remains the best of the two main candidates who actually have a shot of winning. There are other candidates, folks, so you need to decide if you want to send both parties a message by 'wasting' your vote on an independent, one incidentally, who is also black and female - Cynthia McKinney, but gets zero press coverage.

That's because years ago she was the first to simply question what really happened on 9/11. The link in this paragraph is to her video about this. The media portrayed her as a nutcase and the pro-war lobby caused her lose the following election because she was a threat to their plans. She wasn't nutty after all, now was she?

She ran again and was re-elected in the next go 'round, and wrote Articles of Impeachment for GWB over his lies to invade Iraq, years before Dennis Kucinich did in May. She wouldn't dream of voting for FISA.

I've never sensed she was a well-organized person, but I've been taking a hard second look at her lately. In this film below, she's not nearly as smooth as Barack and never will be, but listen to her words and wisdom, particularly at the end, and think about them.

I've also wondered if our people can love a black woman as much as a black man, and if not, why not?

McKinney will probably win as the Green Party's nominee this month. By supporting her as a form of "FISA protest", we would be sending a powerful message to our favorite man that we treasure our freedom and our votes don't come cheap nor should be taken for granted.

I love Obama, but I love my country more.

On the other hand, if most black folks switched and voted for the Green Party's candidate who doesn't play any of this shit, Grandpa McCain would surely win. At this point we might as well roll over and die until 2012 if he hasn't gotten us all blown up.

If we love ideals more than heroes, our heroes will have learned a valuable lesson of not blowing with the wind and dismantling our freedom and the laws to protect us because it's politically expedient or convenient.

This goes not only for Barack, but all the Dems and Rupubs who voted for FISA.

Que sera, sera. Hardly any of y'all gonna do that. It's too thrilling to see one of us claw his way to the top, even if the price of his blowing in the corporate wind of compromises could be unbearably high.

I also think that we're scared inside. This is new ground for us - a charismatic, brilliant black man with the best speaking skills of anyone on the planet. He's so sharp and smooth one wonders if he could talk the devil out of hell.

This makes him a hero to us, but are we afraid that he's the first, last, and only black man who will ever have a shot at the Presidency? Or that if he loses this election, that he won't run again and have an even better shot in 2012 after Americans will have endured the Alzheimer's version of Bush?

I'm not sure I'm willing to miss out on being part of this history in the making either. What if I'm 'over-reacting' to his going along with his peers in the Senate and their easy acceptance of FISA, worrying for nothing, and he really is the best thing to come along since baked bread? I wasn't lying when I said I love Obama, but now my heart is at war with my head.

Somebody puh-leeze keep my hope alive.

At least Barack endorsed folks being able to purchase a gun in places like D.C., my old hometown, where gun ownership was illegal until a few weeks ago. Maybe he can hear the Great Depression II train rumbling on the tracks and knows we'll need them to protect our families, food stash and cash, and maybe against Big Brother if they want to insert V-Chips in our necks like dogs so they can keep track of our whereabouts at all times or shoot us dead in the next Hurricane Katrina type of event.

Fine with me. Only a fool takes a knife to a gunfight.



  1. kit: I hate to agree with you on the economy, but it appears to be our country's future. They say there are 90 other financial institutions in trouble as well.

    One good thing that a President Obama will have in his favor is a democratic house and senate. It's estimated that democrats will gain 20 seats in the house and 7 in the senate. Also, Sen. Clinton will probably come back to the senate with more influence; and she will help get through a healthcare plan.

    Another good thing is that Obama will be able to withdraw troops more easily than people think. The reason? Iraqis don't want us there anymore. They're drawing closer to Iran and don't even need us there.
    This should provide Pres. Obama with some funds to make good on some of his promises, although Afghanistan has gotten worse; and some of the troops and funding for them will need to go to fight the Taliban.

    Overall, I agree with you. It doesn't look good. The U.S. financial ills will be with us for a long time.

  2. You bring up some brutal truths that are hard to swallow. I'll be thinking about this.

  3. Wow! A lot of good food for thought in this post. Some things I have already thought about and some I haven't.

  4. Thank you MacDaddy, Anonymous and welcome Black Girl in Maine.

    I found some interesting info here: Official FDIC Failed Banks List.

    Check it out.

  5. and if u have an enemy
    carry a club = ancient Damu proverb

  6. You are absolutely right about the economy. And I think both Obama and McCain are smart enough to know that they can't stop what will inevitably be a crash. I think they're both making provisions behind the scenes to soften the blow.

    I have been a staunch Obama supporter but as of late, I have had more than a few issues with the way his campaign has been run. It seems the grace and honesty he ran his primary campaign with has all but dissapated this last week. And I am dissapointed. He will still get my vote as I believe he is the far lesser of the 2 evils. But I certainly am disappointed in him.

    As far as McKinney goes, she has and continues to make some good points. However, as a lifelong constituent of GA I have witnesses some of her crazy that hasn't made national news. She is quite wise... and quite crazy. Anyone who will attack an unarmed security guard because he didn't know "who she was" and then blame racism is not someone I want in office.

  7. Something does seems amiss with Obama lately, can't quite put my finger on it, and it's making me nervous to say the least.

    And as a young college student, who should be taking classes right now, but who is instead working an 8 to 5 to save money for school, I surely hope the economy doesn't completely fall apart before I can get my savings out of the bank and handle my business. That would just hurt my soul!

  8. Shy, Yeah, agreed. Everything has gotten very strange, from his actions since it secured the nomination to the state of the world before this. So far the best the site I've found for the economy is Life After The Oil Crash - Breaking News. It's the first link on my home page. I check the stories daily.


    La, you said, "It seems the grace and honesty he ran his primary campaign with has all but dissipated this last week."

    Thanks for being brave enough to say this, because it's a sort of lonely position to risk criticizing anything about Barack. I well understand why - he has given us hope, and the majority of Democratic voters have embraced him is viewed as proof that we can move on beyond the racism of the past.

    I know what you mean about McKinney. She's been a warrior for truth and honesty in the Bush Administration, but speaking as a therapist, there is something 'fragile' about her that can be seen in some of her own videos.

    I haven't judged her incident where she shoved or hit a Capitol security cop who didn't recognize her, because I don't know if he laid his hands on her first and covered this up in his report. She should have just given him her ID. At the same time, McCain's temper is as bad as hers and you'll pull up lots of stories just by googling for it. But the media gives him a pass.

    What I love about Barack he's cool. His stable temperament couldn't make him more sound for the job of the Presidency - if he puts the interest of the common citizen first. I have a 'fantasy' that he will revoke FISA, because I hate that new law with a passion, but unless there's rioting in the streets over this (doubt it), I'm not holding my breath.

  9. Kit, It's the only hope we've got.
    Let's face it. If Obama wants to be elected to the presidency, he's going to have to get the votes of a whole lot of people who at one time or another said or thought, "I aint never votin for no black president."
    He has GOT to do some appealing to the center at least. Throwing a few bones a little ways out to the right aint gonna hurt either.
    It's politics. We're going to have to grin and bear it for now. . . yea, I know, a white guy telling a black woman to "grin and bear it" just aint right. I'm sorry, but in this case, we really do have to let Obama work his camapign the way he needs to. Once he gets into the White House, we can hold his feet to the fire.

  10. Agreed, Sagacious, and no offense taken. I view your words of 'grin and bear it' as one American to another, each who cherishes the Constitution, rather than a race thing. I am a tad surprised by your response as I know you love the Constitution and had a fit over FISA.

    You know, the awful thing about Congress and the Senate passing it is that is was a bipartisan vote. Both Dems and Repubs sold us out on that one by swinging to the far right, well beyond the center.

    Re: holding Obama's feet to the fire, I personally think the comedy skits about him so far generally have been hilarious... and let's him through the genius of comedy how the public views him.

    That's cutting both ways. Today the cover of New Yorker Magazine came out. Once I could close my mouth from the shock, I laughed hard. Comedy through art is a form of holding the public's feet to the fire too.

    My son did his good ole boy voice when he saw it and said, "See thar, thar's da proof, right thar before our eyes! No nigger in the Wyatt House! I knew he and Mee-chelle were terrorists!"

    I ain't worried about their cartoon. All but the ig'nant get the point, and that crowd won't vote him anyway.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe the world can't endure four years under Grandpa McCain. I really do believe, as I said in the article, this once pretty cool Republican has become the Alzheimer's version of Bush. Sad. And scary if he wins.

  11. kit: I forgot to mention that the photos are amazing!

  12. Thanks Mac. I got a kick out of making that David Blaine pic. I found the Simpson's one but added the part where Grandpa demanded his meds. Humor keeps me sane.

  13. Hey KIT,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know you were there, come again soon. I am new to the blog community, so I could use the support! I am adding you to my favorite blogroll.

    I love this! You said exactly what I've been feeling about all this "come to Jesus" Obama hero-worshipping. Let's stay in touch.

  14. "My man Obama is a genius, but unless he's a magician, he's not bloody likely going to solve this problem or the oil crisis, unless he starts sleeping with OPEC and makes them scream Jee-zus. I'm sorry, ain't nobody that potent or can change our descent into damn near Third World status."

    So true. Although with his current record of changing to meet the middle and the right's ideas who knows what he will do. I understand trying to meet everyone in the middle, but FISA is definitely not the middle. It is the center of the end of all freedoms and all privacy. I had thought for a while that he was just the lesser of two evils, but now I know it to be true.

    My only hope now is that when he wins, he does not run further to the right and take actions that we all will regret.

  15. Her Mother & Stuck - Yeah, I too hope this wrong was as Right as gets, but I think the Shadow Govt above has more in store for us.


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