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Were 5,000 Hurricane Katrina Victims Murdered And Turned Into Gator Food?

Gator Food.

If the Green Party's Presidential Nominee's tip to a story proves true, this is what became of 5,000 mostly black males, murdered execution-style during the wake of Hurricane Katrina and dumped in a swamp.

Rep. McKinney reveals allegations

Cynthia McKinney didn't say this happened.

What she said during a public press conference is that a mother contacted her in 2005. The woman's son purportedly had job with the Department of Defense and processed the bodies of 5,000 people who died from a single bullet wound to the head, and later dumped in a swamp in Louisiana.

This man reportedly signed an agreement of silence to never discuss any of this, and further, the data about these murdered individuals was entered into Pentagon computers.

If this were all the info she had, it would be easy to dismiss. However, McKinney said she has verification of the alleged crime by insiders at the Red Cross who wish to remain anonymous.

Let's be clear on one other thing: she speculates that these were prisoners.


I'm not saying that this story shouldn't be investigated, but I will point out some problems with it.

IF this atrocity happened, I doubt they were prisoners. Their absence after the storm would be much too easy to trace and their families would have been making a lot of noise long ago.

There also may be enough alligators and large snakes in the Louisiana bayous to quickly consume 500 bodies, but 5,000 all at once is a helluva of a stretch.

Snake explodes from eating alligator in Florida Everglades, 2005

In addition to the gators, pet owners have illegally released a variety of snakes they no longer want, from pythons to boa constrictors which grow large enough to swallow an alligator or person whole.

Any swamp used as a mass graveyard would need to be large and located on private, well-guarded land where there's no outlet to other swamps and rivers where a human body or body part could ruin some fisherman's catch of the day.


I called a friend this morning who knows McKinney personally and asked if he thinks the story has any credibility.


"Why not?"

He replied, "She likes those kind of stories."

"Doesn't mean it didn't happen."


I like conspiracy theories too and have no problem admitting this. In recent years, everything from lies that got us into Iraq to man-made global warming being dismissed to a stolen election turned out to be true, and that's my very short list.

In these Orwellian times, a conspiracy is only a conspiracy in absence of a finding of guilt on a video or in court of law. The Bush Administration knows this, and have furiously blocked investigations and hearings and ignoring subpoenas, leaving one wondering what in the hell do they have to hide if they're innocent?

Nancy Pelosi, in my opinion, did our country a grave disservice when she refused to allow a hearing in 8/2008 for Articles of Impeachment written by Dennis Kucinich. McKinney had written them too, in 2006 and was totally ignored. More lies were revealed, and I'm left with the impression that the dirt hiding under the proverbial rug is a mountain volcano.

Americans didn't fight hard enough through emails and protests with their Congressfolk and Senators over any of this. Our 4,000+ dead soldiers pissed off a lot of us and we complained, and the over one million dead Iraqis was sad, but too remote for enough us to take to the streets about it.

We The People showed more legitimate anger over the Bush Pirates helping their cronies on Wall Street rape the economy and the tax payer with this bailout bill signed last week.

What was barely mentioned in the media was by Rep. Brad Sherman: Dems in Congress were threatened with Martial Law in America if the Welfare to Wall Street bailout package wasn't passed.

Blackmail, pure and simple.

I'm guessing this is why more Democrats, including Obama, supported and voted for the bailout than Republicans even though they know that it won't save this economy. If you think it does, you've been fooled. Mark my words.

Under Martial Law, the Election would be postponed for six months - or longer - and Barack could kiss his chance goodbye for moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue anytime soon if ever.

And now suddenly, Cynthia McKinney has thrown a new variable into the game. No one in politics or the mainstream media wants to touch this Nazi-like story with a ten foot pole. Investigation? Fuggitaboutit.

If it's true, then like the Jews during the pre-Holocaust years, we're fucked and haven't figured this out yet.


Then there's the enormous problem with how Cynthia McKinney presents herself along with how the media, particularly the ultra right, has exaggerated everything from her bad hair days to the time she got so pissed at being questioned by a Capitol security cop that she allegedly hit him.

In that incident, she complained that whites walk in and out of the Nation's Capitol all the time, but she was racially profiled on a day she wasn't wearing an ID pin. This story in particular made even a number of black folks question whether she's got her shit together or not.

In the video where she talked about the mass execution-style murders, she looks "unwell". She may not be, but appearing this way to so many people - including black folks - gives her a credibility problem. I showed it to my 20 year old to get his opinion. He wouldn't know McKinney if he bumped into her at the mall.

I could see the shock and sadness descend across his face as he listened to her present this new information. He got up before it was over.

"So they're killing us now," he said matter-of-factly.

"I don't know," I replied sincerely.

The human mind can tolerate only so much. Any black person, like any Jew, who was certain that such information was absolutely true, would likely fall apart. They'd know if this happened to one person - or 5,000 - then he or she was at risk too. It would only be a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I studied his denial snap in place to protect his mind.

"It probably ain't true," he said angrily. "She probably made that up. She looks kinda crazy."

"Yeah, she does," I replied. "Let's hope that's the case, or that whoever told her this was crazy and making it up."

Ah, hope. We smoke on that bong when shit is overwhelming and we're feeling utterly powerless.

Previously my son was energetic and happy. Suddenly he looked tired. He went to his room, got in his bed, and escaped with sleep. At least he didn't go out to light up a jay somewhere.

Yeah, I fucked up his evening. I'm sorry, son, but I needed to see how an ordinary black person whose not that into the news or politics would respond to this story. I wasn't surprised.


McKinney wrote an article in 2006 titled The Hurricane Hit That Hit The Poor. In it, she made an excellent case of how the New Orleans poor got screwed over badly in the year after Katrina. However, here's the closest she came to mentioning any killings:

"In numerous instances, whites were evacuated before blacks while blacks were detained or turned back, as happened on the bridge to Gretna. The media stereotyped blacks as "looters" and whites as "takers" and fueled fears of blacks that led to the "invasion" of New Orleans, shockingly by hired mercenaries.

Shoot-to-kill orders were issued in a city whose police have a history of abuse, and who will spare no excuse to jail young black men for petty offenses."

If ever there was an opportunity for her to reveal that mother's story about these alleged executions, that was it. Instead, she changed the subject to the toxic chemicals left in New Orleans that the EPA needed to clean up.

Was she too consumed by fear to bring up the story? Did she have any confirmations by Red Cross officials who preferred to remain anonymous, or did those come later?

In May 2007, McKinney said in this radio interview, hinting that she would leave the Democratic Party:

"I think honestly with the failure of the Democratic majority in Congress to repeal to the Patriot Act, to repeal the Secret Evidence Act, to repeal the Military Tribunals Act, to institute immediately actions for impeachment for this illegitimate... immoral Administration, to stop the war... I have to seriously question my relationship with the Democratic Party. I know the very learned listeners of WBAI have long been interested in how to have a truly independent voice. And I now understand that with the current Democratic majority in Congress it’s not possible."

If it's true, but fear prevented from speaking it, this is a toxic secret bound to eat away anyone who belongs to the victimized group. Imagine a Jew, for example, who knew about concentrations camps and plans for future exterminations, but for their own safety and/or political or financial gains, sat on that secret. Over time, it would make them nuts, or at least appear to be "unwell".


Let's weigh the pros and cons of this story.

FEMA falls under the Department of Defense. They have a bunch of branches within the DOD including one called DARPA. One of the things these programs do is specialize in behavioral sciences, i.e., they study human behavior.

Well I do too.

I had no question during the Katrina aftermath that the residents stranded in New Orleans were intentionally neglected for the sole purpose of studying the behavior of a population struck by a catastrophe.

The benefits of such a study is enormous. It would reveal or at least provide clues in how people are likely to behave without governmental, police or military help in the event of a nuclear or biological war.

They could factor in other variables, particularly how sympathetic others across the country would or wouldn't be. Watching and reading about the Katrina event revealed that the culture of racism was intact. Studying this with the eye of a researcher would also tell them what they could get away in the future if they harbored malevolent intentions.

The 'lock 'n load' mentality prevailed and victims were treated more like criminals based on the mainstream media replaying the same few videos of looting, over and over and over again.

Young black men caught using a mail truck
to escape from New Orleans.
They were set free, no doubt in my mind
because a news photo reporter was there.

To remind you how racist and vulnerable blacks were from storm, the real looters, and the brutally racist whites in charge, here's a refresher from Sept 2, 2005 news report:

Top officials have confirmed that the storm killed thousands of people and have made a desperate plea for help to restore order to New Orleans and the surrounding region.

"Three hundred of the Arkansas National Guard have landed in the city of New Orleans," [Louisiana Governor] Ms Blanco said.

"These troops are fresh back from Iraq, well trained, experienced, battle-tested and under my orders to restore order in the streets.

"They have M-16s and they are locked and loaded.

"These troops know how to shoot and kill and they are more than willing to do so if necessary and I expect they will."

Later, even some elements of the press admitted bigoted reporting: whites "found" necessities while blacks "looted" them. Progressive and anti-racist whites were appalled.

It was only after six days of Homeland Security /FEMA's neglect, deliberate blocking of rescue efforts, and negative world opinion that the true good guys and rescuers were finally allowed to provide relief for the victims...

... but not for the alleged 5,000 mostly young black men who ended up with a bullet in their brain and their bodies disposed, possibly in a swampy mass grave.


Okay, so with that last sentence, you get an idea of where I'm going with this. Bear with me, and I'll make a strong case that this shit needs to be investigated.

Suspend any impression you might have of McKinney looking and sounding like a nutcase. She wasn't so crazy that she didn't see the improbability of all that went on during 9/11 and the Iraq invasion, and that the Prez, VP and Rumsfeld were covering up a lot of shit. Later, Generals, analysts of all kinds, experts and a lot of Americans had the same questions.

While what she heard and reported about the alleged Katrina massacres may not be completely correct, I'll make a case that it's plausible and worthy of investigation. The Jews would do no less, and dammit, neither should people of color and anti-racist whites.

FEMA hired several luxury cruise ships to house thousands of the victims.
I recall feeling a terrible sense of dread when a reporter standing in front of one said that the press was not allowed to go inside or to interview passengers.

WTF?, I thought. There was no justification for this... unless, this group was corralled onto some of those ships were to be murdered.

Hell, I couldn't even find a photo of
Katrina victims boarding a cruise ship.

For you to understand why this paranoid thought crossed my mind in 2005, it's because of the training I received from a Catholic nun in elementary school.

This Catholic Sister was a bonafide social justice bad azz. She brought in about a dozen books of the Holocaust, most of them with photos. She explained how hate combined with poverty became so intense for the German people after WW1 that the most vulnerable group, the Jews, were duped or forced into getting on trains headed for death camps.

I read more about this over the years, and at one point, asked my father what he knew about this since he was soldier in WWII. I was 12 or 13, and shocked at his asinine answer.

"I was told they were trouble-makers," he said. "So, I guess they got what they deserved."



Like many people back then, he didn't consider Jews to be white people. My father had to be one of world's greatest suck ups to white folks. He was born in 1910, and grew up brainwashed that only the opinions of whites mattered, and that the only way to get ahead was to be as much like them - and to go along with their every wish - as possible. His greatest regret that brought a tear to his damned eyes was that he hadn't been born white. Guess who he blamed?

"That damned slave girl who had [gave birth to] my grandfather."

He honestly thought that if that white slave owner had sex with his wife that day instead of screwing [raping] his adolescent slave, he have had it made.

His house nigga point of view used to piss me off. I now consider it instructive. If a black man can think like this about slavery, genocide and the Holocaust because he thinks he's 'better' due to 'being a good Negro', and somehow exempt from their contempt and aggression because of this, imagine the mentality many whites have, who need not concern themselves with the kind of brutality that doesn't affect them.

Thus, it's not hard to compare the the plight of the Jews of long ago to the malice blacks face now.


While McKinney wonders if the purported 5,000 victims came from prisons, I wondered again on Saturday night about those cruise ships. Were they, or at least one or two of them, Death Ships?

I found it puzzling in 2005 that no stories of their outcome made the papers or Internet. If some did, I never found them. There is one blog, here, that covered Hurricane Katrina mentioned the cruise ships.

The blogger, Cramer, had a lot of questions and concerns from how FEMA and these companies made these contracts to people "missing overboard" and this not being reported as a matter of cruise ship policy. She discovered that:

"Cruise companies don't track reports of physical disappearance of passengers on cruise ships? Weird. Really weird. It would seem like something their insurers would require, even if no one else was interested."

During the summer when I read about over 600 refurbished prisons across the US that are empty of prisoners but manned by security and have trains that run up to them, I thought this was ominous. I did another search on the Internet and a google blog search for what happened to those cruise ship passengers and still couldn't find any stories. Seems like there'd be at least one out there.

I wrote a post here, Urban Blacks Will Be Treated Like Insurgents, after John McCain slipped up and said so in an interview in how he plans to deal with crime. I wrote about Katrina, the empty prisons, the air-tight trains, and how it all looks pretty damn chilling to me, as though they got plans for us when SHTF in this country.

I think it's there that one person left a comment that he knew or talked to a rescue person who said he was on one ship. Other than that, nothing.

Nothing, in my cynical mind, could mean only one thing: there were none. I shudder at what 'experiments' my people may have endured, and concluded that my first hunch in September 2005 was correct: that we were studied and treated like lab rats in New Orleans and met a similar fate that the Holocaust Jews met.

I can't prove it, but that don't mean it didn't happen - or something like it won't happen in the future. Hell, they have nearly everything lined up and waiting except the next disaster if they want to make it happen...

Blacks were sitting ducks during Katrina. They were so easy to target and to round up. Blackwater paramilitary and mercenaries from other countries had been called into New Orleans to shoot and kill 'hoodlums' - black folks - caught stealing anything from bottled water, to food, diapers, wet or dry clothes and shoes, or the ridiculous dampened TV set.

All of this water-damaged or soon-to-be mildewed shit was reimbursable by the store owners insurance policies, and thus, would have gone to waste anyway.

These kids ain't old enough to buy beer.

Locking up the few thugs who raped and did assaults was justifiable. To arrest and kill the black hurricane victims - mostly black, poor and young - for looting or for break-ins would be nothing short of viciously racist and criminal, and shooting to kill outright murder and treason against American citizens.


If you're curious or skeptical why there are people with enormous power interested in locking up or sending its citizens, particularly those of color, to death camps, at least part of the answer lies in the concept of Manifest Destiny combined with diminishing resources.

Manifest Destiny is the philosophical belief that whites are destined to rule the world, and that other races are inferior, subhuman, and doomed to serve or become extinct. This made genocide of the Native Americans so easy that killing them was called 'land improvement'.

Diminishing resources adds to the fire. An economist and demographer named Thomas Malthus proposed in 1798 that there would come a time when the planet could host only x number of humans before famine became a problem. This is called the Malthusian Catastrophe.

One solution to this is to depopulate the planet. I've read since the late 70s that Henry Kissinger was a proponent of this, and it's all over the Internet and YouTube.

In Culling the Herd (12/19/07), the author Sheila Samples wrote:

Kissinger targeted a number of "key countries" whose populations, he said, must be curtailed and controlled lest they gain economic, political and military strength, and thus threaten US strategic interests.

"Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the Third World," Kissinger said, "because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”

She related this to Hurricane Katrina victims:

It doesn't take a wild imagination to know that genocide is real, and it's underway in America. The most blatant example is the barbaric response to Hurricane Katrina victims -- withholding food, blocking aid, ignoring those clinging to rooftops while crying out in vain for help, leaving corpses to float in the flooded streets or to rot in the Superdome.

If you start with the poor, minorities, elderly, the ill or nonproductive, the culling becomes much easier the next time around.


My beloved people of color, I love you so much. We have no such sigh of relief, and my best guess is that white anti-racists and progressive liberals will be on the hit list too. The New World Order is determined to conquer all or die trying, and they'll take us with them if they have to.

We've got a major fucking problem beginning with this allegation and it needs to be thoroughly investigated. I'd like to know what the candidates would say if questioned about it before Election Day, and I'll bet both would feign surprise.

Hell, if I know about it, I'm sure they do too. If McCain won, he would not investigate. He's already on record saying he'll treat urban 'crime' using the same techniques used against Iraqi insurgents.

I have hope that Barack would investigate it after if gets elected, but what if he's not elected and has plans to run again in 2012? I admire many things about him, but he does play it safe, perhaps too safe, to stay in the game and credible among the rich white folks who back him.

Keep in mind, however much you and I look to him like the Moses who can lead us out of the wilderness and to the Promised Land, that he can't get elected without us.

Placing pressure on him to make a commitment to investigate this allegation is necessary. I could care less if Barack says, "It sounds like a loony conspiracy theory to me..." as long as he adds, "but I will investigate it."

Yeah, Barack, and while you're at it, how about giving us a heads up on those hundreds of empty prisons and half million coffins? I just know you can figure out this shit, 'cause you da man!

IF there's a shred of truth to McKinney's concern that the US Government murdered 5,000 citizens during the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe, it will take only one terrorist act, or massive social chaos and Martial Law stemming from the economic meltdown to wipe out many more of us.

IF the Department of Defense kidnapped and put bullets in the heads of 5,000 of us during Katrina, how many of us could we reasonably expect to be herded off to our deaths with the next catastrophe? Fifty thousand? Or 500,000 to fill up those empty prisons or coffins sitting in Georgia - or more - since three bodies could easily be crammed into one coffin?

Google aerial view of 500,000 coffins in Covington, GA
Taken in summer 2008

I got wind of that sinister shit in late July and wrote about it here, in Threatened For Asking For A Job & Half A Million Coffins In The Middle Of Georgia, and in more detail in early August, here, in Urban Blacks Will Be Treated Like Insurgents.

FEMA Camp Facility

It does not bode well that an Army Brigade Combat Team was placed here for no specific reason on October 1st and will be stationed here for 'catastrophes' that have not yet occurred, as first reported in Uncle Sam's Army Times.

Nor does it bode well that Prime Minister Harper of Canada officially endorses the North American Union (NAU).

This globalist scheme to consolidate Canada and Mexico with the US into one nation, the NAU, which will have one currency called the Amero, a new flag and Constitution. They've got the groundwork laid and ready.

Ain't no way in heaven or hell are Americans are gonna go for this shit.

Unless... our economy is utterly destroyed, the global economy all fucked up, and the result is massive social chaos, poverty, hunger, food and gas shortages, the destruction of the white middle and working classes, and as icing on this poison cake, possibly a world war.

Imagine the riots. All of this would give the haters an opportunities to cull the herd - our herd.

I've been connecting the dots. McKinney's courage in telling this story is another dot that makes for a gruesome picture. We must blog and demand investigation by our public officials and the media before it's too late.

On July 4th of this year, I wrote an article here many of you have read: Manifest Destiny, Res. 362 & the North American Union. This ties in perfectly with the long term policy of depopulation or reduced population goals - which by the way, Rockefeller is a fan from what I've read. Listen to him speak on this YouTube video.

This mega-billionaire is so rich that he could make or break the US economy with his money. His ties to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) suggest that he was on the ground floor of it's creation. They have pushed the NAU agenda. In the video, he speaks in a benign tone of voice, but the content of what he says about reduced population, given his enormous wealth and power in economic and political policy circles, like Kissinger's, is unnerving.

The question now is not if McKinney is sane or making up or passing along shit to get attention.

The question is will anyone in politics or journalism give a damn, and care or be courageous enough to investigate the allegations.

They need to find witnesses from each of the cruise ships, figure out how many blacks are still listed as missing, and not just go digging around in some random Louisiana swamp.

This is critical given the goal of the usual suspects. These brutal pirates and imperialists are determined to continue ruling the world by any means necessary and to maximize resources for those who would most benefit from Manifest Destiny.

That ain't us.


Addendum, Sept. 8, 2008 @ 10PM

Readers, I ran across this today:

FEMA, Louisiana, Outsourced Katrina Body Count To Firm Implicated In Body-Dumping Scandals


"Kenyon is a subsidiary of Service Corporation International (SCI), a scandal-ridden Texas-based company operated by a friend of the Bush family. Recently, SCI subsidiaries have been implicated in illegally discarding and desecrating corpses... FEMA and then Blanco [Louisiana Governor] outsourced the body count from Hurricane Katrina... to a firm whose parent company is known for its “experience” at hiding and dumping bodies...

"The Menorah Gardens cemetery chain, owned by SCI, desecrated vaults, removed hundreds of bodies from two cemeteries in Florida and dumped the gruesome remains in woods frequented by wild hogs, investigators discovered in 2001."

"Why FEMA chose to outsource mortuary services to a paid contractor is also mystery to Dan Buckner, co-owner of the Gowen-Smith Chapel in the Gulf area. Buckner had planned to serve with the Disaster Mortuary Operational Responses Team, which reportedly told Buckner’s partner, Gary Hicks of Paducah, KY, to expect up to 40,000 deaths from Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi.

"Upon learning of Kenyon’s contract, Buckner expressed puzzlement. He told the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, “Volunteers would have gone at no charge.”

Note: printed the original story found here.


Update, 12-22-2008:

Readers, I ran across this news horror story today but it's the holidays, and I knew it would anger and depress me so I didn't read it all. It was published at the Nation on 12/17/2008: Katrina's Hidden Race War.

I suspect it's the tip of the iceberg, but at least now the tip has been revealed.


  1. My God!

    I'm sending this to a bunch of people.

  2. This was a long read! My God, it was worth it. I'm not a big McKinney fan, but I keep thinking of the saying, "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't following you."

    We have our history, past and present, almost exactly like the Jews, to know to be ever vigilant of the haters. I have many good white liberal friends and they would be ill if this turns out to be true because they're good people, but also because something like this could happen to them too because these things spread to other groups like the Nazis did to the old, retarded, gays, etc. I hope this is investigated.

  3. when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
    -sherlock holmes

    i hope ppl can follow that rule. i know i am. my best friend got pissed off at me when i told her the other day that while Obama would be: one small step for man, one giant leap or mankind, it won't change anything because he, like many presidents before him is just a mouthpiece.

    she was like, "don't you know this is a democracy?"

    i told her not to be naive and to remember that no matter how ridiculous something may sound, there is NOTHING new under the sun. keep your ears open and your mouth shut. believe everything, agree with nothing and wait for the truth, as it always does, to unfold itself.

  4. Emeritus & Kitchen Angel, so true if true. Thank you for your insights and thoughts. I also like the sayings and quotes you each gave. BTW, I tweaked out the typos, better edited it and added a few more photos since you left comments. Indeed, this was a long one, but I thought worthy of exposure and discussion especially in the context of other weird crap slipping under the media's radar.

  5. At this time the only thing that I can say is..WOW and WTF

    I'll come back after work to make a comment after my mind process this article.

  6. Wow, Kit, this is some heavy, disturbing ish. I'm still trying to process it. This doesn't add up. Whew, I have some research to do. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  7. Excellent Post!

    And guess who was responsible for brokering the cruise ship for Katrina victims deal - Jeb Bush.

  8. We're seeing the racial hatred in McCain and Palin this week. I don't think it's a excuse to try to win but they are like this in real life.

    Most of the GOP is racist and so are their voters in this election, so I could see how what McKinney wants investigated could have happened under Bush and the GOP. They dont think of Iraqis as people, only as 'sand niggers'.

    Even if it didn't the Katrina murders didn't happen it can in the future because the mood in the country is UGLY. Those empty prisons and coffins aren't sitting there for no reason. I'm thinking about buying a shotgun tomorrow to protect my family in case this country gets any crazier.

  9. KIT, we must be on the same page because I just wrote about this same subject too. I have no issue believing that the government could be involved in this kind of madness, but my issue is really one of logistics.

    I don't know if this story is true, but the question I raised was how could this happen and the families haven't raised a fuss? And 5,000 bodies... that's a lot of bodies...


  10. Rena, thanks.

    Curvy Girl, I take a "we'll see what comes of this" attitude and hope the allegation is given the respect of being investigated.

    JannCali, Thanks for the link and I vaguely remembered this. Bush's lil' brother sure has come in handy to him. At the Washington Post link in the post here, the describe how another country offered Bush some cruise ships and it was turned down, along with a lot of other aid, fueling negative world opinion.

    Shelton, blew my mind when I heard the news tonight of the raw racism and murderous hate coming from the McCain-Palin crowds. Screaming "Kill Him" and "Terrorist!" and neither McCain or Palin addressing this was revealing.

    These are exactly the kind people, like Germans who supported Nazis, that would love to see us go extinct and would help any way they could.

    Cheri, yeah, the number does sound extraordinarily high. It adds to making McKinney's statement less credible, which I pointed out early on. Still, it should be investigated. I just read your post on it and left a comment there.

  11. Hey Sista Kit -

    Your post is intriguing, but what's even more intriguing is that no one has said they know or read about anyone who was on any of those cruise ships either. I have been checking the past two days too and couldn't find any stories either.

    Given the times and the other strange events like the empty prison camps and coffins you brought to our attention, and the popularity of your blog, it seems one person (who isn't a wolf disguised in sheep's clothing) would leave a comment or credible link to a story that proves African Americans exited those ships.

    It is the absence of this that bothers me the most.

  12. i saw that pic before and CM is getting a lot of support, but u know how america treats us historically

  13. KIT -

    This was a great piece, investigative and thoughtful. You captured exactly why I have mixed feelings about Ms. McKinney. I will have to print this out and read it again. Very rich, strong, disturbing.

    It's so troubling that black life in the modern age makes all these things seem to have a possibility of reality. Your story made me feel very sad for us as a people. I just can't help imagining that one day there will be serious retribution for this treatment of an entire race of people.

  14. Whoa, too much information. Conspiracy theorists always try and overwhelm you with lots and lots of verbiage.
    Cut it down some Kit. Give us the brief. Make it real. . . but keep it coming.

  15. Sagacious Hillbilly, you're a regular reader and know at times I publish magazine-length articles as opposed to posts. You never complained before.

    Prof Tracey, you said, ..."black life in the modern age makes all these things seem to have a possibility of reality." Agreed, and like other targeted populations of the past who were never told of their government's plans for them, we should take zero risks of history repeating itself, this time with us.

    Torrance, you said "you know how America treats us historically" and mentioned McKinney. She knows this too, and that the 1st Brigade Combat Team would be stationed here beginning Oct 1 for [anticipated] terrorism and/or 'acts of civil unrest' - when our troops are stretched too thin in the M.E.

    Her timing of telling this story was peculiar at a glance, but in context of thousands of combat troops one the way combined with fear and it makes sense.

    BTW, folks, Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research published a more in-depth piece on those combat troops now here.

    Malik, yes! Where in the hell are the comments from readers who know one person or a story link of Katrina victims exiting one of those cruise ships?

    I'd think they'd have great stories, like, "man, it was great!", or "I was so sea sick the whole time."

  16. Kit, that's the scariest thing I've read in a while. And I"m not talking about the alligator/python picks (though, yuck). :-)

    I'll give short answers to long questions. Yes, I believe that it could happen. I had forgotten about those cruise ships, which would provide the perfect vehicle (pardon the pun) for this. But I wonder where are the families of those 5000. That's a lot to have disappear without one peep.

    And no, it will never be investigated. The claim is just too wild. Who in the world would ever believe that a country, no, several countries, would be systematically eliminating Jews? The idea is just too big to comprehend. Yet it happened and we know this now. IF what Ms. McKinney says is true, it won't be investigated for one because the idea is too big.

    The second reason is that if this is a rehearsal, you can make damn sure that anyone who knows anything about it is not saying a word. If you've already killed 5000, what's one more?

    I'm still in the WOW phase that Rena and CurvyGirl are. I'm horrified and shocked and almost without words. So forgive any incoherence and I'll be glad to clarify.

    God, I've missed reading your blog! it's not a feel-good blog, but it does make me think. Every time. And for that I thank you.

  17. Wow, that is so interesting...thanks for inviting me!!!

  18. Cherry, thanks.

    WV Mountain Laurel, Hmmmm. I never thought about this as not being a "feel good" blog. This is partly true re: my category of articles/posts on the left sidebar analyzing political and economic news. I take a serious approach about issues that are grinding us into the ground. The category on the right side of the blog, Kit's Essays - Up Close & Personal in My Black America, however, deal with tough issues but end on an inspirational note that leaves others with hope. The HRL essays are a mix that aim to leave a lesson.

    And for laughs, the collection of my fav black humor comedy videos are always there. :)

    Otherwise, I was kind of rushing along yesterday evening but thanks for your comment re: this particular article. It is a helluva scary idea, too big to comprehend or even want to find out if it's true, b/c if it's investigated and turns out that if it is true, then what? No one except the hardcore haters could possibly feel good about this, or safe. We would all be in unknown territory, the kind we've read about in this history books that are terrifying.

  19. Wow! Gotta process this, you presented a lot to chew on.

  20. KIT: Check out this article I grabbed over at the LA Times. Perhaps it will guide you to more info about the cruise ships and its residents. There's also a couple of links to a few more articles.

  21. Angie, THANK YOU! Finally, evidence that Katrina survivors exited the cruise ship. I'm glad you cared enough to dig around on this lead.

    Too much has happened to us as a people for us to not be vigilant, and this past week the McCain-Palin Nazi-flavored hate rallies have been monstrous.

    I'd still like to see McKinney's statement investigated, for if we don't care and push the issue and others, why should anyone else?

  22. I still get a lot of hits from this article, and you know what? Although there Angie above found a LA Times newspaper article about SOME survivors exiting cruise ships, where the fuck are their stories? And how do we know ALL of survivors on ALL of the survivors left.

    It's like this: Say they allowed women and kids to leave and some men with them, saying that they found shelter for these groups. Then the solo men were still stuck on the ships. If a malevolent plan was to determine if they could do what Hitler did, it would be quite simple.

    Yes, I know that's a horrible idea and would be an evil act... but hasn't humanity been through this before? At least a thousand people have read this post. Not one has said they know of anyone personally who survived a cruise ship or read a story other than Angie.

    Meanwhile the liberal media, which is liberal in anything but black concerns, has ignored the hell out of McKinney's report. This alone is a problem.

    If you have knowledge or info, please leave a comment, even if you read this story next year, and if you're blogger, write about this issue. People are still interested in it or I wouldn't be getting daily hits on it from their search queries.

  23. Hi Kit. Just stopped by, I was searching for some Katrina stuff and found your blog. You raise some interesting points, some I agree with, some I disagree with and some about which I would need more information to decide. My point is, thanks for putting the dialogue out there. I guess I'd be considered a white anti-racist, if you're this point I think dialogue and understanding between liberals, people of color and anti-racists is going to have to happen for us to stimulate any kind of real attitude changes. And I don't mean asking what your hair feels like or why you don't get wrinkles!! Keep up the good work, I will now be a regular! -Monica

  24. Wow this is the biggest load of crap/ worst conspiracy I have ever heard of. I have been in the U.S. Army for 12 years now and worked in New Orleans during Katrina helping out and evacuating people, working 20 hour shifts and sleeping 4. None of this crap has happened, and the government could never get away with dumping 5,000 bodies, much less be able to answer to where 5,000 rounds of ammunition dissapeared, there will always be a new conspiracy coming out, and there will always be fools who believe it

    SFC Banks


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