Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If The Wall Street Bailout Don't Do Us In, The Brigade Combat Team Might

Shocked n' awed is where we are now. This is the ideal time for any predator to finish off it's prey.

Beginning today and for the next 12 months, the 3rd Infantry Division of the 1st Brigade Combat Team (BCT) has a new mission. For the first time on our soil, an active-duty unit will be assigned to NorthCom (here in the USA), to "coordinate defense support of civil authorities."

Yesterday, the Army Times described it in this article, "Brigade Homeland Tours Start October 1".
Here's an excerpt:

"They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control or to deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack."

Sounds like they got plans for us.

It takes no genius to realize this move complements their larger plan of a political and economic coup d'├ętat. The previous groundwork was laid shortly after Bush & Pirates came into office:

~ Much about 9/11 leaves many skeptical of what really happened,
~ the Patriot Act made it legal to arrest and detain anyone for an indefinite period of time and without legal representation,
~ friends of the GOP appear to have stolen Bush's re-election,
~ Homeland Security appeared to spend more time studying the reactions Katrina victims like lab rats to see how much neglect they could get away with rather than helping them,
~ nuking Iran has been discussed as though this is rational,
~ the FISA bill was passed this summer so the government can snoop on all of your conversations and privacy without a court order or you knowing it.
~ Dumb and Dumber are on the GOP Presidential ticket to act as puppets for the Predatory Investment Class and other powers behind the throne, and
~ what's left of our economy is being raped.

Only an hour ago, the Senate passed the Wall Street Bailout Bill by 74 to 25. It will go to the House on Friday for a final vote.

True to Orwellian form, they're now calling it either "Economic Recovery Plan" or the "Economic Rescue Package" or "Economic Stimulus Package". Their media pundit slaves haven't yet been prepped thoroughly on what to call it, but the "Bailout Bill" is a now a public relations no-no and they have been instructed to fool We The People accordingly.

As I watched and listened to the voting process tonight, the networks kept underscoring points that frankly made Americans sound like a bunch of spoiled, greedy brats, i.e., "If this doesn't go through, people won't have credit to get car loans, buy big screen TV's...", etc.

Wait a minute. Did that mofo really say big screen TV's?
Sure did.

The feeling of foreboding and dread struck me when the vote was announced. Maybe I would have felt differently if Obama or McCain had stuck around to say something positive about the outcome, but no, they each left minutes before the count was in. Maybe I'm wrong, but it felt like they didn't like what they supported and slithered out the door.

They weren't the only ones who left me feeling that something terrible had just happened. It was the utter lack of joy in the politicians interviewed afterwards. Their mouths moved that this was a great thing and it will avoid an economic catastrophe, but none of them looked happy about it. They looked guilty as shit.

They reminded me of a group of adolescent boys who, when asked why they pulled a train on an unsuspecting girl, felt ashamed but tried to hide it and then rationalized the rape by saying she liked it and it was good for her.

It's been one shock after another. The voices that began quietly are now deafening:

~ The Big Three car makers are in trouble.
~ The airlines are in trouble.
~ Several banks failed! More are on the list!
~ Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bankrupt! Housing market collapsed!
~ Lehman Brothers is dead! Uncle Sam bailing out AIG! We need $700B so no more will fail!
~ Wall Street and the stock market collapsing! We need a $700 billion dollar bailout! Quick, Congress, sign this [immoral] agreement!
~ Yesterday and today: the credit market is collapsing! Come on Congress, sign the damn bailout package! Act now! Businesses won't be able to get loans or make payroll and millions of jobs on Main Street will be lost! There's a credit freeze!

Hmmm. Credit markets. Didn't hear the mainstream media pundits screaming about that three days ago.

Notice how the past two weeks in particular have been like a machine gun rat-a-tat-tat of one quick shock after another.

Naomi Klein wrote a book and has a video called The Shock Doctrine. She explains how repeated shocks to an individual, group or society makes them confused and more likely to give up their rights and power. She has a series of articles on her site including a recent one on the Welfare to Wall Street scam.

All of these shocks suggest the usual suspects. The New World Order Crew are the most determined gang of thugs in our times. Plunder and pillage is their style, "by deception we shall rule" is their motto, and they use shock n' awe as their tool. If we don't like it, tough.

If we revolt, the 3rd Infantry Division of the 1st Brigade Combat Team is ready. When the bailout doesn't work - and it won't much beyond Election Day - the jaws of the new Great Depression are waiting to consume us.

To distract us from our impending economy downfall and misery, I believe they are prepared to shock 'n awe us again. Reading between the lines of the Army Times article says so.

~ Kit



When I said they got plans for us, I wasn't kidding. You really should read or at least skim my previous related articles at some point. I'd appreciate a comment there also if you do:

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  1. believe me, i believe you.

    JJ said that ignorance is bliss. i've watched my sis skate through life while i worried myself into the ground. sometimes i wonder if that isn't better. esp with the police waiting for us should we dare to raise a peep.

  2. KIT,
    I remember thinking yesterday as I watched Harry Reid, Chris Dodd and company speak about this great successful vote, that they all were very dull and boring. After having this great successful, saving the union vote, these guys were about as exciting as listening to Ben Stein speak. Your right, their facial expressions and what they were talking about didn't match. Which means they were probably lying.

    I hope these really are not the end days, but it damn sure isn't looking good.

  3. JJ, Yeah, that's true up to a point. Just watch your back when SHTF. Having a well-stocked pantry won't hurt either.

    Emeritus, Oh, no one has to 'believe' me. Anyone who has been reading my blog knows my predictive track record has been quite good, but I ain't a prophet. I study human behavior and my strength is connecting the dots, but there are a number of other people out there who do this well.

    Some of my favorites are authors James Kunstler and Naomi Klein, and has excellent thinkers as well. Dennis Kucinich also tells the truth, and truth be told, I've always liked him more than Obama. I sorely wish he was on the ticket with Barack. The two of them would accomplish far more changes and Obama-Biden.

    There are many more I read. What I do here that's a little different: I analyze how racism and classism is likely to affect African Americans in particular with the coming chaotic social changes.

    Truth, I'm glad to hear you picked up on their body language last night. It was disturbing how it didn't match what they were saying. They're guilty as sin and couldn't hide it with their bullshit over how this bailout will save America. I don't think it's 'End Times', just the end of the easy times and wealth our nation has enjoyed for a long, long time.

  4. They will need their storm troopers if McCain weasels his way into office. They know that.

    I hope Mr. Obama will go over the actions of the corpo-fascists one-by-one and eliminate that which has turned us into an oppressed state that has shown a blatant disregard for it's constitution.
    And it aint just the corpo-fascist's fault. We the people stood by as they perpetrated their treason.

  5. Sagacious, Agreed, agreed, and agreed. In particular, I don't know how Obama will be able to flush that parasite, Haliburton, and other like corporations out of the system; I hope he does.

    Their lethal mercenaries who are exempt from accountability get paid more than our soldiers. They should not have been in New Orleans during the days of Katrina nor been involved with the Republican National Convention protests nor work with the DEA.

  6. If they're gonna put down the citizens will they still allow drug trafficking, slave trading and undocumented workers to cross the borders?

  7. Okay so it wasn't just me. The looks on their faces. I just didn't feel like they believed they had done anything at all to help us. The looked terrified.

    As for the Brigade Combat Team, I wish that you could see the look of shock and awe on my face.


    This is going to end just like a game of Monopoly. As they get richer and richer, less wealth is left circulating beneath them. The middle class can no longer afford to sustain their share of the economy. Their wealth has been gradually transfered to the richest 1%. Thats Reaganomics for you. The wealth does not ‘trickle down’ as we were told it would. It just accumulates at the top.

    UNBRIDLED CAPITALISM ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT WORK. TOP HEAVY ECONOMIES ALWAYS COLLAPSE. Bottom line: The richest 1% will soon tank the largest economy in the world. It will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. The US/global depression is coming thanks to the 1% club.

    Spend your money as wisely as possible. Cancel all but one credit card for emergencies only. Support the local retailer especially in lower or middle class communities. In general, support the little guy as much as possible and the big guy as little as possible. Do your part to reverse the transfer of wealth away from the rich and back to the middle and lower classes.

    The bailout won’t work. IT WON’T WORK. The plan fails to address the fundamental problem. The middle class don’t need more credit. They need a reasonable share of the economic pie.They also need a lower cost of living and a chance to catch their breath. Most of all, they need to wake up and see the truth. GREED KILLS. IT WILL BE OUR DOWNFALL.

  9. Anonymous, your original comment was ten times as long as it was before I trimmed it down to it's finer points. You mentioned you'd said these things before so if you have your own blog which you didn't name, I never mind it in the least if people invite my readers to read their stuff, but I have a staunch belief that megathon comments in any blog place a chilling effect on the topic discussed. I didn't like you calling Oprah a filthy pig either.

  10. Real Hustla, Glad you picked up on the body language too last night. Your description of them resonates with me as well, and I'm also glad that you mentioned your shock on your face re: the Army Times article.

    Faith, There is something distinctly Orwellian about these past 8 years. As for your questions, maybe it's a good time read or re-read George Orwell's famous novel, 1984.

  11. I say that but I've been reading about this ish for about 4 years now.

    Knew the housing crash was coming about 2 years before it happened...and around that time was when I realized the MSM is bought and paid for...I didn't go to Yale/Brown/harvard...and I'm no financial guru...but I can read and I could see this shit coming 2 YEARS IN ADVANCE and these Ivy league dolts on tv ept saying "Bubble? What Bubble?"

    U want to know what's going on in the world you have to read alternative ad international media.

    Some good ones:
    Whiskey adn Gunpowder
    The Nation
    Asia Times

    I read Kunstler..but he's a bit pretentious and classiest...though if you get beond that there is truth in what he says.

    A pantry is good.
    A garden is better.
    And some guns couldn't hurt.

  12. "People should not be afraid or their government, government should be afraid of it's people".

  13. TSJohnson, You didn't mention the Combat Brigade on our soil now, but otherwise you sound like you're a Life After The Oil Crash (LAOTC) forum member. It's excellent if you ignore the occasional tin hats.

    I can't recommend their main site enough: Breaking Financial News. It's always been listed on my homepage, and gives a summary and links to articles from credible news sources here and around the world.

    Ali, I just wish our government respected us. This current Administration and half of Congress clearly doesn't give a rat's azz about anyone except their cronies. I can't believe they had the gall to add $150B in pork to the $700B bailout bill.

  14. This is scary. The last thing people need in our cities are soldiers and Blackwater hitmen trying to keep the peace. They weren't trained for that, they were trained for war.

    Those Wall Street swine and piggy politicians added all that pork barrel spending to that outragious bill and I AM MAD! To add insult, they won't reveal which ones added it!

    Anyhoo, it inspired me to post this recipe today. I call it No Bailout Spicy Sweet Barbecue Ribs, so visit my new blog if you're hungry.

  15. Outrageous is right, Kitchen Angel. I couldn't believe they did that. It's almost one trillion dollars! And we're supposed to pay for their criminal greed, recklessness and neglect, and go along with the add-ons? They must be insane.

    I checked out your blog. You're a trip girl! Very creative. If this new bill passes today I'll try it and pretend I'm eating the rich, LOL.

  16. Here's some rare honesty about the fear-mongering that pushed through this latest mass theft: Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA).

    "Martial law, you say? Oh no! Well, all right then, take what you want!"

    I thought there was a glimmer of hope on Monday, but it's all too clear now that our congressional minions are never gonna learn that they don't HAVE to scurry around so obediently.

  17. @Keep it Trill

    ts johnson is me...login in to one of my other bad

    The "I say that..." was in reference to me saying "ignorance is bliss."

  18. No Slappz, You were banned from my blog awhile ago for your previous racist and genocidal comments. Any and all comments you leave here will be deleted. I made that clear then but since you conveniently 'forgot' this, I'm reminding you now.

  19. Macon, Thanks for sharing the YouTube video of Brad Sherman speaking publicly that they were told the American people were threatened with martial law if this bailout bill didn't pass. That was truly revealing, and even more telling that the mainstream media is not all over this.

    JJ, hey, I didn't know you had another blog. Cool. I'll check it in depth this weekend.

  20. There is another bottom line to the north command vision, martial law.

    Mr. 750 plus signing statements has made some that would give him full executive power to hinder a vote.

    Is this north command in place to disperse a riot by some of us, or to disperse a riot with most of us?

    I'll say most because conservatives are crazy and would shine G Dubs shoes just because. Their loyalty knows no bounds.

    Just take into consideration that the current economic banking crises is all Jimmy Carters fault.

    There can be no more said than that. They are truly insane.

  21. Sorry but I missed my own point here, the million dollar question?

    Will there even be an election?


  22. so many great points

    it might seem like the forces that the government has against the people are impenetrable

    but nothing on earth is perfect

    they do have their weaknesses

    naomi kleins explanation sounds right

    we need to talk more about how we can counter these forces

    but before we do that we definately need to know what we are up against

    and you have done a great job of pointing out our enemies plan against us

    ps. can i get amos wilsons website url lol

    i have been trying to get personal info on him for 4 years



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