Monday, October 27, 2008

In Absence of Murder Charges Being Filed, An Alternative Hypothesis In The Jennifer Hudson Family Case
Update Added 11-12-2008

It bothers me that William Balfour, the #1 suspect in the shooting deaths of Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother, has yet to be charged with this crime which occurred on October 23rd. This suggests the police have reservations over whether or not he did the deed.

Several things were nagging me in the back of my mind about this case yesterday. Finally it hit me.

The murders are estimated to have taken place around 9 AM Friday morning. That afternoon, Hudson's brother, Jason, was found fatally shot in his chest in his bedroom. Her mother was found in the living room, fatally shot execution-style in her head. Both had multiple gunshot wounds; in one unnamed victim, the wounds were defensive.

I wonder if the time given by neighbors who reported hearing gunshots is correct, because if so, why wasn't Julian, the missing seven year old, in school?

I also wonder if the bullets came from the same gun.

I also wonder about Jason Hudson's lifestyle. On his MySpace page, he listed N/A for high school graduation on the bottom left column. At 29, he still lived with his mother. These two factors, plus his being home on a Friday afternoon, made me wonder if he had a job.

He looks like he was a very nice man, but his past lifestyle, girlfriends and associates should be fully investigated, as the killer might turn up if Balfour wasn't the one. Jason Hudson was also quiet heavy. Here's a photo of him from Julia's MySpace page where she states he had to pick her up from work because "William's bitch ass sold my car".

Given his size, it's unlikely one person could have moved his body from the bedroom after shooting him. Thus, was his killer originally with him in his bedroom?

For all I know, Jason Hudson could have been celibate and working a night job. But what if he was involved with someone, and they had sex, followed by an argument and an impulse killing? That's a trail that I hope the police are traveling on.

The feds, if they haven't already, need to check his sheets and private area for hairs that don't belong to him. If they find any, this is DNA evidence. They also need to check his cellphone records and home phone records.

Another thought is could Jason Hudson been using drugs with a buddy? I wonder about this because the bedroom is where a single man or woman living with their mama is the most likely place to get high when a buddy or girlfriend visits due to its privacy. It's a better choice than the basement, where the mother might come down to do laundry, etc.

Or could the mother have been murdered first in the living room? Jason Hudson could have been asleep, heard the shot, and stood up. The killer could have run upstairs, flung open the door and fired upon this moving target - Jason - in the chest.

I am of the leave no stone unturned philosophy. I emailed Englewood Chicago police last night with this alternative hypothesis, asking them to consider if Jason Hudson was the victim of a vengeful sex partner gone nuts in a relationship gone wrong, or a drug deal gone bad.

I know these things take time, but it seems that with all the CSI technology, the feds would have nailed William Balfour by now on murder chargers or gotten a confession in the past four days. I don't know Illinois laws on polygraphs, as not all states accept them as evidence in a court of law, but could find no news story that indicated they asked or he offered to take one.

Meanwhile they smartly have Balfour sitting on ice in the Illinois Department of Corrections on an unnamed parole violations. This could have been for anything, from failing to tell his P.O. where he moved when left the family in May, or allegedly selling the family car without permission, where he and his wife Julia Hudson jointly owned a car, not having a job, or missing an appointment.

By the way, Balfour's MySpace page is still up and there are lots of photos. These two below are of him, Julia, Julia's missing son Julian, and a god-daughter.

There's an excellent chance William Balfour is the killer given his history and recent conflict with Julia and the family, but if he's not, that person (or persons) is still roaming free, and either has the kidnapped seven year old nephew of Jennifer Hudson, or did the unspeakable to this child. It chokes me up thinking about this. I know his parents and family are going through hell.

It's also interesting to note that Julie Hudson was heart-breakingly pleading on TV for whoever has him to please return him, "just drop him off on the street, anywhere, please."

She did this after William Balfour was locked up. Her sister Jennifer offered a $100,000 reward for him yesterday. This suggests they have not outruled that William Balfour and the killer may not be the same person.

Lastly, way in the back of my mind, I also wonder if this was hate crime...


Addendum #1 Added, Tues 10/28 @ 6 PM, EST

At the risk of going out on a limb, something about this case doesn't feel right.

I found this news article that went in more detail about Balfour's history. A simple car theft he attempted to do at 17 or 18 went real wrong when the owner of the vehicle came out and jumped on the car.

That's how he got the carjacking charge.

He recklessly drove away with the owner hanging on the car roof, and crashed into a pole which almost killed the poor guy.

That's how he got the attempted murder charge.

I call this Stupid Urban Teenager Syndrome.

So when Balfour was released, he hooked up and married Judy Hudson. Problems arrived big time when he sold their car. He couldn't have sold it if his name wasn't also on the title.

This is what I call Married People's Shit Syndrome.

No clue as to why he did it. Whatever the reason, it pissed off Julie and may be what led to her and the family kicking him out.

He also had new, pregnant girlfriend who he was living with at the time of the murders. I couldn't find a timeline, but he moved out of the Hudson home in May. If she was pregnant before May, that gives us an idea of why he and Julia had marital problems. Also I'm curious as to the pregnant girlfriend's history. Does she have a history of having "issues", such as jealousy or mental instability? Had he planned to leave her and return to Julia or move in with his mother or someone else?

So, we know why and how William Balfour originally landed in jail. Was he a violent man? I haven't found any history of his ever beating on his wife. Doesn't mean he didn't, but I've yet to run across this kind of story. I have to wonder if he was capable of killing her mother, brother, and son if he never laid hands on his wife.

Was he into the street hustle and drug game? He was into something, or Julia wouldn't have written on her MySpace something to the effect, William is my 2nd best friend after my mother... and the person I know most likely to go to jail.

Anyone can snap and become violent, but unless other facts about his life are revealed, his profile doesn't quite fit the kind of man who would load a bunch of bullets into three people he lived with and had affection for two or more years, including shooting this child, possibly in the car.

If he had been smoking PCP or had become strung out on crack, that changes things. If he's actually a sociopath, or had descended into a lifestyle of robbing folks since being kicked out, that will too.

These are to consider, and as a commenter on this thread "C", pointed out, that the world is watching, so the feds are doing it by the book rather than just "beating a confession" out of him.

The Chicago police must wonder the same things I do, including all the bullets were used in the murders. Each victim had multiple gunshots.

Did they all come from the same gun? Whoever did this sounded like they came prepared to kill.

And just when exactly, was this child murdered?

So far the cops aren't saying. If Balfour is innocent, he might be lucky he was busted the afternoon of the deaths, because if the kid was killed afterwards, someone else was involved.

A man was walking his dog on Monday, and it began howling in the way it never had before, and ran to the car that held this child's decaying body. The police won't reveal the date and time of death. They are clearly still following a number of trails to make sure they have the right person in custody.

And this is what brings me to continue wondering if this was a hate crime, one to remind white America why they shouldn't vote for a black President.

Not with the hate out there. The other day two white guys planned to kill 88 blacks and behead 14 of them before they proceeded to their next mission of assassinating Obama. They were willing to die for their White Power cause. These murders came the day after that silly, race-baiting McCain volunteer carved a B backwards on her face and blamed a black man for robbery, rape, assault and mutilation, but was revealed to be a liar.

On the other hand, the Hudson triple homicide could have simply been by a couple of strung out neighborhood druggies who did it. I wonder if they'll ever find out. If Balfour really did it, I wouldn't blink if they gave him the death penalty.

I'm satisfied with the pace of this investigation. I wish all were as thorough. The FBI and Chicago feds need to continue following every trail, so that justice, when it comes, will come to the right person.

Addendum #2, 10/28 @ 10:45 PM

Finally, new info that gives a clearer and chilling view that the #1 suspect may well indeed be the killer. Police have not filed charges at this hour so we can assume they're still fact checking and testing.

Here are some highlights of quotes from this evening's story in the Chicago Sun Times:

"...he stopped talking when police suggested he take a polygraph test."

"A source said Balfour told Julia Hudson he would kill her if he found out she had a boyfriend, despite the fact that he had other girlfriends."

"Police believe that Balfour went to the Hudson family home Friday and shot through the front door, striking Hudson's brother, Jason. Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, came into the living room, screaming, and Balfour shot her as well, sources said."

"...sources also said Balfour's girlfriend contradicted his alibi and told police that he was involved in the slayings."

"Police have not ruled out the possibility that more than one person was involved..."

In another article, he didn't show up to meet his parole officer that Friday.

My thoughts: I fight like a tiger for justice because I've seen so much injustice in my life, particularly when it comes to black males. Time and time again, they've been set back and set up.

This is why I'm so methodical in my thinking and examining all available evidence. A black life is valuable, and never should we jump to conclusions that lead the wrong black man to prison.

I think at this point, they have the right black man.

I am livid that someone who had such a fucked up youth but got a such a grand chance to live with, love and be loved by a good family fucked up again, far worse than any ordinary street thug or criminal would ever do.

I wrote an earlier post on this story titled, A Conversation With An Almost Ex-Thug About the Jennifer Hudson's Nightmare.

In it, my son Xavier, a former confused teen and gang banger, got it right when he said a few days ago, "William Balfour is a gun hard bitch nigga."

Tonight I told him of the latest news. He looked angry as hell listening to the new information, then gave a smile of satisfaction and said, "Told ya that bitch nigga was guilty. His next stop is Death Row."

I smiled too and nodded in agreement.

In my heart, I mourn for the Hudson family. The survivors of any homicide are terrible victims too. It can take years to feel normal after this kind of tragedy happens to you and you never, ever forget.

Ironically this includes Balfour's mother and pregnant girlfriend too, even if you're tempted to hate them by association.

If he's guilty, and he probably is, his murder rampage of three left behind dozens of family and extended family members. I don't even want to think about what any of their upcoming holidays will be like. They are all in my prayers.

On a positive note, at the rate the feds are moving on this case, and if all the evidence and witnesses and sources are correct, the right man is locked up, and justice will be served.


Addendum #3 - 10/29/2008 @ 11 PM

My first love is politics, and my second human relationships. The Hudson case combines elements of social justice, crime, and how relations can go terribly wrong. I'll update this post periodically, as much for myself as for those of you who may interested in my take on it.

No charges filed yet, but more news in this fascinating case. Turns out that the Hudson family home was raided in March 2002.

This is how uneven justice is in America:

Julia's case was thrown out by a judge who said the search was illegal. Her mother, by the way, missed being with Jennifer on American Idol because she was in court.

Even though one judge said the search was illegal, another apparently didn't. The late brother, Jason was given a lesser charge and ordered to a drug abuse program. The boy's father, Gregory King was convicted of drug trafficking. Further, according to that article, cops say Jason Hudson and Gregory King were affiliated with a gang, the Gangster Disciples. They said William Balfour belonged to this one too.

Gangs are very common in large urban areas and it's easy to get tagged as being a member. If you grow up in a place, chances are a number of your friends from the sandbox join one, and this makes you 'affiliated' with them.

The lure of easy money is always a temptation as all those predatory home lenders can tell you, and this includes the Wall Street Banksters.

I'm still wondering if any of them will do a day in jail for the trillion dollar tab the taxpayers will foot the bill for.

Easy money is more tempting in urban areas due to fewer jobs, but the brothas there are far more likely to be vilified and end up in the grave from fighting over turf or in jail.

This brings us back to my earliest question in this post, was the brother, Jason, involved with a drug deal that went bad?

In this evening's Chicago Tribune:

"Witnesses said Balfour drove his teal Chrysler to the Hudsons' block Friday, arriving about 7 a.m. But later the vehicle was discovered by police parked about a mile away outside Robeson High School. Balfour's girlfriend told police that he was at her West Side home not long after the slayings..."

"Investigators... are trying to determine whether another person drove Balfour to the West Side after the killings at the Hudsons' South Side home, sources said."

Yeah, he can't be in two placed at the same time, and by the way, how did he log into his MySpace Page on Sunday 10/26 when he was locked up? If not him, who?


Addendum 4 - Tues Nov 11, 2008 @ 7 AM

Police have yet to file charges against William Balfour. In an unusual and smart move to keep him detained in prison while they continue to investigate the murders of Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother, and young nephew, they passed the buck to the Prisoner Review Board.

According to this morning's Chicago Sun Times article, "The chief reason for holding Balfour was a report from Cook County prosecutors that his girlfriend, identified as Shonta Cathey, said she saw him holding a gun that matched the color of the murder weapon..."

When this story broke, I said it would be wise if the lifestyle of the late Jason Hudson was closely examined, rather than assuming Balfour committed the murders as an act of domestic violence revenge. I even emailed the Englewood Chicago police, who at that time considered Balfour to be their only suspect.

The Chicago Sun Times developed a timeline on 11/03/2008. One of the most striking things is that Balfour's car was reportedly seen arriving at the Hudson residence at 7 AM on the morning of the murders. He hasn't lived there since May, and my guess is that Julia, a bus driver, had already left for work. This tells us he came to visit Jason.

Balfour, we learned through the news, had a crack addiction and was busted this summer when police stopped him and saw a crack rock in plain view in his car.

Thus, with Balfour's addiction, why in the hell would he be up and out at 7 AM for anything? Unemployed crack cocaine users are usually up late, go to bed late, and sleep through most of the day, then repeat the same cycle of pursuing the rock. Figuratively speaking, that is their job, and speaking of jobs, Jason Hudson didn't appear to have one. This begs the question, where was he getting his income?

Jason Hudson was shot in the leg this year but refused to get treatment for it at a hospital. We can speculate that he knew who shot him, but he didn't want the police asking him a hundred questions in an Emergency Room, which may have invited attention to whatever he was doing.

This is what I suspect happened: William Balfour and Jason Hudson were more than drug buddies and were dealing on the side. Balfour's mother alleged in this interview with Nancy Grace.

I can't stand Nancy Grace. I've always thought she's not only a "people" stupid bitch, but a racist who has be "in control" when interacting with black people. This makes her less effective as an attorney and a media professional.

Grace wasted a lot of time being defensive because Balfour's mother was so angry about the media, when she should have pursued the mother's allegation that Jason Hudson and William Balfour were running drugs together.

Here's another video of Noxious Nancy that interesting only in the interview with a man about Jason's gun being used in all three murders.

Between Jason and Balfour, I think Balfour screwed up big time on a cocaine deal. I speculate that he came to the house that morning at 7AM to discuss the deep shit they were in and how they needed pay back whoever they owed. Two hours later, their dealer spotted his car in front on the Hudson house, killed Jason, the mother, and took the kid.

This is where I'm split. Either Balfour escaped from the murderer(s) before they could kill him, or he promised them he'd get the money owed if they spared his life.

The police figured out that someone else was involved, but they were too stuck on the domestic violence angle and other trails went cold.

William Balfour ain't the brightest bulb in the box, but he knows that if snitches, he's dead immediately. If he keeps his mouth shut but still charged with multiple counts of homicide, he'll live several years on Death Row.

Balfour doesn't realize it, but he's safer in jail. If I were a thugged out dealer and he was released in December for lack of evidence, he'd be dead in 48 hours or less.

I reader left me comment earlier this morning on the spectacle Julia Hudson has been making of herself on her MySpace page. I hadn't been keeping up with her at all; the elections were too exciting and I moved on to other things. I've read a variety of links and will share my thoughts on her in an upcoming, separate post this week, not about her per se, but mentioning her as an example when too much for too long goes wrong in a person's life and they descend into a downward social drift.


Addedum #5 - November 13, 2008 @ 4:30 AM

Jezus Christ this case is fascinating. It's gone beyond a gang hit to having 'mob' written all over it.

Jennifer Hudson and "some family members" are currently being protected by billionaire Donald Trump's folks at his Chicago hotel:

"She's a great girl. And we're protecting them well," Trump told PEOPLE [magazine] at a benefit honoring Australia director Baz Luhrman at the Museum of Modern Art Monday night. "They are very safe."

This begs the question, why the fuck does Jennifer Hudson need protection? I read a couple weeks ago that she was scared, which then made me wonder why.

Chicago is long known for it's history of the mob, which later became intertwined with black gangs. William Balfour joined the Gangster Street Disciples at the age of 11.

Balfour and the late Jason Hudson were gang members of the Gangster Disciples, which rakes in $1M a week thru drug deals. That amount of cocaine needs rich folks with planes to transport it here. No, I ain't saying Trump is involved, and here's a nod of approval for his protecting Jennifer and her sister Julia, and whatever other relatives who may be at risk for knowing too much.

I'm kicking around the idea of doing another post on it.



  1. last query is a good one, but all of your theories see tenable - u charlie chan up in here

  2. so glad you submitted your theories to the police.

  3. Charlie Chan! You old as Moses, Torrance! LOL. The young folks don't have a clue to who he was, but we do. Thanks.

    Emeritus, I did a follow up call today. The guy I spoke with sounded worn out. He said they have hundreds of detectives on this case covering many bases.


    By now, we know the body of that poor child was found today. I'm guessing that if they assess he was murdered before Balfour was arrested on Friday afternoon, then Balfour may very well charged.

    One question will or should be is, was he an accessory to this triple homicide, or was someone else involved? Either way, this case will drag on longer.

  4. Charlie Chan? I can't believe a young folk like Torrance knows about CC. . . or you Kit.

    Yea, you got some Perry Mason stuff going on here Kit.
    You a murder mystery novel fan?

  5. Sagacious, heh-heh. The young'uns don't know about Perry Mason either. [He and Charlie Chan were fictional TV characters who could solve unsolvable crimes.]

    I used to lay across the foot of my grandmother's bed watching them with her. She was also a fan of Alfred Hitchock and The Twightlight Zone too. I like certain types of sci-fi more than mysteries, and preferably stories that combine the two, i.e., old Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

    I like the old shows dating back to the early 60s, which is when I mentally checked into the world as a wee thing. I remember so much from my fourth birthday on. It's like my brain lit up and said hello world! There's a photo of me from back then in my Tarzan-Jane Palin-McCain article from last week.

    Otherwise, no charges in this crime at hand. Me n' Xavier were talking about it yesterday, where the bodies were found, etc. He felt if it wasn't Balfour, anyone could have knocked on the door, and as soon as Hudson's mother cracked it open, pointed a gun in her face and easily entered w/o it being a forced entry.

    He's a bit too macho to imagine the brother had a woman who spent the night and shot him during in an argument that morning. Shee-it. He just don't know. I don't know why; women snap too and it happened in our own extended family years ago, but that's another story for another day.

  6. I want to go with the drug dealing theory...not to be negative but there has been no one to step up and say from his "job" that he [Jason] was such a nice young man who did not deserve this...actually I've noticed that no one has talked about no one deserving this except for saying Jennifer and her mother Darnell didn't no one has said, and by no one I mean neighbors and family friends, Julia and Jason didn't deserve this...who was caught up in what? That is the question I ask?

    Recently the neighbors next door to my aunt in the town over have been having drive by shootings at their beautiful house because their brother came in from NYC and owed the Jamiacans some drug money and everyday until they paid they shot up the house...

    So why hasn't a former coworker, employer, or something of Jason come forth and say he didn't deserve this? Why didn't they move? They didn't have to leave the city but they could have moved to the north side...

    In the end the only theory I can think of is the drug/crime theory...But for me...a younger person I always go by the 10 Crack Commandments even with my personal love life or professional life...I mean I use it as an interpretation of my life...Rule nombre uno: never let no one know how much, dough you hold, cause you know/The cheddar breed jealousy 'specially/if that man fucked up, get your ass stuck up/Number two: never let em know your next move/Don't you know Bad Boys move in silence or violence/Take it from your highness (uh-huh)/I done squeezed mad clips at these cats for they bricks and chips/Number three: never trust no-bo-dy/Your moms'll set that ass up, properly gassed up/Hoodie to mask up, shit, for that fast buck/she be layin in the bushes to light that ass up/Number four: know you heard this before/Never get high, on your own supply/Number five: never sell no crack where you rest at/I don't care if they want a ounce, tell em bounce/Number six: that god damn credit, dead it/You think a crackhead payin you back, shit forget it/Seven: this rule is so underrated/Keep your family and business completely seperated/Money and blood don't mix like two dicks and no b****/Find yourself in serious shit/Number eight: never keep no weight on you/Them cats that squeeze your guns can hold jobs too/Number nine shoulda been number one to me/If you ain't gettin bags stay the fuck from police/If niggaz think you snitchin they ain't tryin listen/They be sittin in your kitchen, waitin to start hittin/Number ten: a strong word called consignment/Strictly for live men, not for freshmen/If you ain't got the clientele say hell no/Cause they gon want they money rain sleet hail snow

  7. Whoa, Cheri! That last paragraph was torture. You could have just left a link to that Biggie Smalls rap song. I won't comment on the brother's lifestyle beyond what I already stated in the post - it needs a thorough investigation.


    Breaking news in the past 20 minutes reveals the child died of multiple gunshot wounds.

    It did not give the date and time of death, citing an ongoing investigation. If the child died after Balfour was in custody, this will make the case more complex.

    At this hour, the feds haven't rushed to charge Balfour. This may be:
    1. Strategic, while they build a solid and good case,
    2. Or May reflect a lack of evidence and even innocence.

    I'm satisfied with the pace of this investigation. The FBI and Chicago feds need to follow every trail, so that justice, when it comes, will come to the right person.

  8. cheri's kid,
    actually some of the interviews in chicago,immediately following the breaking news reports of the deaths, there were neighbors who said he didn't deserve this because he was a very likeable guy and never had beef with anyone. He was known for barbecuing and playing chess in front of the house. I read that he was an auto mechanic. maybe he worked from home, shade tree mechanic but there were people saying he wasn't into anything. you could probably go to the chicago tribune site and find some of those videos.
    I understand why they didn't move. According to reports and the fact that they have lived in the area trouble free all this time says a great deal about their family. They didn't consider themselves celebrities despite their sister's success and willingness to move them but it seems the mother/family was well loved and respected in the community. Also, for some people, moving causes more problems with adjusting and trying to fit into a new environment.Even if they had moved they'd still be in the area visiting friends and fam there. Check out some of the reports on the Tribune site. I also think the police dept is trying to gather solid evidence to be able to prosecute. Had this case not had the celebrity attachment, it wouldn't have received the number of detectives assigned. I just think they are trying to cover every angle because the world is watching on this one and they couldn't just beat a confession out of him which is routine for the chicago p.d.
    wasn't Perry Mason the guy in the wheel chair Kit?

  9. C, glad you reported about the brother. I said in the post he looked like a likeable man and what you said confirmed this. I still wonder if he had a jealous girlfriend who did the deed.

    I also like your points about a family not wanting to move away from their neighborhood simply b/c they have more money. I tried this once and hated it, and missed my old 'hood.

    Best of all, I like your point about the cops not doing what they sometimes do in getting a 'confession' - beat it out of him. All eyes are on them and they're playing it by the book. Good.

  10. Kit,
    I feel you. I live in a different state than where I grew up and I have a beautiful home but the neighbors are distant, in actions, we wave but it's not like where i grew up where you know everybody etc. and up the block the guys sit at Ms. Sims' house and play chess when it's hot out. It's all picturesque and suburban where I am now but nobody seems to really enjoy it the way the people did on my block. I can only imagine what went through Jason's mind seeing that he liked to just chill in front of the house at Jennifer's suggestion that they move to a different neighborhood :)...It'd be like they were the beverly hillbilly's moving to a swanky neighborhood where he'd get STARES for just chilling in a chair in front of the crib, you know? the paper said there was a bottle of mustard sitting by the grill still, proof that like the neighbors said he was always grilling and fed anyone who came to their home. The neighbor said he'll miss his smile, that was always on his face. That kid,th ex-husband,did it, maybe with help but he did it. A scared child with more emotions than knowledge of what to do with them and no coping skills at the prospect of being discarded from a truly lovig family. According to the chicago tribune they argued because her check had been garnished for missed car payments that he hadn't paid even though he'd taken the car. Just a tragedy.

    So is Perry Mason the guy in the wheelchair? don't make me google :)

  11. C, I sure hope you're right that Balfour did it. I added an addendum a few minutes ago because some things aren't adding up; too many loose ends, and it's critical justice is served to right person or the killer will still be walking around free and another black will have died for nothing.

    I'm feelin' ya too about your experience moving. That was beautiful description. I'll check in a moment to see if you have a blog.

    Re: Perry Mason. In the original series, he was not in a wheelchair. I vaguely recall they ran a new one in the 70s where he was but I didn't watch it more than a few times.

  12. I took a look at Balfour's Myspace page...under mood it said "forgotten". I'm starting to have doubts that he pulled the trigger.

    I cover cases like this all the time in my job, and something about this just doesn't smell right with me.

    Balfour should have been arrested by now. Investigators are obviously exploring other theories. And they're probably the same as the ones you sent them.
    I just hope they find the scumbag who did this.

    You really are Charlie Chan up in here!

  13. Kit, Jason and Jennifer had an apt in that large house, is what I read and Julia also. That area of town has some huge old mansion style houses that are big enough for several families.

    Another point, Chicago Public Schools had what they call a Professional Developement Day last Friday. Teachers and staff go but kids have the day off. The killer would not have expected Julian to be home as these days off are scattered through-out the year.

    The police say they will not press charges until all evidence is analyzed and the case is iron clad. They can hold Balfour until April on the parole violation so they have time to check him out and any other theories. Believe me, the FBI is involved and many public officials including Mayor Daley and Sen. Obama have shown an interest in this case.
    Your theories are quite possible.
    This is a nightmare.

  14. L.A., Thanks, and that's very interesting. I missed that on his MySpace page. My son looked at it and noticed it had been updated on Sunday 10/26 which was weird. Maybe someone had his password.

    Jackie, what a damn shame school was out that day! The timing couldn't have been worse. I too am glad they've been taking their time.

    Otherwise, I just added a 2nd addendum. The new info is damning and I think he may be guilty. We'll see.

  15. Kit,
    this whole scenario is tragic for EVERYONE, Balfour included. He deserves the death penalty and he and his accomplices will get served but he is more proof of our problematic justice system. He went to prison relatively young, the child of convicted murderer and a mom who worked two jobs to support him and a sibling. He's a small guy so who knows what indignities he endured in prison or what animalistic characteristics he had to use to survive. He is released and probably full of rage and humiliation and told to straighten up and fly right and not fortunate enough to have someone like you, as your son does, to help him navigate this complex world and his fragile emotional terrain. A virtual grenade with the pin already pulled, ill equipped to handle a 'perceived' humiliation by who just want their love and respect reciprocated. Then 'kaboom' he explodes and a families are destroyed. He probably never felt like he deserved to be a part of their family anyway. By neighbors accounts he was a loving stepfather but of course he made mistakes. You pointed out his stupid crime which finally show how charges can not always reflect what actually happened. I'm starting to blog in your comments sorry but I feel for all parties involved, the Hudsons, Mrs. Balfour who has to live with her son's shame and undoubtedly be blamed for it and with the fame attached to this case, she'll be hated and judged by the world for something beyond her control. Most cases like this don't get this type of thorough investigation or press but this is a story more common and heartbreaking than we know. I'm not trying to justify his behavior he should pay for what he's done but these issues aren't as cut and dried as we like to make them and until we do something we'll deal with this except it won't be someone famous so it won't get this type of scrutiny. I hope we actually learn from this case rather than just judge and cheer at his inevitable and deserved execution.sorry this is so long :)

  16. oh yeah,
    My mom said Raymond Burr played both characters, Perry Mason and Ironside, both detectives. Perry Mason is way before my time but I vaguely remembered Ironside-watching with my grandmom as a kid--she called him Perry Mason cause it was the same actor :)

  17. C, I don't disagree with a single thing you said. I applaud your comment. You are 100% right about the tragedy of all involved and Balfour's as well. It was a perfect assessment of how and why he got to be such an effed up human being. I don't know what kinds of resources he had as a youth, but I'm betting that they were damn thin given that he lived in Chicago where there are so many impoverished black boys at risk. Had there been more and better programs and recreational facilities, he may have turned out totally different. Although he became a monster (assuming he's guilty), it's not hard at all to transform any brand new infant into one.

    C, I really hope you start your own blog. Please do, even if you post only once a week. You write well but more importantly have the valuable point of view of looking at the big picture. Let me know if you take that step and I'll blogroll you.

  18. Hmmmm, I'mma go with Balfour's lover. Her type of situation could easily induce insanity.

    Once it all pans out, I'll be sure to compare notes with your posts.

  19. its sad indeed

    i feel saddend whenever some god awful confused black person takes the life of another black person

    this also goes to show people that just because you have money and seem to have everything going for yopu you can still suffer

    ask micheal jordan, bill cosby, venus and serena and many other celebrities who had family members killed

    we have to stop all violence

    not just seek to escape from it

    whats your sign by the way

  20. Tubman, The closest I'll ever tell anyone: the Peace Sign.

    Real Hustla, You still thinking it Balfour's pregnant gf was involved? She was one of the main 'sources' who ratted him out. This case getting is getting more complicated.

  21. Kit,
    I have a blog that I started some time ago but haven't had time to update much. I plan to do more with it and I'll let you know.

    All this TMZ reporting is annoying because they just dig up court documents and display them without giving any context to the cases. a guilty plea or a conviction means nothing especially if they had court appointed attorneys. Those cases are old and the King guy has served his time. They don't appear to be big time in the dope game and every black boy/man on the planet is in a gang if you ask the law. The only upside to the fame angle is the police are going to actually put in the work and do thorough investigations so someone isn't just locked up for the sake of getting a conviction. We'll see how it all turns out. Still reeks of crime of passion though and it sucks that all the skeletons that may have nothing to do with the case are being tossed out for the world to analyze and discuss and judge that family. Doesn't matter who did what, you don't kill someone's mother and child.

  22. Hey K.I.T.!!

    How I thank you for covering all of the different aspects of this entire situation....

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  23. I had read your post about the tragedy and I sincerely was sad for the family, then I came across this link which makes me question Julia. How is this possible ? I'm really hoping it was someone else who hacked into her account and put the photos up.

  24. Thanks all, and thanks Malaikafor mentioning this. I hadn't kept track of Julia's odd behavior or updated the story since Oct 29. I'll address your question in a separate post in the next day or two or three. In the meantime, I added Addendum #4 this morning.

  25. Jezus Christ this case is strange. Has 'mob' written all over it. Jennifer Hudson and "some family members" are being protected by billionaire Donald Trump's folks at his Chicago hotel:

    "She's a great girl. And we're protecting them well," Trump told PEOPLE [magazine] at a benefit honoring Australia director Baz Luhrman at the Museum of Modern Art Monday night. "They are very safe."

    William Balfour and the late Jason Hudson were gang members of the Gangster Disciples, which rakes in $1M a week thru drug deals. That amount of cocaine needs rich folks with planes to transport it here. No, I ain't saying Trump is involved, and here's a nod of approval for protecting Jennifer and her sister, and whatever other relatives who may be at risk for knowing too much. I'll add this to yet another addendum.


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