Tuesday, November 4, 2008


"Hold firmly, without wavering,
to the hope that we confess."

- Barack Obama, quoting Scripture,
at the end of his Democratic Presidential Nominee
acceptance speech on August 28, 2008

We did indeed. We held firmly, and went from Yes We Can to Yes We Did!

I am simultaneously laughing and crying at the same time that enough people in these United Stated united together to make change possible.

Barack will be everybody's President, but Black America is particularly proud. We will never be same. Our ancestors and dead civil rights activists are surely weeping with joy in heaven above, and our youth have a fantastic role model.

OMG, I am so, so, so incredibly proud. I will never, ever forget this joyous moment. I have witnessed history, a history I never dreamed I would see in my lifetime.

And God bless all the whites, Latinos, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and any others who supported and had faith in a Barack Presidency. This includes the anti-war and anti-racist and anti-Bush policy crowd, all inspired that this decent human being is the best man for the job. He could not have been elected without your embracing change and accepting him for what he can offer this nation.

And with us, most of the rest of the world will be celebrating that America finally came to its senses.

We can depend on this: recall those tens of thousands of Germans in their own country who came to see him speak this past summer, and they can't even vote for him. Wow. *laughs happily* Just saw they've began the party in Africa!

Everybody can claim Barack if they want to. His history is unique and his love for humanity speaks loud and clear.

We're popping the corks here. Barack, you had a vision and a plan, and we love you for that. Congrats baby, to you and our First family!

Cheers, and open thread if ya want!


  1. I've been crying since I voted. Everytime I've thought about it. Its so moving. I'm waiting on my husband to toast him. We are so ready to celebrate.

  2. YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. YES WE CAN!!!!!

    im in tears!

    yes we can!!!!!!

  4. Just read headlines that the Asian stock market rose in response to an Obama Presidency. Oh man, the world is giddy with joy!

  5. wowowowoowow!!!!!

    words cannot express . . .

  6. Amazing!!

    Unreal -- yet it is real.

    Yes we did!!

  7. We are living in a truly epic stage in history, and I could not be any prouder! Gone are the days of uncertainty where young children of color are told that they can be anything they want to be...by parents who believe otherwise.

    On this day, we KNOW we can truly achieve ANYTHING!

    Yes We Can. Yes We Did. Yes We Will!

  8. Our man had the audacity to hope and so did we! It's been over three hours now and I'm still smiling!

  9. I woke up with a different kind of smile on my face and in my heart this morning. It feels wonderful, peaceful, satisfying.

  10. it is a new day, a new time and I am FEELING GOOD!

    I know I can't celebrate like this in 2012! LOL! OMG...going back to bed!

  11. YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yesterday my mom and I went to the polls together and my 87 year old grandmother also voted who has been in failing health for the past 9 months and just recently was in the hospital she had the biggest smile on her face when the poll worker came out to the car with the machine so she could cast her ballot.

    I am so proud! I can't stop smiling and crying with joy. This is a moment that I WILL never forget. To see black,white, Asian, Latinos and every other nationality cheering when the counts came in was an experience of a lifetime.

  12. The sun is a bit brighter today. Thank God for this victory, which is for all of America!

  13. I am still crying and its the morning after, that's how amazed and happy I am. I just want to savor this moment.

    YES WE CAN!!!!

  14. I wept when I saw the 4 Obamas take to the stage and I realized that history was in the making in some way. It may not mean the triumph of anti-racism in America, and it may not mean the solution to all of our policy blunders and economic woes of the last 8 years. But it did show a first confident step in a much yearned for new direction. And it is being spearheaded by people that look like me. And for that, and all of what it represents historically and currently, I wept. And Im still weeping now.

    ps I *love* your blog. Been lurking a short while and I am sold. Thank you Trill for having the courage to say what many black folks think and talk about in private company but needs to be a public conversation about how we as a people can do better. Especially after last night, we have only just begun to blow the world's minds!

  15. It's a great day in America! Hail to the Chief kit! By the way, your previous post is one of the best I've ever read. Keep it trill...

  16. I feel blessed to see this moment in history, but was reminded by my reality today when my employer told me that he didn't think the job was a good fit for me, and that I was still on a probationary period when I tried to call out and explain that I can't come in because I have no money and no gas to get to work. I appreciate Barack as a man, because he preaches the true meaning of hope, and when he said he's running for college students who only get 3 hours of sleep a night, he was talking about me. I've had to sacrifice a lot to finish out this last year of school, a full time job and apartment, among other things, but God is good, and hopefully by the time Barack is finished with his first term, I can be a LICSW and on the road to being my own boss! I do feel a change, and if anything, he just inspired me more to work hard. When they announced him as president, I felt like I could fly.

  17. I never saw so many beautiful people laughing and crying at the same time as I did last night.
    Good to be here with you today here in this new world Kit!!
    I was afraid I'd be the only one crying with joy last night.

  18. Great moment in history. I posted over at daddyBstrong about the importance of taking time out to reflect on this great new day and what means for this country...for our children.

  19. I can feel your excitement in that post.

    Check out what I wrote if you have the time.

    Black people are feeling really charitable to everybody right now. We understand that we couldn't do this without other folks' help.

  20. Thank you all for your comments and stories. Feels great to share the joy with one another! Today, except briefly, I spent it relaxing outdoors followed by a nap. I've visited a couple blogs and will hit some more in a few minutes. Also,

    Natasha, you said, a "new direction... it is being spearheaded by people that look like me. I wept." I can relate to that.

    Rena, that was a touching story about your grandmother voting and will be a wonderful memory for you. I'm amazed and pleased they went that extra mile to make sure she voted.

    Wallace, thank you for the wonderful compliment on my previous post, Pre-Election Anticipation: Riding On The Backs Of Misery & Struggle. I'm smiling now; the first page of a new chapter in history has begun!

    Goldiilocs, sorry to hear your placement bombed. It occasionally happens and I hope you get another soon.

  21. High fives allllll around. Good God Almighty!

  22. My placement didn't bomb. It's actually going great! It's everything else that sucks! LOL, but go OBAMA!!!!!

  23. KIT!! I freakin missed you!! Anyhoo, I'm SO ECSTATIC about my President being BLACK!!! But more importantly, I'm extrenely happy that the RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB was elected. I agree that the fact that European nations are cheering us on (now) speaks volumes about Barack's character. I was a mix of tears and laughs when CNN announced that Obama IS the President-Elect. I was screaming, jumping, falling all over the place!! I'm just so happy, and so blessed to have been a part of this historical moment. WOW!!! YES WE DID!!!

  24. Real Hustla, *high five back*

    Goldiilocs, glad to hear that!

    Shy, *hug* Glad to see you back too! What should this phenomenon be called? Obamagasm?

  25. Kit I've been so blown away I aint even been online. I'm calm now, but a for a while it was crazy. My emotions have been truly fucked up since 11pm on Tuesday night. Its like I'm happy, I'm proud, and I'm mad all at the same time.

    Remember the movie Boyz In The Hood? Remember the part when Cuba Gooding started crying and flipped out after gettin hassled by the cops for nothing? Thats how I was around here. I'd start crying, then get mad when I think back to all the racist shit I've encountered in my life thus far.

    But today is definitely a new day.

  26. Rippa, I can relate, oh how I can relate. I've written a little but posted nothing since 11/4. Spent less time on sites and more time outdoors chilling. That 11 PM feel good moment is etched into my memory forever and I stuck every worry on the backshelf to savor how great I feel over the majority of Americans voting for sanity and civility.

    This ain't say hard times aren't our doorstep, but for the past three days, I've said eff it with a smile.

  27. Kit I made the mistake of logging on to one of my favotite "other" blog sites and saw an Anti-Obama blog written by a black man and I went smooth the fuck off! I went to war with him and all the other racist bastards on there and it wasnt even funny. This was the day after, and it was then I decided to step away from the keyboard.


  28. I love your title. I will snoop around your articles and keep checking back.

    You might enjoy this writing here.

    My Chicago Election Day Diary

    These are my musings related to the day from Ground Level, Chicago.

  29. Shy, Ya like that, huh? Don't tempt me, I might use it again, lol! I heard it once many months ago somewhere. It seemed a little too cutesy then but came to mind the other day as a perfect description.

    Kofi, Kofi, I'll check it out.

    Rippa, I made a point to NOT visit enemy sites, except I did check out one story that made my mouth drop open the day after. I may or may not post about that, but I wanted us to savor in the positive feelings a few days. Eff the haters along with their pet Oreo cookies, ya know?

    These past three days have been one long high that belongs to the Yes We Can folks. What a party it's been! Right on, baby, for not letting nobody ruin it for you!

  30. What a week! I'm so glad that God allowed me to live during a time as this.


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