Saturday, November 22, 2008

Passing The Love:
The Brilliante Weblog Award

I love getting awards, and was delighted on Monday after discovering that I received a Brilliante Weblog Award from Angela, the blogger for NuVision For A Nu Day. When I first learned a couple months ago that she can't see, I couldn't fathom her frustration of learning how to use a computer. It seems an impossible task.

It was I who could not see. It was I who lacked the imagination that a serious handicap such as this could be not be overcome. Check out her blog for a dose of inspiration.

The other reason I'm happy this award is that I can pass it along. I'm a double our joy and halve our pain kind of person, and think that when we share our thoughts, opinions, and life experiences, we find commonalities but also have the opportunity to chew on new ideas which push us out of our comfort zone, and this lends itself to personal growth.

So, here are five of the new seven recipients of the Brilliante Blogger Award and two Honorary Mentions, and I hope you visit their blogs and enjoy them as much as I do. They're listed in alphabetical order and you can click on the title to link there:

Black Girl In Maine

Here's a unique sista living up in Maine, where she sees more brown trees in a day than people in a month. I enjoy her take on life and straight forward conversation about personal and political issues many of us think about. Black Girl In Maine was the first person I saw on the entire Internet use this phrase, titled in her blog, Terrorist Is The New N-Word. That post made my Hall of Fame for that.

The Fackin' Truth

Hawa is another sista who has designed a beautiful blog. In one post she said she began it write about work, love, marriage, and relationships, but branched into politics thanks to the exciting O-Man - Hillbilly show. Hey, I can relate that. This year got a bunch of us fired up.

I like her well-written personal and social commentaries. One of my favorite posts has a great deal of depth and insight about conflict when lovers fight: "you've never been passionately in love if you've never fought with passion."

La Bella Vita

La has got to be one of the most talented sistas on the net. Her writing is superb and her creativity is enormous. And no, this isn't a news type political commentary blog. No, her soul shares what our souls go through in the personal realm. Some are quite sensuous, such as this one, simply titled Part 1.

This summer, I discovered one of her other blogs that's been inactive for awhile, and dumb-dumb me didn't notice her other ones until recently. (Look a dust bunny! Oh curses to my mild but annoying ADHD ways!)

As a result, I'm just dipping my feet into the waters of her blog, and discovered her past posts are timeless and great to read through. One category falls under 'Labels' in her right sidebar, called Almost Fiance Fables. Whew!


Siddity, a black woman with a white spouse, nicely covers a varity of topic involving race, and her specialty is discussing interracial dating relationships.

I was never into the IR scene much, but can appreciate someone taking the time to write about the pros and cons of these relationships. She does this well.

We Respectable Negroes

I love this site. Remember when CNN did the Black In America documentary that disappointed or pissed off most black folks because they made us look like such losers? Well, Chauncy wrote a banging post in response titled, White In America: The Never To Be Made TV Documentary.

This made my Hall of Fame, not because I'm a hater and relish in the stupidy of white folks, but because it was funny, and also shows how any group can look like idiots if you focus on the negativity. They've done other great posts over there and the favorites are at the lower right sidebar; check 'em out.

These two bloggers below were not interested in an award, but I'd like to give them an Honorary Mention so you can visit their sites if you haven't already:

Ben Heine Political Art

Ben expresses his thoughts of global injustice via his fabulous artwork. Every now and then this Belgium cartoonist will also select a poem or write a post about something that addresses universal suffering, and he's particularly attuned to the plight of the Palestinian people. In addition to his blog, you can find most of his collection here. If you can't view it all, you'll need to join the Deviant Art site.

I Love You... But, by Ben Heine

Economic Crisis In The U.S., by Ben Heine

The United States of Anthony

Anthony writes first class political and news commentaries that hook you in the first few sentences. He covers a wide range of topics, and his recent post, Whites Buying Guns For A War On Blacks made my Hall of Fame.

On Mondays, he covers drug issues. His focus is on the decriminalization of marijuana. I concur with this for the simple reason that over half of all Americans have used it, including our President Elect and the majority of Congress.

Despite this, it is used as tool of oppression to incarcerate mostly young black and brown males and the white poor. It also enriches the privatized prison industry and makers of alcohol - a more dangerous drug - because they know they'd lose business if weed were legalized. Thus, they have a commercial interest in lobbying for malevolent, harsh laws rather than taking Canada's approach.

I have a couple more awards to pass out; I'll do that around Christmastime.

Winners, you can copy the photo of the award from my right side bar and post it on your site, and can pass along up to seven of these to other bloggers.


  1. thanks for links to some blogs that are new to me, looking forward to them.

    the awards are stacking up for you, kit! i'm not surprised, not at all surprised.

  2. Congrats Kit! Definitely well-deserved :-).

  3. Thank you KIT for the award, I appreciate it. I also appreciate the exposure to some great new blogs, well new to me anyway :)

  4. Great picks Kit! You couldn't have left any of those out!

  5. Hey there K.I.T.!

    You really work hard on your blog and I am so thankful that you are continuing to keep it interesting each week!

    Congratulations to you!!

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!


    I love being in the same company as give me the illusion of being smart...LOL!

  7. Warm thanks, I feel very honored and you made me discover some interesting people

  8. OMG. A coworker who I sent to your blog came to my desk today (Monday morning) and told me about the award. He started with "congratulations... I was at Keep It Trill over the weekend...."

    I don't take these lightly. Perhaps I'm in too deep, but I feel like I won an Oscar when a blogger I respect gives a nod to my spot. hehe

    I thank you so much, Kit!

    (And LOL at recent post about playing jokes on the kids. My two sons are about due for a GOOD one.)

    Hawa, author of
    Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
    Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

  9. Congratulations and thank-you. (smile) Its funny because when I started blogging it was more to just vent since you are so right, I see more brown trees than I see brown folks up here.

    I will definitely think about who to pass this on to.

  10. Thank you everyone, congratulations, and I hope you all enjoy the links as much as I do.

  11. thank you! always appreciated. now, if we had a job to give you or perhaps an award...hmmmm..

    chauncey devega


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