Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Until The Next Time...

Hi folks. I'll be doing some fairly intensive job preparation until the holidays and may not post before then, or even during the Christmas season if I can sneak in a vacation.
Of course, if something BIG happens in the news, I'll squeeze in time to write a commentary.

I have many timeless essays on the right sidebar. I write often about personal things but always tie it in with big picture, the political and social culture that shapes us all, including many of you to whom my stories apply.

I enjoy comments on older essays, not just whatever current one is on the page. By all means leave one if it moved you, and I'll comment back.

Until the next time, I'll see you around, probably at your blog.

Take care,

~ Kit


  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May 2010 bring us health and peace of mind (not to mention money, money, money :P). Hope you come back soon with more interesting posts!

  2. Marianne, You too, I couldn't agree more! And I do plan to post again either Christmas week or early January. Thanks.

  3. Happy Holidays Kit! Just don't go away for too long, your voice and views are needed.

  4. Kit - Enjoy the Holidays and your break.
    (Hope you knock 'em dead at your job.)

  5. Happy Holidays KIT, will be checking you out when you return!

  6. Thanks BGIM, John, and MisRepresent.
    I'll be able to squeeze in a post this weekend.

  7. Hi Kit,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Best wishes during the holidays and the coming new year.


  8. iiight Kit, don't be pullin' that disappearing shit on us again, mmkay?!!! Have a safe and blessed Christmas.


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