Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Good Idea Is Like A Gift,
And I'm Giving One To You

My head has been swimming with ideas for the past few months, ideas that haven't had time or concentration to do, at least until now.

One of the ideas I've kicked around was starting a kitchen table type of news opinion blog. It would be earthy, plainspoken, and hopefully, funny at times. Sort of like a cross between Rippa's Intersection of Madness & Reality, and Field Negro, and flavored by me, Kit.

I'm still undecided about this. From a news commentary perspective, the Internet is already a Tower of Babel. Need I really add more opinions to it? Even if they resonate with you? I have to think more on this.

Another idea is one I put into effect today that you might want to do yourself.

I made a blog for each of my children. My son, however, is an adult, and I wasn't sure he'd be interested in reading it. He surprised me as he often does.

"Go for it," he said enthusiastically. "I'll put stuff on it for you too."

"Like what?", I ask.

"My music... and things I might want to say but forget about later."

I smile, he smiles back with pride. His lyrics are probably one of the best ways he communicates his feelings.

So, why should you or I do this?

It occurred to me last year that although I'm young, my son is grown and will be on his own soon, and in only two years, and if my young daughter gets a scholarship and lives in a dorm far away, she'll only be 16 and might find late night soothing words and advice from mama just the thing she needs.

In addition, I also think about life is so uncertain. Any of us could unexpectedly check out. I lost my mother in 2004. I was lucky to have had her for as long as I did, and I miss her voice, her wisdom, her humor.

Thus, should something happen to me while my children are young, they would miss out on so many things I'd like to tell them, particularly my youngest who isn't ready for all the discussions I expect we'll have in the years to come. Thoughts on dating, friends, classmates and professors, co-workers and bosses, religion, spiritualism, money, the seduction of consumerism and materialism, you name it. Just little random bits of wisdom that I learned along the way.

As I've been writing this post, it hit me also that other young women might enjoy a similar type of blog, where I speak to you directly in a way that's different from this one, and I think it'll be different from any other I've seen out here in cyberspace.

*long pause... start creating second blog... will post to it Sunday afternoon, and from there on, each weekend*

Some births, like some decisions, come easy.

The content in this one aspires to be wise and nurturing, distinctly feminine, somewhat old-fashioned, and is called
Letters To A Young Sista.

It's for you to read and enjoy, all of you, sistas as well as brothas, for we are yin and yang, and at our best, we compliment one another.

In the meantime, below is the first post for the private blog for my youngest, as a starter idea how to set up one for your son, daughter, or loved one.


You'll Always Be My Boo

We're sitting here in my bedroom. I'm at the computer, you're sprawled across the bed. I am laughing and you are laughing at me for my perpetual nerdiness.

Today, the first day of Spring, I'm showing you this blog. No fancy layout yet, and the title of it is undecided. It's for you sweetie, just random thoughts about life that might be helpful to you in the future, when you're in college two years or in the event that I take that trip to eternity while you're still young.

Right now you're eating an orange.

"You know what's good?", you ask.

I raise an eyebrow.

You answer, "Putting it in the freezer for an hour before eating."

I nod my approval. "Better than ice cream and less fattening," I say.

"And what were you eating this morning?!", you demand.

Oh, but your I gotcha tone of voice. I laugh. You scold me and say, "Ice cream on pancakes!"

"It was a rare treat," my inner child replies, still smiling and not feeling a shred of guilt.

"Not at 8 o'clock in the morning!"

You give me that look. You're great at that. I chuckle.

"Okay," I concede. "Tomorrow I'll have a semi-frozen orange for breakfast."

This time you nod your approval. You're so special. You are a child, but I can see the inner-mother in you. Perhaps you should be writing sage wisdoms for me. I love you.

~ Mom


  1. I really like this idea, Kit. I've been holding on to words of wisdom (at least they are in my to share with my niece. I didn't necessarily want to post them on my main spot, so you've inspired me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Curvy Girl, Thanks, and I'll bet you have some nice things to share with her.

    Readers, I just finished my first post on my new 2nd blog,
    Letters To A Young Sista
    . It's lighter than this one, which can be heavy and quite personal at times, political at others. I think some of you will enjoy because it's, well, different, or aspires to be. So come on by when you get a chance and your input is welcome.

  3. I think this is a great,great and original idea!and I just may copy you if you don't mind :)....

  4. Cactus Rose, That's the point, to share the idea.

  5. Wonderful idea... and even in teh relatively short post for your daughter, I can feel deep love.
    Simply wonderful.

  6. This is a wonderful idea for the women in my family. Thanks for sharing the idea, Kit.

  7. Trish & Penny, Thank you. As for the other site, I am reworking the first post but got caught up in the weather and nice day here, then the health care reform decision in progress, and one aspect of the outcome which I plan to post about here tomorrow.

  8. How come you're full of ideas and I can't even think of a blog topic half the time?!?

    See, you know stuff. That's just one of the many reasons why I come to your blog KIT.

  9. Reggie, Thanks honey, for making me chuckle. Geez, I must run across five topics a day I could blog about, just from scanning the news. Two things stop me: real life outside of cyberspace, and a real concern about whether there's value to myself or an audience who is relatively powerless to make changes reported in the news. This is one reason I write a lot of essays, because they are timeless, whereas news gets stale about as fast as fish starts to stink.

    For example, if most of had our wishes, it would be that we'd all have free universal health care as good as medicare and the interest rates would cap at 5%.

    I try a lot of different stuff, though, especially involving writing. I get bored with half of it and it never sees the light of day, so I scrap it.

    Some of the things I've tried have failed, partially because I get impatient, and don't get too bent out of shape when I do fail since I usually learn something. I have no idea if the 2nd blog I'm trying will become marginally well read or not, but so far I like the concept. Well, thanks again.

  10. Kit, that's a great idea.

    Would it be wrong for me to ask to be your play son? I mean, I love Ice Cream, and I need soothing words of wisdom.

    Okay, maybe I'll just sit back and be a...


    I am guilty
    I am a voyeur
    I call your name

    Am I really guilty?
    What is my crime
    I am a voyeur

    Gratified by observing
    I steal a glance, a moment
    Your style, your smile, you flow, you go
    You leave...

    You GIVE me stimulation
    I own this joy

    Permission is absent, consent not desired
    Fear invades me
    If you knew
    I enjoy you
    I am guilty
    I am a voyeur

    You are my punishment and my consolation
    My prize
    My feelings - my pain - I own
    You friendship is but a dream
    I am a voyeur

  11. Carey, That's a fascinating poem... a short story of unrequited love, but not the kind tinged with despair. Beautiful, and I'm honored you attached thoughts of me to it.

    In other words, you da man!

    *chuckles, thank yous and hugs*

    ~ Kit

  12. Readers, I finally finished and published the first post on my new blog, Letters To A Young Sista, along with the final touches of making it pretty. Stats show some of you have already been by, but, uh, wasn't much there :)

    Come on by now or when you get a chance and check it out.


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