Monday, March 22, 2010

Modern Day Feudal Serfs, Stuck In the Land of Stuck, Not Caring That Healthcare Reform Is Good Or Told That College Loans Are In The Package

Yeah, that's a long title, but it fits.

Anyway, further below is an excerpt from today's post by Shark Fu, titled "On Shock And Tolerance".

In it, she was addressing the despicable behavior by Tea Party demonstrators against Health Care Reform at the nation's Capitol this weekend. This Tea Party mob sank to a primitive state that involved derogatory name calling of black and gay Congressmen and even spitting on one. I even hate to use the word primitive because it's an insult to primates.

You know, I started to go to this thing on Saturday morning. One of the largest and most organized hate groups in my opinion, Fox News, which is second only to the GOP, advertised the Tea Party rally the day before.

I thought it would be an educational experience for my daughter, because the DC-Maryland area is a bubble. A good bubble for minorities, but kids growing up here haven't a clue of what people are like who still live in the Dark Ages. We live only a short distance away and wouldn't even have to change subway lines.

"Cassie, you interested in seeing what white hate looked like in the raw?"

"No thanks."

I almost went anyway to take pictures of this prehistoric weekend of these prehistoric people and blog about it, but the battery in my camera was dead. Instead I enjoyed the weather. It should've rained on those worshipers of evil and injustice, but then that would have messed up everyone elses day who was outside and doing what normal people do: enjoying life and freedom in America.

Anyway, here's an excerpt from Shark Fu's excellent take on the haters and particularly how she put her finger on how tolerance is marketed by the bigot. Read the whole thing at her blog, link following quote:

"Tolerance is a shitty contract between the privileged and the oppressed.

The privileged agree to “tolerate” otherness and difference as long as the other doesn’t make demands upon fighting for rights or equal treatment under law.

The other agrees to not challenge privilege in exchange for a false sense of security.

The health care reform debate and vote broke that contract…and beneath all that tolerance is a whole lot of ig’nance and hate, a kind of infection that hasn’t been treated because too many people have learned to tolerate the stench and pain."

~ Angry Black Bitch blog, 3/22/2010

Yeah, this is why I've always hated those diversity trainings at work that promoted tolerance. It always felt like they were going through the motions to look good, but were really covering their asses to avoid lawsuits. The only blacks in the office (me) or sometimes, two of us, would get stared at, and afterwards, nothing ever changed, including their hiring practices.

I try not to hate haters, but after seeing how the votes for Health Care reform turned out, it's a challenge. I figure some are just fiscally conservative, and others are too cowardly to risk the wrath of their party.

However, I see a bunch of those mofo's representing not the needs or wishes of their districts, but the board of directors for health insurance companies, other mega corporations, and the desire of a significant minority of the white majority to destroy anything that looks like justice for all, not just them.

Oh, I may watch my favorites, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, and Keith Oberman, but I also watch Glenn Beck, Hannity and O'Reilly, because the latter three, in my view, see us as the enemy and are constantly distorting us. We need to keep tabs on them.

Their greatest weakness is that they paint a picture where a win-win situation for all isn't good for whites. They are hired mercenaries for the wealthy. If there wasn't a single white person in the country, they'd still being spewing out hate-based propaganda to alienate and demonize the white working and underclass - just like they did in not so jolly old Tale of Two Cities in France and England in the 1800s.

I think that the Tea Partiers and generic racists are the equivalent of unenlightened white peasants and surfs. They are lied to constantly by the white elite that they could be rich "if only all those damn niggers would keep their place", or remain invisible and undemanding, and "if the Mexicans and Latinos would get the eff out of the USA."

Hell, if every black and Latino disappeared overnight, they'd still be living in trailer parks and run down old houses, because that's how the game always worked, and the reason so many of their ancestors fled Europe.

But no, they grow up yearning to be modern day princes and princesses, and I don't have a problem with that, but they're also brainwashed to believe that people of color, gays and non-Christians are holding them back.

Hell, the misinformation and omission of information has been so thorough that until today, hardly anyone knew that college student loans will now eliminate the middle men - banks. This will make them less expensive for the government, which in turn can afford to provide more loans for school, and is part of the health reform package.

But if the fixed news folks knew this, they kept that shit a secret. I didn't even find out about it until last Thursday through the Washington Post. I googled for other stories on it and there were damn few. So not only do We the People get this health care reform package signed by the President tomorrow, we'll get student loans as icing on the cake.


But no, the hardcore bigots don't seem to care about that. They would rather shoot themselves in the foot and burn this country to the ground, along with the Obama White House, rather than move forward from their Land of Stuck.

What a shame. We aren't holding them back. Health care reform won't hold them back. Those union busting corporations that only offers them shitty, part time jobs with no health insurance at big box stores has been holding them back, but they've been duped.

Well, now that civilization in this country has moved one step forward with the health care reform bill passing Congress, we can sit on pins and needles to hope one of the crazies doesn't take aim at Barack.

I swear, things have become too heated over this, and I worry about President Obama and pray for him every day, and the funny thing is, I worry less about the crowds he gives speeches to than the one of the GOP politicians with easy access to him going postal...


  1. P.S. - If you didn't see MSNBC's Rachel Maddow & Keith Olberman tonight and it's not too late to catch them in your area, do so. They had two of the best programs I've ever seen them do, and for them, that's saying a lot.

  2. Damn good post, Kit. In truth, those clowns are against any form of progress that will upset the apple cart - or the plutocracy as we know it.

    But as you said, they have a way of influencing the brainless through mis information and disinformation. So much so that people vote against their own principles.

    Now make no mistake, this bill, though historically significant still needs work. My main concern is its inability it control cost. Yes extending coverage to the uninsured is a good thing. But the main reason they (and I'm one of them) are uninsured comes down to affordability. In effect, these "exchanges" are an extension of the market to insurance companies. And it's the main reason that drug company stocks went up significantly yesterday.

    But like I said, this is a significant and much needed start - the work is not done. It is up to us to stay in the asses of those elected officials on the Hill moving forward so as to bring the change or reform beneficial to the people they serve (i.e. the electorate).

  3. Damn...get out of my head! This was an excellent post. To start off with yes, I totally agree that office diversity initatives never changed a dman thing except to make your co-workers salty they were being off off the job.

    On to the big meat though, yep totally agree that the Tea Baggers and others of their ilk are too unenlightened to understand they are being lied to. Hellloooo ain't nobody that you are lashing out at stealing your job. In some ways living in Maine is very enlightening as I see plenty o white folks in in a dman near lilly white state as we have very few folks of color and guess what a good portion of them are poor. I see white folks doing jobs that many in other parts of the country are used to seeing people of color doing...funny thing is I don't see as much venom towards people of difference because the guy doing the landscaping better understands in the man with the deep pockets who is effing him over not Tyrone and Pedro. In some ways it makes race relations better and as I joke its the reasom I live here.

    But yes by and large these folks loosing their minds are stick on stupid as my Momma used to say....hell they listen to Beck, Limbaugh and others of that ilk not realizing those fellas are entertainers. Not to say they don't believe the venom they spew but at the same time its all about a paycheck. Yet Joe Six-pack sits back with his cheap beer fuming because he can't get no healthcare cuz his employer charges too much and listening to those idiots fuels his hate. Nevermind the fact that if he thought for half a second maybe this new reform might benefit his sorry ass.

    Anyway I am just rambling but great post.

  4. As a song say I use to hear as a child," one of these days I'm going to cross that river and sit down by the master side" comes to mind when I see the ignorance from the anti-health care reform folk.

  5. Good post Boo.

    I am in the process of writing a follow up to my last post about this madness. I don't understand this shit. And what gets me is the Black people that agree with this shit. I have a brother that I work with that texted me as soon as the bill passed and said,and I quote, "Does this prove that this SOB is the Anti-Christ to you now?" America the beautiful, the land blessed by Jesus.... You gotta love it.

  6. I usually do not get my feet wet in politics, but I do read your blog. After reading this post, I am fully convinced that I've made the right decision.

    Yet, as usual, your writing skills enhanced my morning cup of coffee. This was a very good post.

    Aside from the politics of the Healthcare issue, and the core issues of the reform bill, I heard... "Leon and Big Willie are all-right with me as long as they don't live in my neighborhood or want what I have"

  7. Thank you, all. Events heated up immediately after Barack signed, as most of you probably know... rocks thrown at various democratic headquarters across the nation, Sarah Palin with her thinly disguised "aim" and "target" campaign, one guy who got too much tv time advocating violence, the hatred that oozes in the darker corners of the blogosphere.

    And guess who Hannity was talking about on the day healthcare was signed? Tiger Woods.

    I really do worry about the safety of our President, as I said in the last sentence of this post. The riots that would ensue would be exactly the thing the armed and dangerous crowd has a hard on for, so they could band together as vigilantes and hunt us down, like some did during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

    There's another aspect to all of this that bothers me greatly, and that race relations between the many blacks and whites who get along well. I'll blog on that in my next post.

  8. I worry too. It seems to be getting so out of hand! And these people are being goaded on by politicos, it's crazy! I really think someone should put a stop to it, it just seems like it's being accepted as par for the course! Crazy!

  9. Cactus Rose, The thing about Obama is that he acts very cool and even-tempered about all the hate-based and race-based dissent.

    By doing so, he's letting the GOP and the lynch mobs hang themselves with their own ropes.

  10. "Tolerance." I've always disliked that word. Really grates my ass. It implies that we have to "put up with" something or "suffer through it."

    The whole system of "diversity training" was set up by white people in charge of corporations and gov't institutions. What the real spirit of it should have been was so fucking far over their pointed little heads that it never had a chance of being anything but a patronizing pile of bullshit.


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