Sunday, May 2, 2010

Heal Or Die: The Challenge To
That Diseased Place On The Map

America's next revolution will be to vomit out the toxic racists who are struggling to take down the President and maintain white privilege.

Let's explore toxicity for a moment. When you ingest something toxic, your body shifts into survival mode. If it recognizes the danger in time, it vomits or craps out whatever is making you sick. If it doesn't, it absorbs the poison. The severity will determine whether you recover, are left in a permanently weaker state, or will die.

Now think of the culture, subculture, and nation you live it as a body. You are part of it whether like it or not.

Social toxins have always been around, particularly class issues and tribalism, aka racism, sexism, religious discrimination and other forms of bigotry. This body we live in has been feeding off various poisons since this nation was founded. It vomited up a lot of it after the Civil War when the slave holders were forced to free their hostages, when Women's Suffrage took place and men were forced to allow them the right to vote, and during the Civil Rights movement, which cleaned up a lot of the injustice left over from the Civil War.

Since a black man was elected to the White House, a huge number of whites have lost their damned minds. Their numbers are smaller than the majority of whites who made Barack's election possible, but the size of this tribe runs into tens of millions. Through medias like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, and the Party of No, they are as determined as tuberculosis, cancer, or the HIV virus to spread and consume the entire body.

Those are stupid diseases, by the way, because unlike most others, they kill the host.

"Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."

We haven't heard that saying in eons, and I think it's because the nation is so ill.

The infected whites and their equally infected, but far fewer in number of black and Latino sellouts conservatives, are oblivious that they are the disease. They actually believe they are the healthy ones. This nation has never fully vomited or crapped them out.

They continue to hijack political parties and media outlets, and recruit and train others how to hate on the healthy parts of the body and soul of this nation, which no thanks to them, has become very, very sick.

The sickest event this weekend was their drunken-like glee over a what so far is an unproved rumor that the President had an affair in 2004 with an intern.

Millions of racists have literally been praying that it's true and even began celebrating ahead of time.

They're the same ones who were glued to the TV and cheering when Bush carpet bombed the entire city of Baghdad - which wouldn't have been done if the city's residents were white, blue eyed and blonde haired. It is they who shrugged when told the WMD story was a lie, and yawned when told that over one million innocent Iraqis have been killed. They have an oh well attitude, and/or snicker over the death of 2,000 mostly black Hurricane Katrina victims and thousands more left to suffer for six days before getting help - yet get all bent out of shape over the 3,000 mostly white professionals who died in 9/11.

Funny thing is, half these white American peasants who hate are so ignorant that they couldn't get a job in the old World Trade Center if their lives depended on it. Now they're getting mental hard-ons at the possibility that our black President bedded down a woman who isn't his wife. They not only get a rush from this, but because they just know that with the help of the mostly racist GOP and fake news, they can get his black azz impeached. They're cut of the same cloth, I think, of the ones during slavery, who'd castrate and lynch a black man who dared to be, and they'd party afterwards.

The diseased ones have been dying to take out our Commander In Chief by any means possible, or cheering on those who are and will do the dirty work, from assassination to character assassination for the simple reason that he is not white.

This mob rarely fights on the grounds of well-thought out policy, which a thinking, non-racist person could respect. No, their #1 agenda is maintaining the illusion that white is superior, and this blinds most of them to legitimate liberal, middle or the road, or conservative concerns of all citizens.

Despite Obama's strength of inclusiveness - that oddly has become his greatest weakness because he tries too hard to compromise for the sake of bipartisanship with the increasingly insane, racist GOP, and rarely acknowledges the haters - they fear he is the antidote to white privilege.

Yes, they believe that if they can accomplish destroying him, the disease process of racism and xenophobia as business as usual will be back on track. They're like a human body that is sick but rejects good medicine.

Should the story of adultery be true and he is run out of office, I predict a greater crime wave by the dis-empowered, frustrated young blacks who have been marginalized and had unemployment rates at the Great Depression level for decades.

Crime will be their form of rioting.

It may not be conscious, but it will be their way of totally giving up hope and becoming social outlaws in never before seen numbers.

Should the story not be true, these infected, white cells among us and their few black servants will continue their effort to take him down, even though on some level most know that the entire nation will suffer.

They don't give a damn. They're as determined as the retrovirus that cannot regulate itself and find ways to live within the body without killing it.

In their greed for maintaining power via what little white privilege that they have or think they have - or to feel less powerless - they are inviting the death of this nation. They are too blinded by fear and hate - or for the handful black neo slave catchers dreaming of opportunities to be rich or famous at the expense of their brothers and sisters - to realize this.

The few non-white conservatives who promote propaganda, in particular, should inspire contempt, boycotting whenever possible, and showing up on election days to vote them out. I view them as the wooden handle of the axe that cuts down trees, and can never be trusted.

They are different from black and white conservatives who argue real points on real policies. Sometimes it's hard teasing out which is which, but legit ones, I at least listen to what they have to say and consider it. The mercenaries for haters can go to hell.

Back to the main infected ones: the fringe white Right. Should they succeed in killing this antidote named Barack Obama - like they've done in the past with Martin and Malcolm and the names of ordinary and barely remembered victims of white violence - we can anticipate the rest of the body trying to vomit out their toxicity through demonstrations and riots.

From the Francois Robert gallery

Perversely, the infected ones welcome this. Their guns are locked and loaded, they have plenty of ammo on the shelf, their vigilante groups formed, and they believe the odds are in their favor that if they randomly shoot and kill innocent blacks for sport, they'll get away with it, like they did during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath or like bad cops do from time to time.

They may be quite wrong about their hoped for end result of taking down the President. The times are different. The whole world is watching these nazi-like and neo-Klan Aryan dreamers try to "take their country back".

Other countries have learned through experience and observation the same lesson that the Native Americans, banana republics, and Iraq and Afghanistan learned, and they ain't having it.

They will shut us out of deals and speed up our economic demise to protect themselves from "that diseased place on the map" and some have already began that process. Like Wall Street, too many of our deals are of the robber baron kind.

Equally, there are too many non-racist white Americans who are fed up, disgusted and repelled by the germs among them. Latinos are infuriated by the stepped up attacks on their group, and blacks are literally sick of, and from, the hate.

This is the stuff of revolutions.

One could begin at any time, and we will either heal enough to function as a nation of many peoples, or die.

The grim possibility of getting sucked into an oil and currency based war with Iran, and doing or supporting a first strike, then getting nuked in return by their allies China and/or Russia will be our kiss of death. This will make for revolution in the form of food riots, more joblessness and lawlessness, and grinding poverty, inevitable. The cause of the problem will be the same old white entitlement, but the story will be spun differently, as it already is.

This body's fate is not a forgone conclusion.

Not yet. We will never stamp out certain physical diseases or the social diseases of tribalism, racism, xenophobia, and greed. However, like safer sex, we can keep them from spreading.

It is in the hands of the healthy - white, black, brown, red or yellow, from teens to seniors - to be the immune system, the right medicine, the voice of reason, and protection for the rest of the body.

We can feverishly fight this disease. It loves money, so boycotting the media advertisers that sponsor the haters, and voting them out will do much to arrest it.

The alternative is for this diseased place on the map is to descend back into the Dark Ages. Some of the infected ones are even lawmakers, who are busy trying to further infect America by replacing freedom with new laws that spread social disease.

It isn't far-fetched to say that the fringe will put those not being the ideal Aryan, you know, those of white European stock, and who are straight and non-handicapped, into death camps, if they can get away with it, because that's where they're really headed.

Ain't like it hasn't happened before.


  1. Kit, Kit Kit.....
    How can anyone comment on something as well written and thought provoking as this? What can I add that you did not? Alls I can say is damn well written Baby-girl, damn well written.

  2. Dirty Red is right KIT, excellent work!!!

  3. I must echo the previous two comments. I respect your honesty, with little attempt to sugar coat the truth because we are in dangerous times.

    If I might add one thing, the same mindless and ultimately self-destructive thought process from the Right also extends to the economy itself and their insistence on cutting spending/the deficit at the worst possible time.

    Great work.

  4. Bravo Kit! What a powerful and well written article.

  5. Red, Reggie, Oso, and JJBrock, Just got back home. Thank you, and thanks for over-looking the typos that I just corrected. :)

  6. Easily the best thing you've written since I started visiting here, and I'm trying to remember anything I've read here that I didn't rate from "above average" to "excellent." I can't think of anything.

  7. Kit I watched this story unfold and the sad thing is that it was actually started by a black blogger. She is a gossip blogger who hates the president as evidenced by numerous posts she has done cutting him down on his policies and decisions on what should be a celebrity filled random gossip blog. To make matters worse she wrongly identified the woman in the picture. The other sites just ran with it. When I went back to check she didn't even apologize giving a half assed explanation that simply because the woman has not complained it could be her as she can't find pictures of the supposed mistress off the net. This toxicity needs to stop the collateral damage in it's wake is much too high.

  8. Deacon Blue, All I can say is that Passionate Anger and Hard-Eyed Assessment are the parents of this post.

  9. Malyka, Are you talking about Sandra Rose? I saw what she or one of her peeps wrote, and she had too much damn glee over it. Hate that rag. If it's not her, please cough up her name.

    I first read about it from Field Negro, who pointed to The National Enquirer who broke the story, and that slimeball, Matt Drudge, who quickly ran it on the front page of his site, The Matt Drudge Report.

    While fact checking, I read this rumor reportedly has been floating around since 2008, no doubt to knock Obama out of the race. If you recall, The Enquirer got lucky that year with the John Edwards infidelity story, so when they ran the Obama rumor, they got a lot of attention, and even more from Matt Drudge who has more credibility in the conservative community. No proof yet, but he's apparently hoping it will turn out true like the Edwards story.

    Within hours, the haters were celebrating all over the Internet, and one set up a Facebook with this theme and had a million friends in under 48 hours. That is phenomenal and yet one more dangerous sign of the times that mirror the rise of Nazism in Germany.

  10. Lady that was the shit! I agree with everything you had said's like we did a dayum mind warp or something. I swear you continue to impress me. So glad i made it to your spot! Keep doing you and enlightening others. You most definitely have that gift!

  11. Damn... this is truth! I didn't hear about this allegation but I think people higher up than the lunatics and racists want Obama out. It's just a feeling. A bad feeling. But they might get him out anyway possible but I hope none of this happens because it will really cause some serious problems in this country and we already have enough.

  12. The revolution has begun KIT!

    The end of the "good ole boy" system is on the decline and THAT is where this fear from the fringe and extreme right originates.

    The audicity of hope that Obama was even elected shows that that the antivirals are working. Our job now is to NOT be like all the other bad patients who stop taking their medicine when they start to feel better.

    Keep doing the work. Keep the circle of positivity flowing. Visit and support others who are doing what you do-keeping it TRILL! Not just on the web but in day to day. Live up to your potential-even as they try to beat you down-drive on.

    Those who took the first doses of the medication in its trial run would have it no other way.

    Loved this post and thank you for what you do.


  13. Mz. Represent, Thanks.

    Jay Midnight, Of course, otherwise the peasants with pitchforks wouldn't be getting all that free publicity in the news.

    Anon/ RD, Thanks, and you said, "The audacity of hope that Obama was even elected shows that that the antivirals are working."

    Yes. The thing is, many good young people are still as unprotected from racist propaganda as they are when they have unprotected sex. It's up to healthy citizens of all races and ages to help protect them from getting mind-fucked and misled.

    Imagine if racism was virtually non-existent? Damn, we'd be awesome working together, solving problems that affect us all.

  14. That would really suck if the affair rumor has legs (but I doubt it could lead to impeachment -- could it?).

    America has never been a healthy country. Racism is in its blood and bones -- it's practically America's backbone.

    Anyway, I think this latest surge of White Fever is especially virulent because white-majority privilege has been set back onto its back leg, and because the economy's in the dumper. A toxic combo indeed. I'd like to hope that this is white hysteria's last gasp, but I fear there's a lot of life left in it. And that it won't take death lying down.

  15. Macon, White Fever... I like that phrase. It's tied into the most virulent form of capitalism - like the uncontainable greed that has undone this country.

    Sadly, you're right about racism being in the blood and bones of huge swaths of white America. It's a terrible disease that the wealthiest sociopaths infects on each new generation as a mass distraction from their trickery, war mongering and pyramid schemes.

    Anyway, glad you liked this, and I too don't think that the beasts of greed and bigotry will go quietly in the night.

  16. Wow! This was a very informative read. Your take is so on target, and points fingers in the right direction. You are most definitely a caring soul... and a concerned citizen of the world.

    Thanks for penning such a politically intelligent and humane post.

    Snatch JOY!


  17. Kit,
    We hve to be vigilant, but I'm hoping that these knuckle dragging morons are but a left over vestige of days gone by. At worse, they are the 24% that no matter how fucked up the right wing politicos get, will always vote for them. Remember, Bush the Moron had a 24% approval rating at the end of the most horrible presidency in the history of the USA.
    The upcoming election will be a signifier of just how influential these hate filled racist assholes really are.


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