Friday, May 7, 2010

Passing Out Awards

I was pleasantly surprised to receive The Beautiful Blogger Award from Miz Represent of the Miz's Write For Life blog. Now I get to pass along several of these awards, which I've placed in alphabetical order. There is something unique in their perspective that I enjoy.


Most of you are familiar with his regular blog, but have you seen his new one on Tumblr? It rocks.

Black Girl In Maine

Here's a sista with a clear-eyed view and is fun to read. I can't count the times she has been inside my head.

Cup of Joe Powell

One of my latest discoveries. I really like his perspective.

Diamond Dust and The Outlook

A. Smith is another intelligent blogger, and she has a mix of new and interesting personal stories and commentaries.

La Bella Vita

La is hands down one of the best writers in Blog Land. If she ever does a book, I want mine autographed. Her archives are amazing too.

Mason Says

Okay, he doesn't need this award, but if you haven't read him, you should.

Maybe So, Maybe No

Brownbelle... Now here's a sista with her head on straight.

Nu Vision For A Nu Day

I feel like I know Angela. Life's view from a wonderful, visually impaired sista who will teach you some things you didn't know.

[Other] Womyn-ism

Livication is political and on point.

Raving Black Lunatic

Brown Man, another brotha who writes current events and puts a smile on my face.

The Intersection of Madness & Reality

Most of you already know Rippa. He does political and news satire, and is a genius at this.

This Side Of The Wall

Another new find. Britni is the wife of a prisoner, and reveals what this life is like.

Thought Swirl

If you like to read what the globalists are up to, Jay Midnight recently began this blog to tell you. BTW, I contribute to it occasionally.

Ugly Black John

John has the feel of an awesome teacher in many of his posts, and tosses out tidbits of knowledge on a huge variety of things.


As customary, recipients can post the award pic on their blog, write a little about themselves, and pass this one along to others if they so desire. So, here goes for me:

~ I like to write essays about things that can be read years later and still be enjoyed. I also like writing news commentaries and political satire.

~ If I'm writing a post and start to get bored, I figure it will bore the reader so I scrap it. One the other hand, I have written a few posts that I knew would make the eyes of most readers glaze over (like this one), but the idea excited me because it connects with so many different human problems that I had to share it.

~ I love to connect with others; to learn, teach, share, and try new things. Keeping a sense of humor about it all and life in general makes the journey more interesting and fun, and helps soften disappointments.

Well, I don't want to drag this out as I'm sure many of you want to check out the blogs listed above.