Saturday, May 22, 2010

How Our Hair Can Save The World
Soaking Up Oil In the Gulf

Nobody's hair soaks up oil like black folks hair. Wild and woolly, turns out our hair can save the oil-soaked Gulf of Mexico, and if you read my last two posts, maybe the planet.

Not just our hair either, but all types of hair, fur, and nylons.

This video shows a group called doing what has to be one of the potentially greatest deeds on the planet. They are collecting what we don't want and stuffing it into nets. so it can be used to make "hairbooms". Hairbooms absorb the overwhelming majority of the oil as shown in this fascinating video.

Seriously, it's good, and it's fun:

Hat Tip: 24-7 Grimey News Cafe

These are what hairbooms looks like:

Here are some of the places they come from:

In their 'About' section, "was conceived in 1998, by Lisa Craig Gautier and her husband, Patrice Olivier Gautier (Vice President, iTunes Store & iPhones Apps Store Engineering, Apple, Inc.) this nonprofit received 501 (c) 3 public charity status in May of 1999."

That's Lisa Gautier on your far right,
in the "Hairy Situation Room

Filmed by a bro from CBS News

Receiving and distribution warehouses are in many areas, so please do not mail your hair or pet fur to their main San Francisco office!

So folks, tell your barber and beautician collect and mail all that hair they sweep up each day. Offer to help out. Hair doesn't weigh much, so it shouldn't cost much to mail it and is tax deductible since it's a donation to a 501 (c) charity. Their instructions are here, but you (individuals, salons, and businesses) will need to sign up here and will be told where to mail it.

There are visible minority folks in the pictures, and they all look and sound like a wonderful group of people. I'm sure they'd love our help. Sometimes I think that when we don't see any or enough other minorities in volunteer groups, we feel apprehensive about joining out of fear of rejection. This occasionally happens in some places, and it only takes one hater in the group for us to say eff it; been through it myself once.

However, this catastrophe is too important to allow any fears get in the way. Blog about it. If nothing else, print this post or the contact info for Matter of Trust, and please pass it along to your barbershop, beauty salon, or dog groomer. Even the military barber, 'cause I'm sure them boyz have enough hair to soak up a lot of oil.

Insert your fine or adorable self here
as one doing their part to save the world.

Maybe the mainstream propaganda media will get the hint that the hairboom option can no longer be minimized or omitted from their news stories. Call and write your Congressperson about using hairbooms instead of those toxic chemicals BP & their couldn't-give-a-fvck, profiteering cronies are doing.

Maybe we can even convince President Barack Obama to donate some of his hair.

I figure that's one way to know where he or any other politician really stands on the safest way to protect the environment, versus using expensive and toxic chemical dispersants that will make certain corporations richer. Man, wouldn't you love to see Rachel Maddow ask that to all those corporate for hire politicians in her interviews? Heh-heh.

I'm currently doing some investigative work on a related side to this story. So far what I've discovered is chilling, and I'll share it with you in my next post.


  1. Great post!I just got back in town,I was in Boise out of the internet loop for a week and just got back to find you'll be joining the team at Mikes.I couldn't be happier, this is great news!

    Only thing is,kind of like we have a neighborhood tennis team and we just found out the new kid is-Serena Williams.Gotta step up my game!

  2. Wow that is freakin awesome. Who would have ever thought your cut hair could help during an oil spill.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. Oso, Put a smile on a face!

    Redbone Girl/ Tiffany, Amazing, perhaps as in amazing grace, ain't it?

  4. KIT, The sad thing is that this and other ways to get the oil out of the gulf are being ignored because the people who came up with things like this are not financially connected to BP.

    I read that the company that sells the so-called oil dispersant is somehow connected to BP. So even as this disaster grows, for BP it's just business as usual. And no one in Washington is brave enough to do any more than to put on some dog and pony show hearings.

    I have sadly come to the conclusion that this disaster will have to turn into a wildly catastrophic event before Washington acts, much like Katrina.

  5. I wish that I could help, but I honestly don't keep mine long enough to roll up rice.

    I prefer a bald head mind you.

  6. That was interesting and informative Kit. Learn something new everyday. I really enjoyed reading your topic. Yes indeed!

  7. Granny, I'm honored to have you visit my blog! What a nice surprise. I've been reading your comments for a long time at Field's, and recently discovered you have a wonderful blog. Anyway, thank you and welcome.

    Reggie, Oh well. Maybe if some sea turtles survive this, we can cover you up to your head in sand so one will think it's her egg, and not feel sad.

    Val, That's one of the angles of this story I'll cover in my next post on Monday. Still fact checking, and what I've found so far is a nightmare.

  8. I read a story on NPR on Friday, I think, that stated BP is refusing to use hair booms for cleanup. They claimed what they're using now is sufficient. Bullsh*t!

    So yeah, what Val said.

  9. This was a very imformative entry... even though, at first, with the indtro, I thought you were pulling my leg. *smiles*

    I've heard it said, long ago, that most of the problems of the earth, and that includes disasters, poverty, and human sickness could all be solved by things/solutions taken directly FROM nature (or the earth itself). In other words, Mother Nature holds the answer to a bevvy of earthly concerns.

    And yes, our hair... well MOST of our hair, IS natural.



  10. that was awesome KIT. thanks for sharing that. next time I get my hair cut, I'll be saving it!

  11. @Kit:

    I might not comment, but this is not the first time I've came over and read your blog. There have been many times that I've sat quietly in the background and just enjoyed reading the topics and comments. I tiptoe around and visit quite a few blogs on a daily basis and I am in and out. The reason I didn't answer you is because I left right after I made that comment. In fact, I'm leaving after I make this one so that I can make my blog rounds. :)

    Yours is one of my favorites.

  12. I passed along the info to my barber yesterday. I question if Obama will force BP to use these hairbooms, or have our military or National Guard take over the job if they refuse.

    He's too quiet about this option and maybe too cozy with the oil thugs.

  13. Penny Wize, If Big Oil and Big Chemical stops doing a circle jerk with each other, the planet might stand a chance.

    Moanerplicity, Yes, and that's a theme that runs consistently throughout this blog.

    Chi-Chi / O.Wombman, It's looking bleaker that those in charge will even give the hairbooms a chance. No profit in it...

    Mr. P., See my answer to Penny? If Barack and his Administration don't get out of the middle of the circle, they're gonna get wet.

  14. I wonder if Obama has to wait like I do whenever I go to get a haircut? Can you imagine me walking up to Obama like, "Hey man, I've been waiting here for an hour". Secret Service would probably respond with "and if you don't sit your ass back down, you'd spend the next hour with my boot on your neck".

  15. Okay you made me feel bad.......

    I'm willing to allow someone to shave my armpits and pubes so that the hair can be used in the gulf.


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