Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pitbulls: The Four & Two Legged Kind

I haven't written anything personal in awhile, but what happened late this afternoon made me cry.

My 7 pound poodle was attacked by a pit bull.

The story begins this past Thursday evening. Xavier plopped down $40 before me.

"This is for you, Ma."

"For what?", I asked, "and where you'd get it?"

"I'm babysitting for my friend's dog for the weekend. It's an eight month old puppy. He's in the back now."

Since our live-in landlord is away for the weekend, it sounded okay, until he said, "It's a pit."

"Oh no," I replied. "Oh hell no. Take it back. Now."

"I can't," Xavier explained. "The guy's already gone on vacation. It has a big cage."

"Then keep him in it..."

"He's really nice, and just a puppy..."

A puppy my azz, I thought. At eight months old, he's a teenager and almost grown.


Memories flashed back to when my brother dumped a six month old part-pit puppy on us years ago. He'd gotten it for a dollar at a yard sale. The only reason I gave it a chance then was because Xavier was doing the please please please can we keep him thang, and the dog was purportedly part retriever. Retrievers are nice. Maybe he'd have that temperament.

At 7 months, I got Radar neutered. This surgery generally reduces aggression when performed at a young age.

A month later, I sat in our backyard on a late summer day and watched the kids play. Radar was on a 50 foot tie. Casey, my daughter, was wearing only a diaper. She was 2-1/2 years old. Xavier was 9.

It all happened so fast.

Casey was laughing and ran past Radar, and he suddenly gave chase. That dog looked like he was running after a rabbit. She was fast, but he was gaining ground on her rapidly. He was almost on her before I was barely out of my chair and over to her.

Then he lunged for her. I could see his teeth as he was a fraction away from grabbing her by the diaper.

At that precise moment, he snapped his jaws barely nipping her diaper, but he'd run the length of his tie, and he flew up the air and fell to the ground with a thud. It is exactly the kind of scene you'd see in a cartoon.

The kids were dying laughing. It was so funny, that I was laughing too, while at the same time, thinking, this shit is serious.

I told Xavier this and for Casey to stay away from Radar.

"He didn't hurt her, Mommy," Xavier said.

"By the grace of God, he didn't," I replied. "He gave into his baser instinct. She's small and vulnerable, like a little animal. He gave chase with the full intention of hurting her. What they say about pits is true, they cannot be trusted. Looks like that goes for part-pits, too."

A few days later, Xavier was tearful as a guy bought and took his dog away. I told him and his girlfriend what had happened. They lived somewhere out in the boonies and had no children, and thought it was funny, but that they could train him.

Lotsa luck, and to this day, I wonder if I should have him put down.

A few years later, a father brought his ten year old daughter to me for therapy. He owned a pit that never gave him a problem. He was in the dining room while the child was playing quietly in the living room.

I guess the dog didn't like not having any attention, or maybe it had a break with reality, and viciously attacked her. The dad grabbed a hammer and had to beat the dog to death upside the head to force it to release her.

She looked a lot like this one

The kid's face was scarred, but it was her arm that was really messed up. She was traumatized months later, which is how they came to me.

I observed the child. She was very still.


Fast forward to the present, and there I sat, watching my son's mouth move.

"Since you can't send him back today," I said, "here are the rules. Keep that dog in your room with door closed, or in his cage on the patio, and he better be gone Monday."

That was hard. I hate pits, but how you gonna get rid of somebody elses dog? And I damn sure wasn't gonna put it in my car. Years ago, I read about a young woman in her 20s. She loved her pit and took it with her everywhere. One day for no reason, it attacked her while she was driving. She said it "must have gotten upset by something it saw out the window. He's fine now."

Sounded to me like it had a brief psychotic episode.

Anyway, Xavier agreed. I walked to the kitchen back door that leads to the patio, and peeped through the window. There sat it.

Yep, I thought, that's a pit alright.

"His name is Carlito."

This one looks like he could be Carlito's daddy

"Eff him and you too for bringing him here," I growled. "Just keep him away from us and especially our dog. If Jani smells Carlito has been walking around the house, he'll start marking territory. Don't need him peeing on the carpet."

"Okay," he said, smiling.


Maybe me too, 'cause Xavier ain't never been good at keep his word. Give him an inch and he'll take a mile.

The next day I got up the nerve to go out and watch him and Carlito. Indeed, the dog has puppy behaviors. Playful. Friendly. Annoying only in that he jumps on you, but most dogs do until trained. I still didn't trust him.

Then comes today, or I should say Saturday, since it's just after midnight now.

"I'll be back in 20 or so minutes," I hollered at Xavier and his girlfriend. "Keep that dog out of the house while I'm gone."

I dropped my daughter off at a quinceanera party. That's a "Sweet 15" celebration for Latino girls. She looked stunning. I drove back with my little sidekick poodle, Jani, sitting next to me in the car.

He never attacks me when I drive.

This is Jani

I strolled up the path to the front door, opened it, and we walked in.

Within seconds, the demon dog from hell was on Jani. I was horrified. He had Jani's entire front leg in his mouth.

This is what it felt like, minus the chain
and with my poodle's leg in his mouth.

I screamed and tried to pull Jani from him.

My son, who had only been a few feet away, was now simultaneously prying Carlito's jaws open.

Got him!

I ran back outside for safety, slamming the door behind me, and was cussing up a storm.

I then examined my poodle. His shoulder was bleeding from a puncture wound which had split the skin. I hoped it wasn't a crushing injury to his shoulder bone, and was crying as I consoled him. He acted like he was in shock, and was very, very still.



It's what I had seen in my client, and also, what I do when I'm hit by unexpected attack or pain from life. Often it's because I don't know what to do. I become very still. This made me cry more.

Xavier came outside, his own face full of pain and more so after he saw the blood. It wasn't dripping, it oozed slowly, very slowly. It was clear that Jani could use two or three stitches.

"I'm so sorry Mom," he said, his eyes pleading for forgiveness. "I didn't know you'd be back this soon."

I spoke almost in a whisper as I looked into his eyes. Maybe the lesson he didn't grasp at age nine would sink in now.

"You cannot trust a pit..."

"But he was so friendly, I thought he'd be okay..."

"Their reputation proceeds them," I said. "They are unpredictable and impulsive. You cannot trust them, because they cannot overcome their baser instinct to attack whatever or whoever they think they can overpower and destroy."

"I'm so sorry," he said repeatedly.

Unlike his usual fake apologies, he meant this one.

Without being asked, Xavier went back in the house and got what we needed to flush out Jani's wound and apply a little hydrogen peroxide around the edges.

I gave my doggie a little left over amoxycillan, like it says on the Internet if you can't get to a vet, to fight any infections. That's the best I can do for him now, because I don't have money to pay a vet for stitches. I just barely made the rent and other bills this month. This has been the new normal for me since the economy went to hell.

When Xavier was done, I said of this pit he's babysitting and others, "They're unlike normal dogs. There is something about pitts where they depart in temperament from other canines, just as some people do."

He was listening hard, not just the Xavier of now, but the boy he was who didn't understand when I sold his pit 12 years ago.

"You're a normal person, Xavier," I continued. "When you go out on your own, get a normal dog, one that will be a true friend whom you can trust to not attack you, your friends, family, neighbors, or others. Can't trust no pit, not the four-legged kind or the two-legged ones in jeans."

He nodded his head. He knows what I'm talking about - a few of his friends over the years.

I see metaphors in unexpected places.

I think of the $40 my son used to win me over in keeping this pit for the weekend, like the 40 pieces of silver Judas accepted to betray Christ.

No, to the morons, I'm not comparing my dog to Jesus, just the concept of betrayal. I wonder if Judas felt he had a choice. I didn't feel like I had one since the owner of this pit teenage puppy had left for the weekend, so intellectually I think I'm not being fair to myself, but emotionally I feel like I wasn't fair to the safety of this family and my dog.

Jani is resting now, and I know that if he ends up with a permanent limp, I'll forever wish I had said, "Tough shit, get that pit out of here and where you put him is your problem."

I also think of this entire, real life situation and compare it to many people I've known who trusted someone, only to be suddenly and viciously treated by them, and this includes a few of my own "friends".

I saw their tendencies to be pits too late, although in hindsight, I can say I ignored their underlying, serious character flaws when these came to light, along with the warning signs - because they were as playful as puppies.

Pit puppies.

Once bitten, twice shy, very still, and no going back.


  1. You didn't betray no one, Kit.

    "how you gonna get rid of somebody elses dog?"

    You made a moral decision which turned out to be the wrong one, maybe. Or maybe it was the right one. Maybe it did a little something to provide a life lesson to Xavier, sounds like you're doing what will work for Jani plus providing love may do the trick.

    Yeah pits got effed up personality all right. Or the dog version anyway.

    Nice story and I hope writing it helped the frustration. I think you do like my big girl studying to be a social worker does, you take on other's frustration and the world's frustration and pile it on your own cause that's the way you are. Why you're good at what you do. Maybe you got un-effed up personality syndrome.

    Hang in, take care, put it in God's hands.

  2. I hope your Jani has a speedy recovery. :(

  3. So sorry for your dog, Kit, I hope he'll be ok. Pitts have been known to attack babies, and I heard bad stuff about dobermans too. Maybe you could call the animal hospitals in DC and ask if they offer any gratuities, here's a directory: . And you have to be careful not to let hairs get into the wound.

  4. Marianne, Thanks for the info, I'll use it and call the vet on Monday to try to work out something. All he can say is no. So far I gave him more antibiotics and a tranquilizer from the days when I took him to the groomer.

    Livication, Thank you. :(

    Oso, I'm smiling at your diagnosis! Thank you for the reassurance. Right now he resting well.

  5. I hope your dog is okay.

    One of my mother's most vivid childhood memories about dogs is the day their pet collie walked into her grandfather's pit bull's pen. My great grandfather had one that he used to fight. The attack was so vicious my mother still tears up whenever she mentions it. She has never been able to give the full details about what she saw but the look in her eyes denotes it was pretty traumatic.

    The bred is defnitely dangerous and they are not a dog that I would want to have around. They are very unpredictable.

  6. I hope your dog will be alright. The first thing I thought when you said that pit got hold of your little dog is oh no, they couldn't get the pit to let go like in the story you told in your post. So glad to hear you got the pit to release right away.

    I just don't understand why people get these pits as pets. It is probably ignorance as much as anything else. The old "It won't ever happen to me" way of thinking.

    I remember hearing of a story a few years back about a guy that had one and he kept it in the basement of the house. I can't remember whose child it was, if it was his, or a relatives child, or a neighbor kid. But the pit got hold of the boy and killed him.

    The guy didn't know what to say. "I had it out of the way in the basement." was I think what he said. Just tragic.

    And still with one story after another like that people still want to own them. I don't get it.

  7. I hope your doggie heals and your family heals. I can't understand this Sunday morning or any why our heavenly father allows so many to walk around our communities with these destructive animals on a daily basis.

    We'll understand it better by an by.

  8. Since I'm not a pet owner it would have been simple for me,get that dog out of my house!

  9. Big Mac, I dunno. We live in different circumstances which make all the difference in the world.

    Solomon, Thanks. He rested will thru the night, has no fever now but is moving around very slowly.

    I think the attraction to pits is power. They are powerfully built and so aggressive they come across as never being able to be victimized. Nobody effs with a pit.

    Now what kind of person feels the need to have a dog with this image? To a large degree, we are the pets we choose in temperament and style. I see most pit owners as either fragile on the inside and needing to put up a front for the world that they're tough, or they're as tough and/or mean as their dog.

    Deborah, I shudder to think of your mother's ever-sociable, gentle and intelligent Lassie dog attacked by a muscled out, psychotic pit. That poor dog, and your mom for witnessing it as a child. So, so sorry.

    Anonymous, I agree. That's one breed that should not be bred. As a group, they're inherently dangerous.

  10. Readers, The evening update is Jani acts like he feels much better, but I'd like to see him get stitches so this wound can heal.

    Meanwhile, I got to share this. Xavier backtracked and is now rationalizing the incident, despite the knowledge that pits are banned in a lot of counties. He made the most memorable statement I have ever heard, and spoken with utter conviction:

    "You know why they're banned? It's because people's hatred for pits is like racism."

    I fell out laughing.


    Val, Here's a briefer response to you about the 2-legged variety. It's very hard when a friend, classmate, coworker, etc, turns on you like a pit, especially when they distort, lie, or slander and won't stop, you know, like faux news.

    Before engaging in a dumb battle over something that's usually petty, first ask yourself if you want to roll around in the gutter with someone who loves to keep shit going.

    I don't. I think it's usually better to ignore or avoid them when they're in attack mode and doing this like it's a sport. I'd rather play ball with a poodle, and hopefully that's all I'll ever have to say about it.

  11. Dayum that is crazy. The dog would have not come to the house at all. I would have been like well that was stupid you and you need to get that thing out of here right now. He should have taken it to girlfriends house since they thought it was so friendly.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  12. Tiffany, Yeah, it got real crazy. Too bad he said okay, and worse that he had nowhere to take it.

  13. I sat and read your tragic story, with my own small poodle (Menzies) curled up on my lap. You are a wonderful and caring person... no need to feel you failed in this.... PITS are very dangerous, I sure hope your teenage Son has truly learned his life lesson from this action / reaction.

    Thanks for visiting my website and writing me a nice note.... YES it is good to know we are NOT alone in the fight to bring out, in the open, what truly is happening with the Gulf of Mexico disaster..... BP must NOT be allowed to screw their way out of this in any shape, way or form...... this one is going to be with us for eons..... and intime, many lives maybe lost because of the use of these toxic dispersants.

    justmeint visitors welcome and comments sought.

    1. you are a fanatstic person sam!!! check out i have an amazing 3yr old pit and he loves to lick and snuggle under the blanket we have a yorkie that bites and growls i have never seen my pits teeth. THE PROBLEM IS THE TWO LEGGED CREATURE AT THE END OF THE DOG LEASH

    2. My sister was murdered three years ago by a heartless human being. My pit bull loves me and my family more than he loves him self. People can't be trusted! The dog these people train is a product of their environment. Your dumb ass poodle is probably more predatorial than more pitbull. You let your daughter run around animal that was twice her size not to mention this animal was dumped off on you and prolly had some psychological short comings. You say the dog can't be trusted. I think it's your judgment as a parent can't be. You really just want to be on the conspiracy horse with all the other riders and you've picked the easy side to ride on.

    3. You are exactly right ^^^ this is what I was trying to say down below, the one who is a kennel attendant.

    4. It's the 2 legs pits that rise the 4 pits you should hate

  14. Sorry to hear about Jani, hope she is better! She is a beautiful dog!

  15. Wow...I'm glad your dog is alright. I've been around a lot of pits and, I wouldn't own one. It's the unpredictability factor. It's just too high with pit-bulls.

  16. I'm so sorry this happened to your doggy. I have known pits that never attacked anyone; nevertheless, I don't let my dog near one. There's a nice dog park in NoVa where I like to take my dog, but because pit bulls are not illegal in Virginia (vs. my county in Maryland), I am wary of taking him there. I turned my head for one second the first time, and turned around to find him and another simple dog trying to engage two pit bulls in play. Luckily, those pits actually played gently with the other dogs. Still, I pulled my dog away IMMEDIATELY. I was not taking my chances. I don't take him there anymore for this very reason.
    Call a vet and get advice on where to take your dog. Likely, they will refer you to a local ASPCA or animal shelter for treatment. They usually work something out for the sake of the animal - even if it means billing you later.

  17. I certainly have known pit bulls (of the 2 legged variety) that I saw for what they were too late.

    Surprisingly, I have had better luck with the 4 legged kind.

    I hope Jani is ok. As a dog owner, I can only imagine that terror. Give your local Humane Society or ASPCA a call; many times, they do necessary medical work for free. In some states, it is illegal to refuse healthcare to an animal just like it is a human. And also, some places will do the work on your animal for free if you do volunteering for a few hours, some of which can include things as simple as making copies or answering phones. It's worth looking into.

  18. Oh wow. There is so much in this story.

    I love the comparison to people we see in our own lives.

    One of my good friends adopted a pit bull from her b/f. He had bought the dog, but she turned out not to be the least bit agressive and so he gave her away to my friend.

    As long as my friend had Lily, I only knew her to be very scared. Of everything. But that didn't stop me from being cautious. I felt that her extreme fear would erupt one day into an attack if she felt super cornered. My friend eventually moved to a city with very strict laws on pits so she gave Lily away. As far as I know, Lily never attacked anything but that's not to say she never would.

    It's interesting to think of how differently several of my experiences with people would have turned out had I been just as cautious with them. Seeing them as probably harmless, but remembering that they were potentially capable of extreme attack.

  19. Hey Kit... I'm keeping Jani in my prayers.

    The story strikes a cord with me... for a unrelative reasons. But it's a deep, old wound for me. So.... sending sympathy and Light to you. :-)

  20. Update, My doggie is doing fine. I spoke to a doc who said it was too late to do stitches, and to let the wound continue to air out and keep neosporin on it, and he'd be fine. I thought about this situation more, and my dog is lucky the pit was young enough to control. So yeah, Jani lives on to tell about it!

    I also had a great job interview today. Hope they think so too and I get it. Cross your fingers or say a prayer for me, folks!

    Gwen, :( Whatever it was, I hope your wound heals, and thank you.

    A.Smith, You said, "several of my experiences with people would have turned out [differently] had I been just as cautious."

    We take risks all the time. So hard to always know what to do because sometimes things work out great, other times not. Live and learn.

    La, I'm chuckling. You said, "Surprisingly, I have had better luck with the 4 legged kind."

    The perfect sentence, as usual! Says it all... I love it!

    Tbryrd, I know exactly which country you speak of. I'm in the next one over where pits are legal, dammit. I rarely see them in my neighborhood, though. Anyway, you were lucky at the dog park. I heard of one pit owner whose pit killed two dogs on two different occasions that approached it, but b/c the pit was on it's leash, the owner was not found responsible.

    Bayou Creole, Thank you. As you said, they're too unpredictable.

    Miz Represent, Thank you too. Jani feels his old self now to bark when anyone knocks on the door.

    C, Aww, you've got a little poodle too! Menzie. Cute name. They're the greatest dogs, although mine is a tad neurotic at times, but my last one wasn't. They live a long time and act like playful well into their teens. I first wanted one when I was kid and saw them in a circus act.

    Anyway, thanks, I love what you're doing at your blog on the environment, even before the Gulf crisis, and I hope you get more traffic.

  21. So does Xavier just act on his natural instincts?
    Was he as poorly trained as the dog?
    Even Pits know to submit to the Alpha within the pack - does Xavier challenge you for this Alpha role, or does he beg with his sad puppy-like eyes until you relent?

  22. One of the commenters mentioned DC; do you live in DC or St Louis? If you live in DC, I can give you a couple of vet referrals if you need them. And, if youre a DC resident, the Washington Animal Rescue League has a low cost clinic that you might qualify for. I feel so sorry for your dog, Im ready to volunteer to pay for your dogs medical bills, lol.

    I LOVE your personal posts, and I wish youd do more!


  23. Iola, Aww, thank you for the offer, but I have never accepted money from readers; it just doesn't feel right. I live in the DC area, but in an earlier comment this evening, I said that a doc I spoke to on the phone said stitches have to be given the first day, and that he sounds like it will heal up fine on it's own and to keep it airing out, clean and with neosporan creme.

    John, Yes to #1, a lot, but he's either slowly improving and growing up, or getting slicker. Or both.

    No to #2, You can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I gave him the exact same training as my other kid, but he only sips the water.

    Yes to #3 on both. He abides more to force and not as much to reason. Some boys truly need drill sergeant type of fathers, and he was one. I do not have that temperament. I'm sorry if that offends you.

  24. So sorry to hear about your dog! I hope he gets better and has no permenant damage! Matter of fact, I'll say a little prayer tonight.

  25. It doesn't offend me - I was hoping not to offend you by asking the questions.
    I have young cousins who only respond to my quiet directions given as though I was at my last nerve.
    My brothers were the same way.
    The trick was (is) to scare the mess out of them early and remind them that you can and will do it again.

  26. John, Nah, I'm used to people questioning my parenting ability with him. I'm glad I have two kids or I'd swear I was total loser as a parent.

    I saw when you wrote that formula maybe on your blog and thought then, it's the bass in his voice, and probably the pheromones too - the smell of testosterone.

    Boys and men generally don't challenge men like they do women. When the more aggressive sons hit a certain size and age, they can be very difficult for a single mother to guide, which is seen as a form of control.

    I think it's because if you're trying to be an alpha dog, and the leader of the pack doesn't even have penis, well, no matter how good, right or smart she is, it's too hard on an emotionally primitive level for some males to tolerate... and why it's always been a man's world.

    Domonique, Thank you and everyone else for the prayers. It's almost dawn now, and I can say with near certainty that Jani will have a full recovery with no permanent damage beyond a bad scar which his fur will hide. I must've been in shock too, b/c it's sinking in more how lucky he was. Makes me a little misty eyed thinking about it.

  27. one of our neighbours had a very young and attractive female stafforshire pit bull cross. She was of a good temperament. Sophie was her name. She was (what do you call it when a bitch gets raped?) anyways she was got at (as we say here in the colonies).... don't know by whom or what.... we heard the screeching...... she produced a litter of nine puppies.

    When those puppies were between 4 and six weeks of age - one day when her human family was not at home..... we heard the most terrible commotion and screeching coming from their yard. They live opposite and a bit further down the cul-de-sac from us.

    I went to see what the problem was, and would you believe one of the puppies had attacked and was trying to kill the littlest one? Sophie was trying to stop the attack but was unable as some of the other puppies were attacking her.

    End of long story the puppy that was attacked was removed and taken to a local vet. The rest of the pups ended up being put down. Have not seen nor heard of Sophie ever since..... seems the pit bull came through in the cross breeding...... Cannot trust them - end of story!

  28. Hi i am so sorry about you dog. But i would just like to say for the sake of the breed. That i personally own 3 Female pit bulls. I absolutely love the breed they are very loyal and lovable dogs. IF RAISED CORRECTLY!!!!! First of all you can not take a Pit out side of its comfort zone and just leave it with a friend. That was mistake Number one. They are loyal to there owners and are not sure how to act in new surroundings. Its just like taking a child and leaving it with someone they barley Know. And on your sons part he should have defiantly made sure that the dog was secure simply b/c with the dog being in new territory it thinks it has to show dominance. And with the dog being a male that is especially true.That was your second big mistake. As far as everyone how is trashing the breed have obviously never raised one of these powerful but loving creatures. they are definitely a breed you have to understand completely and not take for granted. To all YOU who trash the breed. did you know that statistically the most aggressive dogs in order is the dachshund, the chihuahua, jack Russell, Akita, Australian cattle dogs,AND THEN PIT BULLS!!!!!!! so that's not number 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 BUT 6. so you have more of a chance of being bit buy a dachshund than a pit bull. Its just that they are not as powerful. so why don't we banned and trash dachshunds? oh wait i know.....BC they are so CUTE. If you are scared of the breed and are not confident in yourself to concur and dominate. than a pit is not for you!!!!! they are not toys. if you r going to own or babysit or be around this breed you need to have plenty of knowledge on the subject and not go into it with the attitude that they are monsters........bc they are not....Monsters are created not born! so Hate the deed not the breed!

    Thanks-Brandi Royal

    1. THANK YOU! I'm glad someone knows what they are talking about. All I've read on this post so far is IGNORANCE. PUNISH THE DEED, NOT THE BREED. STOP BSL!!!!!!!!!

    2. Finally!! Someone who gets it. Unless you KNOW the breed, have worked with the breed, and understand the can talk. Otherwise, to the people above: please...stop.


    3. Here is a website for you. The stats you state are garbage. I am sure you believe your own lies, but this site has actual stats.

    4. For those that don't want to view the site, 31 fatal U.S. dog attacks in 2011, 22 (79%) pit bulls. Pit bulls make up less than 5% of the dog population, but account for 79% of fatal attacks.

    5. This is because, since they were known for bad shit that their owners have abused them. Guess what? Pitbulls are also the most abused dog in the world. If you cannot take the choice to treat an animal with respect and love, the animal will NOT respect and "love" you back. I have a Pitbull, His name is bruno, And when he was a pup, his dad (the DOG) had "Doggy abused" him. But the fathers owner had abused him. Now Bruno kind of freaks out when he sees a bigger male dog, but I have TRAINED him (And you DO need to start ASAP with ANY dogs.) And I love this dog and have a mighty respect (Thats different from fear) for Pitbulls. Bruno would not harm a fly, if told not to do so. Yes as the blog had said Pit's do have a more "barbarian" instinct, but thats because they are more of an early generated breed (Meaning that their breed started earlier). Look at Wolves for an example. They have natural instincts to kill, But my neighbor has a dog that is three quarters Wolf, and he doesn't even bark at ANYTHING (Except for threats to him or his family)


      In the 70's they blamed Dobermans

      In the 80's they blamed German Shepherds

      In the 90's they blamed Rottweilers

      Now they blame Pitbulls...

      When will society learn to blame the threat: Humans ?


  29. I dont understand it.If you hate pits,why did you take care of one while the owner was away?

  30. I think ur stupid I have 2 pits and neither wouls hurt a flea and its not like pitt bull are the only dog to have a hardwired feeling to chase all dogs do. Okay so u know that less than one pecent of pitts attack a human, 32 percent of labs attact...there are more labs than pitts..because. pitts do more damage...u hear about it. So are u gonna put a ban on labs??? Average number of people killed by these things:ciggarettes=440,329,second-hand smoke=44,000,guns=80,044pitt bulls=3. Which would you ban??

  31. dobermans have the same rep...they are known to snap because they have severe migranes and because of that they are not reccomended around children

  32. People get Pitbulls as pets because they are beautiful loving dogs. Any breed of dog can be vicious if not trained right or trained to fight. Dogs are a product of their enviornment just as people are. Just as people assume pitbulls are bad and hurtful animals, people also assume that humans that grow up in the ghetto are dumb unedgucated people that will never amount to anything. Take anything with a bad reputation and put them in a nurturing environment and they will flourish. I am sorry to hear about anyone that is attacked by a DOG, but no one ever talks about the mailmen that get attacked by little ankle bitting dogs, where is their bad rep? My husband and I have two pitbulls, they are very obedient, well mannored and are very calm and playful with children of all ages.


  33. first of all this all made up because i have owned 10 pit bulls in my whole life and not one has attacked anyone they are actually one of the nicest breeds out there if u love them and train them u will find they are a very unique bread

  34. You know not all pitbulls are mean, they are only mean if the owner makes them mean. My dad has a pitbull and he is the sweetest thing ever, he sleeps in the bed with me he always sleeps at the foot of the bed though and he likes to set on the couch with you if you are setting on the couch. So as you can see i love my pitbull and i will never be mean to him or betray him just because someone else said their pitbull is mean. Each dog has its own personality just like humans do so think about it. for example say a man down the street has a pitbull and it's the meanest thing to walk on earth and the man across the street has a pitbull and you won't get around it because the pitbull down the street is mean, just because the pitbull down the street is mean doesn't mean the pitbull across the street is mean. Lets just say if you meet a new friend at the mall or something, and she says hi, your going to be nice and say hi back or atleast your going to give her a chance, if you meet a pitbull don't run and scream just stand there and let it smell you and give it a chance just like you would give a human a chance.. See think about it!


  35. I have a pit/lab. She is the best, easily-trained dog I have ever had. My husband and I have trained and raised many aggressive breeds as people refer to them. However, there are different breeds of Pitbulls. The stupid drug-dealing, dog fighting breeders are what gave Pitbulls a bad name. It is all in how the owner raises the dog, how they train the dog, and how they play with the dog. My pitbull now (female) is a trained Service Animal for my Autistic daughter and I could have asked for a better dog! She is extremely intelligent and helps my daughter with most everything. Again, it is all in how the owner trains and raises the dog. That goes for any breed.

    I am sorry to hear about you poodle, my Mother has two Standard Poodles but has raised Pitbulls as well. They have a horrible name to them and people honesty do not give them credit for what they are great at and what they can be as a family pet or Service Animal (aka: Thera-Pit).

    On the other hand, I have two small girls and know how crazy scary that can be when a dog runs and tries to chase, play, or attack your child. It puts you in an instant state of panic. Please give Pits along with other aggressive breeds another chance (if they have been around kids and other animals). All dogs deserve it :)

    I suggest next time you allow another dog around (larger than what you are used to or an aggressive breed) to ask how it is around other animals, kids, and how it does when provoked or if the dogs instincts should kick in how to get his/her Attention.

    :) Thanks,
    ~ Liz, Missouri
    (have a female PitBull-lab mix as a Service Animal)

  36. I'm sorry about your dog but dnt blame the breed pits require a lot of training in order to be apart of society that is why only RESPONSIBLE ppl should have pits, not jst ppl who think that they r cool nd wnt one u cnt jst lock em up in a cage nd take em out wenever u wnt they need to be socialized as a puppy inorder not to be aggressive to other ppl or animals in adulthood if you did your research instead of jst assuming that all pits r aggresive nd harmful u would know that. to me this jst sounds like a dog that was not trained properly

  37. jst posted forgot to put my name nd also i agree w/ ~ Liz, Missouri by the way Araceli, illinois nd i hv a pit nd i cldnt hv asked for a better little girl her name is precious nd if it wsnt 4 her i wld of never know pits r amazing dogs. Araceli, Illinois

  38. people talking shit about pitbulls need to shut up , kit sorry for what happened but next time tell your son to ask you first nextime.

  39. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!! You all know nothing about dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!! How they are raised, treated, loved is just like how childre are raised, treated, and loved and tha is how they will act! Get educated and maybe YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH!

  40. According to the National Canine Research council, pit bulls are no more likely to show inappropriate aggressive behavior than are golden retrievers.


  41. I had a pitbull growing up as a kid. No problems at all. He was NEVER mean, yes he barked to let us know there was someone in our driveway but that is what a dog is supposed to do. Yes I agree that not all pits are capable of being sweet like mine was but you also have to blame the owners! Simple as that. Oh and one of the most dangerous biting dogs out there? Chihuahua!
    Faithful Pit Owner

  42. Spewing this ignorance is why bad people get pits. You say a pit is aggressive and a bad person gets a dog that they train to be aggressive. These dogs are victims of ignorance such as what is posted on this thread.

    Would you say an abused child who gets into fights is inherently bad? No, you would be upset for what the child has been through.

    Maybe think twice before making generalizations. That's how racism began.

    1. --------Maybe think twice before making generalizations. That's how racism began.------


  43. Sorry about your little dog BUT i am in complete disagreement with you. Yes pits have attacked but it is the way they are raised. They are the most beautiful and loyal dogs. You are one of the ignorant people in this world who will point out all the bad things that "pits" might do. What about german shepard or any dog attacks? when are the on the news? I have a pit and have met many. They love children and mine actually protects my neice ever since she was born. He is a bestfriend. My personal experience has been seeing little 10 pound dogs barking and getting vicious with big dogs and people. A little yorky started getting in my pits face getting all vicious and wanted to start a fight. Do you know what my pit did? He looked at it and walked away. If thats considered vicious than i think i guesss the world needs some help.

  44. you are really fucking dumb. you cant trust a pitbull ? they are actually one of the most loyal and loving dogs you can have, just cause your not smart enough to keep one doesnt mean they are bad dogs.

  45. My SWEET dog loves children. She was in a parade today, with other dogs and tons of kids. She is the most calm, adorable dog I have ever had. She is absolutely my kid, and despite coming from a rough past, the best dog EVER! I trust her completely. She has this big squishy head, and nice muscular physique. I eat sleep and live with her everyday. Every time I doubt her, she comes around and proves me wrong. YES my dog is a Pitbull. NO, I will NEVER stop rescuing the breed from people like YOU! Obviously you have had bad experiences with pits. But guess what? I have had bad experiences with labs, poodles, golden retrievers, but NEVER pits. Pitbulls will be my passion forever, and there is NOTHING you can do about it!

  46. I'm sorry about your poodle, but some of these comments are incorrect and ridiculous. I've grown up around pitbulls and, in my experience, they are the sweetest, most loving dogs. My current, Sadie, is a pit bull/lab mix. She has never acted aggressively toward anyone or anything, save for when she barks and growls as a strange man approaches the front gate (never women, children, or other dogs, though. and she has never bitten anyone). Pit bulls are America's mascot.

    - Cheyenne,

  47. BTW, poodles and small dogs are fucking annoying.

    - Cheyenne again

  48. I would like to point out pitbulls are only mean if they are trained to be mean not by nature. I have a friend whose skull had been ripped by a pit but it was a fighter pit.

    - i never ask for forever... but only a chance

  49. Good day, having just finished reading your post I must say that while I can understand your fear of Pits I do not agree with them. For one thing when your sons dog ran to the edge of it's chain attempting to chase your baby. That could have been the retriever instinct as well. Those dogs are trained to chase and "hunt up" small game. I have raised Pits for some 25 years and have never had one of my dogs attack a human. It all comes down to the training. Now are these dogs naturally animal agressive, the answer is yes. But towards people they have one of the better temperments of all mid-sized breeds. Cockerspaniels and Chows bite more people evry year then Pits. Are you equally afraid of them and if no why not? The media paints a certains picture of this breed and it seems you have bought in hook, line, and sinker. Your reasoning seems more based in emotion then logic.......

  50. This is a very damaging blog and fuels the fire to uneducated on how pits are "aggressive/unpredictable" animals. Do your research first before making such an ignorant comment(s) regarding pitbulls or any breed for that matter. It makes me angry that you would post something like this and people read it confirming the media bs about how dangerous pitbulls are. As most people have pointed out in previous posts, pitbulls are NOT a naturally aggressive breed. No dog is. In fact, most "pit" attacks you hear on the news are NOT EVEN PITBULLS! The media knows that people will respond to the word "pitbull" so they throw that word in there. Any dog will be aggressive if not trained correctly.

    My girlfriend has a chihuahua. That is the most aggressive dog I've ever come into contact with. She has started fights with every dog she's been around, growls and bites at her owners, and barks constantly at everyone. Do you think they're going to put her down for aggression? Of course not. They think its "cute"

    Understand dog behaviour and psychology and you'll never have a problem with pits or any other dog. Do your research before making the world a more stupid place

    ~Dave, Atlanta

  51. You ignorant bastards! Stop making blanket statements about an entire breed of dogs. 1, 2,3 or even 10 dogs of one breed do not represent the entire breed. If you knew anything at all, you would know that American Pit Bull terriers are instinctively protective of children and should be bred so. If they show any type of aggression toward a child they should not be bred. Also, every animal has instinctive prey drive, how do you think they eat in the wild?? If the dog was not properly socialized during the first 4 months of their life then, yes they will have issues with other animals. NOT JUST "pitbulls"!!!!! Any dog breed could show these issues. How about the millions of people in the U.S. that have American Pit Bull Terriers and mixes that absolutely love their dogs and trust them completely. My properly socialized dogs have NEVER acted this way and I only own and have owned "pit bulls". No matter what dog they encounter from a teacup yorkie to a St. Bernard, they have the most stable temperament achieved through PROPER BREEDING AND SOCIALIZATION!! It takes knowledge and dedication to have a great dog. Sadly, most people don't care or don't have the time to devote to their pets and that is why these horrible things happen. Don't blame the dog/breed! BLAME THE PEOPLE! Why don't you look up how many children have been injured by cats, chihuahuas, pomeranians, poodles, etc. APBT have scored higher on temperament testing than all of those dogs, also better than labs and golden retrievers. SO think about that!
    -Proud owner of APBT's, CA

  52. Such a shame...I thought you seemed rather intelligent until you spoiled it by referring to the bible, that really denotes to me that you're actually a complete and utter fruit loop. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but have you actually read the bible?
    How can you write in such an intellectual perspective when you believe at the same time a guy that exceeded way beyond the average life expectancy ushered two of each animal (whilst we are still discovering 1000's more) on to a hand made wooden vessel.
    Just consider it...

  53. Its all on how u train pittbulls. poodles are annoying I have and had 4 Pitts mine are the nicest digs in the world sorry it attacked your mutt but you should lighten up its not the Pitts fault its insticnt they are amazing dogs poodles are meaner my dog has only button some person because she didn't know him and he made me squeel really high pitched also when I play with doezer he never bites he begins to but then before his teeth hit me he licked me both mine sleep right by my face I love them so that sucks for you but pittbulls are the sweetest if you train them to be like that and it attacked your dog because u locked him up for forever my other one Gide had a tumur and got hit by a car and dd your lucky your mitts still alive nothing Against the Bible I love God but Pitts are amazing

  54. pitbulls are missunderstood andthey dont want to be chained up.They want to be love but some are furious because they had bad expeirences with people. Alot of people are monsters and misstreat pitbulls,and some people just like to blaim pitbulls for somthing they did not want to do!!And those people are people like you!!! Poor pitbull that got beat with a hammer, That kid should of just left the pitbull alone, and it would not have gotten killed!!!! I SERIOUSLY DONT KNOW HOW SOME PEOPLE HAVE HEARTS, YOU DONT DISERVE THEM!!! PITBULLS ARE MISUNDERSTOOD, AND THEY DONT NEED TO BE BEAT WITH A HAMMER EVERYTIME THEY DONT WANT TO BE NEAR A HUMAN!!! THAT PERSON THAT BEAT THE PITBULL IS JUST STUPID AND AN ASSHOLE!! ALL PITBULLS ARE NOT THE SAME I KNOW THAT BUT STILL WE ALL NEED TO SHARE THE WORLD, NOT KILL THE ANIMALS WE R SHARING IT WITH!!! (PEACE)

  55. Since you like making the comparisons between dogs and people so much (assuming agitation is a Psychotic episode)- how do you think a child would act if it was kept locked in a room or a cage all day? How do you think a child would behave if tied up in a yard all of the time?
    Dogs have the emotional and intelligence level of a 2-3 year old. You talk about the African-American perspective, yet are able to freely judge a dog based on his appearance. How do you feel when you are judged by your appearance?
    As a mental health professional myself, I am concerned by your lack of compassion and ability to research thoroughly. As a minority, I am concerned about your willingness to perpetuate stereotypes and myths.

    1. Thank you, Ben. Great comment!

  56. bad owners raise bad dogs theres something those owners did or didnt do that caused this pits are beautiful majestic animals that yes deserve respect but never fear

  57. if you keep any dog on a chain or tied up, no matter the length of the rope, it will have mental issues. your bree-specific hate of pitbulls is no different than racial profiling. you're black, right? you should understand how it feels. don't put that on innocent dogs.

  58. I'm insulted that you are so prejudiced toward an animal when you are employed in a field where you claim to help people sort out their life's traumas. The problem with pit bulls is that people like yourself promote the stereotype that they are terrible, neurotic, man-eating dogs. This stereotype then encourages thugs, gangsters, and otherwise ill-informed people who think they want an intimidating dog, to improperly breed and sell these powerful animals to other thugs, gangsters, and other ill-informed people. Any powerful dog has the ability to injure or kill a person, but the kinds of PEOPLE who get and breed these dogs are responsible for their bad behavior and reputation. They are powerful animals that should only go to homes where people can care for them properly, which means exercise and training...I can guarantee that the owners of the most recent dog in your account have done neither, and from the sound of your earlier story about having your dog tied up in the back yard, you didn't do any of these essential things either. YOU are an irresponsible dog owner, you can't even take your injured poodle to the vet, and are giving it expired amoxycillin as prescribed by the wisdom of the internet. Shame on YOU. I have a 2 year old pit bull who is formally obedience trained, has passed a canine citizen test, and is currently being used as a demonstration dog for the trainer who did my initial training. Fluke? I think not, I am a GOOD dog owner.

  59. i have a pit i love the breed you dumb bitch your the reason i got evicted for no good reason cause i have a pit puppy well shit its cute when a golden retriever runs up to say hi but when a pit doing the exact same thing oh no its gunna eat me just cause a couple idiots out there use this strong smart breed for a fight there all bad fuck that ive seen more agressive pugs than pits

  60. I read your article and was appauled by the sheer ignorance of it. The photos pulled off the internet were not actual representation of the "incident" and the dramatic captions created for them were absurd. I find it interesting that you didn't bother posting a photo of the actual injuries sustained by your dog, my guess is that the puppy never even broke skin (if any of this even took place at all). Since you want to be so breed biased, maybe you should educate yourself futher on a few other breeds. The so called friendly retriever that was supposed to curb the viscious pitbull in your mixed breed??? There are certain lines of Golden Retreviers that are well known for biting among dog trainers but the media doesn't bother to report on these incidents so cluless folks like yourself can go on pretending. I can also guarentee you that my mothers purebred female BLACK LAB would be aggressive if not properly introduced to another dog. Can we safely say now that labrador Retrievers are dangerous to other dogs or maybe just the black ones are bad, chocolate and yellow labs might still be dog friendly???? I doubt you would have writen this article if it had been her instead of the Pit.

  61. Every breed can be agressive, German Sheperds, Chi-Chis, its not just Pits. Maybe you just have some messed up luck. Personally I have had a GREAT experience with Pits, and love the breed. Currently I have a Yorkie-Poo, but its the same with ALL breeds. It dosent matter if they are big or small, both can bite, and both can have a "bad moment". YOU NEED TO TRAIN EARLY, and have the entire family informed before adopting. Pits do have a tendency of not being as child friendly, and I personally dont recomend getting one with kids under 10. But the breed itself is very willing to please, and if trained young (I started with my dog at 8 weeks the day after we got her) almost every dog can be trained to be AMAZING. I would also check though the dogs background, maybe there is a tendancey in your area where the dogs are not bred in a good enviorment. That also affekts the dog thouought their life. Like if a pup gets constantly picked on by a child, ear pulling, tail pulling ect. they WILL remember and probably not be as tolerant. We acctually did things like put our hand in her food bowl and cleaned her teeth while she was VERY young even if she didnt need it so she would be used to everything, and be more tolderant. Pits really arent a bad breed, it just matters about TRAINING TRANING TRANING.

  62. Okay, I'm really sorry about the things that have happened to you and others but you are being completely discriminatory. You absolutely CANNOT judge a whole group based on the actions of some. PEOPLE are at fault here, not the dogs. Negligent owners, Breeders, and a lack of training/socialization is the result of bad behavior in any dog. Pits have a bad reputation and you are only fueling the fire. As a kennel attendant at an animal shelter, I've worked w/ hundreds of pits. You want to know what I've been bitten by? A chihuahua. Pits are typically great with humans and very loyal to their families. However, they are not known for being great around other dogs because they tend to feel threatened or challenged by them. Doesn't mean there aren't plenty of pits out there who get along w/ other dogs because they have been socialized correctly. Again, human negligence is at fault here. There are some that need to be taken down for the safety of the public, yes, but to eliminate them would be a sad act of mankind.

  63. You were protecting your family and yuor pet


  64. Hate to hear about your little poodle being attacked but you are doing the same damn things to the pit bull breed. A pit bull is a very loyal and loving dog with a great personality unless it ends up with a thug for an owner. Your blaming the dog instead of the human.. now how do figure that is right?? It's not and that is just sad on your part lady. Don't get me wrong I understand that the pit bull attacked your poodle but probably because the owner never socialized his dog and yet you still say it's the dogs fault, no it's the OWNERS FAULT!!! You were already prejudice towards pit bulls when you sold your sons 12 years ago...not because it lunged at the child but because you as an owner of that dog didn't do your part and train him... your walking around with a poodle and how many times has his ass bit someone, growled or lunged towards them... how many times has a chihuahua done it??? those two breeds right there are vicious need to wake up and stop blaming the damn dog when you know good and well it's the humans fault...just stop hating the breed and face reality... any dog can be agressive not just pits... I got bit by a English Shep Dog but you don't see me running around trying to say their a bad breed... hell you never know now maybe your poodle might attack you too...

  65. P.S...
    You know the sadest part of the whole story you told is that you own a poodle and can not afford to take it to the vet for stitches... what did you do with the damn $40 dollars your son gave you for watching the pit?? You shouldn't even own a dog if you can't afford to take it to the vet when it needs medical attention... do you really care about your poodle??? that's what makes me MAD!!!

  66. I agree with Tina.

    It's not the Pit's fault. It was in the pin for a REASON. It was not mean in the pin. Why would you take your dog anyways? That is not your dogs territory. I have a German Shepherd, retired police dog, extremely well behaved. But if ANY dog were to walk onto HER property she WILL kill it in a HEARTBEAT.

    My other dog is part Pit part Shepherd - Best guard dog I have ever owned. She is amazing around children.

    Third dog- Pit Bull. Great, great, great dog. Definitely the most loyal out of the three. She makes a decent guard dog, but is definitely the nicest out of the three. This one is the only one I can take out in public. She's very kind to other dogs and people. She is only protective over HER PROPERTY.

  67. Also, were you aware that Chihuahuas and Toy Poodles are on the World's Meanest Dog List?

    It's all about how they are raised.

  68. This is the most ignorant page I've ever come across.

  69. it all has to do with how the pit is raised and how the parents are. my buddy has a 2 yr old pit and many b4 her and has onlyput one down. when deeling with a pit u gotta make sure parents r on site when u pick it up to see how they r . i have a pit mix puppy and the mom is my buddys 2 yr old . the mother has never done anything to scare anyone . sounds like to me the pit ur son was looking after was breed to fight or was already in training .

  70. Kit,I feel sorry for your poor ol' Jani but, you need to tell your son to "do his homework" before he takes on a responsibility like this. First,of all you needed to get to know Carlito. Understand the breed you are dealing with.I myself own 1yr. and 5 month old pit named, kilo. if you question his named, why did you named your dog Radar? all my family knows him and adores him. He has never had a problem with my 3yr. old nephew. so i agree with you yet, i don't agree. Yes, your son needed to ask you before he took the dog. No, not all pits are unpredictable and dangerous. You just needed to give them the right guidance.... like a child.
    yours truly,

  71. i believe collie's are the number one biters in the U.S.
    the news neglects to report that, you only ever hear of how horrible pits are.

    yes, i have owned them. my dog was Casey. she passed away at 9. brain cancer took her. when that dog fell into our laps i too was afraid of her breed and told myself to pass her along. i am incredibly glad to say i didn't. she was an amazing creature and trustworthy to a fault. she was the dog all my friends pointed to and said "why can't our dog be as well behaved as Casey."

    i now own a cane corso mastiff, it is hard for me not to compare him to the pit i once loved. he is a good dog, but my heart and my pride lifted a bit when i lost her.

    one last thing, my daughter was 15 - we had a choc lab staying with us (dog sitting) and the lab attacked our PIT! 37 punctures to the pit... my daughter jumped in to save our dog and got bitten herself, by the lab. it tore her hand when she pried it's mouth open. she needed stitches, as did my pit. when at the hospital they ask for information. they were told it was a choclate lab that bit my daughter. THEY FILLED OUT THE PAPERWORK AS "A PITBULL ATTACK!!!!!!"

    so chalk that up as one more kid being attacked by a pit... society sees what they want to see...

  72. just wondering why your bashing pitts with your username *keep it trill* just a question.. pitts are very moody, their tempers can get out of control depending on how they are raised. only thing to do is treat it like anyother dog. most people treat them differently they would from other dogs, which i think adds to there meanness

  73. i love pitbulls i have a staffie and hes gorgous. i think you should check the owners before you buy. they can be lovely dogs search images and put are pitbulls good with kids theres one sleeping with a deer and a baby. my dogs been bitten by a lab. no animal is safe even poodles can kill if they want too. they are wild animals

  74. Pitbulls are actually bred to be nannies of small children, and they are a very gentle dog breed. Try attacking the breed of Chihuahuas, they're the aggressive ones! Pitbulls are not the bloodthirsty carnivorous monsters you think they are! They are loyal, protective, loving dogs! They don't like eating littler dogs or babies! It's the owner's fault if the dog attacks someone! That's not the dog's fault! Pitbulls are treated like monsters, but if people were to raise them RIGHT, they would never attack a fly unless it tried to hurt someone it cared about! If you look CLOSELY at ANY aggressive Pitbull, you will find scars from being beaten, treated like a monster, and forced to fight other Pitbulls!

  75. im only 15 and my family used to breed them i been around pitbulls since i was a baby.
    i will always have pits in my life they are the only dogs i love the most.
    They are the dogs that are loyal loving dogs they protect you , i have one pitbull now had her almost for two years her name is Diamond i got her when she was full grown i can put my whole hand her mouth , pull her tail and ears i mess with her while she is eating she doesn't attack me i do that to all my pitbulls i have owned.
    i have a pug/chihuahua that bites people that comes in the yard people are more scared of him than my pitbull all she does is jumps on you and licks your face yeah shes a big dog but she is the sweetest dog ever. i have cried for all my dogs that have been stolen from me , put down cause stupid people like to make lies that they try to attack them , the ones that ran away or people Poisson them.
    plus little dogs are annoying.

    - Angie

  76. My sister "puppysat" a pitbull for a couple years. We puppysat for a few days. Sweet dog. Loved other animals. Loved kids. Loved everyone. But the owner lived in an area where larger neighbor dogs were allowed to run loose and would attack him when he tried to play and would try to bring his toys over to share. As a result he HATES big dogs and constantly gets in fights. So no, not ALL pitbulls are bad. Just the people that raise them.

    1. Correction. People that raise them or the environment they're raised in.

  77. Any animal can have a dangerous streak. Hell, even cats. It all depends on the animals parents, the owners, how the animal is treated, and the place the animal is brought up in.
    My sister bought my mom a cat from a local petstore after her friend told her about it. The cat was one of those pricey breeds of cat. One morning they found it dumped in front of the door before opening. It was much smaller than it should have been at that age. It was a few months older than most cats are when they can go to new homes. It acted afraid of them like it hadn't been socialized with people. Added to the fact it stayed in the petstore without anyone wanting to buy it, it's socialization skills were lacking. My sister bought the cat and brought her home.
    The cat had a bad temper and a queen attitude. She was fine, until she didn't like something you did. We grew to accept it since she didn't freak out much and we only really got a hiss or a swift hit with her paw.
    One day she was really dirty, she had long fur and rolled around in dirty in the potted plants and the litter box before we cleaned it and her white fur was stained so we had no choice but to bathe her. She was vocal about how much she hated it but didn't struggle. When the bathe was over and the tub drained and the towel was drying her off, she felt the need to get revenge and attacked me.
    She bit a hole in my thumb, it broke through the nail even, and bit an equally bad hole in my hand and inch below my pinky. It left obvious scars.

    Just remember. All animals came from the wild before humans made them pets. And how the pet spent most of it's life before it came into yours or spent all of it's life has a lot to do with how they act. You should never let an animal into your home without knowing how it's past owners treated it, what their home was life, what they went through, etc.

    It's as much your fault as it is your sons and the owners that your poodle got caught up in an attack.
    And no, it's not all pits. Small dogs are more prone to attack and bight people. But they can't do a whole lot of damage sometimes so they never get reported. Big dogs do. When I was little everyone freaked out saying rottweilers were the evil and vicious breed. Now it's pits. What's next?

  78. You are seriously an idiot for posting this. Wow, your dog got attacked by a semi temperamental one. Big surprise, they are animals.

    What about all of the exact copy episodes of German shepherds doing this? Rottwielers?

    Worst dog owner of the year goes to... You!!!

  79. It was 30 pieces of silver...

  80. You should be ashamed,, pits are a beautiful breed,, they have their special character yes..that's why only people with lots of experience should keep a pit. People who know much about dog behavior. You can't train a pit like you should train a lab for instance,, you just can't..They react differently. The reason why most pits attack people is because their owners didn't train them the way it should. There are always gonna be dogs who attack with pure aggression and dogs you just can't understand..But that's the same with humans! People only see it in another way. Most dogs are friendly,, specially a pit is a great example..If you train them right they are the most loving dogs on earth. Blame the people..not the dogs

    - Student dog behavior

  81. I bet you all are afraid of water, too. Blame the deed, not the breed.


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