Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Prayer For Some Readers

I'm feeling a little weepy inside now. I've had a few cyber friends confide to me this year about their health. For my readers who believe in prayer, I'll ask you to say one or a few on their behalf. I won't use "he" or "she" because I value their privacy.

One is undergoing an extreme health problem that sounds like a matter of life and death.

Another underwent surgery a couple months back but needs another one. It's not life or death, but it is a quality of life issue.

Two have problems with family. It is just dawning on them that the road will be long and hard with their children.

Another is struggling to avoid relapse and a descent into old ways.

Quite a few of our bloggers are out of work or barely working, and barely getting by. Not knowing if you'll be able to make critical bills from one month to the next and robbing Peter to pay Paul and doing without things that really are necessities grinds you down slowly.

Also two bloggers I am fond of are missing in action. One is a survivalist and another had a personal blog. Poof. Those blogs have disappeared. I hope they're okay and would love to get an email from them.

And a lot of us are just tired.

I lay awake at night, thinking about my own problems, those of those closest to me, my concern for fellow bloggers and readers, and how freaked out I am over the oil catastrophe. It all weighs heavily on me. My mind wanders to a beautiful place, like the one below, as I dream of better days for the planet and many people.

When some things are done, they cannot be undone. A problem can be solved, a condition can be managed. There is a difference.

We work around the conditions in our lives all the time. The weather is one and the simplest example. We can't change it, but we can try to dress appropriately for it and usually find shelter from the storms. Doesn't always work out well. Our problems or conditions can be utterly overwhelming. In times like these, many of us beat the odds and are carried through by sheer luck - or God.

I can't prove it logically, but I have the faith to believe that He listens and answers - unless he has a different plan for us.

This is why I pray. I pray because He can hear me. It's His call on whether to answer me and how. Sounds strange, I guess, to some of you, since I'm not a regular church goer and have a real distrust for organized religion. Yeah, organized by man who corrupts everything he touches.

I refuse to let the darkness in the hearts of us all corrupt my faith. In particular, I never forget that good does spring from out of religion. It's just spotty and inconsistent, ya know?

I credit a lot of my analytical skills and universal way of looking at humanity as one family to those marvelous nuns who taught me so well in elementary school, and to the many other people who roll up their sleeves every day to combat an infinite number of human problems.

But God is different from religion. I trust Him with all my heart, mind, and soul, and trust that His plan is bigger than mine.

Before you leave this post, if you think prayer helps, please say one for my readers, especially the first one I mentioned who is so very ill, and the others who are suffering too, in their own way.

Thank you.

~ Kit


  1. I will include your friends in prayer Kit. My faith seems to be somewhat like yours, I know He is there and have faith yet am not a regular churchgoer for the same reasons you said.

    I don't think having human failings,having many human failings precludes us from His love. I say that with myself in mind as well as so many of us who can't always lead exemplary lives. We have faith and believe.

    I do know the Muslims believe that if you acknowledge God before death you will go to Heaven. Since we worship the same God, us people of the book it must mean the same thing would apply to us Christians too.

    Keep your mind in that beautiful place.

  2. What a beautiful thing Kit, I will stand in the gap for the people you have mention.

  3. May God bless you, KIT, and all who read your GR8 blog.

  4. Hey sis! From your heart to our prayers and God's ear.

  5. Bless you dear Kit! Yes I will pray for those you are concerned about, and for you and your peace of mind in the midst of the turmoil of this world.
    I've been singing a song in my mind, by Angela Bofill for the past three days or so. "I Can See It In Your Eyes"
    "Just because a teardrop
    falls down from your face
    doesn't mean that love is gone
    it's in another place.

    Just because the moonlight
    falls down from the sky
    doesn't mean that love is gone
    I can see it in your eyes!

    Simple lyrics but so touching. I loved this song when I was a young woman. I still love it.

    I pray for healing to all those on your mind who are sick, and even the Peace of God that passes all of our human understanding to be with them even as they deal with their situations.
    Kit, please continue to rest your mind in the Lord and let His Peace and Tranquility flow over your thoughts.

  6. It's almost dawn. I just woke up. All I can think after I read the comments is this is a strange post, and somewhere, one of us is still very ill and is very scared. On their behalf, please pray for their recovery.

  7. Thanks for reminding me what I need to do today and everyday,that's to get out of myself!

  8. Keeping the faith here with you Kit. It's a beautiful post... hope filled and heart full. Many thanks for starting my day out with such good stuff...

  9. I will lift them up in prayer. You have an amazingly beautiful spirit Kit.

  10. Kit, I'm praying for recovery and strength for your friends. I don't know if you were thinking of me as an MIA blogger; if so, please let me know and I'll send an email. It's been complicated.

  11. Haven't seen you around darlin'! Hope all is well and looking forward to next blog! Who's your pal?


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