Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Demonic:
If They Ain't Blinking, They Ain't Thinking

The headline at the LA Times reads Palin Talks Tough on Iran, Russia, In ABC Interview.

They are referring to John McCain's VP running mate, Sarah Palin, by the news network old-timer,
Charles Gibson yesterday.

At the San Francisco Chronicle, the headline reads Palin Would Support War With Russia.

At the Boston Globe: Palin Says She's Ready To Assume Presidency.

Presidency? How about we assume this grandiose, trigger-happy, crazy bitch is ready for a long inpatient stay at locked mental health facility?

At Bloomberg, their header reads, Palin Says She's Ready To Be Vice President, Wouldn't Blink.


*blink again*

The bitch wouldn't blink, huh? Now that's some scary shit.

I want my leaders to blink.

If they ain't blinking, they ain't thinking

And they damn sure ain't thinking about We The People.

Us. Or the rest of humanity either.

Fucktards. I ain't never dissed public folks quite like this, but this shit is deadly serious.

Palin talked all this shit on 9/11. I'll bet the victims of most of those families and the people who suffered and survived the WTC and Pentagon on this day seven years ago blinked when they heard her.

Bet they're thinking the same thing I am: the bitch wants to play chicken with the Russians over Georgia - just like Bush did in August. That's when he set up his Georgian poodle puppet to invade South Ossetia, the Russian-friendly side that split away from Georgia (like a secessionist state within a country) since the fall of the Soviet Union - and then blame the Ruskies for starting it.

Now Palin, the latest eager servant of the puppet masters, is ready to get in a nuclear global playground brawl with Russia over this lunacy. And Iran is on her things-to-do list too. And the nutty bitch says it as casually as though it's a grocery shopping list under a refrigerator magnet.

Instead of 'only' loosing one set of twin towers and Building #7 in NYC and a little chunk of the Pentagon, this megalomaniac is ready to roll the fucking dice and risk the house.

America is our house, but in her warped mind, her finger is already on the button. However, I can speculate that Palin is a sociopath of demonic proportions. The woman might be crazy and as opportunistic as a parasite, but she ain't stupid. She knows good and gawd-damned well that if we attacked Russia, we'll lose at least one American city.

Or more. Many more.


You know why? Because dropping bombs are like potato chips where you can't eat only one. Ask the 'shocked and awed' survivors of Baghdad about their memories of how we carpet bombed their home town, and then think how the US and Russia will treat each other in an all out nuclear war where mutually assured destruction will be a given.


What the genuine fuck is Palin's problem AND the neocon nuts who prepped her to lobby on their behalf?

Or John McCain, for grinning like the village idiot in his full support of her, them, and this insanity?

Let's stick his azz in a room next to hers. Then when they meet in the cafeteria, they can share their delusional fantasies of how they would have saved the world while the rest of us can breath collective sighs of relief that they didn't get elected and destroy it.

At best, I'm in ecstasy that the she tipped her hand, and by extension, the hand of the GOP, aka The Party That Wrecked America. That's James Kunstler's coined phrase in case you don't know. He knows what I know: those bitches are just getting started with their wrecking ball. They ain't even warmed up good.

At worst, I worry that enough American voters won't look at it. That their ignorant and/or racist hands will pull the lever in the voting booth for the candidate and his hand-maiden who will push the button that will take away us and our children - black, white, red, yellow and brown - as happily as the Grim Reaper.

The late and great Carl Sagan taught us about a real special and extra Grim Reaper card called Nuclear Winter. It's the second one in the deck that will stalk those whose cities are spared from direct nuclear hits. He described it well in his famous article by the same name, which I highly recommend.

We've seen her cards... their cards... and the political war cards designed by the New World Order tribe.

They're death cards.

Unlike the #13 Tarot death card, there will be no rebirth of civilization as we know it.



Kudos to Shark-Fu, who frequently uses the word *blink* in many of her writings.


  1. I also blinked when I read the story too. My jaw is still hanging open. The inmates have taken over the insane asylum and making the whole world crazy. I'll never feel safe if they win.

  2. K.I.T.:

    Thanks for continuing to kick-azz. I'm going to put up a link to this post on my spot.

    All I can do that's different is write from an international perspective as well as someone who was born, educated and has plied his trade in the US.

    I'm reporting from South America but South America is more like Europe is more like South Africa is more like Canada is more like Oceania than it's like the US.

    People down here are FREAKED OUT by this madness. We are scared and angry. When a Theocratic Authoritarian says that shit on 9/11, how are we SUPPOSED to react? You said it all, K.I.T. These people have to BLINK at the very least.

    I know that Americans aren't big on irony but doesn't it seem a little silly to be threatening global thermonuclear war on the same day you are asking the rest of the world to feel sorry for you?

    So, here's a newsflash. 9/11 is another business day. Nobody gives a shit anymore. Every country has its own days of mourning. If Americans won't THINK or BLINK, they should at least be able to restrain themselves from insulting our intelligence. Nobody laughs about his own troubles while crying about America's. Take that to the bank and borrow against it.

    That was inconvenient truth number one. Here's inconvenient truth number two. At least in Latin America, Black American tourists are treated with greater respect and than White American tourists are.

    It doesn't mean that Edison didn't invent the light bulb. It merely has to do with manners. There is no way to emphasize fully how important manners are down here. They come into play all the time in all sorts of little and big ways. Small things such as respect for one's elders, patience, respect for someone else's professionalism no matter what their profession is, the basics of "please" and "thank you" and holding a door for a woman or a child, speaking in a measured tone, not prying into business that doesn't concern you.

    I don't know why it is but these are concepts which Black Americans seem IN GENERAL to be more culturally comfortable with than White Americans are. And it's why Black American travellers here have an easier time of it just in stuff like getting directions and cashing a traveller's cheque than their White counterparts do.

    This is the essence of the Sarah Palin convention speech. This is the essence of her entire political presence. This is the essence of why the word "elitist" is used to such great political advantage against Barack Obama. McCain and Palin, even more than Bush and Cheney, are making a kind of last stand for Americans' "right" to be recklessly ill-mannered and vulgar.

    Everyone should BLINK and THINK right here. McCain and Palin are pretty successfully campaigning on the idea that less education, less achievement and worse manners are MORALLY SUPERIOR to more education, more achievement and better manners.

  3. That interview was some scary shit, she indeed tipped her hand and showed the world that she is nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake.

    Sadly I am concerned that come voting day, deeply entrenched racism will prevent folks for voting Obama and instead we will end up wit the nutty duo in charge. Heaven help us if McCain checks out early and Palin, can't be bothered with the details ends up in charge and we are subject to the whims of her God telling her to wage a war with who knows whom.

    Great post!

  4. Good post, perfect visuals too. Yeah, demonic awright, so goddamn ironic that these holier-than-thous are like that.

    BTW, Shark-fu did come to mind for me when you blinked, but I read it as homage, not as willful theft. The whole idea of blinking (er, NOT blinking) is central to what you're saying here, so I thought it fit right in.

  5. @ blackgirlinmaine~ lol " nutter than a fruitcake on Christmas." but so true,she's a lunatic.

    @ kelso's nuts~ I have traveled extensively throughout South America and your right I did have a easier time getting around than some of the caucasians that were there. A lot of them acted as liked jacka^^es toward the locals.

    I'm still blinking. I was actually hoping that she wasn't as crazy as I thought. She's worse. I'm nervous that some of these wing nut Hillary supporters will fall in line with McCain because of this even bigger wing nut.

  6. Torrance, well said.

    Rena, you said, "she's worse than I thought." I couldn't agree more. Palin transcended herself from being an devious, dreadful, but entertaining fringe celebrity personality to being the feminine version of a dangerous lunatic who should be placed in a political straight jacket - along with McCain and those controlling them.

    Macon, lol, thanks. This post worked out that way because Palin herself said she "wouldn't blink"... making me blink, and one of the headlines used the word, which made me blink again.

    This theme was central to the post and appropriate to using the word this way, but I still I felt compelled to mention, at the end, Shark-Fu's signature use of of the word *blink* with the cute little asterisks around it.

    I'm a stickler when it comes to giving credit to other writers no matter how small, so yes Macon, you're right, I was paying homage to her too. Thanks for putting it that way.

    And also, yes, I agree that quite a few of these "holier than thou's" are espousing and wedded to the very evil they claim to despise... and that is demonic.

    Black Girl In Maine, Lol at what you said, "She's nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake." Lol again. Great line and would be a perfect title for a post; hope you write one and use it. We all need to be blogging about this lunacy.

    Kelso, almost glad to hear South America is 'freaked out' over Let's-Fight-The-Russians-Sarah. So far the broadcast media talking heads here in the US are under-reactive as hell. It's evil what they're doing, still interviewing the kind of people who spew nonsense like "She's a great campaigner, speaker..." - when they aren't distracting the public with Hurricane Ike approaching Texas.

    And Kelso, I swear, you talk about it all the time and living overseas is looking more and more like an option that should be on every thinking person's table, since the nuclear option has been pushed up front and centered on the US political table.

    Shelton, Ditto. I cosign with you 100%.

  7. So mad I missed the interview, hopefully it will be on again. My mom is a politico and she always talks about how Laura Bush doesn’t blink. Like, ever. Mom’s convinced she’s either heavily drugged or spawn of the devil.

  8. K.I.T.:

    I probably as critical of the USA as anybody is but I want to make it clear that I don't HATE the USA at all. There is so much about it that I love and miss, beyond just my family and friends. There are wonderfully talented and brilliant people there. People who contribute to the blogs I like are exactly the people America needs to modernize, to recover economically,to become more scholarly, to become less provincial, to become less harsh, to become less violent and to become less envious as a society.

    All bullshit regarding the Democratic primary/caucus processes aside, America did seem on the right track when Clinton was president. It wasn't perfect and still had a lot of the culture straitjackets of both an earlier time and the present time. There was an atmosphere of a vibrant youth and entrepreneurial culture which no longer exists.

    Obama put it very nicely, I thought, last night, when he said that were he in Bush's shoes on 9/12/01 he probably would have done one or two things similarly but he never would have told his country to "shut up."

    That's easy for me to write because I don't live there anymore and I do live in an environment I was well suited to for a lot of reasons. It's difficult to express this without seeming to brag but the vast majority of the American exiles of the Bush years are exactly the kinds of young and young-middle-aged people America could least afford to lose and had the greatest investment in. We have our jokes to be sure but nobody I've met in this cohort HATES America at all. Everybody basically weighed it up at the time and made the decision that was right for himself or herself.

    I don't advocate emigration. I'm not recruiting anybody! Everybody who's happy should stay put.

    There are a couple of other harsh realities aside from those you mention which Americans young and young-at-heart should consider. The first is that under PATRIOT 2 and the coming REALID, the OPTION to travel freely both internally and internationally will be less and less available. It's not a question of "if". It's a question of "when?" There is no immigration problem. That is a racist and xenophobic fantasy. There will eventually be the opposite -- a very bad "refusenik" problem. In other words, use it or lose it.

    The other issue is that when you do emigrate, you have an amazing ephiphany. You realize that you've completely changed the power relationship between yourself as the individual and the US government as the institution. YOU now have the power. It is up to THEM to show YOU things have changed enough that you want to go back. All that's binding you is your own perception that you couldn't live anywhere else. Or that everywhere else is worse in terms of the creature comforts you know or whatever. Or your fear of the unknown. Or your perception that the "switching costs" are too high. Or all of the decisions big and little you have to make plus all the frustrations of adjustment. You are certainly not being offered any incentives to stay. Your taxes are too high on an absolute scale and when adjusted for the lack of services you get back for your taxes, your effective tax rate as an American is probably the highest in the world.

    There are all sorts of compromises you have to make when you leave, but you'll have another epiphany. You'll realize that no matter where you go, and no matter what your "self-identification" is, you are now part of a Western Capitalist Self-Governing World Majority!

    I cannot give any better proof of that than asking you to turn your attention to the Republic Of South Africa. I will grant that South Africa had a very lucky historical accident in Mandela and DeKlerk at the same time. It is not often that a fascist state facing a once in a millenium opposition leader chooses a rational man like DeKlerk. Normally, you see the opposite, with the oppressor countering the opposition leader's greatness by picking ever worse bastards. Nevertheless, only 16 years removed from apartheid, it's not a stretch of the imagination to say that South African Boers, the worst of the worst, would be considered "loony liberals" in Sarah Palin's America.

  9. K.I.T. -

    I had not noticed this "unblinkingly" unbelievable madness until you pointed it out and I watch the piece over at I was just so horrified at what she was saying I didn't realize that she failed to blink.

    After watching it a second time, I was even more horrified. It struck me that she was trying so hard to remember everything her handlers had told her than she was straining her brain so hard, she couldn't remember to blink!

    You bring home the point that I thought most people missed - DEATH! This woman and this fool she is running with are planning to destroy this country, taunting rivals, crushing the U.S. economy and putting us in a Salem Witch Trials cultural life. This is living death.

    Excellent post!!!!!

  10. I agree she is a little to eager to mess with the Russians. A good leader in my opinion is one who proceeds with caution. The majority of America is tired of war and nobody wants to get dragged into anything with Russia. Its almost winter remember what happened to Germany during a Russian winter. They got their behinds kicked. Russia also has just as many bombs as we do. So that is not a threat to them. They ain't never scared.

  11. Right on!

    The worst case scenario you bring up is really horrible. Many people really won't blink and look at what is really going on.

    And because of that, we could all suffer some horrible, horrible stuff.

  12. This interview is the scariest thing ever. When McCain picked her, did he really know who the heck she was? That woman is a hot mess.

  13. Dom, don't know if she's on meds, but in the traditional sense, Laura Bush has mastered the art of public poise expected by the wife of a high-profile figure, whether married to a George Bush - or a Tony Soprano; ie, she does a great job of staying out of the media mix.

    Kelso, thank you for sharing your experience and insight as someone who relocated to another country. I too have wondered if we'll end up with greater travel restrictions as time progresses. Walls keep people out but also keep them in. I don't look forward to RealID either; it's too Orwellian for me.

    Professor Tracey, Hey again! I'm fairly certain that Palin seduces so many Americans with her charm, smile, and saying everything so cheerfully and with reassurance. She excels at making horrible ideas sound reasonable, and has been caught lying with such a straight face and more charm, ie Bridge To Nowhere. She reminds me of some of the best criminals and/or sociopaths I ever worked with.

    MarriedToIt, That's a funny user name! I cosign with you; Russia ain't scared of jack. They've the nukes and have been helping us keep our economy afloat. The EU is balking at backing the US in putting meaningful sanctions on them b/c they rely on Russia for oil and gas. If McCain-Palin-Neocon Nuts think they can do a Hiroshima on them and "win the war" instantly as we did with Japan in WWII, they are sadly and stupidly mistaken, and the world will suffer, and we will be left as an isolated 3rd world nation.

    Stuck, Agreed. Not blinking is so cool in the movies, period.

    Siddity, Yeah, she is the personification of chaos, but I don't think McCain really picked her, and I see her as a mouthpiece or spokesperson. Hell, story goes that he only met her once.

    I have yet to find out who gave McCain the order (or ha-ha, suggestion) to select her. This person or group will be the power behind his throne as they are with Bush. I don't think Obama is completely excluded from their grasp either.


  14. The end is closer than we think. If (and I say this with a scowl on my face) the rethuglicans get in to the WH pay very close attention to the Israel situation...

  15. Outta control insanity. . . yet they are slightly ahead in the latest polls. . . unfuckingbelievable.

    Yea, I had to check and see what link I clicked on with all the blinking happpenin.

  16. I'm so afraid of election day. I don't know what the hell I will do if McCain-Palin are the "choice" of American voters. I almost ran away when Bush was elected...both times.

    Palin's mouth is a little loose to me...crazy shit continues to spew from it.


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