Saturday, September 6, 2008

McCain & Palin: The Perfect Puppets

I was one of the first people in cyberspace to do my own research and form an opinion in a post that Sarah Palin is the grandmother, not the mother, of the baby named Trig. I posted this on Aug 30th in Things You've Probably Never Read About McCain's VP Pick Sarah Palin.

I caught some flack and criticism for this and may have lost a few readers. I wasn't the only one. The Daily Kos writer who researched and expressed the same opinion as I did (we both uploaded our post about the same time on 8/30) either deleted his post or their site did it for him.

I'm glad I didn't become overcome with the fear of looking foolish. I stood by my opinion and still think it's highly plausible, despite the 'new information' from the McCain-Palin campaign that Bristol "is five months pregnant."

I have listened to nearly eight years of the lies so great that two Congresspersons, Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney, wrote Articles of Impeachment in 2008 and 2006 respectively. I concluded long ago that Bush & Co. and the Republican Party are the greatest liars in our times. They are masters of deceit on a big level, but as a therapist and social worker, I can say that they are not terribly different from ordinary people who are either stuck in a tight jam and/or have low characters.

The smarter or more imaginative someone is, the better they are at lying to avoid trouble when they either accidentally fuck up, or want to cover up some dirt they did intentionally.

A good journalist, detective or therapist all have in one thing in common: the motivation and ability to think what they would do in the same situation of the alleged perpetrator of lie or crime in question. This is what I did when the 'new information' from the McCain-Palin campaign revealed that Bristol Palin "is five months pregnant."

When I figured out how the public could be scammed to believe she is not the mother of Trig, I wrote A Rovian Strategy: Feed 'em Turkey Burgers & Call It Steak.

I made it clear then as I do now that my opinion is not a proven fact, but there's plenty evidence to be doubtful of their story. What evidence would be satisfying to me? A DNA test first, or a full-term baby four months from now, although with this, I'd still wonder if it's weight was accurately recorded by whoever delivers it.

It is always a risk when you state what you really think when you're relatively unknown and particularly when you're a woman, whether in your non-cyber life or as a blogger. Fair or not, it's part of our social hierarchy.

Because of this, it felt good when I watched the Bill Maher's show, Real Time, last night. It was live.

This brilliant, progressive political analyst and comedian courageously shared the same conclusion as I did. What's remarkable is that he is the first well-known public figure I've seen to come out and express his doubts publicly.

Bill Maher's 9/05/2008 doubts & numerous insights
on Sarah Palin, here on

This took a lot of courage because his show, Politically Incorrect in 2001, was canceled when he expressed an unpopular opinion about 9/11 and terrorism at a time when Bush ran the lines of "if you're not for us, you're against us."

In hindsight, Bush, Cheney, and PNAC were clearly grooming the American people to rally behind the flag and their plans to invade Iraq with no questions asked, even though not a single Iraqi was involved in 9/11.

I think they're manipulating us again, but this time with Iran. The signs have been there a long time and as recently as this past Thursday, when McCain gave his speech at the Republican National Convention. They began the evening with this film that focused mainly on 9/11, but it began with a clip from the hostage crisis at the U.S. Embassy in Iran that occurred nearly 30 years ago. Why else would they include that, or any of it, other than to stir up fear?

I wonder if the GOP and right-wing extremists will lobby to get Maher kicked off the air again over his Palin comments on 9/05/2008. They are hell-bent in having this pathetically under-qualified woman become the second in command in the White House. I have no problem stating the obvious: she's got charm and delivers her lines well, but she will be a puppet of the people who rule behind the throne.

Here are some nifty insights from an article in today's Independent, titled Palin: The Real Scandal. This newspaper is as credible in the UK as the New York Times is here.

Quotes: "As a governor, she has been a staunch supporter of wanting to do nothing to hinder oil companies..." and "she would also like to bring open-cast coal mining to Alaska's Brooks Range Mountains, an act of environmental vandalism in the eyes of many."

I believe this is all the power-behind-the-throne club wants. They mainly care about this and their war plans because their bottom line is profit.

They don't give a rat's ass about her quirky book-burning ideas aka library censorship, or the government having 100% control over women's reproductive rights. They may even like this since it will push up the birth rate and increase the number of bodies they can put in uniforms for the wars that will still be going on in 20 years.

They like McCain and Palin's easy disregard to a fundamental part of our Constitution. She gave us a hint of this when she made a joke about in her speech when she remarked on terrorism that Obama is worried about reading them their rights. He made a comment in his RNC speech that he busted union bosses. Outside of the convention, "federal police" - probably contract workers for Blackwater - arrested hundreds of peaceful anti-war demonstrators.

They also like Palin's ability to keep secrets. Even if she did give birth to the latest baby in her family, she reportedly told no one she was pregnant until early March, six weeks before Trig was born. Her staff, other politicians she worked with, and friends were stunned. As one blogger was quoted at Mudflats, her ability to keep a secret borders on scary.

I agree with this, because if she's as dishonest as I think she is, she'll be worse than Dick and George who are thought by many to be the greatest subverters of our laws and international laws.

As I said in a previous post, imagine that.

In a nutshell, our Constitutional rights interfere with corporate profit-making, and thus, McCain and Palin are perfect puppets to carry out "their" wishes.

And who are "they"? My guess: the inner circle of the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations.


  1. The thing with blogs is that they do offer the opportunity for an individual to voice their opinions, theories, etc.. This leaves said person vulnerable to criticism and viewpoints that are directly opposite of their own. I commend you for always 'keepin' it trill' in spite of what others say. Keep the courage pumping through your blood because in the next couple of months I think it's going to get uglier in the world of politrix.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Monk. It's nice and nurturing to get this feedback. I agree with you too, that things may get much uglier in the months to come. I've wondered if once again, this election will be stolen, or worse, if we will totally lose Barack... I can't even say the words...

  3. I've been reading your blog for some time now and am not surprised that you stuck to your words on Gov. Palin. But I'm very worried that Americans seem to buy the lies and the deceit of Republicans over and over again...It's truly amazing that there is a contest between McCain/Palin vs. Obama/Biden. If Americans had half the courage that you have, Obama would be up by 25 points or more and we would be speculating the people he would be selecting for specific positions in his cabinet.

  4. I have enjoyed reading your words for the past few months. Blogs give the writer and the readers to opportunity to express thier views either to agree or to disagree.

    So, I say to you K.I.T keep up the great work that you are doing on Your BLOG and I will keep reading.

  5. Hi Kit! I have been a lurker here for a long time, and girlfriend, I hit your blog regularly and it's one of my favorites. When you grab onto a story there's nothing left but the bone when you finish with it!

    This was a great post. I hadn't seen the Maher video but I am so glad he said what's been on everyone's mind. You were right to stick by your guns. THESE PEOPLE CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

    You might want to know that Mudflats ran a post yesterday that Palin has a new rumor over her head. She may have had an affair withher husband's business partner. It says he tried to have his divorce papers sealed a few days ago but the judge said NO. LOL, he put his country first!

  6. Its funny how internet rumors are, and remain just rumors. I wanna meet the person who starts them. I'm willing to bet its the same dude who got that chain letter thing going.

    But hey, it was the rumor that peaked the interest of the media to investigate. Which led to the announcement of Bristol's pregnancy. Score one for the Bloggers.

    There are two men who could solve this all: Maury Povich & Chris Hansen. Those two dudes have a way of exposing the truth, don't they?

  7. I appreciate your willingness to state your truth and for the record I am with you. As a woman who has physically born 2 kids, the idea of being up and able to go back to the office 3 days after giving birth is ridiculous. Most women can barely go to the bathroom 3 days after birth much less the office.

    Fact is had the story of that baby possibly not being hers not surfaced, we probably wouldn't have even known about Bristol and her redneck. Yet the daughter's pregnancy is a smokescreen.

    These are some vile folks and Palin reveals a level of depravity we have not seen and that is after 8 years of Bush and Co.

    Thanks for posting Maher's video.

  8. Black Girl In Maine, You said, Most women can barely go to the bathroom 3 days after birth much less the office." LOL, and yeah, the depravity (if that particular rumor is true - notice I always say that to CMA) is at a whole new level in politics.

    You're welcome about the Maher video. If have time to see the entire show on YouTube, it was really good. You mentioned the redneck boyfriend; about him, Maher quoted this guy's awful self-description at MySpace. Maher said, "replace the word chillin' with drilling and that's the Republican Party."

    Rippa, Most of the things I've read about her came from her own mouth. The rest is the paperwork from her voting record to the deals she's cut with the Big Oil Bad Boys.

    Natalie, Welcome and thanks for the compliment, and I just read that post. Why would her ex-business partner suddenly try to seal his divorce papers? Since the good judge said no, this might be the next act in the Palin Circus that so far is waaay under-reported in the msm.

    Rena, thank you for your wonderful feedback. I usually do a post or write an article only because I'm inspired to, and hope I don't hit a lull. Not likely this year given the times. If so, however, I have a few great recipes to share. ;)

    MacDaddy, thank you so much. Your words mean a lot to me and I love what you do too. It's very different from my stuff but extremely valuable.

    Folks, if you want to read a laugh out loud short story, read this 9/06 one by Kos at Daily Kos on the lengths Bill O'Reilly went to when pissed off at being called a hypocrite.

    I swear, I love reading good fiction, but this whole political drama is better than any book I've picked up in years.

  9. KIT-

    Yeah, this post is on point. I'm mad I missed Maher but Ive been a big fan of his since his Politically Incorrect Days. I will have to make sure I catch the re-run later this week.

    I certainly find the pregnancy suspicious, and I think you were right to call the BS when you saw it. There will alwasy be people with differing opinions, but isnt that what makes this country so great? I know I LOVE being able to say whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I want to whoever the hell I want. If they dont like it, step to the left. That said, keep speaking your peace.

    I am anxious to see how this election works out. I have a feeling this is going to be one for the history books in terms of voter turnout.

  10. Forget the baby, if Palin, and those like her have their way, the Uterus will become property of teh Jesus a.k.a. the GOP.

    Isn't it funny how the Wingnuts told everyone,"Lay off Palin's family," and then she paraded them onto the stage like they were a Circus Act?

    These people are Scum.

  11. Dom, free speech is beautiful, ain't it? LOL. I'm enjoying before we lose that. Anyhoo, you said, "I have a feeling this is going to be one for the history books in terms of voter turnout." Betcha so right.

    Fairlane, nice to see ya! I like your blog. Yeah, putting her family on display was by necessity only, or so I thought at first, until I discovered she's arranged the shotgun marriage to occur on Election Day. What a publicity whore. I feel sorry as hell for her daughter who appears to be her personal sacrificial lamb for her career.

  12. u should see some of theing she has said folk, u will get a kick out of it

  13. I wish Tim Russert was still alive so he could interview her.

    Boy I can't wait for her first interview, outside of FOX that is.

  14. Torrance & Rippa, I'm at the point where I've lost interest in Palin stories. There are just too many of them and more each day.

    Most are easily verified which has turned an amusing spectacle into a Circus of Horrors. It's like she literally was pulled from bottom of the slimiest barrel in the country.

  15. Palin will do her first interview with Charles Gibson on ABC's World News Tonight.

    It will be interesting to see what questions Charles Gibson will ask her. For some reason I doubt they will be hard hitting questions( succession, censorship, Bridge to No Where, among many others

  16. Good post. I'll certainly be back.
    Keep writing.

  17. Angie, welcome here and thanks. I visit other people's sites but when I clicked on your user name, it came back to my site (?) but had you web address at the end of it.

    LOL, I thought you might be a spammer, but to be sure, I typed in your site and behold! I came to Nu Vision For A Nu Day You're a real blogger!

    At the risk of sounding ignorant, and if so, I apologize, I was amazed because it's the first one I've ever seen by someone who is blind.

    What an inspiration.

    I read your post on Palin and she is indeed a sham. I know she cut funding for disabled kids in Alaska yet pretends she's an advocate. Hope the voters who only rely on mainstream media hear and read about all this before Election Day.

    Rena, thanks, and I'll torture myself by checking out Gibson's uncoming interview with Palin. Hope he grills her azz but I ain't holding my breath.

  18. Keep doing what you do KIT. I wouldn't be shocked if it's the little girl's baby myself.

    The funny thing is I've noticed that Palin causes an extreme reaction in many women. Certain types of women just seem to despise her, while other women seem to be uplifted by her. It's very interesting. I may have to write about that.

  19. KIT: No problem. I'm certainly not offended. It is what it is. I know that my blog, my views, my presence is unique, in the Afrosphere, that is. I have run across a few disability bloggers that are blind. However, I do think that I am the only sista out here blogging that is blind.
    BTW: I notice that you comment over at Skep's blog. I'm the Angie that commonly post comments there,. I also post comments at Field Negro. Not as much lately, but I still run through there from time to time... (Now you know who I am. **wink**)

    I wanted to share this link of an article that is in the NY Times. Apparently, the Times is working hard with the Palin folks to kick down the stories about Pistol Bristol being the "real" mother of Trig. Check it out.

  20. Thanks Big Man. You're right about Palin being liked by many women. She does present as a likeable person, someone with energy, humor, and has a little fire in her personality. She's probably fun at a cookout. I don't think she'll be fun at all with too much power. She had too much as Governor and despite the nice stories, has abused her authority.

    Examples: trying to fire the librarian who would not remove books she found offensive. Her cutting back funding for disabled kids, and her easy acceptance of pillage and plunder the pristine Alaskan wilderness. I find it easy to separate her personality from how she would make policy and do business as a VP. She would suck, big time.

    Angie, cool. As for the Trig speculation, I'm so over that. It doesn't surprise me that the NY Times isn't pushing for a DNA test as proof. They are the same people who brought us the "let's invade Iraq" neocon-endorsed articles and the infamous Judith Miller.


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