Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is John McCain Ill?

Yesterday, while watching McCain speak about canceling the scheduled debate with Obama, I noticed that his right eye looked much larger than his left.

Keith Olbermann comments on McCain's canceling this debate
and other unexpected behavior yesterday, and notable flip-flopping
this month, but you can also see how strange his eye looks.

I wondered then if his former cancer re-emerged and is spreading to his brain. This morning I read that other people noticed it too. Commenters to that article are speculating it's Bell's Palsy, Alzheimer's, a stroke, etc. Given his health history of cancer and swollen-looking lymph node in his jaw, the comment that 'feels' most plausible was, "Melanoma is often a precursor to a metastatic brain tumor."

No, I'm not wishing him ill health. My question is, however, what in the heck would happen to this election if he becomes seriously sick before November 4th? Or dies? What kind of strategies do you think the GOP will try to use in either case? And, is there a historical precedent for this?

Personally, I'll be disappointed. If McCain has a serious medical problem, I see the timing as bad from a political standpoint because Obama is pulling ahead significantly in the polls and may win this thing.

I prefer it go down in history that Barack won because the majority of Americans clearly chose the
Prince of Hope - incidentally the first African-American to get this far - as the better candidate, not because his opponent couldn't continue, which is how the haters will spin it.

Any thoughts?


  1. I like this post - I agree that if McCain falls out, then all of the spin would be that the brotha won only because the white man fell ill. But, as awful as it sounds, that'd be just fine by me - somehow I'm more concerned about life with the GOP winning this thing that I am about life after Obama winning by what some will say is default.

  2. I don't care how Obama wins. He just needs to win.

  3. I was wondering if I was the only person noticing how his is moving slower, seeming more confused and making extremely erratic decisions. Like you I have though of the ramifications of him falling out or God forbid dropping dead prior to election day, but I trust that people will stick to the task at hand.

  4. OMG...I thought I was the only one who noticed his eye. I swear I had to turn away from watching because it was painful. I had eye surgey earlier this year, and it was a painful reminder of what I went through.

  5. I agree with Sagacious. Dont give a damn how he wins it, I just want him to win. I cant believe people are actually planning on voting for McCain.

    Im not sure whats worse, him getting elected or him getting elected and keeling over. Then we'd have President Palin and really be screwed!

  6. The goal is to win and BE president. I am not wedded to the how.

    A basketball game is won by the team with the most points...that could be by free-throws, or 3-point jumpers, or clean lay-ups. How the ball gets into the basket doesn't count...what does, is the ball to the hoop.

  7. I'm sitting here laughin'. Y'all are some hard cases. LOL.

    Okay folks, say the old geezer croaks before Election Day. I'd be crying.

    You know why? The Election might be delayed for 3 or 6 months, and the GOP could have his runner up Mitt Romney fill McCain's place with Palin as VP. I doubt they're stupid enough to run Palin as President, but ya never know...

    McCain has been so noticeably incompetent on the economy this month that all those newly doubtful Republican voters and Hillary supporters who might have gone for Obama will give a collective sigh of relief and vote the GOP back in office. That would suck.

    This economic crisis has been a godsend for Obama. It reveals like never before how unfit McCain is to serve, even to his own party who is mad as hell that he supports the $700B bailout. Racism aside, real Republicans are hard core believers in the free market. He's pissed them off royally by wanting to offer welfare to corporate failures.

    Obama can win this, and because of this, I'm hoping Grandpa can hang onto his health for at least the next six weeks. Then McCain can go get his eyeball checked out along with a brain scan, and retire, and Palin can return to Alaska... where she probably won't be re-elected the next go 'round and she can sit home and play with her two grandkids. LOL.

  8. I'm with you...If McCain is gonna croak, he needs to croak on Thursday Nov. 6. That gives him enough time to find out he was beat by a black man fair and square! <---im going to hell, I know :/

  9. this would be perfect if he dies.

    Palin would be the presidential nominee and she'd get enough sympathy votes.

  10. *shakes head, makes tsk tsk sound*

    Mimi, ain't nothing wrong with McCain living to be 100. He's not a bad person. We just don't want him to be President.

    Uppity, keep talking like that I'm gonna think you've got the hots for Sarah.

  11. Even though Barack has made compromises here and there I still support him. I have to. McCain is spoiled child that has to have his way and that is no way to lead. That being said, that was the way GW did it.

    In 2004 I voted for Kerry because he wasn't Bush. And I'll not only vote for Obama because he isn't McCain, but I'll vote for him because, damn it I like the guy.

    He's disappointed me, but I think he's just being shrewed.

    I turned my comments back on. My antagonists must be getting lazy, last time after weeks of having comments off and turning it on it was ten minutes. This time a couple of days. But these goobers would support McCain till the end just because. Even if he's about as bad for this country than any candidate I have ever seen.

    And another reason to support Obama, and this is what was presented to me by a RATIONAL republican...

    "I have a personal dislike for McCain, but Obama terrifies me"

    Just another reason for me to support Barrack, he terrifies the right. And I can only hope that their fear is warranted, and Barrack goes through many veto pens in his Presidency.

    Dave -=topper=- T

  12. You're dead on it. That eyelid is drooping and something is causing that. A stroke would do it, but a brain tumor is probably more likely. Or a stroke caused by a brain tumor. My concern, under these circumstances, is not that McCain might not be able to finish the election. It's that he might finish, steal it (since it's been done before), and THEN die. Which may be the plan, if there is one. I no longer assume anything is beyond the pale.

  13. Topper, good, and I hope you really pull the lever for the O-Man.

    Changeseeker, you might be right. More on this later.

  14. If he's sick, he needs to get it over with, now.

    If he wins, which is still a possibility (Never underestimate the Democrat's ability to screw up), and then croaks out, that Loon will be our President.


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