Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin's Circus Continues:
An Alaska-As-It's-Own-Nation Husband,
An Armageddonist Pastor, AIPAC Wary,
& A Redneck Future Son-In-Law

Gee whiz, these Sara Palin stories write themselves! Unless the suck up media buries or downplays these new stories (new to us, anyway), they are amazing if not entertaining.

Sarah's husband Todd could be defined as an anarchist - you know, like those protesters that Blackwater mercenaries federal police in Minnesota identify as such and have been harassing and doing raids and searches in their homes and cars, and pepper-spraying them and making arrests.

Todd Palin, according to the LA Times and elsewhere has a long membership with the Alaskan Independence Party. They've been trying to put the vote on the ballot for Alaska to break away from the US. She can be seen in this YouTube video cheerfully addressing them six months ago. She played them like a real politician too. Made no promises but told them to "keep up the good work." WTF?

And you all know by now, if the shotgun wedding goes through, her future son in law is a self-described "fucking redneck" who doesn't want kids. He said so on his now private MySpace page.

Since he's not married to her daughter yet and may still run for the hills, why is his azz invited to the RNC tonight? Jeezus Christ, between moments of sly brilliance and large spans of sheer idiotcy, the GOP never ceases to out do themselves - and that's not a compliment.

She also has a warmongering pastor, Larry Kroon, who sounds like he's just dying to live through Armageddon. The Israeli News has a story today how he had a Jews For Jesus guest speaker, David Brickner speak in August. That guy founded the group and many Jews find him offensive and anti-Semitic.

I don't know quite enough about him to find it offensive, but I do find these groups silly. It's like belonging to a group called Christians for Buddha Only, or Muslims For The One Son Of God, Jesus, or Democrats For Republicans... wait a minute. I think Joe Lieberman belongs to that last group.

Speaking of Lieberman, the Zionist lobby group, AIPAC was so concerned that they had their boy haul her ass in to meet with them yesterday to make sure she's as pro-Israel in policy as she ought to be for their liking, and not a Jews for Jesus follower. She had to cancel a scheduled guest appearance at McCain's convention for this.

Can you imagine power like that? And Palin must have done a fantastic suck up job because today Lieberman is calling her "a great leader."

Great? Is he fucking crazy?

Man, I swear, AIPAC has their fingers in every pie. The NAACP should be so potent as a lobby group, but nooo, they're too busy fighting over whether the the N-word should be used on hiphop CDs and distancing their bourgeois azzes from Rev. Wright. He gave a keynote address speech at their friggin' convention this year. Can't find that on their website.

I'll probably do an update to this post after her speech tonight, but unless I can add something unique to events as they unfold, I need to focus other stories.

To keep abreast of the Dumb and Dumber McCain-Palin campaign, I highly recommend the Alaskan blog, Mudflats. This guy is on top of all the stories and
is an amazing writer.

Below is an excerpt from Mudflats' post today along with the loony shit Palin's pastor has said:

Let’s break the vacuum seal on that latest can, shall we? (giant sucking sound, behold worms). This is from Ed Kalnins, the senior pastor of Wasilla Assembly of God. Palin attended here for most of her adult life, until her new affiliation with a similar church in the state’s capitol, Juneau:
What you see in a terrorist — that’s called the invisible enemy. There has always been an invisible enemy. What you see in Iraq, basically, is a manifestation of what’s going on in this unseen world called the spirit world. … We need to think like Jesus thinks. We are in a time and a season of war, and we need to think like that. We need to develop that instinct. We need to develop as believers the instinct that we are at war, and that war is contending for your faith. … Jesus called us to die. You’re worried about getting hurt? He’s called us to die. Listen, you know we can’t even follow him unless you are willing to give up your life. … I believe that Jesus himself operated from that position of war mode. Everyone say “war mode.” Now you say, wait a minute Ed, he’s like the good shepherd, he’s loving all the time and he’s kind all the time. Oh yes he is — but I also believe that he had a part of his thoughts that knew that he was in a war.
How will the Republican party and the pundits handle Palin’s “Reverend Wright Moment”? Did McCain vet her on matters of her religious ties, knowing how devastating the impact of his church selection turned out to be for Obama? You’d think...


I may briefly update later tonight after the RNC speech.

9/04/2008 @ 1 AM - Update is on a new post.


  1. This was a great and entertaining post! My fav single tag line was "Democrats for Republicans". O yea, you are being blog rolled ASAP!

  2. Ooooh, thanks! *chuckle* Glad you found my blog.

  3. This election couldn't be a better script if I wrote it myself.

  4. This convention is one big cluster fuck.
    I guess after the dems presented the best convention in my memory they just gave-up.
    Thanks for the "mud flats" link.

  5. Listening to the convention right now. I really need to stop before it seriously makes my head explode with anger at some of their accusations, at the ugliness of the crowd, at the annoying voices. And I think that I will now boycott all the old episodes of Law and Order due to my incredible dislike of Fred Thompson.

  6. I'm watching Palin's speech as I type and I'm just just like..."We don't believe you, you need more people."

  7. Brother Buck, you're right, this election is a dream script Hollywood wouldn't have come up with.

    Sagacious, yeah, you'll like Mudflats.

    Stuck & Monk, hope you saw her whole speech. I give credit where credit is due - Palin is extraordinarily charismatic on stage.

    I just published a new post on my thoughts of it titled Obama, You Have A Problem.

  8. "The NAACP should be so potent as a lobby group, but nooo, they're too busy fighting over whether the the N-word should be used on hiphop CDs and distancing their bourgeois azzes from Rev. Wright. "

    LMAO. I know right!

    You and I think alike. I just posted a scathing anti-GOP status on facebook and have already written a reply to any future haters. My nickname for the GOP duo, except with Bush/McCain substituted as... you guessed it! Dumb and Dumber.

    Then I read the blog and to my delight, you echo my sentiments.

    girl, you are mad late. kit is the bomb!

    between kit and rawdawg, i don't even watch the news and youtube for all the speeches/debate


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