Thursday, April 15, 2010

Barack's Nuclear Genius

Would you still love Barack if he pushed the nuke button?

And as a result, a city of 70 million were incinerated?

This is the size of Tehran, Iran, and in that tragic scenario, it would not be the end. No, that would be the beginning of WWIII. China and Russia would see to that, and for the first time, Americans would see mushroom clouds rising above at least one American city.

Barack Obama knows this.

He also knows we're broker than a mofo and drowning in debt, and that's pretty damn broke. This nation ain't even nigga rich, but like gang-banging hoodrats, we're rich with weapons and ammo. When that's all you've got, sometimes that's enough.

Not this time, though, and he knows that too. This, I think, is why he said that if an American city is attacked with biological or chemical weapons, we will not retaliate.

Now that was a brilliant move.

The reason is that throughout history, one strategy of war and cutthroat business is the divide and conquer philosophy.

A Perfect Example:

A & B are allies or associates because they mutually benefit from one another. A is a little stronger of the the two, and tends to dominate. However, they are also close enough to being equal in strength that they'd do great damage to one another if they were enemies.

Neither get along particularly well with C, who refuses to go be dominated by either. C also has allies or associates but these relationships are not as tight, or close, as the relationship between A & B.

B does something to undermine A, or even attacks A, but makes it look like C did it. Then A gets mad and attacks C.

A & C are fighting and using up their resources.

C's allies are in a bind, because from all appearances, C started it. Unless they have a lot to lose if C loses, they will not interfere.

B benefits by taking little or none of the risks or damages if and when A defeats C.

B will even help out on the sidelines or in the background. For this, A is grateful, and rewards B with the spoils of war from C.

In slavery, this was the house negro vs. field negro manipulation. We see this in middle school and office politics, business, and the way banana republic and puppet governments are controlled.

In war, this is called a false flag operation. Stage an 'event', point a finger, and sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

Obama's genius is that he knows who has attempted this strategy before, and who is most likely to do it again in an attempt to sucker the USA into turning Iran into a 21st century Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

There is no other reasonable explanation for his decision to publicly state we will not retaliate if attacked other than he's not willing to be party to that and getting quite that much innocent blood on his hands.

Barack knows what time it is, and that the madness certain people are screaming for will guarantee the mutually assured destruction of America, Britain, France, Israel, Russia, China, Iran, and host of other countries like India and Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, and Venezuela, in a death fight over who controls the oil, energy, water, weapons, and which monetary currency will be used, for the rest of your lifetime.


Early next week, I'll give you the back story and tell you why despite his brilliant move, it may still fail and the US be less than a minute away from twelve on the Doomsday clock.

Until then, share your thoughts here.


  1. Bravo Kit! The President once again has shown what it is to be a strong President. This is the right thing to have done. Our weapons are so powerful and sophisticated there is no reason, to use nuclear weapons.

    This proves that The President is more than rhetoric, but that he is a true humanitarian. I agree and I believe the man is a genius.And to answer your question I would not like The President if he push the nuke button.

  2. Nuclear weapons are a bargaining chip big time.

  3. Barack Obama will go down in history as one of our greatest leaders. His wisdom and courage makes me proud. His diplomacy and his communication skills make me proud. I don't like every decision he makes but I know that when he makes them he is well informed.

    Finally I thought you were gone Kit. I am going to link you to my new place.

  4. Mad Mike's America, Heh-heh-heh. You thought I was "gone", huh? Shieet, the hell I started going through from December thru March, I'm amazed I'm not "gone" too. You might have missed some of those posts, lol. Somehow I managed to keep up with the world and keep my sanity.

    As for this post and the upcoming one, I wrote it five times in five completely different ways since he uttered that first word that will change the world, "sanctions". I had to get it right, because it's a very delicate topic, one so delicate that it's the Elephant In The Living Room.

    'Nuff said.

    Rippa, Hey! Thanks for the blogger spotlight today. Nice touching base with you too.

    JJBrock, Anne, Thank you. Yes, that was a smart strategy. Hope he has more up his sleeve; he'll need to be a magician working with so many different nations and all angling for a deal.

  5. "This nation ain't even nigga rich": this had me on the floor laughing! fo'sho'!

    Interesting perspective but I have a different take. Obama's genius is not in what he actually does but in what he says he will do. He's a genius when it come to the smoke and mirrors of rhetoric. Believe it or not, I ain't hating! The man is a politician and I believe he is the smartest politician (so far) in the 21st century.

    Like remember when he said he would close Guantanamo and had that media circus when he signed the executive order to close it in a year? Remember when he said that all US combat forces would be out of Iraq 18 months after he came into office? Remind me again how many Afghans high-jackers there were on 9/11, so escalating the war in Afghanistan is therefore a war of necessity? Since Obama came to power, has there been an increase or decrease in Predator drone attacks, which primarily kills civilians and violates international law by crossing over into Pakistan to get to the insurgents (sorry I man "terrorists")? Doesn't that seem a lot like the illegal US attacks into Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnam war?

    It therefore logically follows that he would say that if America is attacked with biological or chemical weapons, we will not retaliate. Because he knows in reality if that happened, he would give the order as Maximius did in the movie Gladiator: "on my signal, unleash hell!" Now it may not be the standard nuclear weapons we normally hear about like the A-bomb, but did you know that the US forces are currently using radioactive bombs and ammunition in it's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that are made with depleted uranium. Don't take my word for it, do the research.

    Furthermore, the recent nuclear treaty with Russia was nothing but a farce. Russia is no nuclear threat! Seeking UN sanctions against Iran and North Korea are waste of time and energy because they cannot be enforced, plus some of our so-called allies will do "black market" business with these rouge states because it will be even more profitable to do so, monetarily and politically. During the sanctions against Saddam's regime in the 1990's, the son of Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the UN at the time, was doing business with the regime!

    What the Obama needs from Russia is for them to stop supplying Iran with the knowledge, materials, equipment and technical assistance to construct a nuclear weapon! What the US needs from China is for them to stop supporting the North Korean nuclear program! If Obama is so concerned about the threat and horror of nuclear proliferation, especially in the Middle East, then why not also demand that Israeli also end their nuclear program (the not so
    "secret" one), instead of bickering over the building of settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank!? Why not demand the elimination of the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan and India, two long time foes who are always on the brink of war!?

    Obama can fool some of the people most of the time, he can even fool most of the people some of the time, but his actions speaks louder than his words. Nobel Peace Laureate. "Child please!"

  6. Asabagna, Thanks for that candid comment. Except for the trolls, I love it when folks ain't afraid to speak their mind.

    Okay, you're dead azz right about him being a genius in talking the talk, not walking the walk.

    In this case, you said, "If Obama is so concerned about the threat and horror of nuclear proliferation, especially in the Middle East, then why not also demand that Israeli also end their nuclear program...

    Answer: Because he wants to keep breathing.

    I'm chuckling but the shit ain't funny. And yeah, I know about DU (depleted uranium). If it ain't technically a war crime, it should be, and I see it as a form of genocide.

    I think you'll like the next post I do on this topic. It's an expansion of this one and addresses the issues you brought up, and why Obama's backdoor strategy of avoiding reacting to a potential false flag operation still won't be enough to stop the massacres that are days or weeks away from occurring.

  7. "Answer: Because he wants to keep breathing"

    Damn skippy!

    I am anticipating your follow up post and I believe as you do that the proverbial "sh*t" will hit the fan in a BIG way soon.


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