Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In The Neo-Race War, The Fight Against "Operation Wetback" Is Our Fight Too

I'll keep this short and sweet.

There are White Nationalist factions in the Congress and particularly within the GOP who totally lost their minds when Barack Obama became President.

These mostly Viagra'd out old farts serve less as spokespersons for We The People than they do for defense, oil, health insurance companies, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Wall Street, and just about anything regarded as "too big to fail." They get paid phat in contributions by aiding those deeply rooted corporate thugs, who in turn make Ray-Ray or Jose's gangbanging look like a bloody nose from a school yard fight.

So who is paying them now to support rewinding the clock to a time when any good 'ole boy hoodlum masquerading as a cop can stop and question people of color in a car without the slightest probable cause?

No one. These bitches are doing it for free.

Their rationale?

Southern drawl: "Dey just checking to make sure dem occupants are here legally."

I call bullshit.

It's a harassment and intimidation bill. Black folks remember when they were (and still are) heavily targeted back those days of racial profiling, and we know that the rebirth of "Operation Wetback" will be used against all non-whites far more than whites will use it with their "own kind". It's so ignorant and hate-based that it's an insult to whites who don't hate.

Yes, Bill 1070, re-born in John McCain's turf has been passed in Arizona state lawmakers. This is really a WTF moment.

Congressman Raul Grijalva looked like he wondered if he'd stepped into the Twilight Zone as he talked about the lunacy of this bill. He's trying to snap those idiots out of the Redneck Zone by advocating the rest of America to boycott his state of Arizona.

Another congressman, Luis Guiterrez, of Illinois, has called for the Governor of Arizona to veto the legislation, and for the President "to intervene if the Arizona governor signs the legislation into passage."

Count me in, my amigo brothas, and Barack, I fully expect you to jump in on this one.

What the hell is it about the noisy and trouble-making large minority of racist white folks that makes them scared to death they'll be outnumbered? They obsess over how soon America won't look like it used to back in the good 'ole days, you know, the ones after their heroes exterminated damn near all the Native Americans as a form of "land improvement".

In this bill, they mix legit problems with the cost of having too many illegal aliens with old style Southern racist strategies and laws to keep non-white American citizens oppressed.

They hide between the the Flag and the Cross, but ain't really ain't feeling either.

Their idea of patriotism is bombing the eff out of brown countries and killing off as many men and teen boys as possible, and over here, locking up millions unlucky enough to be caught with a joint - something damn near all of these friends of Big Alcohol have tried smoking at least once in their lives.

And God? Only the Christian one counts with them, and His appearance is not even geographically correct. Their idea of Jesus is a European-looking white man; were he conclusively proven to be otherwise, they'd revert back to Paganism in a heartbeat.

I think this is the real reason why so many of them are anti-abortion. It ain't because they're "pro-life Christians". If that was truly was their deal, they wouldn't be keeping quite so silent on all the Planned Parenthood clinics strategically placed in black neighborhoods.

No, they're really "pro white lifers". It's killing them that they will be even slightly outnumbered in majority population one day, and they're doing their damnest in the meantime to limit black and Latino births by locking us up in droves.

Can't make babies if you're locked up, ya know? Tell me that mass incarceration of non-violent potheads and minor, victimless crimes ain't a soft form of genocide, and I'll tell you you're a mah' fuckin' liar.

Oh, these paranoid fools keep inventing - and creating - enemies to maintain white supremacy. They'll beat your azz with the Cross and then use the Flag as your body bag.

This bill is also a form of bigot insurgency on the black man who had the audacity to win the White House:

"The Obama administration's decision to focus on apprehending immigrants involved in trafficking rings and criminal enterprises is a more targeted policy compared with the blanket workplace raids of the Bush era. It also stands in stark contrast with the Arizona bill's attempt to target anyone and everyone that authorities suspect of being undocumented."

Did you catch that? Barack's Administration is targeting real criminals, whereas the good 'ole boy Bush and Arizona haters like the blanket approach, where they get to round up everyone and anyone of color, anytime they feel like it, you know, like the Nazi Party started out.

All humor aside about of joining the nicer folks in the Tea Party to run out the hardcore haters, we have a better grass roots train to catch. Maybe Martin Luther King's niece, Dr. Alveda King and rock musician Ted Nugent, who both had a feel good moment yesterday with Glenn Beck as they talked about government and Wall Street corruption, will come aboard this train instead.

We blacks and Latinos - and let's throw in the Middle East folks who live here too, 'cause you know that Officer Billy Bob in Flagstaff AZ gonna be hitting him upside the head for no reason - need to keep our eyes open for an opportunity to ride together in yet another got-damned fight with these racist bastards who are all too willing to spit out new laws to destroy us.

If we don't, we may one day find ourselves riding on trains to neo- internment and possibly death camps. They're already built, manned, and waiting for someone to fill them up. The question is who will be first?


  1. I'm not sure by what you mean by expecting Barack to veto that bill. He can't veto any state bill. And Gutierrez is from Illinos.

  2. Oops, got him mixed up with Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) who also denounced the bill and urged Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.) to veto it and the President to intervene. Thanks, and I've clarified this.

  3. I probably see this almost 180 degrees differently from you but I'm not white and not conservative. I do think that the governor will sign the legislation and eventually the courts will determine that it veers too far into the purview of the federal government. Hazelton , Pennsylvania tried something similar, which was mostly struck down IIRC.

    Arizona also has a new gun law which is an even more direct challenge to federal authority to regulate guns.

    In the meantime on the illegal immigration issue at least the President will have to decide whether he wants to run with the hares or hunt with the hounds.

  4. Shady, Shady Grady, I'm not white or conservative either, if that's what you think, and ain't you guy who runs Vanity Fair? Or was that another Shady Grady who left comments over at Rippa's a few months back?

    BTW, I like that term, "run with the hares or hunt with the hounds". It also brings up the image of a hare in hound's clothing, which can't be good in the long run.

  5. I didn't think you were either white or conservative. =)

    I just mentioned that I was neither to draw attention to the fact that although there are obviously racist people opposed to illegal immigration for racist reasons there are also many others who oppose it for what I consider to be completely honorable and consistent concerns.

    I don't think there is any other Shady Grady on most of the blogs I frequent and yes I did comment on the Vanity Fair cover at Rippa's spot but I neither work there nor run it.. =)

  6. Shady, Yeah, and I do too, which is why I used bold font in the post to make it clear, "In this bill, they mix legit problems with the cost of having too many illegal aliens with old style Southern racist strategies and laws to keep non-white American citizens oppressed."

    BTW, Shady, I remember that discussion quite well at Rippa's, and see you as a minimizer and dismisser of racism. I like comments but I'm not that pressed for yours to get into dialogues with you here, because I have feel for what I see as your hidden agenda, and I don't like it. So, that being said, find another blogger to fuck with.

  7. Kit,

    Make no mistake, those assholes are getting paid and not doing what they do for free. I wrote a piece on this several months sago which exposes just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

    For too long there has been a divide between the black and latino community when it comes to the immigration debate. For the most part black folks have been pimped into the belief that "Messikans" are taking jobs away from us. But this is not true. As a matter of fact, a recent study has shown just how the perception of the immigrant worker to be low skilled is bullshit.

    On this issue out in Arizona, black folks all across the country should get involved. I just got a petition in my email about this and I'll be posting it soon. If we don't and we miss this opportunity, we should be ashamed of ourselves considering we know all to well about racial profiling.

    As for Obama stepping in? I'm not holding my breath. Since he took the oath more people have been placed in detention and deported than under the last two years of the Bush administration. Some may find this unbelievable, but as an immigrant to this country myself, this is the stuff I pay attention to, as I also have relatives in the shadows.

  8. Anyone who thinks I am a minimizer or dismisser of racism apparently hasn't read or understood very much of what I've written but so be it. Good day.

  9. Shady, I wasn't as polite as I usually am, and I apologize for that, but it's because I remember how you twisted some things I said and supported what I see as racism. Anyway, thank you for being a gentleman.

    Rippa, I'm glad you have radar for immigrant trends, and without doubt this law will hit blacks in a big, big way if not quashed.

    I still get mad thinking about what PG county cops did to my cousin in the late 70s, stopping him and friend for no reason. They'd just bought good Chinese food and were on their way over to see me. Those cops "searched" our shrimp fried rice and laughed the whole time, daring them to do something. They loved to beat to up on young black males and did so routinely.

    Shortly after that, they dared the wrong two teens. Terrence Johnson got tired of of them beating him and his brother, grabbed a gun from one of the cops holster and shot him and another one dead. Of course he went to jail. I think he became a lawyer but then robbed a bank which may have been a form of suicide to get killed. Sad story.

    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and this is especially true with anyone who has an irrational hatred of others in a different group. Bad laws like the one on the table now to be signed cause far more harm than good and result in hard feelings, community divisiveness, Rodney King moments, riots. This law is a back door entry to resume oppression at a level we haven't seen for a long time.

    As for Obama, I dunno... if he really is a hare in hound's clothing as I mentioned to Shady above, he'd better a Bugs Bunny to their Elmer Fudd & friends.

  10. Sad to say this is not going to change until we have an HONEST discussion about ILLEGAL immigration of all people (Black, White, Asian, and Hispanic). And since no one wants to deport the Canadians, the French, the Irish, etc. this silly game of racial profiling masking as sound immigration policy will continue.
    Just my 2cents.

  11. Divaliva, I'm signed into my other blog email right now, but I co-sign with you.

  12. Hello Kit,

    I am back on earth, and just in time to see you cussing out Shady Grady LMBAO!

    Woman, you cease to amaze me :-).

    I'd take you with me to a bar fight.

  13. "This law is a back door entry to resume oppression at a level we haven't seen for a long time."

    Truer words were never spoken, Kit.

  14. Carey, Hey! You been gone so long I thought you were locked up for a bar fight. *chuckling* How you be, bro?

    Penny Wize, Hi! Yeah, that's how I feel, but I swear, sentry duty gets tiring. I think it's another one of their strategies to wear us down. Only thing is, they get paid for their attacks, but we don't, so for us, it's like having two jobs.

  15. Excellent post,Kit. You may have alluded to something which bothers me a lot in your response to Shady_Grady, if I'm reading between the lines correctly and that's classifying Mexicans as "illegal".

    Mexicans are mostly Indian by blood and hence they belong here. Indians crossed the Bering Straits. Some settled, some continued to move across the two continents. There is no natural border. They have every right to be here.

    Europeans came to control the land by conquest. If one views himself as the conqueror he would approve of this, and see himself and all the rest of the European immigrants as the rightful owners of the land. Hell they got the guns.

    But morally, morally Europeans are here illegally. I wouldn't expect a Caucasian person to wake up one morning and say "Hey this ain't right.Let's pack our bags and head back to Europe". Everyone mostly does what they can for they and their family's survival.

    But like I say morally this is Indian land, Mexicans are Indians and belong here.

  16. Oso, Hi. Re: my use of the phrase, "illegal aliens" in the post and my response to Shady, who by the way, sugar coated the same problem over as though it's "raceless" at Field Negro's this evening, who wrote an even better commentary on this story than I did.

    I have a heavy dose of Blackfoot Native American blood in my heritage; you can see me rocking that papoose look in my baby pic. Got roots from Europe and Africa too, especially with my hair as I got older. I identify as black 'n proud, though, as this is was my political reality.

    This brings me to the geographic vs. political boundaries of land.

    Historically, I agree with you.

    Morally, I'd like to see a world where people can live and work freely and in harmony between national borders without all the redtape and paperwork.

    Politically, those with the papers and the more advanced weapons won't allow it.

    Futuristically, when the dollar crashes and the money isn't worth what it's printed on, word is that the globalists will form the NAU - North American Union - (Canada, the US, and Mexico), and there will be a new currency.

    I first read about this plan maybe 5 to 7 years ago, from the CFR member, Madelyn Albright, who anticipated this event to go down in 2011.

    Given how things have played out economically, I find this plausible to the point I've wondered if the crash has been orchestrated and WW3 is foregone conclusion. The inconvenience of climate change will only add to potential massive social chaos.

    If all this happens, Mexicans, Native Americans, and Canadian aborigines, all of the same heritage, theoretically will be of one nation, the NAU. Whether or not any of them or us will have the money and means to live where ever as we wish remains to be seen.

  17. My favorite part of the mostly-silly "The Day After Tomorrow" disaster flick was when climate change required the evacuation of North America into Mexico and all us proud Americans were jammed up against the Bush fence, begging to be let in. Still LOL at the thought of it.

  18. Kit,
    You DO look like a little NDN kid there.Got pics of both my girls getting into things and looking just like you there, all delighted with themselves and what they were doing.Best years of my life when they were little.

    A NAU would almost be worthwhile just to see the reaction of White people to 100 million more Mexicans!

  19. TLS, That was a hilarious moment! It might not be that far fetched either if SHTF over here. I'd most like to see the Governor of Arizona, who signed the bill in the past hour, and those who pushed it be in that role.

    Oso, Yeah, but I rock braids now, when I have a little extra money and time to blow.

    Also, our economy is so bad I know an accountant who had not one, but two naturalized American citizens, both Mexicans and had done quite well here, leave, saying they could earn more in their home country. One had a restaurant and another a construction business, each earning a half million a year before the 2008 crash and the credit meltdown. It would be interesting to learn if they are faring better now.

  20. Kit-- I posted this at raving black lunatic because of that thordaddy guy, but maybe your readers would be interested too:

    Would supporters of this new law also be in favor of detaining and questioning any business owner suspected of hiring undocumented workers? Illegal hiring is already forbidden by federal statute and is also now part of Arizona’s new immigration law. Why is it that AZ guv Jan Brewer isn’t talking about training police to distinguish between law-abiding employers and those “reasonably suspected” of illegal hiring?

    I bet it’s because as business owners, they contribute to the state’s economy, instead of sucking it dry like all those undocumented or fraudulently documented visitors who get educated, doctored and incarcerated on the American dime. Am I close?

    The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) uses an Urban Institute study to say it costs Arizona $1.3 billion annually to take care of all those undocumented visitors. Wow, that’s a lot of money. Here’s another big number: $1.9 billion. That’s how much documented visitors from Mexico (aka: Mexican tourists) spend each year in Arizona, according to figures from the state’s tourism office.

    I wonder how many of them will now stay home--especially since Gov. Brewer says she doesn’t know the difference between visitors who are in her state legally and those who are not. CNN reports: Asked what criteria will be used to establish reasonable suspicion of someone's legal status, Brewer said, “I don't know. I do not know what an illegal immigrant looks like.” I wonder if she knows what an illegal employer looks like?

    She told the NY Times that racial profiling would not be tolerated, adding, “We have to trust our law enforcement.” Hmmm. I wonder how that’s working out in the rest of the country—a country where two-thirds of our prison population is black males, many of whom are incarcerated for nonviolent, drug-related crimes even though white people do just as many drugs as black people do.

    In addition to the tourism dollars lost by discouraging brown people from crossing the border (and many others who empathize), Arizona is going to pay to have its police force trained in how to tell the difference between legal and illegal visitors. The guv signed an executive order to fund the training at the same time she signed the new law, which includes a $500 fine and misdemeanor charge for not carrying papers. The law also lets local government be sued for not enforcing immigration laws. The head of the Border Action Network says, “It will, in fact, result in tens of millions of dollars of additional costs every single year for local law enforcement, for training, for the court system, for the jails. It will require bringing on new public defenders, new prosecutors.”

    Wow, it’s starting to sound like this bill might cost more money than it saves—but maybe that’s not the point, after all.

    Maybe we should ask Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva what he thinks it’s all about. After suggesting that tourists boycott his state until the law is rescinded, he was forced to close his district offices because, according to CNN, a caller threatened to blow up his Tucson office and kill his staff members. The caller also said he was going to be “exercising my civil liberties, and I'm shooting Mexicans at the border.” It couldn’t be that supporters of the bill want to fan the flames of hate, could it?

    And surely it couldn’t be the case that illegal employment exists in this country because moneyed interests want it to.


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