Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rethinking Our History, And The Future
Of A Nation That Produces Nothing


I have been thinking about this video (below) for many months, thinking about our history, present, and ramifications for our future.

I'd like you to listen carefully to this 2009 presentation by Glen Ford. You need not agree with every word of it, nor do I expect you to. As one who still has a strong level of confidence in Barack Obama, and to some degree, views him as a hero, I understand that some parts will be hard to listen to or accept. Try to anyway, because in the end, principles are more important than popularity.

He will provide you with the big, broad view of history and implications for the future that should not be missed. Liberals aka progressives, on their blogs, rarely use the word "imperialism" when discussing current or past problems. Why? Makes you look like a "radical". The mainstream media can barely use the word "racism" and rarely does. Well, Glen has no problem calling a spade a spade.

He always has, and I'm glad, even when I disagree with him - which is a lot since Obama came along. But still... So many of us talk around the problems and use words to soften the language - and reality - because we are in fear not only of the present, but of our history, and "getting in trouble" with "the man". Well, that's an indicator of a Police State. Not good.

What would it be like without this fear? What would we learn? And, would the knowledge and discussion free us? What would Rachel, Keith and Anderson's news talk shows be like if they could get Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Jimmy Carter, James Kunstler, (or the late Howard Zinn) as regular guests on their shows? The real progressives are generally not invited and fairly invisible in the mainstream news, even on liberal programming.

In this video, ponder on the thought-provoking parts that resonate with you. Have your lunch or dinner while you watch it, 'cause it's a half hour, but I think you'll find it fascinating.