Sunday, August 17, 2008

8/17/2008 Sunday Round Up

My food for thought you may have missed last week:

Political Category

~ McCain's Warning: Urban Blacks Will Be Treated Like Insurgents

~ Expect The Military Draft, Courtesy Of Endless War Plans

~ The Latest Spin & Why: Obama Is The Anti-Christ

Hard Rocks Love Series & Up Close & Personal Categories

~ Hard Rocks Love 5: Treachery & Toxic Secrets

~ How Moral Are We Anyway?

Fine these and other articles of interest on your right-hand side. If you had a favorite, let me know and I'll think of writing more like these. Thanks.


  1. I think you are right about the draft. And it scares me because I have a son that I don't want to die in war.

  2. KIT: I've awarded you the golden BOOT of the Kick-Ass Blogger Award. If you feel like passing it on there are some little about registering and that sort of thing. The guy who gave it to me, Spartacus of My Satuday Evening Post has the rules written down.

  3. I'm glad you summarized that for me. It sometimes gets a little information-dense around here.

    Come on over to my place. I'd like to get a discussion going on education.

  4. Brotha Buck - Me too. So many sons and daughters... what will become of ours, and others?

    Kelso - I laughed out loud when I read that. I don't know if you're joking or not, but thanks for the award.

    Sagacious, done.

    Torrance - You are notorious for skimming posts, and I don't believe for 5 seconds you read that one or several others in their entirety. We also have both overlapping views and different conclusions regarding politics. I don't mind.

    Big Man - thanks for the tag. I'm always honored when someone does this.

  5. Gee, Kelso, you weren't kidding! Thanks so much! *smoochies*

  6. I think you should stop giving away your writings for free and write a book. It would be a truly interesting collection of essays. All of our so-called black public intellectuals don't do half as much critical thinking anymore. New voices are needed. E-mail me and maybe we can brainstorm some ways to get that done!


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