Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Running

Thought I'd treat y'all to a little poetry in the interim.
I wrote this back in early July.

I'm Running
by Kit,
copyright 2008

I'm running, running, running...
running endless days melting into dark nights
running from and running to
breathing hard heart pumping
sweating the past sweating the moment
just running
running so fast I can barely see the landscape
running so hard I can hear my heart
running so I hard
that I know I can leap
leap mothafucka
leap across that divide
leap across them land mines
jump mothafucka away from the hands
the hands that wanna pull me back
the hands that say I can't 'cause I'm black
the words that say I can't 'cause
I'm a woman a man dark light young old
Southern Northern East Coast West Coast
Citified Countrified Niggafied Snootyfied
I'm running I'm sweating
I'm breathing harder than a mothafucka
I'm gonna run so fast and leap so high
that I'm gonna fly
fly past the hate
fly through despair
fly through self-doubt and loneliness
fly past over under through and beyond
everything and everyone


  1. Keep running, Kit. I'm enjoying watching the race.

    And thanks for the nudge. I'm not caught up on my blog yet but I'm working on it.

  2. Sometimes we just gotta run.
    I wonder. . . does running define us sometimes? Is it the key to our success sometimes; our willingness to run?
    At other times, are we running from that which we fear but can't define?

  3. Thanks Laurel.

    Thanks Sagacious. We for different reasons at times. As I see it, as we learn, we begin to run for the right reasons.


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