Sunday, August 3, 2008

Urban Blacks Will Be Treated Like Insurgents

Call it connecting the dots or fitting the pieces into the puzzle, but this is what I've gone and done.

I went to bed worried and woke up in despair.

What triggered this? John McCain, the candidate who sang "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" to the tune of the Beach Boys and later, repeatedly said he was proud of this and laughed about it up, slipped up and revealed the plan.

This time he wasn't joking and the plan sounds an awful lot like turning black inner city neighborhoods into Iraqi-style war zones.

McCain spoke at the National Urban League on or about July 31st. Someone in the audience asked what he planned to do about urban crime. You can listen to his words as you read them below.

McCain said, "We need to do the obvious. We might look to what Rudy Giuliani of NYC did when he became mayor... and some of those tactics very frankly — you mention the war in Iraq — are like we use in the military.

"You go into neighborhoods, you clamp down
, you provide a secure environment for the people that live there, and you make sure that the known criminals are kept under control, and you provide them with a stable environment and then they cooperate with law enforcement, etc."

The 'Final Solution' to inner city crime is quite clear to me: Police make crime-specific arrests. Militias round up groups of people even in the absence of a crime.

If either are "clamping down", how the hell would they know who is a criminal and who isn't?

In one sense, we can thank God for his lack of judgment (early onset senility?) in giving us a heads up.

For me, he provided one of the final pieces of the puzzle. I've figured out how they'll do us in if that's truly their plan and if they can get away with it. Now it's just a matter of figuring out when.

Hell, I was worried about the New Great Depression. Now I'm worried about a new Holocaust from the Bush gang who operates with the "We create our own reality" mindset.

Indeed they have, from their dubious innocence about what they knew and when they knew it regarding 9/11, as George Bush reveals himself in this video:

There are many who believe our government capable of lying and even creating 'false flag' operations to suit their goals. The highly credible Seymour Hersh revealed a few days ago this recent chilling story:

Hersh explained that during the meeting in Cheney’s office, an idea was considered to dress up Navy Seals as Iranians, put them on fake Iranian speedboats, and shoot at them. This idea, intended to provoke an Iran war, was ultimately rejected. The only mainstream news media person to cover this was the ever dependable Keith Olbermann. See video at 1:18 secs:

HERSH: There was a dozen ideas proffered about how to trigger a war. The one that interested me the most was why don’t we build — we in our shipyard — build four or five boats that look like Iranian PT boats. Put Navy seals on them with a lot of arms. And next time one of our boats goes to the Straits of Hormuz, start a shoot-up. Might cost some lives. And it was rejected because you can’t have Americans killing Americans. That’s the kind of — that’s the level of stuff we’re talking about. Provocation. But that was rejected."

In the midst of this, our economy has had a series of heart attacks this year, and when it takes it's last breath, the Great Depression II will bury it. Expect this funeral within the next six months.

What happens when the FDIC goes broke after a dozen banks fail and collapse? The FDIC guarantees you that your money is insured up to $100K. They have only so much and no more if lots of banks fail.

So far, they have bailed out three in July: IndyMac, First National Bank of Nevada, and Heritage bank. It's only Aug 3, and they rescued The First Priority Bank in Florida on the 1st.

Riots almost always begin on an impulse. When a bank locks its doors and everyone's money is gone because the FDIC went bust, just being around a crowd that's ready to torch the building will put you at grave risk if you happen to be there.

The same applies if riots break out at grocery stores or at a protest in your city. None of this far-fetched given the Dark Ages we are descending into. You will be in danger. You know why?

They got plans for us.

This including dissenters who protest a little too strongly against all the slime balls who created this and allowed it to happen. Dissenters include white journalists, reporters, Congressmen, and government officials who took an anti-war stance.

Quite a few have discovered their name is on the secret terrorist suspect list when trying to fly. This included Nelson Mandela and Congressman Teddy Kennedy.

Decent, law-abiding people of all races will refuse to starve when the economy dies. They will turn the current crime wave into a tsunami.

Black and Latino folks in urban areas will be in deep shit, way deeper than white middle and working class white Americans. The color of our skin will make us a visible and tempting target, particularly teen and young-to-early middle aged adults.

The way Iraqi civilians have been murdered - 1,200,000+ of them - is an instructive lesson. So was the Holocaust, and before that, the enslavement of Africans and the genocide of Native Americans.

Oh, they got plans, big plans.

Black urban neighborhoods will be targeted for an Iraqi-style invasion. McCain said so, and it might be a good idea to take him at his word on this one.

In New Orleans during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, it is fascinating in a horrific sense, and well-documented in this excellent link how militias from other countries and the feared Blackwater paramilitary were all over the place.

We can assume that they, or those like them, will do the dirty work of rounding up young men of color because our own military, particularly black soldiers, will have an understanding and empathy for their own citizens.

Our brothas will be busted simply for being brown, and we can depend on the broadcast media to make it look justifiable, just like they did when we 'stole' food, water and diapers.

Remember that? Remember how they replayed film footage over and over again of a handful of teens and young adults making off with electronics and sneakers that would have been written off by the insurance company anyway for water damage?

There are hundreds of refurbished and empty prison camps sitting in odd places across the country. It's part of 'Rex 84', a plan by FEMA. Despite having no prisoners, they are well guarded and maintained.

There are new air-tight "auto" trains and train stations you've never heard of, designed to keep people in, not keep vandals out. These will transport urban 'insurgents' and white 'dissidents' to the new 'camps'.

Tell me why the trains need to be air tight? Will the passengers be gassed?

And then there are the half-million coffins sitting in a field in the middle of Georgia. Several cadavers can fit in one, and they too are air tight and ideal for bodies infected with a highly communicable disease such as bird flu. Is this the anticipation since this disease hasn't gone anywhere and last month, a breakthrough was made with a new vaccine? Or are they there for something else?

The black area in the photo is the 500,000 coffins, seen using Google Maps.
The link provides an upclose video of them.

After the first Patriot Act was passed years ago, I recall reading comments by an older Jewish man who lived through this before, just before things got really bad for his people. Germany was a democracy before Hitler came along. Laws were changed to allow the arrest of anyone without being charged. This Jewish man remembered the signs of Germany becoming a Police State, and soon learned the real plans for the Jews and other 'undesirables'. He was worried that he could see the same trend here.

My elementary school nuns made sure we knew about the Holocaust, and if you've never read the methods used by Germany to make this possible, now is a great time to learn about it, because the techniques are so similar (like the above video), it is impossible to escape, and even has the sign 'Red Zone'. During the Holocaust, folks in the red line got sent to the the gas camps immediately; no prison or work camp for them!

The groundwork to act against us
has been laid. It's for any of us, white, black, red or brown, if we are considered socially undesirable or inconvenient and troublesome to the goals of building a New World Order. They have fine-tuned the blue print for Manifest Destiny which I wrote about in this article.

We are easy to identify and find through our driver's license and GPS devices in our cellphones. Under the new FISA law, they can dig out all information about us without our knowing it, from eavesdropping on our calls, emails and websites we visit, to reading our medical, school, and bank records. Their power to snoop is endless. And in case you don't know, FISA voids out the 4th Amendment of the Constitution:

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

This week it was announced they can take away your laptop at random, not just at an airport, but any borders where you leave and enter the country, and give it back when they damn well please, after they've made a copy of all information in it. If they can do at the borders, they can do it anywhere.

Non-political and right-wing and centrist whites can hide in their whiteness, but for the rest us, there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. This applies heavily to blacks and browns in low-income urban areas.

Our government took five days to respond to distressed blacks in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I always thought this was a social experiment and they were studying from a far, at the coping skills of the victims, the way the media reported it, and the reaction of the public here and abroad.

In my opinion, we were studied and used like lab rats.

Don't believe me? Read this link of extraordinarily well-documented news events of barriers to helping the victims, barriers which were deliberate. I remember most of these stories because I was unemployed and glued to the TV and Internet and watching this debacle as it unfolded. This next excellent link with photos shows how the hurricane was a dress rehearsal for how far they could go into turning our country into a Police State.

Remember the luxury ships that FEMA rented to transport and house hundreds of blacks? Remember how the media was not allowed on board? I remember feeling a deep sense of dread for those people who boarded. Has anyone ever, ever, ever, read an interview of one who later talked about it? If you have, give me the links, because I haven't, and there are still an awful lot of us missing.

John McCain has made his solution to the urban problem of crime quite clear. No excuse will be needed for their use of military tactics now confined to Iraq.

For all the doubts you and I may have about Obama - and there is a legitimately long laundry list - McCain will be this country's worst nightmare. He will surpass Bush because all the groundwork has been laid, from the endless wars over there to the secret prisons (or worse) over here.

All he and those who control his strings have to do is implement it if Bush & Co. don't beat him to it. They just might if a catastrophic event occurs by fate or design before elections. Then Bush can declare Martial Law, and they would remain in office until he declares the emergency is over.

They are ready. God help us...


I like to keep folks abreast of the possibilities of the worst while we hope for the best. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this with me and each other, and as always, you ain't gotta agree with me as long as you don't try to hijack the thread with a right-wing or bigoted agenda.
Thanks. ~ Kit


  1. Wow...I live in an urban area a.k.a NYC and I'm freaked out right now. McCain cannot get elected, our lives depend on it.

  2. Yeah, well take a tranquilizer before you read all the links.

  3. It's amazing that Obama is up on this guy only about 7 points. This guy has voted against pay equity for women, voted against the GI bill then took credit for it when it was passed. And now he's talking about imprisoning us or killing,like the military.

  4. Thanks, Mac, but technically he's not talking about killing us, but the Bush Admin doesn't talk about intentionally wanting to kill Iraqi civilians, yet over a million of them have died and many small villages have been emptied of men. War is cold and brutal, and so is the idea he has for treating our "small villages".


    I've had an awful lots of hits since around 2pm today. What do the rest of you think about this?

  5. yea folk
    thats one of the points im gone be making to. greast post

  6. When you say you connect the dots, you ain't playing. Thank you for putting all the warning signs together and letting us know about the impeachment petition.

  7. Apparently you believe EVERY Conspiracy Theory ever dreamed up.

    From beginning to end, your post is filled with complete nuttiness.

  8. I deleted my earlier comment because it wasn't quite clear enough.

    No_Slappz, I'm not surprised to get this response from someone and don't mind.

    Many people don't like conspiracy theories. Five years ago, the now-known lies about the WH reasons for going to war was considered ridiculous. Up until this year, our planned attack on Iran was considered one, but they are trying.

    Bush stealing the election was also considered a conspiracy theory, but the facts stand: it was stolen.

    Until recently, no one believed that our government would ever dismantle the Constitution, but they did last month when they voided out part of it - the 4th Amendment with FISA.

    Many of the European Jews didn't want to believe they would be exterminated. I had the good fortune when in my early 20s to work with and become friends with a wonderful, older Jewish woman. She explained that the ones who saw the signs took heed, and could afford it, left. The 1 out of 6 who survived the Holocaust were lucky.

    Many of the Native Americans didn't believe they would be killed. They tried to appease the settlers and later the new government. Others, called savages, fought against this because they could see the trend. Well over 95% of them were murdered in the name of 'land improvement' in what may be the greatest act of genocide in history in terms of numbers.

    I ask you this: Were dis-empowered groups who listened carefully and watched those in power nutty? Or is it wishful thinking and believing this couldn't be happening to them that gets vulnerable groups in trouble, time and time again?

    By definition, we have been transformed into a Police State. Dennis Kucinich knows this and has written 35 Articles of Impeachment based on what the right would call "conspiracy theories", which is a convenient label used by wrong-doers to distract others from their past, current and future deeds. If the Administration has nothing to fear or hide, they wouldn't be working so hard to block it.

    I personally hope things don't get this bad, but what I would be doing a disservice to my readers and people to only write about fluff, rather than devote a little time to the groundwork that has been laid to deal with 'dissenters' and McCain's solution to urban crime.

    The main media isn't covering it, and like the cops, only come after the crime has been committed, and then feign surprise. Half the time they don't even come, unless there's a circulating video as evidence and it would be too conspicuous if they didn't show up.

    Despite your disagreement, thank you for your comment. It adds integrity to the thread, because I never expected everyone or even most people to believe and connect the information like this. The masses usually don't, which is why history repeats itself.

    Hopefully it's a heads up for some, and maybe they will have the courage to try to get Bush impeached - and as Kucinich says, before we completely lose our country.

  9. Have you watched zietgiest, I might have spelled it wrong. I've really believed in this theory, also, I my brothers girlfriends cousin is in the army and he told her that if mccain does win, they are planning war with venezuela next. I know that is like 4th hand information so you can take that with a grain of salt, but I thought I would share. And I really love this blog, I'm glad I discovered it, you are really insightful.


  10. No, never seen it, but I've read about this plan to overthrow this oil-rich country since Chavez came into power. They are our 3rd or 4th oil importer, and as I understand it, Exxon has a beef with them. To say that 'a lot of pressure has been placed on them' is an understatement.

    Just googling Chavez, Venezuela, Bush and war pulls up a lot of hits.

  11. kit,

    If you are calling the Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction story a Conspiracy Theory, then you do not know the definition of a Conspiracy Theory.

    You can argue that the administration was dishonest about the WMDs, but what occurred in Washington was not a Conspiracy.

    Moreover, I happen to believe that top US leaders believed there were biological weapons in Iraq. Time proved them wrong. But given the fact that Iraq had biological weapons in the past, there were plenty of reasons to believe Saddam would use them to fight an invasion.

    The thinking is clear.

    What would cause Saddam to seek war rather than accept surrender? He had his ass kicked in the first Gulf War. Thus, he knew what would happen in a second war -- unless he had some powerful weapons. Like biological weapons.

    However, rather than compromise with the US, he lost everything, including his life. He chose the outcome and due to his contempt for everyone and everything, he created massive problems for his country. Nice guy.

    As for Bush "stealing" the election, well, apparently you read only accounts that support your view.

    Are you unaware of the long history of Democrats stuffing ballot boxes? Of Democrats registering dead voters, and having those voters vote?

    You're a guy who gets only one side of the story.

    As for the FISA legislation -- can you explain how it reduces or impairs the protections of the 4th Amendment?

    As for the Holocaust, you don't know enough to discuss the situation. However, Jews left Germany because Germany had begun enacting LAWS that specifically oppressed Jews. There was nothing subtle or sneaky or secret about the actions of the Nazi government. Moreover, most of the extermination occurred in Poland.

    As for which Jews left Germany, well, that depended on a lot of factors. I've got a relative who left Nazi Germany about 1935, as a young girl. Her family was not wealthy, but they understood the law was impairing Jewish life in Germany and it was time to move.

    Next, it does not matter what thoughts passed through the minds of "native Americans". The funny part is your idea that American Indians were a peaceful bunch who would have lived on friendly terms with whites.

    You seem to have no idea about the ways of the world. However, you do seem to think that no good comes from any government.

    The US government -- and the people -- recognized that America would stretch "from sea to shing sea" and nothing would stop Americans from reaching that goal.

    Despite the complaints from some people, it still looks like a great ambition and a great achievement to me.

    You are focused on a lot of non-issues when there are real concerns in the world -- like increasing energy supplies so that people can afford to travel to work or wherever they need to go each day. To heat their homes, to cook their food and so forth. That happens when government gets out of the way of people who know how to get the job done.

  12. Wow! I don't even know what to say other than like you, I have been focused on the impending Long Emergency but this definitely puts that on the back burner.

    While this may all seem fanstasic and like something that could never happn, the reality is 15 years ago who would have ever thought that last 8 years would have happened?

    No, this is something to think about.

  13. Black Girl in Maine, Thanks, and yes, most people would agree of being unable to imagine that what's happened in the past seven years has happened. It was unthinkable. With the same people in power and possibly able to win the White House, I think we can expect more shocks. McCain has already told us this, and his own words are linked in the beginning of the article.

    No_Slappz, At best, I think we can agree to disagree about the article, and I'll leave it at that.

  14. Most of those cruise ships were actually used by the emergency personnel in the city, not regular citizens. I talked to cat staying on one in the aftermath of the storm, he was a firefighter.

  15. One thing is certain; for the corporate fascists to remain in power, they will have to continue to expand their policy of fear and intimidation. What better way than to single out a group that has already been singled out and turn them into the newest threat against "our security." OF course, this would be done under the guise of making the nation not only safer for the white bread desperate masses, but also the urban black population. I guarantee you they will manipulate a large contingency of black Americans over to their side.

    Our lives, all American lives, depend upon these corpo-fascists being defeated in Nov. Then we might have a chance. . . a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless.

  16. No_Slappz:
    "Native Americans"

    Why do you put quotes around Native Americans, then refer to them as American Indians. Its as if you by doing doing this you are implying that they are not really natives to this country and were hostile to the people TAKING OVER THEIR LANDS as a reason for genocide.

    I have an idea, why don't I kick down your door and claim your house as mine. first, I'll let you have two rooms and a bathroom, then I'll decide you only belong in a closet. And I will kill off your family members in the house because I feel they will not agree with me taking over. You will have no problem with this since you just justified it.

    Also by the way you seem to think its an accomplishment of extending the US from sea to sea at cost of other peoples lives, properties, and ways of life shows how much compassion you or people who think like you have for people or maybe its just people who are different from you. Its funny how a man creates a trail of tears, destroys the economy for another president, and we honor him by putting him on the most distributed paper in the country, that funds so much pain around the world. The symbolism there is just too deep, now thats blood money.


  17. Big Man, this is encouraging. I recall seeing passengers go aboard and no TV film crews were allowed, then never heard a follow up story for any of their experiences.

    I spent over an hour the other day trying to find one story of one family who described their experience on a cruise ship after they got off, but could not find one amidst the hundreds of other post-Katrina survivor stories of families in trailers, camps, relatives, etc. As I said in the article, any links to one would be appreciated.

    Sagacious, makes ya kinda glad you're not black, eh? Heh-heh. Well, I hope they don't come after you if SHTF, because you're pretty outspoken, but if history is a lesson, when people stay silent about the abuses of one group, eventually the abusers will get around to them. Thank you for being someone who genuinely loves people.

    Anon JDR, Thanks for your response to No_Slappz. You said much along the lines of what I had been thinking after I read his 2nd comment, but I didn't because debating with right-wingers with agendas is a waste of time for both of you.

    No_Slapps comment, "it does not matter what thoughts passed through the minds of "native Americans"," can allow us to assume that people with this mindset is what makes new horrors possible - they won't care about us either.

    No_Slappz, I have deleted the last four of your long rants that are more fitting for Faux News commentaries. This is the first time I have ever had to do this and I didn't do it lightly. However, I won't allow this thread to hijacked as it distracts from serious discussion.

    I was very polite with you after your second message when I said we'll have to agree to disagree. You then left four additional long rants. It should have been clear that neither your mind nor mine would be changed.

    I can't say this anymore respectfully or politely, No_Slappz, but please get a hint and do not leave any more comments on my blog, ever again. Your excuses for past genocide and contempt for Native Americans, pro-war views and using this thread and blog to spread a right-wing agenda is simply unacceptable here.

  18. @ K.I.T.:

    Twas ever thus but there's an irrefutable argument. During the same period of time crime dropped everywhere, at a greater rate in two cities with Black mayors than in Giuliani's NYC. Denver (Wellington Webb). Seattle (Norm Rice). Meanwhile, NYC with Giuliani's tactics paid out tremendous amounts in excessive force settlements while Denver and Seattle had a trivial percentage of such complaints.

    I'm White and I have money. You cannot imagine how happy I am to be living in a different country.

    Obviously, Obama is a clear choice over McCain. The clearest I've seen. My first vote was for Carter over Reagan.

    It's quite something, however, that Obama's platform is far to the right in terms of imprisonment, death penalty, health insurance, and war than that of any right-wing or center-right party in the rest of the West. My god, Obama hasn't even offered up the idea of letting those held in GITMO for 6 years without charges at least face trial. Obama is the NICE GUY and PEACE LOVER in this race. McCain? Wow. I can only imagine what that would be like.

    Palestinians in the Occupied Territories of Israel under a hard-core right-wing government have free health care, don't face the death penalty, have some degree of national aid, have access to subsidized university educations, and are not subject to the kinds of personal intrusions the average American suburbanite are. That's the WORST right wing extremism among the capitalist-democratic-republican-parliamentary Western countries (including of course South Africa, Australia and New Zealand).

    Black Urban America? Are you kidding me? It'll be open-season with McCain during a period of relatively low violent crime. Worse than during Clinton's presidency but way better than 1980s. I assume Bloomberg and Miller or Quinn or Thompson or whoever will be not as crazy as Giuliani was don't think anybody who's writing here is paranoid at all. That's New York. Doesn't matter who's mayor of LA because police commission has so much power and such an ingrained military culture.

    Living in South America which is pretty much like Europe in the way it views this election, I like everyone else here sees it as a clear cut issue. If Americans vote for McCain over Obama, all stoppers are off. The policies past 7 1-2 years will be carved in stone for the next 50 or a nuclear war whichever comes first.

    I can't explain to anybody here WHY Obama isn't winning by 30. Nobody understands. They look at the two and see the same things I do. I guess people all over the world just assume that if there's a sensible way to do things and a goofy way to do things, Americans pick the latter but the world is stuck with America.

    But not for long because the USD is dying on the vine.

    If McCain wins this thing, Americans who view things sanely are going to have to ask themselves seriously if the price they are being asked to pay to live in a country where they don't count and get nothing back for their taxes is worth it just because of familiarity.

    Republicans gave me all the answers I needed and I'm White and have funds. My attorney said "go". I went.

  19. Kelso, thanks for passing along how NYC had a lot of problems from their militarization approach to urban crime and the other stuff. McCain's ideas are frankly scary.

    Glad you're loving Central or South America. I read up on ex-pats living overseas; has lots of pros and cons, but as you mentioned, with the USD $ dying on the vine, might be more pros in some countries... although I wonder about a global shock to the world economy since we're interdependent.

  20. kit, i'm terrified. i want my mommy. this is why i'm scared to be a doctor. it means 8-12 more years in this country. i'm practically a sitting duck. i'm thinking another country, or maybe back to nigeria. damn. what do we do?

  21. Honey, I don't know. I've been having my kid's milk and cookies today, and I rarely do that.

    I have painted the most grim picture of what could happen since it's all in place if our negative leaders use events to make it to happen. However, there are good people out there are fighting for this country to hang onto democracy and it's soul.

    The most encouraging thing I read yesterday is that Congress has been unusually brave; they have resisted signing Resolution 362; they want the clause removed that would allow a naval blockade of Iran.

    If they sign this, Iran has stated under no uncertain terms that it will be perceived as an act of war. Russia is watching Iran's back and has threatened to set up missiles in Cuba. China is tight with both the US and Iran, but the bottom line is they give us loans - but need oil and gas from Iran.

    We are at very dangerous crossroad where ordinary people are spectators in this global chess game. I think we are physically safer than the key countries in the Middle East, including Israel. I wouldn't want to be anywhere over there and feel sorry for all of them if all hell breaks loose.

    In general, helping our underclass brothas and sistas register to vote and getting them to the booth on election day could be enough to end the GOP grip on the country. Let them know why rioting would be a bad idea if SHTF.

    Specifically for you: Typically, military and hospital personnel gets first dibs on vaccines. There are some new ones for bird flu that shows promise; just google for it.

    I don't know a thing about living outside the US except that Canada is lot like the US, more multi-cultural friendly, but colder. I've never met a person I didn't like from Ghana, and Brazil has gorgeous people but you'd need to learn Portuguese.

    I'd hate to see you or anyone pack up and leave out of fear, only to have nothing bad happen here and blow your educational opportunities. I would think very carefully and talk to as many people as possible before moving, from immigrant parking lot attendants to the exploring the web. Living where you do, there a tons of opportunities to have casual conversations with strangers (immigrants) when you go out.

    And lastly, trust in the Lord. He will guide you.

  22. @ K.I.T.:

    I'd say that the pros so outweigh the cons that it's not even a close question. It came down to a choice of Panama or Iceland for me and I was already fluent in Spanish. I would, however, have had no problem taking an intensive Icelandic immersion course had Panama not suited me. They all speak English in Iceland, anyway.

    There are sacrifices in everything. I had to leave family and friends behind but it's not like my family had a long history in the USA. We're Eastern European. America was always "yeah, sure, whatever". You cannot believe how many "Kelsos" are down here. And everywhere else once the Bush government made the decision that social control was preferable to capitalism.

    You make a very good point about general global instability and the tendency for assets to correlate in times of crisis. Republicans have some idea that foreigners respond to Obama because they hate America. That's absurd. They respond to Obama because he's the best chance for to avoid a kind of global economic meltdown which is very likely in a McCain presidency. That Obama has other appealing features -- intelligence and sophistication -- is nice in the way that Bill Clinton's intelligence and sophistication were nice. It's all about stability and competance.

    Nobody needs me to sell them on Obama. Listen to the words of Thad Cochrane and Pat Buchanan about McCain and you'll have some idea of the stakes. How unhinged does a Republican candidate have to be when Cochrane and Buchanan are warning the American people that McCain's dangerous?

  23. Kelso, Thanks for sharing your experience about living elsewhere.

    You also suggested in a separate communication that I don't censor comments from people who can be viewed as bigots "so we can see what they're like."

    I see it in the media, and the person in mind left me five additional very long, angry, hateful comments/rants/essays yesterday.

    A small part of one rant that I didn't publish, No_Slappz said to Anon/JDR, "Perhaps it offends you, but it does not matter that primitive people were living in North America before Europeans arrived. The Europeans did what all settlers have done throughout history -- seize power and build... What of it? That's history. That's human nature in operation, and invading and conquering were the rules of the game."

    Call me a softie, but his "what of it?" barbaric attitude is hardly a reason for justifying genocide. His comments also became increasingly abusive toward me.

    I ain't got the time or patience for that shit.

  24. K.I.T.:

    Your policy is your policy. You are the proprietor of your blog. I was merely explaining what I like about our no-censorship policy vis-a-vis No_slappz.

    You have every right to be angry. I'd be disappointed if you did have patience for any shit. It was a conversation not a critique. Slappz hits all of the signficant Black and left-wing blogs. There's plenty of his material to show to my son. Fairlane at Jonestown has made the same decision you did and I don't blame him for it either. Slappz's words are often outrageous and incendiary.

    I've been barred from commenting on a couple of hard-core racist blogs. Or if I object to some article of faith, I'll get an avalanche of poorly-written, boring, uninformed insults.

    That's the nature of the medium.

    I have no criticism whatsoever about what you're doing here. I love it. It's literate and literary. You have a broad range of source material and you present very meaty topics.

  25. Hey Kelso. I was expressing anger at the headache of dealing with obnoxious, blog-hijacking haters, not you. Otherwise, glad you find my articles meaty and well-written; I generally put a lot of thought and time into them.

  26. I can imagine things getting this bad for us. It already is when you consider the Sean Bell and Jena Six and all the tasered black men. Maybe its a slim chance, but it's there. I spent hours reading the links and the videos were excellent in supporting this possibility. Great post.

  27. @ SHELTON (AND WITH REGARD TO K.I.T.'s piece in its entirety):

    Sean Bell and Jena 6 are examples of proecudural failure and institutional racism. In the former, had the police followed normal handbook procedure or had done the smart thing and focused resources on more pressing issues than a strip club, the Sean Bell affair would not have happened.

    Jena 6 reflected a complete misunderstanding of the meaning of the word "lynch" and the symbol of the noose. It is not "free speech". It is EXACTLY yelling "fire" in a crowded theater. The problem is a failure of education. "Lynching" was not Klansmen dragging some poor soul away in the night and killing him. It was a traditional, regularly scheduled, social event with protocol in which Southern Whites gathered like for a picnic or tailgate party to watch a full card of maximum torture of kidnapped, caged Black men. Neither the word nor the symbol are any kind of joke. I grew up in New York City. I had to learn about this in American History class.

    To be fair, I think that Jesse Jackson was absolutely right that Obama had been weak on the issue in real time.

    But to K.I.T.'s point, Sean Bell and the Jena 6, are small issues compared with what could come with McCain. The USA right now is on an economic knife edge with deficits of over $1 trillion and debt closing in on $12 trillion.

    So far China and Saudi Arabia have been willing to loan the US government lots of money at negative real interest rates for their own reasons. They might cry "uncle!" at some point. Even if they don't, the rest of the world is carrying vast amounts of US debt. And every country in the world is lined up to be the second country to void itself of US dollars. Something will break in a McCain presidency because his commitment to war is so great that the deficits and debt will grow at an ever faster rate.

    Once some country with any clout at all, Venezuela, Norway, the UK, Canada, Australian, South Africa, Switzerland being just a few examples, decides to unload all the US debt in their central banks, neither China nor Saudi Arabia will be able to hold back the tide.

    That's a holocaust. That's a Euro trading at 10 USD. That's a Canadian Loonie trading at 5 USD. That's hunger and thirst and cities burning. THAT is when your scenario of 50 Katrinas happening in places like Camden, East St Louis, Gary, South Central, Harlem, East Brooklyn and so on happens. There will be plenty of White suburbanites suffering the economic effects, but you know where the AUTHORITIES are headed.

    I don't mean to be a doom merchant. I just want to lend some agreement to your thesis and to support your excellent point about global economic crises. And to explain (though I'm preaching to the choir) that the outside world is not paying attention to the color of Obama's skin but rather to the sense of his words and that's why he is so beloved. We see how there's a chance with Obama to avoid all of this devastation and we KNOW what McCain's about.

  28. Kelso, thank you. Your 2nd and 3rd paragraphs at the end of your last comment are terrifyingly possible and graphic. To rephrase you, there's no logic in (other countries) making loans to the dead (US), and our economy is comatose. I dread the social chaos that will follow.

  29. i am trusting in God. coming from a deeply religious background, my folks see all this as the end times and just prophecy being fulfilled. either way, God looks out for his children. He promised he would.

  30. I can't imagine how much time this dude slappz has on his hands because he is literally everywhere Kelso said he is.

  31. JayMydnyte, Heh-heh, yeah, well, to be fair and despite his contrasting view of the world, a lot of us do, but it's history on this blog. It's distracting from the issues at hand.

    Emeritus/Hey, It's worked for many for millennium. It fits in with the popular motto, hope or pray for the best while preparing for the worst, which is easier when you have information than when you don't.

    For example, author Ron Suskind published a new book released the other day, claims this in the only mainstream media article
    e I've seen in the Huffington Post:

    "In the fall of 2003, after the world learned there were no WMD -- as Habbush had foretold -- the White House ordered the CIA to carry out a deception. The mission: create a handwritten letter, dated July, 2001, from Habbush to Saddam saying that Atta trained in Iraq before the attacks and the Saddam was buying yellow cake for Niger with help from a "small team from the al Qaeda organization."

    "The mission was carried out, the letter was created, popped up in Baghdad, and roiled the global newcycles in December, 2003 (conning even venerable journalists like Tom Brokaw). The mission is a statutory violation of the charter of the CIA, and amendments added in 1991, prohibiting the CIA from conducting disinformation campaigns on U.S. soil."

    An excellent article yesterday by the American Chronicle, cites this and more in it's article, How To Put Carl Rove Behind Bars for the Bush Administration's legal contempt for Congressional subpoenas.

    Then there was little gem of an article on Aug 3rd about the mercenary group, Blackwater, working with the DEA, with a photo as proof. The LA Times had it in their slide show about a medical marijuana story, but then removed it.

    My point is that folks in power have been getting away with a lot of 'things' in these Orwellian times that should not go unquestioned.

  32. I read this a month ago and every now and then think about it. Today I read this article about more of the shyt they deliberately did to us black folk in New Orleans.
    People of the Dome: A Look Back At Katrina

    You right, that shyt was a test and we were their lab rats. Can't be no other explanation. Word, if they crazy enough to beef wit Russia over oil, a whole lot a white peeps protesting will be too cuz we saw how they got treated at the RNC. I think they'll gas anybody who gets in their way when SHTF.

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