Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin - Were It Not For Abu Ghraib

I couldn't stop laughing this morning. John McCain shot his campaign in the foot - or maybe the head - by picking Sarah Palin, a relatively unknown woman from Alaska as his VP running mate.

Does he honestly think that Hillary's reasonable supporters are so stupid that they'll transfer their intense passion and trust for their heroine to Governor Sarah Palin, only because she is a woman?

We know loonies and the ignorant will, but they're not true Democrats. This group is so consumed with racism that they'll run to the GOP and vote a McCain - Barney The Dinosaur ticket. Some will pretend they're defecting over the abortion rights issue, but Hillary was pro choice, so they're lying.

I assessed long ago along with one of my psychiatrist colleagues that McCain has too many 'senior moments' to hold public office I know his wife Cindy's dad loved the horses and had his own race track at one time, but didn't she pull his sleeve and tell him the difference between a good long shot and a loser?

Has Palin even been vetted to be a VP? And what the hell happened with Homeland Security's man, Tom Ridge?

Or the sly Mitt Romney, who gave me the creeps with his phoniness to the bone the first time I ever laid eyes on him and didn't even know who he was?

Even the war hawk and least loyal Democrat to his own party, Joe Lieberman, wouldn't have been too much of a surprise had he joined McCain's Republican hand with his in partnership.

Do these men all know something that's going down in the future that they don't like or want to be a part of, or is it you, Joe, so they hauled ass and ran? Or did someone or some group, invisible and behind the scenes, select your VP running mate?

Last month, Governor Sarah Palin got stuck in an ethics investigation nicknamed Trooper Gate or Wooten Gate, depending on which Alaskan paper you read.

Palin says she has nothing to hide, and probably doesn't based on what I've read about her brother-in-law, a trooper named Wooten who she fired after alleged misconduct and threats to kill her father over custody issues. Damn. Family fucks you up every time, don't they?

Palin, like McCain and Bush, are pro-drilling for oil in the Alaskan wilderness. What I wonder is will the two of them be delicate in their approach, or just rape it. I'm guessing rape.

My second worry is that she's reported to have extremely little foreign policy experience, and before becoming Governor a few years ago, was a mayor of only 8,000 town folks, and Alaska is one of the least populated states in the nation. Hell, the place practically runs itself.

Don't believe the media right wingers who are desperate to spin this into a 'stroke of genius' by McCain and try to compare her to Obama.

While Palin is a bright woman and has strengths, what she's done in the way of people managing doesn't compare to Barack's early Chicago experience or being the Senator in Illinois.

While she was doing an Alaskan beauty queen pageant in '84, he was the Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago's South Side and networking.

She has only a B.S. in Journalism from the U. of Idaho, while he has a B.S. in Political Science from New York's Columbia U. and a law degree from Harvard, and has taught classes.

It also greatly bothers me that she has five kids, and looks like the nice lady you'd approach at the help desk at the library, not a Presidential Commander In Chief or his VP.

How the hell is she gonna be raising that all those kids and run the country? Especially if McCain croaks?
Hell, even Cheney must be snickering over this.

Now I ain't saying Sarah and her hubby aren't nice folks, but here comes the part that could make a political sitcom. Todd, "is a commercial fisherman and oil field worker."

Picture him and her at a formal dinner with a world leader like Putin, who surely would wonder - once again - if the majority of voting Americans were on drugs. Why wouldn't he? McCain would be having senior moments and Palin's schtick is pro-life. Hell, Putin might as well as well chill with in the back doing target practice or go deer hunting with Todd.

Go 'head. Call me elitist for saying that. Well, here's more.

One of their five kids is an 18 year old whose legal name is Track. He recently enlisted in the Army
and will be deployed to Iraq soon. Her youngest child is an infant legally named Trig. Yeah, Trig, as in Trigger.

Track and Trigger. Cute.

Woof woof. Here Track! Here Trigger! Come here, boys, time for a walk!

And they say black folks give their kids dumb names...

Must have something to do with her love for the outdoors, hunting and her active NRA membership.

Nah, I ain't really got nothing against the names, but I like the fact that white folks do this too; just hate that some hate on us for it. Husband Todd might not even be white; I read he was a 'native Alaskan'. If it means he's a Native American or Eskimo, the news article was too cowardly or racist to come out and say so.

Anyway, Palin fits with McCain in her pro life values, which may be the only thing he's got going for him in this election, along with not being the black "maybe he's a Muslim" guy. With all of America's deadly serious problems, why is the media tolerating his anti-abortion platform and back-shelving other issues like it's sane?

Palin is so pro-life that she allegedly knew her baby would be born with Downs Syndrome (a form of retardation), but gave birth to him anyway.

This might backfire from a public relations standpoint. McCain's crusade is reversing Roe vs. Wade. That means no abortions, period. I believe that life begins with conception, but I'll frank, if I was younger and knew I was knocked up with a retarded baby, no way in hell I'd have it. I'd grieve over the circumstances and wonder how God would feel about my decision, but I honestly don't think could do it.

Sigh. I don't know. She's rich. She can afford the life long caregivers for lil' Trig. Kids with Downs Syndrome are the easiest group of mentally retarded children and people to manage, they tend to be affectionate.

But what would Palin have decided about that pregnancy if she were working class, without health insurance, and struggling to feed and shelter her other four kids?

And what about all the women in America who are walking the fence between pro life and pro choice, but also know they wouldn't want to be forced to give birth to a severely handicapped child?

This is another reason why McCain's choice will blow up in his face - unless the voting majority prefers no choice to having a black man for President.

Something about the face, air, and social history of Sarah reminds me of what could go wrong - that went very wrong - with the now demoted General Janis Karpinski. She was in charge of the notorious Abu Ghraib in Iraq.

For my fresh-baked readers, this was the prison detention facility where Iraqi men and teens endured routine and heinous acts of torture, rape, sodomy, and even murder.
Karpinsky said ninety percent of them were being held without charge.

The photos that leaked out of this unimaginable barbarism utterly ruined America's reputation. Even though this happened several years ago, I nearly got ill again looking at the pics when I googled for images of Abu Ghraib torture.

Here's a collection of them on YouTube. If you want to re-visit them, I suggest you mute the volume to ignore the stupid rock music that goes with it. I don't why some folks create a sense of unreality when they do video uploads evidence of real inhumanity topics. I believe they sadistically get off on this shit.

General Karpinski, commander in charge of Abu Ghraib, denied knowing that torture going on right under her nose, and said she was scapegoated. Maybe the maverick's VP choice is made of smarter stuff than Karpinski, but I wouldn't bet a nickel on it.

This is who Sarah Palin reminds me of, and what will become of her if she's Vice President, thanks to the hard-eyed men who run the Pentagon, to high-testosterone, low-ranking grunts who will all play her like fiddle and a fool.

I believe the non-saavy General Karpinski was deliberately stationed in Iraq, the same as that clueless moron hired to run FEMA and who could be depended on to fuck up everything during Hurricane Katrina so black folks in New Orleans could be studied like lab rats, to give the real folks in charge an idea of population management problems in the next catastrophe, i.e., a terrorist or nuclear attack.

Palin will be kept clueless by the men in the Pentagon and the shadow government where decisions are made that we never know about. She won't know a tenth of what's really going on until it's over or she reads about it in the paper.

All things considered, who would really be running the country if these two got into the White House?


  1. There were other women with alot more "experience" that McCain could have chosen, heck, he could have picked Condi Rice. I think McCain just has a taste for bringing younger, attractive women around him.

    I honestly don't know who could fall for this sham that McCain just pulled.

  2. Ok, I have to wonder about her choice to have that kid. Not that she doesn't have a right to have kids, but damn, she's like 60yrs old ain't she?

    I'm just sayin.

    You know the odds aren't in your favor of having a normal kid the older you get, so really, is this a tragedy? Or maybe the person to use as the poster child for pro-life?

    You raised an excellent point about whether she would have made that choice were she just a normal broke person like the rest of us in the lower 48.

    Im wondering if she was pregnant with a kid like the 8 legged little girl in India this year would she have had it.

    Oh well...

    McCain got kicked in the balls by Obama on Thursday night, and I guess he made this decision not of sound mind. But then gain, she doesn kinda look like the "Church Lady", and hot without the glasses. She could be a closet freak who gives McCain stiffies?

    Hey when you're 72yrs old having sex is like shooting pool with a rope. Nothing like having a hot chick to look at around.

    Just ask Bill Clin...

    oh well nevermind.

  3. KEEP IT TRILL: I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Obama crushed his speech last night and got the extra treat of getting to run with Biden against McCain and Sarah Palin. I think Obama's got a chance at winning 40 states against that pair.

    McCain has to pick Romney or Huckabee. Plain and simple. Romney gives him a shot at Michigan and a better economic advisor than anyone on his economic team. Romney despite his silly Ken doll appearance is extremely bright and successful on his own and is absolutely ready to lead at a moment's notice. Despite Romney's rhetoric, he's pragmatist not an ideologue.

    Huckabee helps McCain with the Southern Base but can also bring in some Ron Paul voters who like Huckabee's stand on FAIRTAX, his emphasis on standing up to help the needy, and his flirtation with pacifism. Huckabee is also very bright and charming. I just happen to be frightened by his religion and disagree with 98% of his views.

    And they say OBAMA has a thin resume? My god, this Sarah Palin has done nothing. I assume if a thought popped into her head it would die of loneliness and she comes from a state which carries few EVs.

    McCain thinks that this is some great feminist move which will cut into HRC's number with woman. A few. Most Democratic women will find themselves quite happily with Obama come November.

  4. Hey Kit,
    I read on Palin and it's a good pick. Why? Mccain has basically been snubbed cause he has snubbed his party for thirty years and Romney and Traitor Lieberman would have been picks the so-called conservative base would have prefered. If you gon lose then lose on your own terms!
    It wasn't so long ago that Mccain was jacked up because when he became the nominee the so called conservative base, war hawk, ideolouges got mad because Old Kane didn't have any of that bunch on his rostrum. They felt he was subtlely sending the message that they would have no say. The quickly pounced on him and he folded. But I'll give him an atta boy for having some sack! (Testicular fortitude)

  5. Roe, yes, Condi would have been much better choice. After 8 years with Bush and the GOP agenda, would she really want 4 years with McCain? Some reporter needs to ask her this.

    Rippa, No, Palin is only 44. She seems to walk the walk with her beliefs. I admire her for this, but not for her willingness to push her anti-abortion values agenda down the throats of American women is very iffy, and I'm pissed that a lot media pundits are pretending voters will find this appealing without have a sliver of knowledge if this is true.

    Kelso, hey. If Sarah's resume were any thinner, it would float away. You don't really think he'll select another VP this late in the election, do you?

    Mista Jaycee, I like your point, that if you know you're going to lose, to lose on your own terms. If McCain honestly assessed this to be a 99% certainty, I'll give him him credit for leaving the race his way. If he loses, I hope he becomes an anti-war proponent which is the epitome of being pro-life for the living and already born.

  6. Trigger and Track? ROFL


  7. First, I agree that McCain had to be thinking that white democratic women voters are awfully stupid to vote for their ticket instead of Obamas because of this anti-choice woman with no national experience.

    But I think someone forgot to give him the memo that most of the flap about the Hillary supporters sitting on the fence was mostly hype by the corporate media keep ratings high and sorry as pundit jobs afloat. Hype. Now, he's gambling on a woman veep to take votes from women Hillary supporters who have already been won over by Obama or who have been helped to see the light by Hillary.

    If he had been thinking strategically, he would have picked Romney to shore up his biggest weakness, which is anything having to do with the economy...I know Obama has to be vigilant and all that, but, truthfully, I think he has just given Obama the election.

  8. Yeah, MacDaddy, I think he and the GOP gave up too.

  9. I'm with you, MacDaddy. I think they've made a serious mistake and I thank them for that.

    I think the big reason they picked her is to get the Hillary voters, plain and simple. And I think it's so transparent that it'll bite them in the butt.

    Genitalia has never influenced my vote. And it won't start now. I'm not going to vote for her because "OMG, she's a woman and isn't that so cool that we FINALLLY have a woman in high office??" No. The stakes in this race are entirely too high.

  10. "Do these men all know something that's going down in the future that they don't like or want to be a part of, or is it you, Joe, so they hauled ass and ran? Or did someone or some group, invisible and behind the scenes, select your VP running mate?"

    Good questions. I have heard conspiracy theories that she was a forced pick because the higher ups want him to lose so they can come back full force four years from now and really put on the attack since they are hoping that Obama's camp won't be able to fix all the shit that has gone down in the past four years.


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