Friday, August 15, 2008

The Latest Spin & Why:
Obama Is The Anti-Christ

We have truly returned to the Dark Ages. The first sign is a neo-witch hunt where superstitious folks are having serious discussions that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ. These scared and/or hostile racist white folks talk about it so much that they abbreviate him being the 'AC'.

I hadn't expected the Dark Ages to return quite so soon. I know that for a lot Americans, our light and heating bills will become unaffordable, and panicked mobs will make runs on banks when the FDIC goes bust, and we'll read reports of food riots and may even be part of one when the economy completely crashes. Crime will mushroom because no one wants to starve.

I've considered that if Barack becomes President, fingers will point to him not being able to solve unsolvable problems quickly, and fingers owned by the truly ignorant racists will blame him for creating the situation.

But no, the bigots couldn't wait for any of this to happen. Last night my jaw dropped as I listened to a long segment, perhaps ten devoted minutes, on CNN.

They went as far as adding in shots from the Left Behind movie, and gave the name of this new and immensely popular Barack is the anti-Christ blog . The comments are frankly an indictment of the cesspool that many of our citizens are wallowing in.

The darker corners in the minds of these folks are so filled with fear of an articulate and popular black man that they've decided he's the Devil Reincarnate, here to spread evil and rush the world to Armageddon.

It doesn't take much of an imaginative leap to realize that it will be these same folks who will soon view all black people as children of the devil, particularly if Barack gets into office.

These aren't just a handful of white folks on the fringe, either. We're talking about a growing, cancerous mass of people who have twisted the Bible chapter of Revelations into justification for not voting for him, but to also fan the flames of fear about him - and by association, any well-spoken black person who doesn't fit their negative stereotypes of blacks being stupid, unambitious, and/or criminal.

This is an amazing twist and turn in modern day, white American thinking. Rather than attack his policies, they've descended into magical thinking. For over a century, they have prided themselves in being long past their history of superstition and Salem witch hunts, of being good Christians, and as always, above and better than other races who need only to catch up with them.

A large segment has truly hit bottom, a bottom so low, dark and ignorant that even I could not imagine it. They are spreading this new belief of Obama-as-anti-Christ on their Internet blogs, their Facebook, and MySpace. They compare Barack to Nicholae Carpathia, and note his name, helping along that bit of anti-Russian propaganda.

Nicholae was the fictional character in the Christian apocalypse fiction book series, Left Behind. He had a remarkable intellect, charisma, and rocketed to power so quickly as to be unnatural. He was Satan's child, and become the world's global leader. This is who the not-so-fringe elements are comparing Obama to.

Guess who is helping them expand their dangerous ignorance?

John McCain's ad folk came up with the anti-Obama video, The One, and posted it on his site. It says he has a Messiah Complex. I thought it was funny when I first saw it. The Christian right and racist loonies, however, viewed it as evidence that Barack is the one indeed - the anti-Christ.

Media outlets have been having a field day reporting and spreading the idea and misinformation, such as "The anti-Christ will be a man in his 40s of Muslim descent..."

The book of Revelations was written 400 years before the the founding of the Islamic religion, so tell me whose interest does it serve to spread this biblical distortion by adding the lie of a Muslim connection? Which the Wall Street Journal mentioned in the above photo?

Here's a sample from TIME:

McCain never suggested that Obama is the anti-Christ, so why would TIME magazine throw that question on it's cover?

Even when people never read the articles, they see the cover stories or glance at the headlines. These plant subliminal seeds of fear which are fertilized by racism and hate.

The answer, I think, lies in politics. The media shifted from supporting Barack to nit-picking him to death or coming out entirely hostile since April 2008. Until this time, Hillary was often treated like a nagging mother by the media. I thought the media was being sexist toward her. Barack ignored her complaints and barbs toward him and often, neither he nor the media paid her any mind nor responded to everything that popped out of her mouth.

And then the tides turned in a day. Our former President Jimmy Carter went to the Middle East to talk with leaders in Arab countries considered our enemies, along with Hamas, the elected government of the Palestinians in 2006, then outlawed as terrorists by the US and Israel, and neutralized. Carter felt that learning what they want and were willing to do to bring peace to the region is necessary and critical. This is a different tactic than currently used by the "I'm not speaking to them" crowd of leaders.

On or about April 10th, I knew Obama messed up big time when he said, "I'm not going to comment on former President Carter. He's a private citizen. It's not my place to discuss who he shouldn't meet with. I know that I've said consistently that I would not meet with Hamas."

Not only that, but if I recall correctly, Obama previously voted against Hamas having the right to be included in the Palestinian elections, unlike Bush, who agreed to it and then hated it when they won. Despite this, his statement about Carter's trip wasn't strong enough for a lot of key people with power.

Hillary came out much stronger in her wording and was dead against Carter having meeting with Hamas. The media has rewarded her ever since, and punished him swiftly by magnifying his a small part of a speech that Pennsylvanians "get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Barack had made sociological observations before, but suddenly this one got lots airplay, and even more when Hillary grabbed onto it. The media could have ignored her as they had done, but they didn't. They also had little criticism when she used only the first part of his quote re: being bitter and clinging to guns and religion for her old, racist Southern-style campaign, where she used coded words for those "white, working class, white" Pennsylvanians.

Obama immediately sharpened his criticism of Carter. Within two weeks of his initial comment, the media was playing a three-words offensive sentence, 24/7 by his old pastor, Rev. Wright.

Barack got the message. He pandered to AIPAC and Zionist interests beyond what even Bush has done. Why? He knows who owns and controls the media - whites and Jews, who combined together have painted him into a corner of representing their interests at the expense of everyone else.

Zionism is a political belief, and Judaism is a religion. There is some overlapping but a huge difference. Judaism is no more prejudiced than Christianity. I'm pointing out this distinction so some asshole reading this won't jump to the erroneous conclusion that I could be anti-Semitic. I'll tell you loud and clear that I'm not, and anyone who choses to believe otherwise can go fuck themselves.

The majority of American Jews are not Zionists, but from my understanding, the majority of AIPAC members are. They are very militaristic about Israel and have a great deal of contempt for Arabs whom they see as a dire threat to Israel's right to exist. As a lobby group, they are extraordinarily powerful and influential in American politics and media.

By and large, they do not believe that Barack Obama will be as supportive to their interests as McCain or Hillary will be. They see that soft spot where he hasn't yet crossed the line that McCain did in his song, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran, or her statement, that she would obliterate Iran.

So we have these two groups: scared to death racist white folks and scared to death Zionists, both consumed with fear of blacks and Arabs, and playing on each others fears and using religion and the media to spread it in a modern day witch hunt or any means necessary to demonize him.

I used to think Barack would win hands down. At this point, anyone could win, including Hillary, whose opportunistic ass has gotten herself a spot at the upcoming Democratic National Convention where she hopes enough super delegates will change their minds and make her - not Barack Obama - the Democratic Presidential Nominee.

This would be unthinkable if he were a white man. That the old and economically incompetent McCain is doing so well with American public in the polls would also be unthinkable if Barack were white.

But he's not, and his success and talents have stirred up the primal fears of nearly half of the voting white adults in this country, who easily embrace lies about him and are primed for a 21st century witch hunt, media lynching, or outright assassination to keep him out of office.

According to the Bible, no one will know the exact day and time of end of the world, i.e., Armageddon. We know that persecution of others for their beliefs, gender, nationality, and race has been with us for millenniums and will be part of the End Times.

Until then, welcome to the new and very ungodly Dark Ages.


  1. i seriously just told God I would be so disappointed if he picked Obama to be the anti-christ lol

  2. Excellent post. I don't have much to add but I know some folks who have these sorts of leanings (ex-church buddies) and its truly some scary mess.

  3. Hi Kit ,

    Far too many people have been duped by a completely false set of interpretations concerning this time and the meaning of 666, armageddon, and much other ancient symbolism. Hence, Judeo-Christians have been deceived and duped into empowering the great evil I have warned about throughout the ages.

    If you want to understand the truth, practice patience and humility and don't scoff at the author of these ancient texts as I explain what I meant by them...

    Time to get a clue, before its too late...

    Peace and Wisdom...

  4. KIT, Kit, kit, we've been entering the dark ages ever since society rebeled against the rebellious 60s by voting in Nixon and then Reagan. The final push into darkness was the inauguration of MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp.
    If we don't end up with Puffy McBush as president I will reassess these comments, but it will take more than four years of Obama to get the bilges to make headway against this sinking ship.

    But aside, I believe you have a real talent for putting together a lot of information and presenting it in a clear and concise manner while still maintaining a casual demeanor. My ADD ass needs that. A lot of bloggers lose me after three paragraphs.
    I think you are one of the really good bloggers out here in cyber space.

  5. Jay, I would be too.
    Citizen Ojo and MGIC, thanks.
    Black Girl In Maine, Agreed.
    Star7, Uh...
    Sagacious, Appreciate it.

  6. If, and this is a big IF, these "Christians" read the Bible they cling to they would know the Anti-Christ is not set to rule until after the rapture. So either that already happened and no one was removed OR such a time has not yet here. Also, it would be more fitting for this man to come out of EUROPE. Think about the European union in relation to Bible prophecy: one world, one currency, one religion, etc. I am not here to debate theology as I am no expert, but I find it SICKENING how these folks know nothing of what they spew. Trust, when the AC arrives, no one will be the wiser. He certainly won't being dealing with the likes of what Mr. Obama is facing now. It just reminds me of when Obama's prayer was leaked, people actually commented how "arrogant" Obama's request was to be an "instrument" of God. You really have to wonder, what services do they attend? What scripture, if any, have they actually understood?

  7. Quanli, Agree with you, but further, your thought is brilliant... sort of along the lines of What if they had a war and no one showed up?, but in this case, What if God had a Rapture and picked no one?

    Love it.

  8. Good one,

    Have you ever read the book, Behold a Pale Horse? It is always my go to on this nonsense.

    Chauncey Devega

  9. When I first heard the Anti-Christ stuff a while back, I brushed it off as a small band of kooks. But, then it started getting mainstream media attention and I knew it was growing. I would have written about it over at my spot, but I couldn't even put together coherent thoughts about it. The fact that someone is actually passing around an email that lists the "qualities" that Obama shares with the Anti-Christ is just crazy. No, scratch that, it's evil. I can't deal with that kind of evil. It makes me feel violent, and I don't need that.

  10. Big Man, I understand well. I got very depressed after writing this article and had to take a break. An old friend was helpful when he told me, "That's to be expected. So many of them hopeless."

    Chauncey, I hadn't heard of the book but read the synopsis of it and the author on Wikipedia. The end part was very interesting. Also, Cooper recanted his beliefs about UFOs as he got older and thought the story part of an Illuminati plot.

    I had a neighbor until a few years ago, and older black man who played golf, was friendly and appeared quite sane in every discussion we ever had. I have no idea how the conversation began, but he said that in the 50s he and several other black soldiers had to guard a building. I don't recall the location.

    One of them snuck in to see what all the secrecy was about, and came out shocked. He and others went in, and he swears there were dead aliens in there. I thought it quite odd, but never got a chance to talk with him again about it because he moved and later I heard he died. The thing about this guy was this body language and tone of voice matched what he said; in other words, he didn't appear to be lying.

    I have another friend who said he and his brother saw an alien in the woods in a rural area as children and swears by it. Says it was ghost like and just studying them. His story has been consistent for decades. I've talked with his brother who says he saw it too.

    The universe is huge. I'm not so narcissistic that I think humanity is the only intelligent life in it - although we may be.

    I'm not real big on conspiracy theories in general until hard evidence arises. Then it's no longer a conspiracy - it's a cover up.

    A lot of shit goes on that we'll never know for certain. I try to make sense of the world by connecting the dots and try to avoid dots that are out in la-la land, particularly if the folks involved have an interest or motivation to lie - such as racist white folks who want to believe that Obama is the anti-Christ to keep themselves and others from voting for him.

  11. According to the Bible, no one will know the exact day and time of end of the world, i.e., Armageddon. We know that persecution of others for their beliefs, gender, nationality, and race has been with us for millenniums and will be part of the End Times.

    We all know the Bible has no mistakes and is perfect, right?

  12. Anonymous 6:10, I can't help but wonder if you are one of them and resent my calling it like I see it and doing it so well. If you are an Obama-is-anti-Christ believer, stay the fuck off my blog in the future.

    If you're not, I'll put it to you this way: Christians who follow the literal interpretation of the Bible know that the anti-Christ will not be someone others can identify.

    All the basic popular religions have one underlying theme: The Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Decent or moral Christians who follow the Bible in spirit, but not literally, know better than to misuse it to spread hate.

    The heathens among us and in the past have used the Bible as justification for everything from burning others at the stake, slavery, destroying other cultures, beating their wives and children, bashing gays, sterilizing the handicapped, stealing land, and killing millions in wars, all in the name of God and the Bible.

    Decency, morality, and living by the Golden Rule is hardly a Christian monopoly either. People of other religions possess it as well as atheists.

  13. KIT: Your SHTETL PASS is completely secure! I'm a humanist Jew who doesn't believe in the supernatural and I can't find a hint of anti-semitism in anything you've written. AIPAC makes a lot of noise and throws a lot of money around Washington but the majority of American Jews and Jewish people the world over do not abide AIPAC. I find it a pretty good contra indicator. If AIPAC's for it, I'm against it 99% of the time.

    I get furious with Obama every time he kow tows to them and I'll never forgive him for campaigning for Lieberman in the general election AGAINST the Democratic nominee, the anti-war Ned Lamont. I'm pretty sure Lamont who's an Episcopalian or Congregtionalist got the majority of the Jewish vote in CT.

    Obama's best support comes from the entertainment industry and Wall Street. I guess about 1/3 of Jewish people in those businesses like AIPAC the rest sure don't. If Obama has a "Jewish problem" it's not with the majority. He creates ill will with the majority when he kowtows to AIPAC and is hanging out with the Rick Warrens of the world and is wishy washy on civil rights and civil liberties issues.

    This AIPAC and Joe Lieberman and McCain and McCain's main Christian advisor John Hagee are real pieces of work. They have this thing called CHRISTIANS UNITED FOR ISRAEL. And they have these Jewish folkloric minstrel shows with this dancing and folkloric singing for the entertainment of White Baptists (and to be fair the odd TD Jakes and Creflo Dollar here and there) and it's really disgusting. Check out Max Blumenthal's short expose on Youtube. Then they all give speeches about killing Arabs.

    There's definitely no Jewish Media or Jewish Banking conspiracy which arranges shit to the detriment of anybody. First of all because those businesses are so competitive and second of all because part of the pleasure of Hollywood and Wall Street is Jewish people finding every more creative ways to make other Jews miserable! That's kind of a famous joke but there's a lot of truth in it.

    The only reason Jews are overrepresented in the arts and finance has to do with those being a couple of areas that were never closed off going back to the Reconquest.

    You can take my word for it or not but it's when Obama gets wishy-washy on choice, or affirmative action, or war leaning to bellicosity the way he's doing now, or becomes this evangelical extremist that the majority of his Jewish support gets froggy. Not when he fails to kneel at the shrine of almighty Israel. My god, the majority of Israelis are for a two-state solution and a peaceful zoning of Jersalem and moving the capitol back to Tel-Aviv.

    And the dirty serect you don't hear is that of Israel's nuclear arsenal more than half are aimed at the US. They well know that while some Arab states can be their OPPONENTS from time to time, the AMERICAN FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS are always their enemy. Even AIPAC knows that they're just shaking down the SBC for money and can get over on dummies because this rapture thing is baloney. The reason, though, that FUNDAMENTALISTS are the enemy is that they're all about the rapture and their own sadistic fantasies about killing Jews. Stuff with Arabs is just intra-semitic land and policy stuff.

    Before Bush, Iran, Lebanon, Libya and Saudi Arabia were sitting on ready to have the same arrangement with Israel that Egypt and Jordan do.

    The other secret is that the majority of American Jews do not like this term "Judeo-Christian". It's offensive and not historically accurate in any way. Again, it's the sort of thing Joe Lieberman loves, but not the sort of thing normal people love.

  14. Kelso, thank you so much. Your candidness, as a Jewish person, about the issues your brought forth are appreciated and some of the things you said are new to me and any readers here.

    I'm particularly glad you gave me the pass on not being anti-Semitic. People of all races and religions can be very touchy when you criticize a subgroup within their group, and I worried when I published this that some asshole would mislabel me as a hater.

    I could never be anti any ethnic group. One reason is that I love humanity, and the other is that I'm a genetic racial melting pot although I identify myself as black, since this is the culture I was raised in and how I look.

    I can't stand Lieberman for the simple reason that puts the needs of another nation before the one he represents, and appears to be more loyal to the Repubs more than the Dems. He's shrewd though; he's played the square-headed Rev. Hagee like a pro.

    Obama pissed me off for a number of reasons, but one is by promising too much in the way of military defense spending to Israel when we are flat broke over here, and they have the capacity to reduce any Arab country to dust in a matter of seconds with their 400+ nukes.

    I see them as getting paid by the racist elements in the Western world to be the overseers of the big plantation called the Middle East.

    And yeah, that whole evangelical Christian ultra-support of arming Israel to the teeth in hopes of speeding along Armageddon is damned offensive to Jews and me as an American. You're right - those brand of Christians are too dumb to see they're being played for suckers.

    I didn't know that most Jews didn't like the term 'Judeao-Christian'. I recall the first time my mother and heard it in the 70s. She looked amazed and wondered why suddenly the two religions were being combined.

    I also didn't know (and would like a site references about this if you have time) that Israel has missiles pointed at the US.

    Friends, yet enemies, each operating by the motto, by deception we shall rule, creating a new reality and the rest of sitting by fairly helpless, watching, waiting, and hoping for peace.

  15. Well, Dick Cheany, his cousin is Darth Vader, so those religious cooks might be on to something with this one KIT.

    I do know that for all the racially drive criticizm he's been getting, he needs to grow some balls and stop being Mr. Nice guy.

    But hey, you can't tell idiots anything. Shit, I thought the nigga was muslim, now he's the anti-christ? Next they're gonna call him a politician.

  16. KIT: Always happy to lend a hand. The reason "Judeo-Christian values" is a ridiculous phrase is its exclusionary quality, and its implication that being included with Christians is some goal for Jews in and of itself in the American dialogue.

    How would you feel about a phrase called "Negroid-Caucasoid values"?

    Also, it's so imprecise. There are about a zillion strains of CULTURAL and RELIGIOUS Judaism and Jewishness, Christianity and Christian-ness. And there are combinations that seem perfectly reasonable. The Torah as interprested by the Ashkenazim and the Old Testament for one. The Torah as interpreted by many ultra-contemporary Ashkenazim is not all that different from the Quaker, Unitarian, and Congregationalist practice. The Torah as interpreted by some Sephardim and the New Testament for others (excluding the ruling of the Council Of Nicaea, of course). Other Sephardim take some pages from the Koran. [Rules of Kashrut and Halal are identical so strict Muslims may eat kosher food and strict Jews may eat halal food].

  17. "Negroid-Caucasoid values?" Oh Kelso, you're so funny. You made a great point that I wish the mainstream media and churches could appreciate. Your other information is fascinating, too.

    Rippa, as ever, you're so funny. And agreed, Mr. Nice Guy is looking like Mr. Weak Guy lately since McCain has been coming down hard. He'll need to talk tougher w/o sounding like a warmonger if he wants a shot of winning in November.

  18. wow. ur the one acting like hes the one, and ur actually trying to say that cnn let alone msnbc isnt 'in love' with obama? and about the whole 400 year thing.

    The towering historical figures behind these three religions—Moses, Jesus Christ and Muhammad —were all direct descendants of Abraham.

    that means that in the very beggining of the bible the seed was planted for these 3 religions.

    and about the golden rule of all basic religions, well in the old testement the jewish (also the early christians) were sent to kill and destroy whole cities and these actions are still accepted as an infallible and divinely inspired part of the book (old testemant) held at the basis of the catholic protestant and jewish religions.

    in the islamic religion... jihad as defined in there infallible holy book the koran as haveing four major categories. one being Jihad of the sword (which involves combat against the non-Muslims)

    i just randomly came across your blog as I was researching who I was gonna vote for and I just couldnt help myself.

    Also it seems like your living alot less by the golden rule telling anonymous to fuck off, when they didnt say anything militious and just stated some basic princibles of the christian religion, and Bible.

  19. Lib, Noooo, I didn't tell him/her to fuck off. I told Anonymous 8/18 - 6:10: "If you are an Obama-is-anti-Christ believer, stay the fuck off my blog in the future."

    I don't have to use the word "if" with you. According to my stat counter, your ignorant ass found my blog by googling for photos of Obama as the Anti-Christ.

    And btw, if I were a racist like you, looking for a lie that a white candidate was the son of Satan, it would serve me right if someone told me to fuck off.

    Get it? Good. Now fuck off.


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